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Step Down Transformer


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Step Down Transformer

What is Transformer
A static electrical machine also known as the
transformer, transfer AC electrical power from
one circuit to another circuit at a constant
frequency level while altering the voltage, which
means aiding the machine in increasing or
decreasing of the voltage based on the
requirement. The transformer works on the
principles of Faradays Law of Electromagnetic
Induction, according to which the magnitude of
voltage is directly proportional to the rate of
change of flux.
Transformers are electrical devices that are
composed of an iron core ring wrapped in two or
more coils of wire, one coil is connected to an
AC input voltage and is referred to as the
Primary Coil, the other coil is connected to an
output circuit with a low resistance and is
referred to as the Secondary Coil. The two coils
are very well insulated from each other which
help them to not form a physical electrical
connection. This feature gives the transformer
its unique electrical properties of this device,
making it functional for transferring electrical
energy by means of a changing magnetic field.
Types of Transformers
  • Step Up
  • Step Down

Step - Up Transformer
A Step up Transformer is designed in a manner
that it has more number of turns or coils on the
Secondary winding or the Secondary Coils than in
the Primary winding or the Primary Coils.
Therefore, as a result the voltage supplied in
the secondary coil in step up transformer is
greater than the voltage supplied through the
primary coil. So, because of the principle of
conversion of energy, the step up transformer
converts low voltage with high current into high
voltage with low current. Thus, we can consider
the voltage has been stepped up this is where it
gets its name, step up transformer from.
The use of step up transformers is not limited
you can find these transformers located near
various industrial sites like power plants which
are designed to function with megawatts of power.
This transformer is not only used for power
plants, one can find the step up transformers
being used for local and smaller applications,
for example, for x- ray machines that require
approximately 50, 000 volts for functioning
properly or even a micro- wave oven requires a
smaller version of step up transformer to operate
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Step - Down Transformer
A step down transformer is meant to reduce the
output voltage, which means it functions to
convert high voltage with low current power into
a low voltage with high current power. Let us
consider an example, our power circuits carry a
voltage between 230- 110 v, but electrical
equipments like the bell require only 16 v.
Therefore, the step down transformer acts upon
the current to reduce the voltage from 230- 110 v
to 16v. For supplying in different areas,
voltages are stepped down to 440v or 230v for
reasons of safety. To make this reduction in
voltages successful, the number of turns on
secondary winding or coils is less than the
primary winding resulting in less voltage being
induced at the secondary output (at the end) of
the transformer.
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Application of Step Down Transformer
The voltage is around 20kV from the Power Plant
or Power Generation Station. For being able to
transfer this voltage over to long distances, it
is stepped up to 440kV with the use of Step up
Transformer supplied by Servo Transformer
Supplier in India. This voltage is then
transmitted to a distribution station. At the
distribution station, the 440 kV is then reduced
to 11kV with the help of a Step Down Transformer
making the voltage ready for customer use.
The Power in a Step Down Transformer
The power in a transformer is measured by using
the product of the voltage and the current. The
power in a transformer is rated in Volt Amps VA
(or in kilo Volt Amps kVA for larger
transformer sets).   The power according to the
design of the transformer is almost always
constant which means the power available at the
secondary end of the transformer is same as the
power as the power at the primary end of the
transformer.   This theory is even applicable in
a step down transformer. But, in this case the
voltage is at the secondary coil of the step down
transformer is lesser than that at the primary
coil, the current at the secondary coil increases
to balance the total power of the transformer.
Uses of Step Down Transformers
The street transformers that we see near our
homes are all step down transformers. Before
installing the switching power supplies all low
voltage wall adapters use step down transformers.
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