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Best UPSC coaching centres in Hyderabad


Oureducation presents most popular Institute to upsc exam preparation. Here Top UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad provides a well suited pattern to match your needs that make by Experts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best UPSC coaching centres in Hyderabad

Best English Notes - By Best Faculty
The English Language is a very important section
in UPSC and other competitive Examinations. One
can score high marks in less time if he/she has a
good understanding of Grammar rules and has a
rich vocabulary. But it is very difficult to find
precise and concise content that covers the whole
syllabus at a single platform, so we've decided
to help you by providing - Study Notes of
English. We'll cover all the important Grammar
rules with tricks in the form of these Study
Notes. It will include a series of topics like
Cloze Test, Reading Comprehension, Error
Detection, and Sentence Rearrangement etc.
Best English Grammar Notes
English Grammar sections is important in
clearing English language section with a good cut
off. All exams have an average score to clear all
sections. Sometimes, you may be very good in
English but still be unable to crack the English
section in the competitive Exam.
Obscure (adjective)
  • Meaning not discovered, not known
  • Synonyms vague, uncertain, ambiguous
  • Antonyms perceptible, known
  • They drill down into the sewers and put in a
    camera the pipes are 150 years old and will need
    to be replaced then they start to build the loo
    extension, drilling and sawing, while humming
    tunes from the credit sequences of obscure.

Conspicuous (adjective)
  • Meaning clearly visible
  • Synonyms observable, perceptible
  • Antonyms indistinct, obscure
  • But industry biggies, either individually or
    through their collective avatars in industry and
    trade associations, are conspicuous by their

Inimical (adjective)
Best UPSC English Notes By Experienced Faculty
Members - Vocabulary
  • Meaning tending to obstruct or harm.
  • Synonyms pernicious
  • Antonyms advantageous
  • Contrary to what some might believe, engaging
    with a judges outlook to the Constitution isnt
    necessarily inimical to judicial autonomy.

Permeate (verb)
  • Meaning spread throughout (something)
  • Synonyms pervade
  • Antonyms dehydrate
  • If we fail to bring these issues to the
    forefront, the rigours of democracy will never
    permeate into the judiciary, and we will only be
    further undermining public trust in the
    credibility of judicial review.

Extraneous (adjective)
  • Meaning irrelevant or unrelated to the subject
    being dealt with.
  • Synonyms inapposite
  • Antonyms related
  • Such discussions, on the other hand, are seen
    as anathema to judicial integrity, as a yardstick
    that ought to be extraneous to any selection

Alacrity (noun)
  • Meaning brisk and cheerful readiness.
  • Synonyms eagerness
  • Antonyms apathy
  • It clears some recommendations with alacrity,
    while holding back, often for months on end,
    others comprising nominees that it deems

Kindled (verb)
  • Meaning set (something) on fire
  • Synonyms ignite
  • Antonyms extinguish
  • Therefore, it was really only concerns over the
    relative seniority of these judges and the
    extent of State wise representation that
    kindled the collegiums attention.

Top IAS coaching Centers in Hyderabad
  • Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a
    constitutional body which recruits candidates for
    various posts through a rigid examination process
    which goes on for almost a year. The examination
    has three basic levels which are extremely
    difficult to crack, namely Preliminary
    Examination, Mains Examinations and The
    Personality test. Oureducation is a Search Engine
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    IAS coaching Centers in Hyderabad.
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Clout (noun)
  • Meaning influence or power
  • Synonyms authority, stature
  • Antonyms weakness
  • They represent the collective wealth and clout of
    Indias corporate titans.

Perpetrator (noun)
  • Meaning a person who carries out a harmful,
    illegal or immoral act
  • Synonyms criminal, malevolent
  • Antonyms victim
  • Corporates will have to demonstrate by example
    that speaking up will not be met with punishment
    and that perpetrators will not walk free.

Meticulous (adjective)
  • Meaning very careful and precise
  • Synonyms diligent, scrupulous
  • Antonyms careless, sloppy
  • Across the summer, every morning at 8 a.m. sharp,
    these senior workers come in and start doing
    their meticulous labour.

Restraint (noun)
  • Meaning a way of limiting, controlling or
    stopping something self control
  • Synonyms restriction, suppression
  • Antonyms liberty, freedom
  • The body is intended to be trained to be shorn of
    vanity, comfort, and pleasure the body is to
    become a temple of restraint, a site where
    involuntary bodily functions are to be minimised.

Totter (verb)
  • Meaning to move or walk in a slow or unsteady
  • Synonyms wobble, stumble
  • Antonyms stabilize, steady
  • By the time I totter into London, my friends are
    falling about laughing as they lay bets about the
    next sound ambush that will sidewind me.

Facile (adjective)
  • Meaning ignoring the true complexities of an
  • Synonyms simplistic, shallow
  • Antonyms profound
  • It is little surprise, therefore, that the
    Supreme Courts failure of imagination, facile
    equivalences, and a lack of empathy towards the
    sentiments of ordinary religious Hindus has
    incited the extraordinary protests at Sabarimala.

