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Michigan Merit Examination Test Supervisor


Test Supervisor. Joseph Martineau, Jim Griffiths, and Pat King ... Summary of Test Administration Policies ... Three answer documents one for each test session ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Michigan Merit Examination Test Supervisor

Michigan Merit Examination Test Supervisor
  • Joseph Martineau, Jim Griffiths, and Pat King
  • Educational Assessment Accountability
  • 2007 Fall Conferences

  • Provide an overview of the Michigan Merit
    Examination Spring cycle administration
  • NOT a substitute for required training session
    for Test Supervisors (TS), Backup Test
    Supervisors (BU), and Test Accommodations
    Coordinators (TAC)

What is the MME?
  • Michigan Merit Examination
  • Statewide assessment of all students in Grade 11
  • Michigan Legislative requirement
  • Revised School Code
  • State-aid Act

  • Schools
  • -AYP participation rate
  • Students
  • -Michigan Promise eligibility
  • -State-paid ACT as one part of the MME

Who is to be tested?
  • Grade 11
  • -All students enrolled in Grade 11 during March
    2008 take the complete Michigan Merit Examination
  • -Exception those students retained in Grade 11
    who have already qualified for the Michigan
    Promise installment payment through MME

Who is to be tested?
  • Grade 12
  • Only the following
  • -Eligible to retest to qualify for Michigan
    Promise installment payment
  • -Did not use their one retest opportunity in Fall
  • -Did not register for the ACT with a state-paid
    voucher in Fall 2007
  • Must take complete MME

Home School Students
  • Test at their local public high school
  • Same eligibility requirements as your students
  • -Grade 11 OR
  • -Grade 12 one retest remaining

Non-Public School Students
  • Non-public School as an established MME Test
  • Auxiliary Test Centers
  • -No accommodated administrations
  • -No make-up administrations

High School Eligibility Requirements
  • Establish School as Test Center
  • -Complete School Information Form School
    Establishment/Renewal packet - September 2007
  • -Designate 3 Key Testing Staff
  • Test Supervisor (TS)
  • Backup Test Supervisor (BU)
  • Test Accommodations Coordinator (TAC)

High School Eligibility Requirements
  • Required Staff Training November 2007
  • -Test Supervisor (TS)
  • -Backup Test Supervisor (BU)
  • -Test Accommodations Coordinator (TAC)

Review Key Documents
  • Standard Testing Requirements
  • School Schedule and Site Options for MME
  • Summary of Test Administration Policies
  • Qualifications and Responsibilities for Test
    Supervisors and Backup Test Supervisors
  • Qualifications and Responsibilities for Test
    Accommodations Coordinators

MME Assessment Design
  • Three test sessions
  • -MME Day 1 ACT Plus Writing
  • -MME Day 2
  • WorkKeys Reading for Information
  • WorkKeys Applied Mathematics
  • Michigan Mathematics
  • -MME Day 3
  • Michigan Science
  • Michigan Social Studies (Writing)

MME Assessment Design
  • Three test booklets one for each test session
  • Three answer documents one for each test
  • Student must take the complete MME (all three
    sessions all components)
  • -to count as tested
  • -to establish Michigan Promise eligibility

Michigan Merit Examination Components and Score
MME Assessment Design Spring 2008
MME Administration (Spring 2008)
  • Initial Testing
  • -March 11 MME Day 1 ACT Plus Writing
  • -March 12 MME Day 2 WorkKeys and Michigan
  • -March 13 MME Day 3 Michigan Science and
    Social Studies (Writing)

MME Administration (Spring 2008)
  • Option
  • MME Day 3 may be administered following a lunch
    break on March 12 (MME Day 2)
  • -Instead of morning of Day 3
  • -Not both

MME Administration (Spring 2008)
  • Makeup Testing
  • -March 25 MME Day 1 Makeup ACT Plus Writing
  • -March 26 MME Day 2 Makeup WorkKeys and
    Michigan Mathematics
  • -March 27 MME Day 3 Makeup Michigan Science
    and Social Studies

MME Administration (Spring 2008)
  • Makeup Testing
  • -Student takes only the Day of testing that they
    missed during the Initial MME test administration
  • -Not applicable for Students Testing with

MME Administration (Spring 2008)
  • Accommodations Testing
  • Two-week window
  • -Begins on Initial Test Date
  • -Ends on Makeup Test Date
  • Each test must be taken in sequence
  • No Makeup test

MME Administration (Spring 2008)
  • Accommodations Testing
  • -MME Day 1 ACT Plus Writing
  • March 11 - 25
  • -MME Day 2 WorkKeys and Michigan Mathematics -
    March 12 - 26
  • -MME Day 3 Michigan Science and Social Studies
    (Writing) - March 13 - 27

Future Administration Dates
Assessment Sites
  • Preferred site is in a quiet wing of the high
  • -School in session for all students, or
  • -School for MME Testers only
  • Off-site administration
  • -Community College
  • -Other public facility
  • -Church
  • -Other private facility
  • Each site must be approved by ACT

