The 10 Most Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers 2018

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The 10 Most Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers 2018


With the impending risk in the mind, to assist healthcare organizations to prevent data security breaches, we bring you the “The 10 Most Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers” issue. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The 10 Most Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers 2018

The 10 September 2018
Most Trusted
IT Security Solution Providers 2018
Brian Arellanes CEO Founder
Leading the Movement in a Risk-Based
Data-Centric Security Approach to Thwart
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From the
Cno permanent solution reached, if it even
exists. With the
yber security is healthcares hot potato today.
have a?ected the industry on a very large scale
and theres
rise of these threats at an alarming rate,
majority of the healthcare
companies have adopted various strategies to
protect their patients data and all the
critical information. Busy ?ghting the
outsiders, less attention is paid to the menace
that lies inside. It is a known fact that six
out of ten cyber-attacks in the healthcare
industry have an insider from the organization
involved. The unpredictability of the insider
threat is more than an external one, pointing to
a greater risk. Moreover, the trusted insider has
legitimate access to all the systems of the
organization and hence, the di?culty of going
through the already installed security walls is
eliminated. They also know what information is
stored where, making it easier for them to
breach the target data. All known and
understood, it is not wrong to say that insider
cyber-attacks are one of the greatest challenges
for the healthcare industry in todays
date. Insider threats being hard to identify and
even harder to prove, necessary measures to
eliminate them should be taken beforehand. From
background check before hiring an employee, or
collaborating with a partner, to timely
monitoring the workforce to controlled and
protected access to sensitive data, healthcare
organizations today must take several steps to
safeguard all its digitally stored ?les. Also,
more education on cyber security in healthcare,
provided to the current employees as well as the
future leaders of the industry, will help in
reducing inside threats. Along with this, the
most important question you should be asking
yourself is- What steps will you take di?erently
if you are already aware that you are going to
be robbed, and by someone you trust? In the era
where digitization has taken over the healthcare
space, what can be a greater threat than
cyber-crime? Realizing the same, many healthcare
organizations, today, have strategized various
fences against cyber-attacks. But, most of them
fail to acknowledge the insider threats,
focusing only on the external risks. As it is
said widely, Cleanliness begins at home, it is
not wrong to analogize it with the current
scenario of cyber security.
The Threat that Comes From Within
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Cover Story ITSourceTEK Leading the Movement in
a Risk-Based Data-Centric Security Approach to
Thwart Cybercriminals
Data Cryptology 34 Tokenization or Encryption -
Choose Wisely
Pocket Wellness 22 mHealthThe New Horizon in the
Health Technology
Cybernetics 40 Strategies for Healthcare Organizat
ions to Combat Cybercrime
Biomarkers Proteins are Better Biomarkers than
Haystack Informatics Leveraging Behavioral
Analysis to Secure Health Systems against
24By7Security A Comprehensive Cybersecurity
Compliance Solutions Provider
Hashed Health Leveraging Blockchain Technology
to Enhance the Care in Healthcare
Prey Devouring Cyber Theft with Modernism
SecureNetMD An Innovative Technology Partner
for Healthcare Leaders
Seceon Delivering Cutting-Edge IT Security for
Healthcares Digitally Transforming World
Rendering Sophisticated Data Security Solutions
to Leading Healthcare Enterprises
Hhas been one of the prime targets for
cybercriminals and with the healthcare data
being very sensitive in
ealthcare has witnessed extensive digitization in
the recent years. Although this has remarkably
the services in healthcare, it comes with a
challenging side-e?ect risk of information
security. Healthcare
nature, this is a major concern. It is of immense
signi?cance that the healthcare companies be
aware and implement the best practices to secure
the information of their patients as well as the
organization. With the impending risk in the
mind, to assist healthcare organizations to
prevent data security breaches, we bring
  • you the The 10 Most Trusted Healthcare IT
    Security Solution Providers issue. In this
    issue, we are presenting to you some of the
    prominent companies and healthcare solution
    providers, who have successfully helped the
    industry to protect the patients' information
    and other critical healthcare data against the
    ever-rising cyber-attacks.
