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The Journal of Environmental Health


Front row (left to right): Immediate Past President James Balsamo, Jr., MS, MPH, ... Back row (left to right): Former Region 1Vice President Richard Gabriel, Sr. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Journal of Environmental Health

The Journal of Environmental Health
  • published by National Environmental Health

Arlene AndersonLIBR 155Fall 2005
  • The Journal of Environmental Health is the
    official publication of the National
    Environmental Health Association (NEHA). NEHA
    originated in the state of California where it
    was incorporated in 1937 a national corporate,
    non-profit, professional association. The
    professional society was created for
    environmental health practitioners in order to
    establish a standard of excellence for the
    developing profession. This standard is known as
    the Registered Environmental Health Specialist or
    Registered Sanitarian credential.

  • The standard signifies that an environmental
    health professional has mastered a body of
    knowledge, demonstrated through passing an
    examination, and has acquired sufficient
    experience to perform work responsibilities in
    the environmental health field. NEHA a non-profit
    organization is dedicated to the advancement of
    environmental health professionals.

  • Since 1977, NEHA has offered its members the
    opportunity to develop a national network of
    professional contacts, and to participate
    actively in efforts to promote a cleaner more
    healthful environment.

  • The association today stands as a strong
    professional society with over 4,500 members
    across the nation. NEHAs mission is to advance
    the environmental health and protection
    professional for the purpose of providing a
    healthful environment for all, which is as true
    today as it was when the organization was founded.

  • The basis for the associations activities is the
    belief that the professional who is educated and
    motivated is the professional who will make the
    greatest contribution to the healthful
    environmental goals which are sought. Great
    emphasis is placed on providing, through each of
    NEHAs programs, an educational as well as
    motivational opportunity.

The Journal reaches more than 20,000
professionals working to solve problems in areas
such as
  • - air quality terrorism and all-hazards
  • preparedness
  • - drinking water
  • - food safety and protection
  • - hazardous materials/toxic substances
  • - institutional environmental health
  • - occupational safety and health
  • - wastewater management
  • - vector control
  • - water pollution control/water quality

  • NEHA employs 26 paid professionals, 21 full-time
    and 5 part-time or contract staff, dedicated to
    providing quality programs to the NEHA membership.

Board of Directors
  • The association is governed by a fifteen-member
    board of directors that is chaired by the
    associations president. NEHA has five national
    officers (second vice president, first vice
    president, president-elect, president and
    immediate past president) who serve on the
    associations executive committee.

Board of Directors
  • Nine Regional Vice Presidents each represent one
    region of the nation. A tenth Regional Vice
    President represents NEHAs national affiliates
  • Industry Affiliate
  • Uniformed Services
  • National Association of Noise Control
  • Officials, and
  • National Conference of Local
  • Environmental Health Administrators.

NEHA Board of Directors
  • Front row (left to right) Immediate Past
    President James Balsamo, Jr., MS, MPH, MHA, RS
    President Ron Grimes, RS, MPH, DAAS. President
    Elect CAPT Richard F. Collins, RS, MSEH., DAAS.
    First Vice President Rob Blake, REHS, MPH
    2003-2004 President Doug Ebelherr, REHS
    Executive Director Nelson Fabian, MS
  • Back row (left to right) Former Region 1Vice
    President Richard Gabriel, Sr., EHS Second Vice
    President Richard A. Pantages, REHS Region 3
    Vice President Thomas R. Gonzales, REHS Region 4
    Vice President Bette J. Packer, REHS Region 5
    Vice President Brian Collins Region 6 Vice
    President James D. Dingman, MS, REHS., DAAS.
    Region 7 Vice President Thomas R. Ward, RS
    Region 8 Vice President Bob Custard Region 9
    Vice President Patrick J. Maloney, RS, MPAH
    Former Region 10 Vice President Bruce
    Chelikowsky, RS

Committees Technical Sections
  • Serving under the associations board of
    directors is an array of administrative and
    functional committees. Members may participate in
    the association through other committees that are
    organized within 13 distinct technical sections,
    which for NEHAs purposes, essentially divide the
    environmental field.

Committees Technical Sections
  • The 13 sections are
  • Air/Land
  • Environmental Health
  • Drinking Water Quality/Water Pollution
  • Emerging Pathogens/Vector control and Zoonotic
  • diseases
  • Environmental Health Leadership Development
    Environmental Health Research
  • Food Safety and Protection
  • General Environmental Health
  • Hazardous Materials and Toxic Substances
  • Injury Prevention/Occupational Health Materials
    and Toxic
  • Substances
  • Injury Prevention/Occupational Health
  • Institutions and Schools Environmental
  • Onsite Wastewater Systems, and
  • Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness.

  • Some 4,500 NEHA members practice their profession
    in the public and private sectors, as well as,
    academia and the uniformed services with a
    majority being employed by state and local county
    health departments. In addition, NEHAs Journal
    of Environmental Health has subscribers in over
    40 countries around the world.

