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AIHA Media Training


... story they are writing (news story, feature story, opinion ... FOX News Story. AIHA was asked by FOX News to provide an expert to address workplace safety in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: AIHA Media Training

AIHA Media Training
  • Al Rickard
  • Alex Walsh
  • Melissa Hurley

Todays Agenda
  • Your Agenda
  • Developing Core Messages
  • Fielding Media Calls
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Interview Follow-Up
  • Mock Interview Scenarios
  • Representing AIHA with the Media

Your Agenda
  • Previous media experience
  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Goals for media training

Core Messages
  • Essence of what you want to say
  • What you want the audience to remember
  • Threes the limit
  • Succinct
  • Memorable
  • Repeatable

AIHA Core Messages
  • Industrial hygienists are the guardians of health
    and safety in the workplace.
  • Industrial hygienists are workplace detectives,
    finding and fixing health and safety problems.
  • Industrial hygiene has a powerful ROI safe
    workers and improved productivity.

Customize Your Messages
  • Every media opportunity is different
  • Customize messages to match the topic and the
  • Messages for OEHS professionals are different
    than messages for the public

Developing Messages
  • Convene stakeholders
  • Discuss audiences
  • Identify communication goals
  • Brainstorm statements to support goals
  • Create three short, simple messages
  • Use key words and phrases to make them memorable

Making Messages Memorable
  • Anecdotes
  • Analogies
  • Third-Party Endorsement
  • Why People Should Care
  • Whats in it for the Audience

Know Your Adversary!
The Curious Reporter
The Nosy Reporter
Hungry Reporters
The Lazy Reporter
The Resourceful Reporter
The Vigilant Reporter
Anatomy of a Reporter
  • Nose for News
  • Side fins for making stories veer off in
    unexpected directions
  • Spiny dorsal fin for delivering cutting copy
  • Tail for quick getaways from PR people
  • Mouth for eating (Yes, they are always hungry)

A Day in the Life of a Reporter
  • Deadline Driven
  • Issue of the Day Dominates Attention
  • Need to Beat the Competition
  • Looking for Controversy
  • Information Overload
  • Perry White Screaming in the Newsroom

Fielding Media Calls
  • Remain calm and dont get defensive no matter
    what the reporter says
  • Ask questions
  • Why is the topic in the news
  • What do they already know
  • Who else are they interviewing
  • What type of story they are writing (news story,
    feature story, opinion column, etc.)
  • What is the deadline
  • If it is a broadcast interview, is it live

More on Fielding Media Calls
  • Take the opportunity to shape the story if you
    are ready
  • Set a later time to be interviewed if you cannot
    respond immediately

Preparing for Interviews
  • Research the reporter and the media (AIHA can
  • Inform colleagues
  • Develop messages
  • Anticipate tough questions and prepare
  • Suggest other spokespersons if you cannot answer

Conducting Interviews
Conducting Interviews
  • Assume the audience (and the reporter) is
  • Dont use industry jargon or acronyms
  • Use examples where possible
  • Use analogies to make complex topics
  • Stick to your core messages
  • You are NEVER off the record
  • Dont ask to see a copy of the story

Delivering Messages
  • If the reporter doesnt offer an opening, create
  • Bridge to your core messages
  • Repeat your core messages
  • Repeat them again

Example of Bridging
  • Question Why wasnt anything done to prevent the
    deaths of five workers at your plant last month?
  • Answer Were all concerned about worker safety.
    As industrial hygienists, we are the guardians of
    health and safety in the workplace. We created
    our new safety procedures based on input from
    both management and labor.

Another Bridging Example
  • Question Why didnt anyone realize that the
    chemicals used in your new manufacturing process
    were making people sick?
  • Answer Sometimes health risks are hard to find.
    Industrial hygienists are workplace detectives,
    finding and fixing health and safety problems. We
    fixed the problem and no one has gotten sick for
    three months.

Another Bridging Example
  • Question The Acme Widget Corporation is losing
    money and workers are being laid off. How can you
    justify the cost of your industrial hygiene
    program? Cant people use common sense to be safe
    on the job?
  • Answer The health and safety of workers cannot
    be left to chance. We care about our people and
    need a health and safety program to protect them.
    Industrial hygiene has a powerful return on
    investment safe workers and improved

Deflecting Sensitive Questions
  • You dont have to answer every question if you
    dont like the question, acknowledge it and
    deliver a core message.
  • Sample Response Thats a good question, but I
    want to emphasize that industrial hygienists are
    the guardians of health and safety in the
    workplace. Its our mission to make sure they go
    home safe to their families and enjoy a high
    quality of life.