  • The cover of this magazine showcases the
    award-winning leader in the IT security industry,
    ITSourceTEK. It o?ers risk-based and
    data-centric security solutions against
  • Other than this perceptive cover story, the
    magazine also features Haystack Informatics, a
    behavior analytics company that assists
    healthcare providers, Prey Software which o?ers
    several cutting-edge anti-theft services, Hashed
    Health solving most important problems in
    healthcare with blockchain and DLT, Seceon that
    has been safeguarding healthcare data from
    potential breaches, 24By7Security, a
    cyber-security and compliance specialist and
    advisory ?rm, and SecureNetMD providing HIPAA
    compliance managed technology solutions. Apart
    from these, we have selected a few more pioneers
    of the industry viz. Barrier1, BeyondTrust, and
  • As you journey through the magazine, make sure to
    not miss out on an insightful article titled
    Proteins are Better Biomarkers than Genes by
    Dr. Steven Pelech, the Founder, President, and
    CSO of Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation.
    Flipping through some more pages, you will ?nd
    our masterly crafted in-house articles from
    Pocket Wellness, Data Cryptology, and
    Cybernetics. Walking through all the pages in
    this magazine of ours, you will be introduced to
    an interesting world of novelty.
  • So, turn the pages and enjoy a good read!

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Cover Story
Leading the Movement in a Risk-Based
Data-Centric Security Approach to Thwart

Our clients are at the center of our services. We
thrive to provide the best possible solutions to
their problems

Brian Arellanes CEO Founder
ne of the most valuable assets of a company is
information. And
today, digital data is the new black. The wave
of digitization has
revolutionized every profession in every sector.
Like every good,
it also comes with a challenge challenge of
security. As digitization comes
bearing countless advantages and now has become
inevitable, information security is one of the
greatest threats to any organization
today. ITSourceTEK is an IT security solutions
company that guides its customers to protect
their data from cybercrimes. It is an
award-winning leader in the Information Security
industry. The company provides strategic
business and technology based cyber security
solutions that leverage enterprise investments
and improve e?ciency to meet stringent
compliance standards. The team of ITSourceTEK has
extensive real world experience in leading and
supporting organizations spanning across many
industries. ITSourceTEK is driven by the mission
to exceed its clients expectations with
exceptional service while using success to give
back to charities and
the community. Honesty and transparency, with no
sales pressure or

We provide customized solutions to all our
pushing a speci?c solution, are the key traits
behind its success. The ?rm is strategic with
access to the best solutions, and deep
relationships across industries and
technologies. The Journey of Growth and
Development In its journey of more than a decade,
ITSourceTEK has overcome many challenges and
evolved to thwart newly emerging threats for the
industrys leading clients environments. At the
beginning of this journey, it supported
executives on critical projects at Northrop
Grumman, Wells Fargo, and BD Biosciences.
ITSourceTEK grew from those initial clients into
many other high-pro?le large and complex
environments in both the public and the private
sectors. The technology, then, started moving
away rapidly from a controlled perimeter, due to
the proliferation of smart mobile devices, IOT,
and Cloud/SaaS providers. In this, the team of
ITSourceTEK saw an opportunity to impact their
clients security by helping them move from only
a perimeter-based security approach to a data
centric security approach. Since then, they have
helped many of their Fortune 500 clients in
protecting their data by embracing the companys
data centric approach to security. Safeguarding
Healthcare from the Very Start Towards the
beginning of its journey to protect data,
ITSourceTEK helped

We help our clients protect their valuable data
and assets from multi-directional threats

Nina Do, COO
provide McKesson with consulting services to
securely architect and develop its databases in
support of some of its more critical
applications. Another one of the companys
contributions was to protect Patient Healthcare
Information (PHI). In this, it secured more than
100 Million Electronic Medical Records (EMR) on
a project supporting EDS/HPE for the California
Department of Corrections Rehabilitation. The
organization provided architecture, development,
and security of BDs medical device ?rmware and
desktop based
applications used to analyze blood work down to
the genomic level for AIDS, Cancer, and other
diseases. In addition, it has provided complete
assessments, IT support, and security of
ambulatory and surgery centers for industry
leaders like Amsurg. Now, it is helping some of
these and other healthcare giants look at new
and exciting innovations around the automation
of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and
securing data in more modernized environments,
including Cloud and SaaS.