Assessment Sites
  • Off-site Request Forms
  • -Received at ACT by December 3, 2007
  • -For any test administration that will not be at
    your site
  • -Same testing environment and conditions for all
    test sessions

Testing Environment
  • Same testing environment and conditions for all
    test sessions
  • Exception for Days 2 and 3
  • -Only three
  • Bells
  • PA system
  • Students in building or testing wing for
    instructional purposes

Assessment Facilities
  • Choice of testing rooms for standard time
  • -Uncrowded seating prefer classrooms with 25-30
  • -Manageable security prefer no more than 100
    examinees in one room (if more than 100, see
    personnel requirements)
  • -Good lighting, comfortable temperature, quiet

Assessment Facilities
  • Adequate writing surfaces
  • -No lapboards permitted temporary surfaces
    resting on chair arms or back of chair in front
    must be reviewed and approved by ACT
  • -Must accommodate both test booklet and answer

Assessment Facilities
  • Seating arrangements (applies equally to desks
    and tables)
  • -Seats must be assigned by testing staff as
    students enter room
  • -Minimum of 3 feet apart side-to-side (measured
  • -Minimum of 3 feet apart front-to-back (measured
  • -All students must face the same direction,
    directly behind one another

Assessment Facilities
  • Freedom from distractions
  • -No one not involved in testing may be in the
  • -Uninterrupted testing period required for all
    days of testing
  • -No unnecessary noises (bells, public address
    systems, etc. must be turned off)
  • -Testing rooms must be separated from regular
    school activities

Assessment Personnel
  • Required number of qualified staff per room
  • -1 Room Supervisor required for each room,
  • -Plus 1 Proctor for every 25 examinees in the
    room after the first 25 (i.e., 26-501 51-752
  • Testing staff may not be
  • -Involved in test preparation outside of normal
    teaching responsibilities
  • -Enrolled in high school

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
  • Test Supervisors (and Back-up Test Supervisors)
    have access to secure test materials prior to
  • To avoid the appearance of a conflict of
    interest, and to protect relatives (siblings,
    children, step-children, grandchildren, nieces,
    nephews) and wards from allegations of
  • -Test (and Backup) Supervisors may not be related
    to any examinee taking the MME in 2007-2008
    anywhere in Michigan.
  • -Room Supervisors and Proctors may not assist in
    a room where any relative is being tested

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
  • TACs May not be related to, or guardian of, any
    students participating in MME accommodations
    testing anywhere in Michigan this year
  • Testing staff supporting accommodations May not
    be involved in coaching high school athletics or
    college athletics (applicable only if student
    testing with accommodations participates in

Adequate Training for all Staff
  • Required Training New
  • -Test Supervisors
  • -Backup Test Supervisors
  • -Test Accommodations Coordinators
  • Optional, but encouraged
  • -Staff that attended required training for Spring
    2007 administration
  • -Applied learning

Adequate Training for all Staff
  • Testing staff must read and be familiar with both
    the Day 1 and Day 2-3 Administration Manuals
    (included with training materials)
  • Distributed at required training session

Adequate Training for all Staff
  • Standard Administration Manuals
  • -Day 1 - ACT Supervisors Manual of Instruction
    for State Testing
  • -Days 2 and 3 MME Administration Manual

Adequate Training for all Staff
  • Accommodated Testing Administration Manuals
  • -Day 1 ACT Supervisors Manual of Instruction
    for State Special Testing
  • -Days 2 and 3 MME Administration Manual for
    Students Testing with Accommodations

Adequate Training for all Staff
  • Test Supervisors and TACs are responsible for
    training the staff that will assist them during
    the testing
  • -Room Supervisors
  • -Proctors
  • -Readers

  • During testing, the testing staff must
  • -Focus on monitoring testing (reading, grading
    papers, other personal work is not permitted)
  • -Circulate frequently around the room to monitor
  • -Recognize the potential for cheating and take
    action as instructed in supervisors manuals
  • Exact compliance with supervisors manuals is
    required…including reading spoken instructions

Assessment Administration
  • All test sites must test on the designated days
  • Assessment administration staff will need to
    review procedures at least 30 minutes prior to
    the start of testing
  • Students assigned seating
  • No food or drink are permitted in testing room(s)
    this applies to both staff and examinees
  • All test sites must test on the designated test
    days with testing as the first activity of the
    morning, starting no later than 9 am

Assessment Administration
  • Breakfast/snack may be provided for students
    prior to testing
  • Not in testing rooms
  • Testing must begin no later than 900 a.m.

