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Keys to All Success


Key One: Discernment. The Law of the Harvest: The seeds of our life are our thoughts. ... Key One: Discernment. Four Major Influences on How We Think. The ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Keys to All Success

Keys to All Success
  • The Few Keys Paradigm
  • There are a few universal keys to success that
    apply to everything we do. Also, each thing we
    do has its own unique set of keys. To have
    success in anything, we must identify and apply
    both sets of keys. We need to discover and apply
    the few universal keys to success and the few
    keys that are specific to whatever it is that we
    are doing.

What is Success?
  • Success Is having fun finding and fulfilling our
    purpose in life.
  • The biggest barrier to enjoying life is that we
    never see a purpose for what we are doing.
  • What people want most from life is a purpose…If
    they cant find a purpose, they will settle for a
    life of ease.

All progress requires change and most change is
Willing Desire
  • Two Ways to be Miserable
  • To not want anything
  • To have desire but be unwilling to do what it
    takes to reach that desire
  • One Way to Enjoy Life
  • To have a willing desire

Key One Discernment
  • Judge the Seed By the Harvest

Key One Discernment
  • The Law of the Harvest The seeds of our life
    are our thoughts. We have no choice over what
    our life produces once we have chosen our
  • Nothing in life can keep us down except our own
  • If we want a high quality of life, we must have a
    high quality of thought

Key One Discernment How to Judge Our Thinking
  • Few of us feel the need to improve our thinking
    because we all think we are right all of the
  • If we reap what we sow (law of the harvest) then
    life is the test of our thinking

Key One Discernment Four Major Influences on
How We Think
  • The People With Whom We Associate
  • Choose to be around people you want to become
  • The Books We Read
  • The person who wont read is no better than the
    person who cant read
  • The Entertainment We See and Hear
  • As we are being entertained, we are also driving
    ideas and beliefs deep into our brains
  • The Dialogue That Goes on in Our Heads
  • Develop Internal Dialogue

Key Two Optimism
  • Be Realistic, See What Can Be

Key Two Optimism
  • Optimism is at the root of all successful
  • The pessimist sees what is and assumes that it
    all there could ever be. The optimist realizes
    that things can always get better.
  • Pessimists let their sight limit their reality.
    Optimists let their vision become their reality.

Key Two Optimism Optimism Creates Confidence,
Not Arrogance
  • Confidence knowing that we will succeed if we
    do the right things and knowing that we are
    capable of doing the right things.
  • Arrogance believing that we will succeed
    because of who we are and believing that nothing
    can stop us.
  • Arrogance stems from a failure to grasp the very
    nature of success.

Key Two Optimism Three Main Types of Confidence
  • Spiritual Faith a confidence in God
  • Self-Confidence a confidence that on can do
    something because he has done it in the past
  • Optimism a confidence in ones potential
  • Potential to grow
  • Potential to discover

Key Two Optimism Keys to Growth
  • Put Yourself in Must Grow Situations
  • Do not set goals based on who you are but based
    on the growth that must occur to reach the goal
  • Make Every Opportunity a Learning Experience
  • Make Growth Part of Your Daily Routine
  • Exercise Your Brain
  • Get Around People Who Challenge Us
  • Get Around People Who are Where We Want to be

Key Two Optimism The Potential to Discover
  • Solutions Come After Problems, Not Before
  • Big Opportunities Come with Big Problems
  • Big Rewards Dont Come From Solving Small

Key Three Responsibility
  • Think Results,
  • Not Reasons

Key Three Responsibility
  • As long as we are making excuses for poor
    performance, thats all we will ever have,
    excuses and poor performance. To achieve high
    levels of success, we must train our minds to
    think results, not reasons.
  • I cant usually means I dont want to try.

Key Three Responsibility Obstacles Versus
  • Things happen which hold us back
  • Obstacles dont stop us, roadblocks do
  • How far we go in life will be affected by our
    ability to tell the difference between an
    obstacle and a roadblock.