Prominent Solutions At its nucleus, ITSourceTEK
is a data security company. Then, as it expands
outward in its o?erings to protect data, the
cellular membrane of the ?rm includes the
following capabilities Data Governance, Risk,
and Compliance (GRC) Support Solutions- It
provides assessments, requirements, and gap
analysis for security standards (such as HIPAA,
SOX, PCI-DSS, and GDPR), and other regulatory
requirements. It creates policies and provides
solutions to ?ll
The10MOST Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution
Providers 2018
any gaps and achieve compliance, ensuring that
the companies meet stringent security standards
for how their data is used, managed, and
stored. Data Encryption, Masking, and
Tokenization- It helps to protect sensitive
structured and unstructured data while at rest
and in motion. This can start at the user
interface, on the web or internal application,
and extend through the back-end systems or data
lakes, including Cloud/SaaS providers.
Regardless of the storage location or ?le type,
it helps to transparently encrypt the
unstructured data to exceed compliance
requirements. Threat Detection and Policy
Enforcement- With the advanced data science and
machine learning, it helps to develop analytics
and create inline protection to enforce security
policies for the protection of sensitive data in
real-time. Its solutions help to detect
anomalies before data and IT, IoT, and OT
systems are compromised. They also analyze,
protect, and report threats from malicious
insiders, ransomware, and other policy
violations using Application and Database
Security Platforms, autonomous threat
intelligence, NAC, and/or combination of these
solutions. DNS and WAF Protection- DNS ports are
becoming a common path for stealing data, as
DLPs and other solutions cant detect the theft.
It addresses these vulnerabilities and provides
protection against threats such as data
ex?ltration through the ports in the DNS. Its
recommended DNS and WAF solutions prevent or
mitigate impact from DDoS and other mission
critical attacks. Cloud Security Strategies and
Solutions- It helps to develop automated
security functions to extend protection as the
data and applications move to Cloud and SaaS
platforms. This also includes automation of
policies and con?gurations for provisioning and
data management functions. Guided by the Diverse
and Resilient Leadership Team Brian Arellanes,
CEO and Founder, is an accomplished professional
with 20 years of award-winning leadership in
the technology and security space. He
collaborates with and advises some of the top
C-level executives and Security professionals in
the world, while also ?nding time to feed his
passion of giving back to the community.

We are not
a sales-based
rather a trusted advisory solution provider


We believe in giving back to those in need
The COO, Nina Do, has been with ITSourceTEK for
11 years leading the operational aspects of the
company, which includes Marketing, Advertising,
Process Design and Governance, HR, Payroll, and
A/P functions. Ninas past experience as an
Advertising Executive with a creative focus for
some of the largest global ?rms has helped her to
streamline messaging and operational e?ciencies
that better meet the needs of ITSourceTEKs
employees and clients, while reducing costs with
automation. Walter Jones, CIO, is a technology
mogul with 40 years of experience, many of
which were at a C-level, leading thousands of
employees at Fortune 50 organizations like Wells
Fargo. Walters passion to accomplish business
objectives while bringing up the next generation
of thought leaders is second to none. Matt
Whitmarsh is the EVP and a trusted and
experienced leader having more than 25 years of
technology and security experience. He has led
large public and private sector projects
responsible for PL, internal and 3rd party
resources, and delivery of complex systems. The
Director of Operations, Jean Dubois, is a
seasoned leader with 25 years of experience
that is well versed in ?nancials and
streamlining processes. Her entrepreneurial
spirit brings a creative and people oriented
approach to running operations. Idiosyncratic
tactics A key di?erentiator for ITSourceTEK is
its unique approach. It is not a sales-based
organization, rather a trusted advisory practice
for its clients to draw upon. As thought leaders
in the data security and compliance space, the
company invests heavily in understanding the best
practices and solutions available. Its client
relationships are all managed by trusted
executives that have been executives in similar
roles as its clients this is advantageous to
immediately provide insights based on their real
world experience. Furthermore, it is product
agnostic and is constantly evaluating proven and
emerging technologies. ITSourceTEK helps its
clients to look at the solutions that have been
thoroughly vetted, to help them avoid costly
investigative e?orts and/or delays associated
with the vetting process. As it relates to
product-based solutions, the ?rm's value is
further added by bringing strong partner
relationships to its clients at the executive
level and high partner status with deep
discounts above the regular buying power. Along
with this, it constantly looks for ways to
automate its internal processes advising
similarly to its clients. This ensures that its
employees have the best tools

and methods to accomplish their tasks.
