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Test Administration Training


Test Administration ... Test Forms. Grade clusters 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 10 ... This year's tests will include field test items; tests next year and beyond will ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Test Administration Training

Wisconsin Alternate Assessment for Students with
  • Test Administration Training

Office of Educational Accountability Contact
  • Kristen Kehoe- Special Populations
  • kristen.kehoe_at_dpi.wi.gov
  • Erin Faasuamalie- Special Populations
  • erin.faasuamalie_at_dpi.wi.gov
  • Phil Olsen- Assistant Director
  • philip.olsen_at_dpi.wi.gov


Special Education Team- Contact Information
  • Sandra Berndt- Cognitive Disabilities
  • sandra.berndt_at_dpi.wi.gov
  • Brian Johnson- Autism
  • brian.johnson_at_dpi.wi.gov
  • Eva Kubinski- Continuous Improvement Focused
  • eva.kubinski_at_dpi.wi.gov
  • Carol Schweitzer- Hearing Impairment
  • carol.schweitzer_at_dpi.wi.gov

  • Extended Grade Band Standards
  • Student Participation
  • Test Administration
  • Example Test Items
  • Accommodations
  • Test Security
  • Distribution/Scoring/Reporting
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Extended Grade Band Standards
  • What students are expected to know and to be able
    to do at the appropriate grade-band level
  • Grade bands 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 10
  • Instructional achievement descriptors defined for
    WAA-SwD Minimal, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced
    performance levels for Mathematics, Reading, and
  • Posted at
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/sped/assmt-extstd.html

WMAS Reading, Mathematics and Science
Student Participation
  • IEP Team decision
  • Participation Checklist
  • Students must take either WKCE, with or without
    accommodations, or WAA-SwD, with or without
    accommodations, for all tested subjects
  • Found online at
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/sped/assmt-waa.html

Participation Checklist
WAA-SwD Schedule
  • The WAA-SwD occurs in the same test window as
    the WKCE.
  • A calendar of important assessment and
    accountability dates for the WAA-SwD can be found
    at http//dpi.wi.gov/oea/calendar.html
  • For annual test administration updates be sure to
    refer to the WAA-SwD Directions for Test
    Administration Guide as well as the WSAS Pre-Test

Who Does What?
Test Administrators
  • Test administrators Qualifications
  • Must be teacher or licensed staff (e.g., school
    psychologists, speech therapists, etc.)
  • Paraprofessionals and aides cannot administer
  • Familiarity with student and the students
    response style and communication style is

Test Administrators
  • Prepare materials ahead of time, and familiarize
    yourself with the flow of test items
  • Consider manipulatives and accommodations for
    each student
  • Logistics what makes sense for each of your
  • Stick to the script in the Teacher Test Book
  • Test Administrators must read, verbatim, what
    follows the icon
  • Remain neutral while reading and pointing to test
    items and answer choices (e.g., no inflection of
    tone should be detectable, no lingering pointing,
  • Redirect students as needed
  • Test Administrators can re-read any section
    following the icon however, the entire
    section must be read, and it must be repeated
    verbatim answer choices may be repeated as often
    as needed, with or without reading the question
  • Maintain test security

WAA-SwD Tests
Test Forms
  • Grade clusters 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 10
  • Separate test for each grade (one grade 3, one
    grade 4, etc.)
  • One test book for every student
  • all content areas in one book
  • Separate Teacher Test Book
  • all content areas in one book
  • One student Answer Document for every student

Reading Test
  • 2/3 of items in the Reading Test are to be read
    to students by the teacher
  • 1/3 of items are read by STUDENT items
  • Spread throughout test at different levels of
  • Encourage students to try their best on these
    independent reading items
  • Test administrators must pay close attention to
    which items are read by STUDENT
  • On these items, the test administrator will read
    prompts and can redirect students attention to
    the reading passage or answer choices test
    administrators cannot read the reading passage or
    answer choices
  • Stick to the script!

Sample Items
  • Sample teacher and student test books are
    available on the DPI website at
  • Sample items provide additional information such
    as Extended Grade Band Objective and performance
    level for the purposes of training.
  • Can be used with students before the test
    administration for practice.

Test Item Mathematics grade 3-4 Teacher Test
Test Item Mathematics grade 3-4 Student Test Book
Example Reading Item (grade 5-6) Teacher Test
Book Read by Student
Example Reading Item (grade 5-6) Student Test
Book Read by Student
Social Studies and Language Arts/Writing
  • Social Studies and Language Arts/Writing Rater
  • Download from DPI website
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/sped/assmt-waa.html
  • Grades 4, 8, and 10
  • Can be done before October test window save the
    score to record on WAA-SwD student Answer
  • Document score on back of WAA-SwD student Answer
  • Rating Scale Format (checklist)
  • No evidence collected
  • Only one rater (no second rater needed)
  • Items do not need to be IEP-aligned

  • Braille orders and/or picture descriptions
    contact Kristen Kehoe at DPI
  • Kristen.kehoe_at_dpi.wi.gov or by phone at (608)
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/oea/dacforms.html
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/oea/pdf/brailleform.pdf
  • Assistive technology
  • Allowed, as long as it is recorded in the
    students current IEP and it does not alter what
    a particular test item measures
  • Not allowed
  • Paraphrasing, rewording, explaining, etc. stick
    to the script to keep the results of the test
  • Returning to a test item after it has already
    been administered
  • Calculators
  • Accommodations on WAA-SwD
  • Must be allowable on WSAS Assessment
    Accommodations Matrix (http//dpi.wi.gov/oea/accom