Dealing with Hypothetical Questions
  • Dont answer hypothetical questions.
  • Sample Response No one can predict the future,
    but we can take important steps to protect
    ourselves from the risks that we know exist. As
    industrial hygienists, we are the guardians of
    health and safety in the workplace, and we take
    that responsibility seriously.

Restating the Question
  • Question Isnt it a shame your company didnt
    invest more in your health and safety program
    before this terrible accident?
  • Answer Thank you for asking about the
    importance of investing in health and safety. I
    think we can all agree this is important. I am
    sure our company will devote the resources needed
    to keep our workers safe.

Dont Repeat Negatives
  • Reporter Question Many people have charged that
    your company has a culture of carelessness. Just
    last week investigators uncovered a virtual
    death room in your plant full of toxic black
    mold that has been poisoning workers for months.
    Whats your response to that?

Dont Repeat Negatives
  • Your Response We do not have a culture of
    carelessness and black mold is not toxic as you
    suggest. Your charge of us having a death room
    and poisoning people is completely untrue and

Dont Repeat Negatives
  • Newspaper Headline
  • Joe Smith of ABC Company Denies Mold is
    Harmful Says Company is Not Poisoning and
    Killing People in Death Room

Dont Repeat Negatives
  • A Better Response Our company has a long
    history of protecting workers through an
    OSHA-approved safety program. We moved quickly to
    eliminate mold from one room in our plant and no
    workers have gotten sick.

Dont Repeat Negatives
  • Revised Headline
  • Joe Smith of ABC Company Says Mold Has Been
    Eliminated No Workers Have Gotten Sick

More Interview Tips
  • Ask for clarification on muddy questions
  • Watch out for reporters asking the same question
    in different ways to set a trap
  • Correct any inaccurate information immediately
  • Be proactive with your messages if necessary

Broadcast Interview Tips
  • Be calm
  • Be yourself
  • Dont get defensive
  • Dont fall for the dead air trap
  • Be concise (10 seconds can be a long answer, and
    thats only 25 words!)
  • Sound authoritative deliver your answers
    confidently without hesitation

What to Wear on TV
  • Solid colors
  • Avoid bright white
  • No busy patterns
  • No heavy or distracting jewelry
  • Tie on straight
  • OK to wear what you normally wear to work if you
    are interviewed in your work environment

  • Following Hurricane Katrina, MSNBC contacted
    industrial hygienist Dave Burkhardt to speak on
    environmental safety issues caused by
    floodwaters. He was interviewed by Ron Reagan on
    the Coast to Coast program. We had only a few
    hours to prepare Dave for this interview.

FOX 5 News Story
  • AIHA was contacted by FOX 5 News in Washington,
    DC to provide a spokesperson on meth lab
    contamination issues. We identified Dr. John
    Martyny, an expert on the subject, to appear. We
    had several days to prepare for this interview.

FOX News Story
  • AIHA was asked by FOX News to provide an expert
    to address workplace safety in the wake of the
    West Virginia mining accident in January 2006.
    Industrial hygienist Bruce Groves appeared on the
    Your World with Neil Cavuto program. We had one
    hour to prepare for this interview.

Evaluating Results
  • Overall tone positive or negative?
  • Core messages communicated?
  • Key points delivered clearly and authoritatively?
  • Was the guest treated fairly?
  • Was there sufficient time to make points?
  • Any traps that could have been avoided?
  • Any immediate follow-up necessary?

Learning from Mistakes
  • Remember the West Virginia mining accident in
    January 2006?

Lessons Learned
  • Get the information right!
  • Establish a system of communication
  • Designate one spokesperson
  • Correct any inaccuracies immediately
  • Apologize for any mistakes
  • In a crisis, dont let emotion and the desire for
    good news get in the way of an organized process
    to identify the facts

The Disappointed Spokesperson
Happy Spokespersons !
Interview Follow-Up
  • Send a thank-you note to the reporter
  • Immediately provide any follow-up information
  • Inform AIHA so we can capture the clip

Being an AIHA Spokesperson
  • AIHA needs experts in a range of subject areas
  • Media training is important
  • We prepare you with core messages and background
    on the media outlet and reporter
  • Going through the process gives you skills for
    media opportunities in your community

AIHA Local Action Media Tool Kit
  • Members have the power to expand visibility and
  • National media kit adapted for local use by
  • Sample press releases
  • Health and Safety Day event idea
  • Media tips
  • Media relations hotline and resources
  • Multimedia presentation for students

Media Interview Scenarios
Interview Topics
  • What is an Industrial Hygienist?
  • Flooding Causes Mold Issues
  • Meth Lab Discovery in Your Community
  • Preparations for Pandemic Flu
  • Unknown Sickness at a Chemical Plant
  • Gasoline Spill in a Residential Area
  • Asbestos in a Local Courthouse