ITSourceTEK also invests in conferences,
seminars, and training courses to help its
employees stay ahead in this competitive
industry. Accolades and Reverence ITSourceTEK has
earned many awards since 2006. Some of their top
honors by some prominent sources from a past few
years include Minority Cyber Security Company of
the Year 2017, Most Valuable Healthcare Solution
Provider Companies 2017, Top 10 Healthcare
Compliance Solution Providers 2016, HP Supplier
of the Year for NMSDC 2013 2015, and 100
Fastest Growing Hispanic Business in the USA
2012-2014, amongst many others. The greatest
achievement for any company is the
acknowledgement from its clients. ITSourceTEK has
been praised for always being highly responsive
to its clients requests to help them fully
achieve their goals with a strong return on
investment. Its clients have also appreciated the
companys technical and strategic depth to help
steer them in the right direction and for ?nding
creative ways to ensure that they dont exceed
budgetary thresholds. Arm-in-Arm with the
Developments in Security Industry With the
continual pressure to increase security
and regulations to match, ITSourceTEKs viewpoint
is simple protect the data by building a proper
governance program with policies and the
technology to enforce them. As every
organization is at a di?erent level of maturity
and has a di?erent level of commitment (or
budget) to do everything required it creates
customized solutions for each client. Addressing
the public outcry to increase the level
of protection used for their data, the ?rm is
constantly evaluating new ways to do so
e?ciently. Future Plans ITSourceTEK looks to
continue building its reputation as a thought
leader in the data security and GRC space to help
drive wider adoption of its data centric
security and risk- based approaches.
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Company Name Management Brief Company Name Management Brief Company Name Management Brief
24By7Security Sanjay Deo Founder President 24By7Security, Inc. is a Cybersecurity Compliance specialist and advisory ?rm with extensive hands on experience helping businesses build a defensive IT Infrastructure against all cyber security threats.
Barrier1 James Libersky CEO Barrier1 integrates Intelligent Threat Management with Automated Threat Management.
BeyondTrust Kevin Hickey President CEO BeyondTrust delivers the visibility and control needed to con?dently reduce risk and maintain productivity.
Hashed Health John Bass CEO Founder Hashed Health is a fast growing Technology Company that leverages blockchain and DLT to solve the most important problems in healthcare.
Haystack Informatics Adrian Talapan Co-founder CEO Haystack Informatics is a behavior analytics company assisting healthcare providers with the deep understanding of their employees behavior and its rami?cations in the areas of privacy/ insider risk monitoring and operational improvement.
ITSourceTek Brian Arellanes CEO Founder ITSourceTEK provides strategic business and technology based cyber security solutions that leverage enterprise investments and improve e?ciency to meet stringent compliance standards.
Prey software Carlos Yaconi Founder CEO Prey is an anti-theft software company that protects and helps to locate computers, tablets, and phones remotely, simply, and quickly.
Seceon Chandra Pandey CEO Founder Seceon delivers pioneering cybersecurity solutions that protect all-sized organizations by immediately ?agging, quarantining, and eliminating any threats before they do any damage.
SecureNetMD Jack Berberian Founder CEO SecureNetMD is a fast growing HIPAA Compliant Managed Technology Solutions Provider that helps healthcare leaders make better decisions around technology.
Sensato John Gomez CEO Sensato is focused on providing leading-edge, realistic cybersecurity solutions to the healthcare and critical infrastructure sectors.
A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Compliance
Solutions Provider
Csince there has been a steady
yber security in healthcare is a
saw an opportunity in healthcare security and
compliance. Thats when he founded HIPAA-HITECH-
SOLUTIONS, Inc. with the mission of providing
HIPAA compliance services in South Florida. As
the business grew, more opportunities appeared
and its client segment started expanding. The
companys team consists of experts in
cybersecurity, healthcare technology, and
consulting. With their help Sanjay decided to
expand the business to cover all industries.
