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Affirmative Action: A Customized Approach at Best Buy


Began work on first set of Affirmative Action Plans to be implemented at Best Buy ... Best Buy Field Specific Tools. Manager online action center' (Retail Only) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Affirmative Action: A Customized Approach at Best Buy

Affirmative Action A Customized Approach at
Best Buy
  • Presented by Mark Nagel, Director of
    Government Employment Practices
  • Deb Dennin, Corporate Affirmative Action Manager

The Journey Begins
  • Early 2005
  • Dedicated sales team seeks government/education
  • Conducted Request for Proposal for Affirmative
    Action vendors
  • Inception of Affirmative Action Team (Team of 1)
  • June 2005
  • Signed contract with Peopleclick to produce
    affirmative action plans
  • Retained counsel of Jackson Lewis to guide
    decision making on affirmative action program
  • July 2005
  • Held project planning meeting to kick off
    affirmative action program
  • Established retroactive affirmative action plan
    year (April 1 March 31st)
  • January 2006
  • Completed 1st set of Affirmative Action Plans
    (707 plans to be exact!)
  • April 2006
  • Began work on first set of Affirmative Action
    Plans to be implemented at Best Buy
  • June 2006
  • First Implementation of Affirmative Action plans
    begin (785 plans)

Multi-faceted Organization
  • Core Business
  • Retail Stores
  • Product Service Centers
  • Retail Offices
  • Corporate Office
  • Distribution Centers
  • Subsidiaries/Other Brands
  • Geek Squad
  • Best Buy Mobile
  • Magnolia Audio Video
  • Audiovisions
  • Pacific Sales Kitchen and Bath Centers
  • Speakeasy

Questions We Asked Ourselves
  • Philosophy
  • How do we want to build the program - Compliance
    versus a way of doing business?
  • Structure
  • Are our subsidiaries required to participate?
  • Are there natural breaks in the organization we
    need to consider as we build our plans/job
  • Would a functional or establishment plan fit our
    organization best? Or is it a combination?
  • Should we count Occasional/Seasonal employees?
    What are the pros and cons?
  • What movement will our businesses want to count
    as progress toward goals?
  • Timing
  • What time of year will our leaders be able to
    focus on the data?

Questions We Asked Ourselves
  • Implementation
  • How often should we measure and report our
    progress to leaders?
  • What preconceptions might leaders have about
    affirmative action?
  • Who should own the plan?
  • What resources are available to support and help
    execute the program?
  • What mediums can/should we use to educate leaders
    and employees?
  • How might the implementation differ across the
    organization? Where should it be the same?
  • Where does our diversity program fit in?
  • How do we tie affirmative action back to the

Guiding Principles
  • Incorporate AA as way of doing business Its
    the right thing to do
  • Link Affirmative Action to the Diversity and
    Business Strategies
  • Model good behaviors by developing a program that
    is inclusive
  • Provide materials that are relevant to our

Building a Customized Approach
  • Linking AA to the business and diversity
  • Identifying the playing field
  • Defining the roles
  • Choosing the players
  • Addressing training needs
  • Taking action on goals
  • Building an Affirmative Action business rhythm
  • Sustaining the program

Linking Affirmative Action to Diversity
Business Strategies
Best Buy Company Core Philosophies Invite each
employee to contribute their unique ideas and
experiences in service of customer Treat
customers uniquely and honor their differences
as segments and individuals Meet customers
unique needs, end-to-end
Diversity Race Gender
Age Familial Status
Sexual Orientation Religion Gender
Identity Education Economic
Color Ancestry
Affirmative Action Race Gender
Identifying the Playing Field
  • Affirmative Action Plans Produced for
  • Retail
  • Every store, including New Store Openings as of
    April 1
  • Every Product Service Center that has more than
    50 employees
  • Every Territory Office, which will also includes
    the respective District Offices and Product
    Service Centers with less than 50 employees
  • Logistics
  • Every Distribution Center (DCs) and Delivery
    Distribution Center (DDCs) with more than 50
  • DDCs with less than 50 employees roll into the DC
    they report into
  • Best Buy Corporate includes Geek Squad and Best
    Buy Mobile stand alone locations
  • Magnolia Audio Video