Key Four Initiative
  • Favor Action Over Endless Contemplation

Key Four Initiative
  • How to Decide
  • Look at the upside potential
  • What do we gain if successful?
  • Look at the downside risk
  • How are we harmed if we fail?
  • Determine the likelihood of these two things
  • If the upside potential is worth the downside
    risk, then we should go ahead
  • Unfortunately, we are prone to fall victim to
    analysis paralysis
  • Life rewards action, not endless contemplation

Key Four Initiative Pitfalls
  • Stability Doesnt Mean Security
  • Security comes from our ability to change
  • Activity Doesnt Mean Progress
  • The best way to avoid taking initiative is to
    stay busy
  • Urgent Doesnt Mean Important
  • Effective people seldom have to deal with the
    urgent because they have taken care of it before
    it became urgent
  • The Right Time Doesnt Mean Everything Is Just
  • The perfect time will never come

Key Four Initiative Developing an Action
  • Determine what is important
  • Decide what you want
  • Put things on your to-do list that will get you
  • Develop Emotional Strength
  • Successful people do what underachievers dont
    like to do
  • Do the things you need to do to reach your goal
    even if you dont like to do them

Key Five Perseverance
  • Be Persistent, Not Stubborn

Key Five Perseverance
  • Life cant withhold anything from the person who
    refuses to quit.
  • No matter how bad we want something, if we dont
    persevere, we wont have it
  • Trials are lifes way of seeing what we will
    settle for
  • The rewards in life come from finishing
    something, not starting it.

Key Five Perseverance Perseverance vs
  • Perseverance is when we continue after a goal and
    dont quit until we achieve it
  • Sticking with a goal even if we need to try
    different things to achieve it
  • You write your goals in concrete and your plans
    in sand
  • Stubbornness is when we keep doing the same thing
    over and over, but are not getting closer to the

Key Five Perseverance Myths of Failure
  • Myth 1 Successful People Dont Fail
  • The road to success is paved with failure
  • Myth 2 Smart People Dont Fail
  • Im not smarter than everyone else, its just
    that I stick with the problem longer. Einstein
  • Myth 3 Talented People Dont Fail
  • We will never fully utilize our talents without
    failing over and over again

Key Five Perseverance Dealing with Failure
  • We will never have the opportunity to deal with
    success until we learn to deal with failure
  • Failure is just the opportunity to begin again
    more intelligently. Edison
  • Analyze our failures
  • Learn from them
  • Adjust and keep on going

Key Six Purpose
  • Be Unique, Not Average

Key Six Purpose
  • It is only our uniqueness that can propel us
    beyond mediocrity
  • Our job is to find our unique purpose in life and
    fulfill it

Key Six Purpose Steps to Finding Purpose
  • Step 1 Try a Bunch of Stuff
  • The reward isnt for trying something. The
    reward is for finding something you want to do
    and then, through commitment, mastering it
  • Step 2 Ask a Bunch of Questions
  • What do I want?
  • Do what it takes to get it
  • What is the value?
  • You should find the value we want and then pay
    whatever price is required to achieve it

Key Six Purpose Steps to Finding Purpose
  • Step 3 Follow Your Heart
  • Your passion does not need to be your vocation.
    Your vocation may be something you are good at
    which gives you resources you need to pursue your
    real love in life
  • Step 4 Build Upon Your Strengths
  • Take what makes you unique and do something
    unique with it
  • Step 5 Go With What You Know
  • Your purpose will be progressively reveled to you
    as you go through life acting on what you know.
    Dont wait for all the details

Key Seven Sacrifice
  • Seek Wealth, Not Riches

Key Seven Sacrifice
  • Wealth is having what you need to achieve success
  • You are wealthy if you have the resources you
    need to fulfill your purpose

Key Seven Sacrifice Forms of Wealth
  • Money and Possessions
  • Most people could do a better job of fulfilling
    their purpose in life if they did a better job
    with their finances
  • Aim at the level of financial wealth that will
    help you achieve your goal
  • Health and Fitness
  • The biggest reason people dont achieve success
    is lack of vision. The second biggest reason is
    lack of energy.

Key Seven Sacrifice Forms of Wealth
  • Mind Power
  • Toning up the body is important. Tuning up the
    mind is even more important
  • Relationships
  • Build as many bridges as you can
  • Time
  • Time is the biggest wealth factor of them all,
    not in how much we have but in how well we spend

Key Seven Sacrifice Creating Wealth
  • Wealth in one area cannot make up for poverty in
  • We are never wealthier than we are in our poorest
    wealth form

Two Routes to Wealth
I Have It
I Dont Have It
  • Acquisition Route
  • Divestment Route

I Need It
I Dont Need It
  • The Choice Ease or Opportunity

The Choice
  • Death is not a tragedy. It is a certainty.
  • The real tragedy is to never really live.