That is when 24By7Security was born and the old
company folded into the umbrella of
24By7Security. Sanjay has over twenty years of
cybersecurity and compliance experience. He
holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from
Texas AM University, and is a Certi?ed
Information Systems Security Professional
(CISSP) and Healthcare Information Security and
Practitioner (HCISPP). He serves on the Board of
the South Florida CIO Council, and also
Co-Chairs the South Florida CISO Forum. Sanjay
is a frequent speaker on IT Governance,
Compliance and Cybersecurity at national
conferences. He is a member of the South Florida
InfraGard Alliance and Sector Chief for the
Information Technology track. Distinct and
Holistic Services of the Company 24By7Security
o?ers cybersecurity related services in the areas
of strategy, assessments, remediation, and
training for all major industries including
healthcare, education, hospitality, ?nancial,
insurance, government, law ?rms, retail,
manufacturing and entertainment. As
cybersecurity concerns continue to rise,
businesses seek professional services to enable
better security and ensure their con?dential
data is properly protected. The company helps
its clients manage their data privacy while
getting compliant with regulations that major
industries like ?nance, healthcare, and
education are required to uphold. 24By7Security
provides a holistic list of services which
includes Cybersecurity Services Security Risk
Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Virtual or
Part-time CISO, Web Application Testing, Social
Engineering Testing, Physical Security Testing,
Policies and Procedures.
growing concern these days,
rise in hacking and IT security
breaching incidents in the past few years. Many
healthcare organizations are struggling to
defend their network perimeter and keep
cybercriminals at bay. A company that addresses
issue head-on is 24By7Security, Inc. It
is a cybersecurity and compliance company with
demonstrated expertise in helping businesses
build a defensive IT Infrastructure against all
cybersecurity threats. An award-winning and
respected member of the security community,
24By7Security provides a rich menu of security
and compliance services, including the ?agship
Security Risk Assessment and HIPAA Compliance
Package. It has been in business since June 2013
and has provided cybersecurity consulting
services to several organizations. The company's
team members have numerous certi?cations and
have been actively involved in IT security
projects for years. The Leader behind Its
Success The company is the brain child of
Sanjay Deo, who is the President
of 24By7Security. In 2013 Sanjay was the CEO of a
Security Operations Center and Consulting ?rm.
With several years of information security
experience in multiple industries, he
We strive to leave no gaps, by using a
360-degree approach for security and privacy
for our clients. Don't Risk IT, Secure IT
16 September 2018
The10MOST Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution
Providers 2018
  • Compliance Services HIPAA/ HITECH, HITRUST,
  • FERPA, New York Cybersecurity Regulations, SOX,
  • Dodd Frank Act, PCI DSS, FedRAMP, NIST
    Cybersecurity Framework, and ISO-IEC 27001.
  • Cyber Incident Management Incident Response,
    Cyber Incident Investigation, Forensics, and
  • Training HIPAA Training and Cybersecurity
    Awareness Training.
  • The ?rms proprietary Security 2.0 Reactive,
    Proactive, Counteractive model allows it to
    adjust its methodology to deliver the right type
    of resolution for each situation.
    24By7Securitys comprehensive Defense in Depth
    2.0 approach allows its clients to understand
    the full extent of their vulnerabilities and to
    create an end-to-end security strategy.
  • Achievements of 24By7Security
  • The company has achieved many milestones
    throughout its 5-year journey. Some of them are
  • 500 Security and Privacy risk assessments
  • conducted as of September 2018.
  • New company website launched in July 2018
  • Certi?ed as a State of Florida Certi?ed Business
    EnterpriseWoman owned and Minority Owned
    Business Enterprise (WBE/ MBE) in May 2017
  • Sanjay Deo, President and Founder of
  • appointed as Technology Sector Chief for FBI
    Infragard, South Florida chapter
  • The company launched HIPAA Happenings, an
    educational networking session on HIPAA
    Compliance for healthcare providers and sta? in
    South Florida. The second session of HIPAA
    Happenings will be a brand new, complimentary
    virtual o?ering of the mandatory 2018 HIPAA
    Compliance training for healthcare providers.