Defining the Roles
  • Plan Developer
  • Plan Owner
  • Plan Supporter
  • Plan Coach

The Role Plan Developer
  • Reviews areas for improvement, formulates
    solutions and develops action plan based on
    affirmative action placement goals

The Role Plan Owner
  • Executes the good faith efforts outlined in the
    action plan and is accountable for the outcomes
  • Maintains Good Faith Efforts Binder (GFEB) to
    retain documentation of all actions taken as
    outlined in action plan
  • Utilizes resources available, both internal and
    external, to create a work environment that is
    diverse and non-discriminatory

The Role Plan Supporter
  • Supports Plan Owners by determining tools and
    providing resources needed to execute the action
  • Places ads with diverse sources
  • Finds alternative recruiting resources
  • Involves team in Employee Resource Groups
  • Seeks out diversity events
  • Helps determine future staffing needs and/or
    integrates affirmative action needs into the
    staffing plan

The Role Plan Coach (Customized by
  • Retail/Logistics
  • Trains and assists Plan Developer/Owner on
    affirmative action and how to write an action
  • Follows up with Plan Owner on his/her efforts
  • Connects Plan Developer/Owner to resources (e.g.
    Plan Coaches/Plan Supporters) to assist them in
    achieving action plan goals
  • Monitors employment practices assessment results
    and inspects GFEB quarterly
  • Recommends and/or takes appropriate action if no
    efforts have been made to implement affirmative

The Role Plan Coach (Customized by Organization)
  • Best Buy Corporate/Magnolia/AVI
  • Communicates the action plan and goals to hiring
    managers to help them understand their role and
    the context in which the organization needs to
    focus its recruiting efforts

Choosing the Players Roles/Job Titles by
Addressing Training Needs
  • Specific to Plan roles
  • Inclusive of all organizations subject to AA
  • Forum that fits the audience

Training Plan Developers/Owners
  • Multi-Media/Multi-Phased approach

Not applicable to Best Buy Corporate
Training Plan Coaches
  • Multi-Media/Multi-Phased approach

Not applicable to Best Buy Corporate
Training Plan Supporters
Training Audience varies by Job Title
Customized Approach to E-Learning
  • Screen Shots
  • Intro to Affirmative Action
  • A Culture of Opportunity

Taking Action on Goals
Differentiated by Location
Building AA Business Rhythm
Sustain the Program
  • Supporting Resources/Tools for all Organizations
  • Internal Affirmative Action Web Page
  • One stop shopping for all training materials and
  • Good Faith Efforts Binder
  • Best Buy Field Specific Tools
  • Manager online action center (Retail Only)
  • Employment Practices Assessment

Sustain the Program
  • Screen Shots
  • Internal Affirmative Action Web Page
  • HR Professionals and Managers
  • All Employees

Good Faith Efforts Binder
  • Binder that contains locations placement goals,
    action plan to address goals and documentation of
    good faith efforts
  • Retained at every location that has an
    Affirmative Action Plan
  • Contains 3 plan years of data separated by plan
  • Referenced during AA quarterly meetings
  • Audited semi-annually

Sustain the Program
  • Screen Shots
  • Retail Online Action Center
  • General Manager View
  • District HR Manager View
  • Employment Practices Assessment
  • Good Faith Efforts Binder

Landing AA in Our Culture
  • Different structures necessitate changing how the
    work is approached, although business rhythms and
    roles run in parity.
  • Plan ownership and accountability has to come
    from the business owner.
  • Human Resources is the Coach and Subject Matter
    Expert. Train them first to prepare for their
  • Reinforce the importance of changing behaviors
    and impacting the applicant pool. Dont make it
    another compliance checklist.
  • Utilize and grow partnerships with others in the
    organization (Diversity, Selection, Government
    Relations, Communications).

  • Mark Nagel
  • Director of Government Employment Practices
  • Deb Dennin
  • Corporate Affirmative Action Manager