  • Because it encompasses the entire environmental
    health profession this single
  • organization serves as the forum
  • for discussion and can address the broad
    spectrum of environmental health issues. NEHA
    works to advance the Environmental Health
    professional and by doing so also improves the
    environment in cities, towns, and rural areas
    throughout the world to create a more healthful
    environment and quality of life for all.

  • The only mention of finances that I found are the
    Articles of Incorporation, which means this is a
    private enterprise and they do not have to
    disclose any financial reports to the public.
  • Articles of Incorporation Bylaws
  • Article V
  • Finances
  • Section 1. The operating expenses of the
    Association shall be met from membership dues and
    from any other source approved by the Board.
    Financial grants for specific purposes may be
    accepted by the Board.

  • Section 2. All funds received, handled, and
    expended shall be accounted for as specified by
    the Board. The financial records of all funds
    received, handled, and expended shall be audited
    annually by Certified Public Accountants approved
    by the Board.

  • Section 3. the Executive Director, Treasurer, and
    other such persons as may be designated by the
    Board shall be given compensation for the
    faithful performance of their duties in such form
    and amount as the Board shall, from time to time,

  • Section 4. Annual dues or special assessments for
    the various classes of membership shall be
    established by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the
    Council and shall be recorded in the Policy and
    Procedure Manual. All such amounts shall stand
    until a change is voted and recorded. The
    establishment of Association dues or
    contributions shall in no way be associated with
    Affiliate dues.

  • Readership x Subscriptions Revenue
  • 2005-2006 Subscription Rates
  • (U.S. currency)
  • United States 1 year 135 2 years 250.
  • International 1 year 160 2 years 300.
  • Readership.pdf

Programs and Services
  • In order to carry out its mission NEHA offers a
    variety of programs. The association has seven
    national credential programs. NEHA also produces
    the annual Education Conference (AEC) and
    Exhibition and a number of technical workshops
    each year. NEHA offers an online bookstore, posts
    job openings on its online Job Center, provides
    networking and committee participation
    opportunities, develops positions on timely and
    serious environmental health concerns, and
    provides several other services, serving as a
    constant resource for the environmental health

  • NEHA/AAS Scholarship Awards
  • http//
  • Students Section
  • http//
  • Credentialing
  • http//
  • Continuing Education Information
  • http//
  • Web-based Courses
  • http//

Research Development
  • The Research and Development Department of the
    National Environmental Association is responsible
    for obtaining and administering grants and
    sources to generate programs and resources.
    Currently, the RD Department is managing six
    major grant-funded programs, all in cooperation
    with federal agencies.
  • These programs include
  • http//

NEHA Awards
  • The National Environmental Health Associations
    highest honor is the Walter S. Mangold Award it
    consists of a cash honorarium and a crystal
    mounted on a marble designed base, it is named
    for a man of action who became an inspiration to
    thousands of environmental health professionals
    who followed him into the field.
  • The late Walter S. Mangold was a sanitarian in
    California at a time when environmental health
    was just developing into a profession, with its
    own educational requirements and performance
    standards. Mangold also was instrumental in the
    founding of NEHAs predecessor, the National
    Association of Sanitarians, in California.
  • Mangold later became Professor of Public Health
    at the University of California School of Public

Recent EH Journals
  • March 2005
  • Table of Contents (PDF)

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  • April 2005
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Recent EH Journals
  • May 2005
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Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness Program
  • http//

Journal Reviews
  • Association of College Research Libraries
  • NEHA was created in 1937 and has a membership of
    more than 5,000,who serve in the public and
    private sector, in academia, and in the uniformed
    services. The association's mission is to
    advance the environmental health and protection
    professional for the purpose of providing a
    healthful environment for all. The major
    journal for the association is the Journal of
    Environmental Health. Other publications include
    books on food protection, hazardous waste and
    materials, and management and general
    environmental health resources.

Journal Reviews
  • Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied
    Nutrition Food Safety Risk Analysis
  • National Environmental Health Association
  • Source National Environmental Health
  • Summary Professional organization for
    environmental health practitioners. The website
    includes events, news, and access to the Journal
    of Environmental Health.
  • Librarians Picks
  • National Environmental Health Association Access
    to articles in the Journal of Environmental
    Health and electronic links to information on the

  • About the national Environmental Health
  • http//
  • ACRL Association of College Research Libraries
  • http///
  • may/environmental.htm
  • Articles of Incorporation Bylaws
  • http//
  • Continuing Education Information
  • http//
  • Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied
  • Food Safety Risk Analysis Clearinghouse
  • http//
  • Librarian Picks
  • http//
  • NEHA Awards
  • http//

  • NEHA Staff Directory
  • Http//
  • Officers
  • http//
  • Readership
  • http//
  • Research and Development Department
  • http//
  • Students Section
  • http//
  • Subscription Rates
  • http//
  • Technical Section Chairs
  • http//
  • Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness Program
  • http//
  • Web-based Courses
  • http//

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