  • O?ering Hassle-free Work Environment
  • The ?rm has team members from varying backgrounds
    such as healthcare, information technology,
    compliance, IT Security, ?nance, government, and
    more. Its team members are at varying levels of
    seniority ranging from CIO, CISO, and Technology
    Director to Security managers and Security
    Analysts. 24By7Securitys team members are
    highly credentialed in information security and
    healthcare. It provides competitive compensation
    and bene?ts recognizing the value of its

Sanjay Deo Founder President The companys
mission statement includes providing a positive
and productive workplace to its employees. It
encourages a friendly, communicative, and ?exible
work environment and plans team events
frequently to build camaraderie. 24By7Security
o?ers several educational opportunities to team
members to attend conferences and training
programs. The company believes and values its old
traits in keeping up with daily challenges.
Sometimes its the good old traits that come a
long way, asserts Sanjay. It has a ?ve- pronged
approach towards its projects and assessments,
which when working together seamlessly in a
project, helps its clients achieve success. This
approach includes people, process, tools/
technology, in-depth PHI/ PII review, and
communication/ documentation. This is evident in
the high number of repeat contracts and
word-of-mouth referrals 24By7Security
receives. Booming Future of 24By7Security Currentl
y, 24By7Security is growing rapidly in markets
within and outside South Florida, expanding
within the state and also in other states. In
the years to come, it projects itself as a major
regional player and advisory company in
cybersecurity and compliance functions. From a
company size point of view, it expects to be at
least double its current size in terms of
revenue and team strength.
September 2018 17
(No Transcript)
Hashed Health
Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Enhance the
Care in Healthcare
Irevolved around bitcoin, John
n a time when almost everything
two decades of experience in the healthcare
industry. He has spent his career building
businesses that help organizations realize value
through collaboration in previously siloed
areas. His earlier success stemmed from solving
institutional issues around transparency, trust,
and the alignment of incentives in a world
before blockchain. Early on, John recognized
that blockchain is purpose-built to solve these
exact issues. To start Hashed Health, a company
based on a technology in which few people could
see utility, he walked away from a CEO role at a
subsidiary of the citys most prominent
healthcare company. For me, blockchain was the
?rst thing Ive seen since the internet that has
the opportunity to change the conversation
around healthcare. All of these things that the
blockchain has become known for can be applied to
healthcare to solve some of these really
traditional problems that weve always wrestled
with, says John. An Innovative Organizational
Structure When Hashed Health was launched as a
product company in 2016, there was no market for
blockchain solutions. It had to create
one. Our goal is to be a product company, but
we had to build a market ?rst. That was the
interesting conundrum. Blockchain is not just
about a product its about a network. In order
for a product to be meaningful, you have to
have a network of participants ready to use that
product and that means addressing both technical
and non- technical concerns, John said. The
Hashed Health model has three distinct,
synergistic areas to launch meaningful products
in its unique space. Hashed Enterprise helps
healthcare organizations and other companies
understand how blockchain could a?ect their
businesses, the drivers of cost and value for
blockchain in healthcare, and use-cases
appropriate for blockchain. Enterprise is the
services arm of Hashed Health. Its customers
include some of the largest insurance companies,
non-pro?ts, IT
people knew about blockchain
Bass, the CEO and Founder of
Hashed Health, envisioned how the underlying
technology could transform healthcare. In early
2016, this was a radical connection. When its
potential clients likely only knew of the
technology because they paid a ransom using
bitcoin, the idea that blockchain might
ultimately save healthcare was easily dismissed.
