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Doing Business in India


Undertaking to manufacture in notified SEZ areas only ... Profits from manufacture of any article or thing in any notified zone in state ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Doing Business in India

  • Doing Business in India
  • An Overview of Direct Indirect Taxes

Narayan Mehta Partner, Sudit K. Parekh
Co. 25th May 2005
Road Map
  • Direct tax implications
  • Taxation of foreign companies in India
  • Taxation of domestic companies in India
  • Expatriate tax implication
  • Transfer pricing
  • Incentives available under the domestic tax laws
  • Indirect tax implications

Companies in India
  • Foreign companies
  • Domestic companies

Taxation of Foreign Companies
  • What is a Foreign Company?
  • A company which is not registered under the
    Indian domestic laws
  • i.e Branch, LO, Project offices, any other
    permanent establishment taxed as a foreign
  • Tax exposure only if there is a permanent

Permanent Establishment
Means a fixed place of business and includes
  • A place of management
  • A branch
  • An office
  • A factory
  • A workshop
  • A mine, an oil or gas well, a quarry or any other
    place of extraction of natural resources
  • A warehouse in relation to a person providing
    storage facilities for others
  • A farm, plantation or other place where
    agriculture, forestry, plantation or related
    activities are carried on
  • Premises used as a sales outlet or for soliciting
    and receiving orders
  • Building site or construction, installation or
    assembly project gt 183 days
  • Carrying on supervisory activities in connection
    with above gt 183 days
  • Provision services or facilities in connection
    with the exploration, exploitation or extraction
    of mineral oils gt 183 days
  • Provision of services, other than services
    referred above technical services through
    employees or other personnel gt 90 / 30 days.
  • Dependent Agent PE

Permanent Establishment
  • Exclusions Article 5(7)
  • A fixed place of business shall not be treated
    as PE if is used solely for the purpose of
  • Storage, display or occasional delivery of goods
    belonging to the enterprise
  • The maintenance of a stock of goods belonging to
    the enterprise for above purpose
  • The maintenance of a stock of goods belonging to
    the enterprise processing by another
  • Purchasing goods, or of collecting information,
    for the enterprise
  • Advertising, for the supply of information, for
    scientific research, or for similar activities
    which have a preparatory or auxiliary character,
    for the enterprise.

Taxation of Foreign Companies
  • Only profits that is directly or indirectly
    attributable to the permanent establishment would
    be taxable in India
  • Tax rate applicable to Foreign company
  • Higher of
  • Regular corporate tax rate- 41.82
  • Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)- 8.415
  • No branch profit tax on repatriation of profits /

WOS- Tax Factors
Singapore Parent
Tax sparing clause UTC clause
Cap gains exempt Dividends exempt

Equipt. Royalties _at_10 Other Royalties _at_15 FTS /
Management fees _at_15 Interest _at_15
Dividends 14.025 Div Dist Tax
Finance Act 05 has reduced tax on Royalties / FTS
_at_ 11.22
33.66 Corp. Tax Or 8.415 MAT 22.44 LTCG 33.66
Indian WOS / JV
Tax Sparing
Singapore Parent
Tax sparring available- no further tax on
Equity debt
14.025 Div dist tax
Exports- Nil tax Domestic Sales 33.66
domestic sale
Indian Subsidiary
Advantage of using mix of Debt Equity
  • Only equity means that the investment is locked
    in India
  • Use of debt is useful to repatriate part of the
    initial capital from India to Singapore
  • Certain prohibition on utilization of debts
    towards working capital
  • Also interest is tax deductible in India
  • Use of redeemable preference shares in addition,
    in order to enable tax free repatriation of
  • No thin capitalization / debt-equity norms in
    India or in Singapore currently!
  • Use arms length interest rates for loans

Profit Extraction Techniques
  • Finance Act 05 has reduced tax on Royalties / FTS
    _at_ 11.22
  • Press News- India-Singapore Tax Treaty may be
  • and the w/tax may be reduced to 5!

Taxation of Expatriates
  • Taxation of expatriates (Art 15)
  • Taxable in India if
  • Stay in India exceeds 183 days
  • Remuneration borne by Indian PE
  • Employer is Indian resident
  • Credit for taxes paid in India available against
    tax liability in Singapore (Article 25)

Expatriates - Tax Rates in India
Surcharge Payable _at_ 10 of the Tax only if net
income exceeds INR 1,000,000 p.a. Education
Cess Payable _at_ 2 of the total tax and surcharge
Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Applicable from April 1, 2005
  • Tax on fringe benefits provided directly or
    indirectly to employees or their family members,
    in the course of employment
  • Rate of tax - 33.66 (30 plus surcharge and
    education cess) on fringe benefits as valued
  • Valuation at specified percentages (20 or 50)
    of defined expenses (actuals in some cases)
  • Employees not liable to pay tax on fringe
  • Industry specific relief on certain categories of

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • FBT is payable whether employer is liable to pay
    Income-tax or not
  • FBT- not a deductible expenditure
  • Separate procedural / compliance provisions for
  • Quarterly payment of advance tax
  • On or before 15th of July / Oct / Jan / March
  • Filling of return
  • Assessment Reassessment
  • Charging of interest penalty