Accommodations Manipulatives
  • Allowable manipulatives
  • Manipulative Guide
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/oea/pdf/maniguide.pdf
  • It is important for test administrators to review
    the test ahead of time to prepare manipulatives
    for each individual student
  • Remember only use manipulatives that your
    student uses regularly in class do not introduce
    new manipulatives during test administration
  • Ruler required for grade 10 Mathematics Test
  • Use the ruler that your student uses in class

Student Answer Document
  • Only answers bubbled onto student answer document
    will be scored
  • Answers recorded in the Student Test Book will
    not be scored
  • If answers are not bubbled correctly on the
    student answer document, AYP can be affected
  • Test administrators may choose initially to
    document answers in the Teacher Test Book and
    then to transfer answers onto the student answer
    document (bubble sheet) after administration

Student Answer Document
  • Student Answer Document information
  • Student answers must be bubbled in for
    Mathematics, Reading, and Science
  • Student label (or bubble in all student info)
  • SS and LA/Writing Performance Levels
  • Accommodations
  • WAA-SwD Student Performance Level Survey
  • Important that test administrators review
    Performance Level Descriptors before completing
    survey on the student answer document

WAA-SwD Test Security
  • Teachers will be utilizing the test in their
    classrooms and will be able to have access to the
    test before testing begins
  • Teachers administering the WAA-SwD are able to
    maintain possession of individual student tests
    and administration guides until all content areas
    are complete
  • All tests must remain in locked storage when not
    in use
  • After test administration, test books must be
    collected, counted, and returned to the School
    Assessment Coordinator (SAC) for storage in a
    secured-and-locked room and/or cabinet
  • ALL test booklets and answer documents must be
    returned. Districts CANNOT keep a copy or copies
    of the WAA-SwD
  • Each CESA and the DPI will retain one copy for
  • This policy is different than the WKCE

  • Receiving test materials
  • Districts will be sent WAA-SwD materials based on
    the number of students in each district who
    participated in the WAA-SwD last year, rolled
    forward one grade.
  • Shipped in a separate box than WKCE, easily
    identified by a blue dot.
  • Student labels
  • WKCE and WAA-SwD label shipment will be the same
  • If no label, bubble in student information
  • Dates http//dpi.state.wi.us/oea/calendar.html

Scoring and Reporting
  • Record Editing System(RES) window includes both
    the WKCE and WAA-SwD
  • Reporting of WAA-SwD scores is similar to WKCE

Frequently Asked Questions
  • The WAA-SwD FAQ is updated on an annual basis and
    can be found at
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/oea/faqwaa.html
  • Topics include
  • Test Security
  • Test Participation
  • Test Administrators and Test Administration
  • Manipulatives
  • Accommodations
  • 1 and 2 Assessments
  • Communication with Parents

Can we photocopy graphics?
  • In very limited circumstances, district or
    school assessment coordinators may provide
    teachers with photocopies of WAA-SwD graphics for
    use during testing. For example, a student may
    have a wide eye gaze or a student may require
    this accommodation for sequencing constructed
    response items. Teachers must present all items
    that are photocopied in the order and manner that
    they appear in the Student Test Booklet.

Can we photocopy graphics? cont.
  • The DAC and SAC should monitor the use and the
    distribution of this accommodation and ensure
    test security. All copies must be destroyed after
    test administration as they contain live test
    materials. Appropriate techniques for destroying
    materials include utilization of a commercial
    document shredding company, cross-cut shredders,
    and incineration.

Can we photocopy graphics? cont
  • Note Enlarged photocopies are not appropriate
    for students with visual impairments as these
    students are able to use the Braille materials
    and picture descriptions.

Can a student write in his/her student test book?
  • Yes. A student can respond in whatever manner
    is best for that student, including writing on
    test book pages, answering orally, pointing,
    eye-gazing, squeezing a hand, etc

What about the students for whom the WAA-SwD is
too difficult?
  • Test administrators should do their best to
    administer the test to students, even if they
    think that it might be too difficult. It is
    always possible that students may do better than
    you expect, given the opportunity to try. Items
    of different difficulty level are spread out
    across the test, so test administrators are
    directed to try several test questions and see if
    the student is able to answer.

What about the students for whom the WAA-SwD is
too difficult? Cont.
  • Test administrators need to make a professional
    decision about when to stop the administration of
    a test to a student. If a student attempts any
    part of the test, he/she are considered a test
    participant in a given subject area.

Will DPI provide a list of acceptable
modifications for the WAA-SwD administration?
  • No. Modifications are not allowed on the
  • WAA-SwD, since a modification changes what a
    test item measures. However, there is an
    extensive list of acceptable accommodations
    available called the Assessment Accommodations

For More Information
  • Visit the WAA-SwD pages on the DPI website
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/oea/waa.html (OEA page)
  • http//dpi.wi.gov/sped/assmt-waa.html (Special
    Education page)
  • Call us
  • DPI Office of Educational Accountability
  • 608-267-1072
  • DPI Special Education Team
  • 608-266-1781
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