Nevertheless, Nashville, Tennessee, a town built
on traditional healthcare, has now embraced
Hashed Health as a star. Hashed Health is a
fast-growing Technology Company that leverages
blockchain and distributed ledger technologies
(DLT) to solve healthcares most important
problems. The company endeavors to build an
ecosystem of businesses that organize networks
of stakeholders around blockchain technology
solutions which will, in turn, impact the cost
and quality of healthcare in the U.S. and
globally. Hashed Health believes that blockchain
is the framework that will underpin the changes
to value and delivery structures, enabling a
more sustainable, patient-centric system. From
the CEOs Corner John is a healthcare innovator
and an international speaker seasoned with
We build blockchain solutions that address
long standing problems in healthcare
20 September 2018
The10MOST Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution
Providers 2018
vendors, and government agencies in the US and
abroad. Hashed Labs is a team of blockchain
healthcare product managers and engineering
talent. They build product and work on
innovative business models and governance
structures. This team specializes in ?nding the
sweet spot between a technical solution, an
innovative business model, and a governance
mechanism that makes a product come to
life. Hashed Collective is an open
community-building forum for healthcare
organizations, consumers, entrepreneurs, and
developers to talk about blockchain applications
for healthcare. Collective includes meetups,
podcasts, webinars, newsletters, online
educational resources, and other innovative
community- building tools to help broaden the
community of blockchain healthcare
advocates. These three areas of the company work
in sync to support market-development activities
alongside Hashed Health's products and
partnerships. More than just a Technology
Company The core team of Hashed Health has their
background in healthcare, enabling the company
to stay on the front lines of Health IT, payment
models, and care delivery. They understand the
problems and the obstacles in healthcare and
sees blockchain as a way to ?x them. Blockchain,
for Hashed Health, is not a technology in search
of a problem. If a problem can be solved without
blockchain, the Hashed team will be the ?rst to
say so. As a company, it is also
platform-agnostic for each application and
each use-case the team looks at all available
blockchain platforms and tool sets and then
works with the stakeholders to pick the best
instance for the problem at hand. The ?rms
values are intertwined with blockchains core
characteristics trust, collaboration,
transparency, and incentive alignment. The
Milestones in Its Journey to Success The company
just celebrated it two-year anniversary. From
local meet-ups to co-hosting the worlds premiere
blockchain-focused healthcare conference, Hashed
Health has successfully led blockchain to its
place as one of the hottest topics in
healthcare. Travelling around the world, the
team has presented and keynoted
John Bass CEO Founder at major healthcare and
blockchain events by invitation from major
healthcare players and governments. To add to
its glory, the developers at Hashed Health have
completed and won premiere hackathon events like
ETHWaterloo and Discover Blockchain, to name a
few. Individually, John has been awarded
Nashville Technology Council 2017's Innovator of
the Year. Strong-Willed to Better the Future of
Healthcare Currently, the company is building an
ecosystem of solutions that address previously
unsolvable problems. Hashed Health endeavors to
create a portfolio of complementary and
symbiotic applications that will fundamentally
change healthcare delivery. With frameworks and
marketplaces, it wants to allow the industry,
constrained by legacy practices and technologies,
to evolve without blowing up a system so many
patients depend on. Starting from scratch is
not an option, but the current system is
unsustainable blockchain is how this generation
can evolve away from todays healthcare
infrastructure that is collapsing under its own
weight, John said.
September 2018 21
The New Horizon in the Health Technology
22 September 2018
Pocket Wellness
obile health or mhealth is a general term coined
for the use of mobile or wireless technology in
healthcare systems. It is a part of ehealth
healthcare practice. The most common application
of the
ehealth is to educate the consumers about the
preventive health care services. It is also used
in disease
surveillance, treatment support, epidemic
outbreak tracking, and chronic disease
management. mhealth is popular
due to the areas that are accompanied by a large
population and the widespread mobile phone usage.