  • Receipt, check-in, and verification of test
    booklets are by serial numbers
  • Restricted access at all times from moment of
    receipt to return (documented chain of custody)
  • Answer documents are not returned to students
    after test responses are gridded
  • Immediate and complete return of all Day 1
    materials to ACT and all Day 2-3 materials to

  • Proper identification of examinees by Room
    Supervisor (personal recognition or photo ID)
  • Direct consultation with ACT to handle testing
    irregularities for Day 1, and with Pearson
    Educational Measurement for Days 2-3
  • Unannounced observation of assessment
    administration in selected schools

Exact Timing of the Tests
  • All components of the MME are timed tests
  • More than one timepiece must be used in each room
    to ensure back-up
  • Time remaining may not be posted
  • Five-minute warning must be read verbatim from
    the supervisors manuals

Exact Timing of the Tests
  • New for Spring 2008
  • Michigan Mathematics
  • -High School Content Expectations
  • -42 items 35 minutes
  • Michigan Science
  • -Time Reduced to 45 minutes
  • Michigan Social Studies (Writing)
  • -Time Reduced to 40 minutes each part

Exact Timing of the Tests
  • Students with extended time accommodations
  • -Time and one-half
  • -Double time
  • -Triple time / Up to three hours
  • Students testing with accommodations standard
  • Accommodated Testing documentation on student
    answer document

Documentation of Test Day Procedures
  • Keep copy for your records
  • Testing Staff List
  • Testing Roster, Seating Diagram, Test Book Count
    Form, and Testing Time Verification Form returned
    for each room, for each test session
  • Accommodated Testing Roster/Time Verification
  • Supervisors Report Form (Day 1) and School ID
    Sheet (Days 2-3) completed accurately
  • Testing Irregularity Report Form(s)

Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • Read the administration manuals
  • Testing must be first activity of the day start
    no later than 900am
  • Materials may not be shared or transferred
    between schools

Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • Pretest sessions must be completed before test
  • Administer tests in proper sequence
  • -Standard testing
  • -Accommodated testing
  • Keep materials separate for each test session

Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • No lunch break during a test session
  • No single test over multiple days or sessions
  • Different timing codes different rooms

Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • ACT-Approved separate from State-Allowed
  • Standard time separate from Accommodated Testers
  • Day 1 materials are student-specific
  • One student per Reader

Whats Next?
  • December 3
  • -Off-site testing requests for all test sessions
    due at ACT
  • -Applications for ACT-Approved accommodations for
    Day 1 testing (college reportable scores) due at

Whats Next?
  • November 16 December 12
  • -Order test materials for Days 2 and 3
  • -Use OEAA Secure Site
  • -OEAA will pre-ID Grade 11 from Fall 2007 SRSD
  • -OEAA will pre-ID eligible Grade 12

Whats Next?
  • Test materials for Days 2 and 3
  • Regular print Standard testing
  • Regular print Accommodated testing extended
    time only
  • -New for 2007-08 school year
  • Accommodated formats

Whats Next?
  • Accommodated Testing - Day 2 and Day 3
  • -Local decision
  • IEP
  • 504 Plan
  • ELL Instruction

Whats Next?
  • January 25, 2008
  • -ACT Receipt Deadline
  • Order State-Allowed Accommodated Testing
    materials for Day 1
  • Non-college reportable scores
  • Required to receive accommodated materials for
    Day 1 testing
  • -Accommodations Summary Table

Whats Next?
  • Nonsecure materials arrive
  • -February 1 19
  • -Administration manuals
  • -Answer documents
  • -Bar code labels
  • -Return labels

Whats Next?
  • Pretest Session
  • -Students complete the answer document
    demographic sections and non-cognitive questions
    must be completed prior to Test Day
  • Staff Training
  • -Test Supervisors/TACs train room supervisors,
    proctors, and readers

Whats Next
  • Receive, inventory, and secure Test Materials
  • -Itemized inventory/packing list
  • -Chain of custody
  • -Must be returned

Whats Next
  • Test Day Preparation
  • -Facilities
  • -Staffing
  • -Students
  • -Materials

After Testing
  • Student Answer Document
  • -One for each student
  • Unused keep for Makeup testing
  • -Barcode labels
  • Required for scoring match
  • 3 documents complete MME
  • -Accommodated testing documentation

After Testing
  • Order Makeup Test materials standard testing
  • Return Initial Test Materials
  • Keep Unused Answer Documents
  • Keep Accommodated Testing Materials until
    accommodated testing is complete two week window

After Testing
  • Materials Return
  • -Scheduled FedEx Pickups
  • March 13, 2008
  • March 27, 2008
  • Afternoon pickup 1230 430 p.m.
  • -Other arrangements

MME Specific
  • Specific administration dates
  • Specific administration times before 900 a.m.
  • All tests are timed
  • Required testing environment and procedures
  • Test administration documentation

MME Specific
  • Barcode labels required on all answer documents
  • Tested Roster by answer document not by content
  • Grade 12 Retest entire MME, not by content
  • School-based, not district-based
  • ACT test administration procedures apply to all
    sections of the MME

Additional Information
  • MME web page
  • www.michigan.gov/mme

Presenter contact information
  • Pat King
  • Analyst MME Administration and Reporting
  • (517) 335-6780 voice
  • Kingp_at_michigan.gov (new email address)
  • Jim Griffiths
  • Coordinator, Assessment Administration
  • (517) 373-4332 voice
  • Griffithsj_at_michigan.gov
  • Joseph Martineau
  • Interim Director, General Assessments and
  • (517) 373-0048 voice
  • martineauj_at_michigan.gov

Program contact information
  • Educational Assessment and Accountability
  • (877) 560-8378
  • mme_at_michigan.gov
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