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University of Hawaii West Oahu Stocktaking April 30, 2008


... institution which offers degrees in the Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. ... liberal arts, serving professional, career-related, and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: University of Hawaii West Oahu Stocktaking April 30, 2008

University of Hawaii West Oahu
StocktakingApril 30, 2008
  • For more than 30 years, UHWO has been located in
    wooden portables on the Leeward Community College
  • In October 2008, UHWO will reach a momentous
    milestone when it breaks ground for a brand new
    campus in the City of Kapolei
  • The new campus will meet a greater portion of the
    educational workforce needs in the Leeward
    Central Oahu area.

About University of Hawaii - West Oahu
  • A baccalaureate degree granting institution
    which offers degrees in the Liberal Arts and
    Professional Studies. As the only public
    four-year university located in the Leeward Oahu
    area, UH West Oahu is committed to the
    continuing development of the region through both
    innovative educational offerings and public
    service activities.
  • Emphasizes quality teaching and flexible class
    schedules that foster life-long learning, thus
    enabling students to pursue career-related
    education coupled with the values, ideas, and
    challenges of the liberal arts. The academic
    program structure stresses the exploration of
    Interdisciplinary Studies, Cross-cultural and
    International Studies, and Communication Skills.
  • Targets the communities of west Oahu and other
    underserved parts of the state, UH West Oahu
    meets the educational needs of both recent high
    school graduates and non- traditional students.
    It provides innovative alternative learning
    opportunities such as instruction via computer
    and telecommunications, certificate programs,
    mentoring, individualized degree programs, and
    credit for prior learning.

Philosophy of University of Hawaii - West Oahu
  • Provides an environment where students and
    faculty can discover, examine,
  • preserve transmit knowledge values that
    provide the foundation for the
  • development of present and future generations
    of citizens and results in the
  • improvement of the quality of life for all.
  • Faculty engage in 3 basic types of activities
    teaching, knowledge creation,
  • service. While cognizant of the
    interrelationships of these activities, major
  • emphasis is placed on the teaching function.
    Also supportive of those research
  • public service activities that enhance enrich
    its instructional program.
  • Has been created for students who wish to pursue
    their educational professional
  • goals through a curriculum that emphasizes the
    Humanities, Social Sciences and
  • selected professional programs.
  • Curriculum offerings are founded on the
    principle that career training the
  • Humanities Social Sciences are interdependent
    complementary. The
  • differences in the backgrounds and aspirations
    of individual students are
  • recognized, and the educational programs
    learning experiences are shaped to
  • accommodate those differences. The full
    development of the talents and abilities

Mission Statement of University of Hawaii - West
  • To become a four-year, comprehensive university
    with an
  • emphasis on baccalaureate education founded in
  • liberal arts, serving professional,
    career-related, and
  • applied fields, based on State and regional
  • Committed to providing access to residents
  • the State of Hawaii through its partnerships
    with the
  • University of Hawaii community colleges and
    its delivery
  • of distance education programs.

Community Needs
College Going Rates To Four-Year Institution
  • Statewide average 11.9
  • East Oahu 18.1
  • Central Oahu 13.6
  • Ewa 6.4
  • North Shore 5.8
  • Waianae 3.9

From Second Decade Report
Source City and County of Honolulu Annual Report
on the Status of Land Use on Oahu FY2006
Growth Projections by DP Area (2000-2030)
Source City and County of Honolulu Annual Report
on the Status of Land Use on Oahu FY2006
Meeting the Needs of the Community
UHWO Unique Role in Educational Services
  • 57 enrolled students reside in Leeward Oahu
  • 69 of the projected growth in the population on
    Oahu is in the geographical area served by UHWO.
  • 54 of the projected growth in the housing units
    on Oahu is in the geographical area served by
  • 20 of UHWO students reside on a neighbor island.
  • Leader in providing distance-delivered degrees to
    these students.
  • In Fall of 2008, 2 new online degrees will be
  • BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in
    Political Science
  • BA in Professional Studies with a concentration
    in Health Care Administration

Transition to a 4 yr. Comprehensive College
  • For more than 30 years UHWO was an upper-division
  • In 2007, a lower division and general education
    curriculum was implemented with the enrollment of
    the Universitys inaugural freshmen class.
  • Responding to the increased student enrollment
    and demand following the admission of the first
    freshmen class, UHWO is in the process of
    transforming its academic programs.
  • Critical time for the University because it needs
    additional funding to aid in building the
    academic foundation of a four-year baccalaureate
  • Development of new programs and majors through
    the establishment of new faculty and support
    staff to ensure the delivery of a broad-based,
    high quality baccalaureate education.

Transition to a 4 yr. Comprehensive College
  • New programs in elementary education, early
    childhood education health care administration
    were added to the Universitys programs
  • A Bachelor of Applied Science degree was
    established to target community college students
    who complete an Associate of Science degrees in
    selected fields.
  • This inverted degree program builds on the
    career and technical course credits earned from
    the UH Community Colleges.
  • The first articulation agreements are with
    Kapiolani Community College (Respiratory Care
    Culinary Management) and Honolulu Community
    College (Computing, Electronics Networking
    Technology) with more agreements planned for the

UHWO Enrollment Growth
  • Spring 2008 Opening Enrollment Highlights UHWO
    enrollment stand at 970, in increase of 150
    (18.3) over the previous year. Largest
    percentage increase in UH system.