Transfer Pricing
  • Prices charged by one related party to another
    for goods, services, etc.
  • Any related party transaction undertaken from 1st
    April 2001 onwards covered
  • Income arising to Associated Enterprises from
    International Transactions to be computed
    based onArms Length Price
  • Indian regulations based on OECD Guidelines
  • Methods used
  • Comparable Uncontrolled Price Method (CUP)
  • Cost Plus Method (CPM)
  • Resale Price Method (RPM)
  • Profit Split Method (PSM)
  • Transactional Net Margin Method (TNMM)

Transfer Pricing
  • Detailed documentation requirements
  • CPA certification
  • No exemption from compliance
  • Compulsory tax scrutiny for transactions
    exceeding INR 50 million
  • Onus of proof- tax payer primarily liable
  • Penalties are high!

Certain Tax Compliances
  • Fiscal year 1st April to 31st March
  • Registration obtaining PAN / TAN
  • Payments of advance tax in 4 installments
  • Compliance with tax deduction requirements
  • Compliance with FBT provisions
  • Maintenance of accounts
  • Tax audit if gross receipts / sales gt INR 4 Mill.
  • Return of income due date 31st October
  • Transfer pricing compliances

Presumptive Taxation
  • Civil Construction, etc. business Sec 44AD (8)
  • Business of Plying, Hiring or Leasing Goods
    Carriages Sec 44AE (for Heavy goods vehicles Rs
    3500 per month, Others Rs 3150 per month)
  • Retail Business Sec 44AF (5)
  • Shipping Business Sec 44B (7.5)
  • Exploration, etc. of Mineral Oils Sec 44BB
  • Operation of Aircraft Sec 44BBA (5)
  • Civil Construction, etc. in turnkey power
    projects Sec 44BBB (10)

Software/ hardware/ merchandise exports by STP /
EOU units 10A 10B
Units set up in SEZ10A
Infrastructure facilities
Industrial park
Handling storage transportation of food grain
and processing, preserving packaging of fruits
vegetables- 80IB (11A)
Specified States 80 IC
Shipping Industry 33AC
Mineral Prospecting Production Industry 35E
Mineral Oil Industry 42
Power Generation Distribution 80-IA
Telecommunications 35ABB
Defence / Security Services
Overview of Indirect Taxes
Indirect Taxes
  • Customs Duty
  • Excise Duty
  • Service Tax
  • Sales Tax / VAT
  • Octroi duty / Entry Tax
  • Stamp duty

Customs Duty
  • Paid on Importation of goods
  • Types of duties
  • Basic Customs Duty At the Rates Specified
  • Counter Veiling Duty (CVD) At Excise Duty Rates
    on Basic Customs Duty
  • In general- peak customs duty rate 15
  • Items supplied free of cost subject to custom
    duty on fair market / assessable value
  • 1 Duty Deposit (DD) on assessable value payable
    for transactions between Related Parties

Customs Duty Illustration
Custom Duty - Rates Procedure
  • Duty rates
  • Information Technology Software 0 for most
    software 4 for others
  • Computer Hardware 4
  • Proper procedure to be followed for importation
    of all goods including software

Excise Duty
  • Excise duty leviable on manufacture
  • Assembling in India amounts to manufacture
  • General Rate 16 plus Education Cess _at_ 2,
    effective rate 16.32

Excise Duty
  • Excise Duty\ service tax paid on goods\ services
    procured available as CENVAT Credit against
    Excise Duty payable on final goods manufactured
  • CVD paid on imported goods can also be set off
    against Excise Duty payable on final goods

Excise Duty - Illustration
Excise Duty - CENVAT Credit
Service Tax
  • Software development and design services exempted
  • Export Rules 2005 for export of services are in
  • Import of services are under service tax net
  • Cenvat Credit across goods and services
  • Service tax 10.2 ( inclusive of education
  • Service Tax levied based on Categories
  • 71 Categories are notified till date

Sales Tax / VAT
Sales Tax / VAT cont
  • Refund of CST to EOU/ STP units
  • VAT has replaced local sales tax w.e.f 1st April
    05 in almost all the
  • states
  • Remaining states continue to follow the old Sales
    Tax regime
  • Credit of VAT paid on input goods available
  • VAT slabs are mostly similar in each state
  • Intangible goods ( e.g. Technical know how,
    royalty) are subject to VAT/ CST
  • No VAT on sales in course of import/ export

Octroi duty / Entry tax
  • Levied on entry and use of goods within state /
    municipal limit
  • The rate varies in state / municipal limit /
    local authority depending on relevant local
  • Many states provide exemption for EOU/STP
  • Ranges from 4 to 5

Stamp Duty
  • State Govt levy on certain instruments e.g.
    agreement, deed, etc.
  • Rate varies from state to state
  • Maharashtra provides abatement in stamp duty to
    EOU/ STP units up to 75

Our role
  • Acting as tax counsel in structuring the
    investments into/out of India
  • Procuring regulatory approvals for investments
    into/out of India
  • Co-ordinating and synchronizing with our overseas
    associates and implementing the business plan
  • Provide recurring services once the business is
    up and running

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