Demarcate (verb)
  • Meaning separate or distinguish from
  • Synonyms delineate, differentiate
  • Antonyms attach, unite
  • The goal is to demarcate clearly who is within
    and who is outside the sphere of commitment and

Prerequisite (noun)
  • Meaning a thing that is required as a prior
    condition for something else to happen
  • Synonyms rudiment, necessity, imperative
  • Antonyms unnecessary, voluntary
  • This is true even in places headed by women or
    in places which have a higher proportion of women
    in leadership roles, since being one of the boys
    is, more often than not, a prerequisite for
    breaking the glass ceiling.

Plethora (noun)
  • Meaning a large or excessive amount of
  • Synonyms surplus
  • Antonyms insufficiency
  • Yet, there is little doubt that China is there to
    stay in the Maldives, and a balancing agreement
    will have to emerge through the plethora of
    commercial contracts the new government would
    ideally like to renegotiate.

Espouse (verb)
  • Meaning adopt or support (a cause, belief, or
    way of life).
  • Synonyms embrace
  • Antonyms reject, oppose
  • We are left with little idea, for instance, on
    what broad constitutional philosophy these
    judges espouse, what their approach to
    constitutional interpretation might be, and on
    how they might view the general role of the
    higher judiciary.

Pummelling (verb)
  • Meaning criticize severely.
  • Synonyms bash
  • Antonyms compliment
  • But a strategic return to India and its
    underlying democratic values could backstop the
    economic pummelling that Male is sure to face if
    creditors in Beijing start calling in their dues.

Paradigm (noun)
  • Meaning a typical example of something
  • Synonyms pattern
  • Antonyms dominant
  • Fortunately, this manufacturing paradigm has
    several features that play to the strengths of
    the Indian ecosystem.

Staved (verb)
  • Meaning avert or delay something bad or
  • Synonyms preclude
  • Antonyms continue
  • In addition, the Centres attempt to tap the
    RBIs rich reserves has also been staved off for
    now, with the matter left to be decided by a
    committee set up exclusively for the purpose.

Seamless (adjective)
  • Meaning smooth and continuous, with no apparent
    gaps or spaces between one part and the next.
  • Synonyms flawless
  • Antonyms irregular, rough
  • We also would need government support to provide
    incentives for distributed manufacturing in
    smaller towns, and for the IT industry to work on
    creating platforms and marketplaces that connect
    consumer demands, product designers and
    manufacturers in a seamless way.

Ratcheted (verb)
  • Meaning cause something to rise (or fall) as a
    step in what is perceived as an irreversible
  • Synonyms diminish
  • Antonyms accumulate
  • The troubles began over the summer when both
    countries started taxing 50 billion worth of the
    others imports, followed by the U.S. slapping
    200 billion of Chinese exports with a 10
    tariff, to be ratcheted up to 25 by the year

Portend (verb)
  • Meaning be a sign or warning that (something) is
    likely to happen.
  • Synonyms foretell
  • Antonyms oblivious
  • To understand what this clash of the global
    economic titans portends for the world trading
    system, it is instructive to examine the path of
    their mutual conflict thus far.

Stemmed (adjective)
  • Meaning having a long, thin supportive or main
  • Synonyms originate
  • Antonyms conclude, end
  • The source of the friction stemmed from the
    Trump administrations America First policy,
    under which Washington led the charge on unfair
    trade practices.

Anathema (noun)
  • Meaning something or someone that one vehemently
  • Synonyms abhor
  • Antonyms love
  • Fourth, in a country where use and throw is an
    anathema, maintaining old products is far easier
    because parts can be manufactured as needed and
    product life cycles can be expanded.

Foster (verb)
  • Meaning encourage the development of (something,
    especially something desirable).
  • Synonyms promote
  • Antonyms neglect
  • This would allow for the creation of
    manufacturing facilities in small towns and
    foster industrial development outside of major

Lexicon (noun)
  • Meaning the vocabulary of a person, language, or
    branch of knowledge
  • Synonyms dictionary
  • Antonyms knowledgeable
  • The 3D printing has not yet entered our everyday
    lexicon, and even people who have heard of it
    view it as a toy technology that geeks play with,
    creating prototypes of robots using small
    machines that create moulds using materials such
    as plastic and photosensitive resins.

Rendering (verb)
  • Meaning submit or present for inspection or
  • Synonyms tender
  • Antonyms retain
  • This makes the design phase complex and costly,
    rendering it expensive to redesign to correct
    initial mistakes or innovate to meet changing
    consumer needs

Embezzlement (noun)
  • Meaning theft of funds placed in one's trust or
    belonging to one's employer
  • Synonyms fraud
  • Antonyms compensation
  • He has announced a slew of populist policies, and
    vowed to end an era of large scale embezzlement
    and corruption.

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