Transition to a new Campus in Kapolei
  • Meet the educational workforce needs of
    Hawaiis most underserved region
  • Increase in new programs and majors
  • Increase in student support services
  • Development and expansion auxiliary services
  • The new UHWO office opened in Kapolei to provide
    freshmen services. And the faculty and staff
    received training to address freshmen student

Current Academic Programs
  • Bachelor of Arts degree offered in
  • Business Administration
  • Humanities
  • Public Administration
  • Social Sciences
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Allied Health
  • Applied Science

Academic Progress
  • Achieved
  • 2 major 2004-2010 academic initiatives were
    achieved by developing a Bachelor of Applied
    Science Degree and Early Childhood Education
    concentration as part of the BA in Social
  • Surpassed
  • Proposal was to hire a single faculty for
    Hawaiian Pacific Studies. Instead 2 full-time
    tenured track positions were hired.
  • We have exceeded in other areas also. We have
    explored the development of a K-6 education
    credential. We committed to this by hiring 3
    education faculty for the development of an
    elementary credential and current efforts
    directed at the development of the middle and
    high school education credential.

Student Support (Student Services)
  • To meet the recruitment and enrollment goals of
    the new campus in the City of Kapolei, it is
    imperative that we hire needed Student Services
    positions to continue the upward trend of student
    enrollment and address the higher education needs
    of the West Oahu region.
  • Development and expansion of the department in
    response to an expanding population, providing
    support services for first-year students and
    increasing awareness of UHWO as a four-year
    comprehensive university.
  • Recruitment and Enrollment
  • Freshmen Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Writing and Learning Center

Auxiliary Services
  • Phase 1 of the new campus will be built on 104
    acres and is projected to include 7 buildings
    with a gross square footage of 247,920 feet.
  • To properly service and maintain all new
    facilities, need to hire the necessary personnel
    to support the needs of the state-of-the-art,
    environmentally sustainable campus community.
  • Need to develop and expand the department to
    ensure a smooth transition during the campus
    relocation and the future operation of the new
  • Services would include transportation, parking
    operations, food services, bookstore operations,
    student housing, facilities repair and
    renovation, custodial services, and ground

Building a four-year comprehensive institution
requires hiring of additional faculty and staff
and acquiring the proper resources to support a
growing student body. With an annual allocation
of 1,000,000 in additional general funds to
supplement the current general budget, we will
be able to fulfill our needs and work towards a
strategic goal of investing in human and physical
resources for the new campus.
UHWO Utilization of Resources
  • UHWO Prudent Stewardship of Resources
  • Stay within guidelines and allowances of OEP Plan
  • Work toward reducing the dependence on General
  • General Funds
  • Support Established Core Programs
  • Provide Core Support Staff
  • Provide Seed Funding for Kapolei campus
  • Establish Kapolei campus
  • Establish new programs
  • Establish partnerships with service providers
  • Tuition Fees Special Funds
  • Operating and Maintenance
  • Equipment and Furniture
  • Temporary and Casual Hires

Operational Expenditure Plan
1,000,00 in Additional General Funds
willprovide 19 FTE positions in FY 2009-2010
  • Student Services
  • 1 Academic Advisor
  • 1 Transcript Evaluator
  • Administrative Services
  • 1 Project Analyst
  • 1 Director of Public Relations Communications
  • Administrative Specialist-
  • Banner/DCS

Academic Programs 1 Faculty - Social Work
(BSW) 3 Faculty - Education (Pre K-12) 1
Secretary, VCAA 1 Clerk, VCAA 1 Academic
Support Specialist 1 Librarian II 1 Library
Support Campus Services 1 Service Specialist 1
Building Maintenance Worker I 1 UH Security
Officer I 1 UH Security Officer II 1
Environmental Health Safety Officer
1,000,00 in Additional General Funds
willprovide 19.5 FTE positions in FY 2009-2010
Academic Programs 1 Social Work (BSW) 3
Education (Pre K-12) 1 Clerk, VCAA 2 Academic
Support Specialists 1 Learning Resource Center
Support 2 Library Support 1 IT Specialist,
AV/Media 1 IT Specialist 1 IR Analyst 0.5
Secretary, IT 0.5 Secretary, IR
  • Student Services
  • 1 Director of Academic Advising
  • 0.5 ADA Coordinator
  • 0.5 Admissions Officer
  • 0.5 Recruiter
  • Admissions Assistant
  • Campus Services
  • 2 Building Maintenance Helpers

Performance Measures
Performance Measures
APPA The Association of Higher Education
Facilities Officers (formerly The Association of
Physical Plant Administrators)
The percentage rate increase for these
performance measures is dependent on the
projected numbers for the student enrollment in
the next three biennium budget periods as listed
in the OEP.
Campus VisionArchitecture
An architectural theme reflecting a sense of
flexible and responsive to diverse space needs.