Within the digital health, mhealth encompasses
all the application of multimedia and
telecommunication ensuring accurate delivery of
the healthcare and health information. Some of
the practical examples of mhealth are the voice
communication and mobile messaging for the
provider to improve the health behavior. Mobile
technologies are helping the healthcare sector in
improving training and service quality of
healthcare workers, reducing the cost of service
along with reducing the redundancy and
duplication of the collected information. Motiva
tion One of the main aspects of the mhealth is to
push the limits of the healthcare sector and
quickly acquire, transport, store, secure, and
process the raw processed data into useful and
meaningful results. mhealth o?er various
abilities to the remote individuals so that they
can participate in the healthcare value matrix,
which was not possible in the past. In many such
cases, these participants can provide their
valuable contribution in gathering data or
create awareness of the disease in public health
like outdoor pollution, violence, or
drugs. Motivation arises in mhealth due to the
following two factors The ?rst factor is the
rise of the constraints faced by the healthcare
system of developing nations. These constraints
include the population growth, limited ?nancial
resources, the burden of disease prevalence, and
a large number of the rural inhabitant. The
second factor is the rise in mobile phones in the
world and its large population. The greater
access to the mobile phones in all segments of
the country helps in saving information and
transitional costs for the proper healthcare
delivery. Health Outcomes The integration of the
technology with the health sector has promoted
the betterment of the health, its lifestyle, and
has improved the decision-making ability of
healthcare professionals. Overall improvement is
seen in the areas like health information and
the instant connection between patients and
health professionals, which was not possible
before. Following that, there is an increased
usage of technology that has reduced the health
costs and has improved the e?ciency of the
healthcare systems. The growth of health-related
applications has further boosted the growth of
the mhealth. A potential implementation is the
direct voice communication for the poor literates
and local-language versed people. The phones
equipped with the local language aid in
information transfer capabilities that were not
available before. With the help of the mobile
technology, the support for the existing work?ow
within the mhealth sector and the general public
has increased.
September 2018 23
The Advantages mhealth provides various versatile
advantages across all the areas of the
healthcare industry. It not only helps the
disease-a?ected citizens but also helps in
monitoring potential patients that are at risk.
Furthermore, it has incredible potential in the
biometric hardware and real-time
analytics. Majority of doctors believe that the
applications developed in the name of health are
actually bene?cial. Around ninety- three percent
of doctors suggest that the mobile healthcare
applications help in improving the overall
health. Some of the most common advantages of
mhealth devices are Medication reminder- Using
a reminder, the public can set timers for their
medications, exercise, and many more such
activities. Fitness trackers- People can monitor
their ?tness and burned calories. Calories
counter- People can monitor how much calories
they are taking-in and can control it. Mobile
emergency health communication- Citizens can
contact their loved ones in any kind of
emergencies. If the device has autonomous
capabilities, it can automatically contact the
concerned authorities. Heart and Vital
monitoring- Application rendered with the vital
monitoring abilities can be very useful. Citizens
can use these while exercising or in the case of
emergency for example, patients vitals can be
monitored in an ambulance. As mhealth is
becoming widely known, healthcare providers are
embracing the mobile communications, thus
improving the relationships with the
patients. Constraints Major hurdles in the
mhealth are the guidelines regarding the privacy
and security of the health data collection on
mobile technologies and identifying new
opportunities to enhance the delivery of mhealth
services. According to the surveys, resistance
is seen from sta? and physicians due to
the change. They are unwilling to learn new
skills or new technology. They also believe that
it impedes their work?ow. In terms of work?ow,
the structure of evaluation presents a major
challenge for the healthcare sector. There should
be resolute standards for the evaluation. With
the constant change of technology,
infrastructure, and innovative research methods,
there is a speci?c need to evaluate the process
and consequences of the action taken in the
mhealth process implementation. Consequently, a
balance is required to be maintained in the
mhealth applications and its execution.
Healthcare providers must also take care of the
data overloading. As the data is collected in the
real- time and recorded, there must be a proper
assessment of the collected data where
non-important data is ?ltered out. Industry
Trends Being the fastest growing trend, the
mobile platform is used by more than ?ve billion
people in the world. With the increase of
smartphones and wireless network technologies,
the digital healthcare systems have new
possibilities alongside new challenges to
provide high quality, e?ciency, accessibility,
and lower cost to the healthcare services.
Various reports suggest that the consumers are
expecting mhealth to change the overall
healthcare experience with the way the digital
information is obtained. The impact of mHealth
is seen in the relationship and overall
communication between a patient and the
physician. Studies have shown that the health
monitoring devices and cellular connectivity has
reached more than seven million people. The
combined market of the mobile health
applications, health, and wireless apps, is
expected to grow at a signi?cant amount. In some
countries, there are apps that are monitoring
the patient's asthma right from their mobile
phones. It is done using the microphone of the
phone just like a spirometer. Other countries are
using a wireless shoe insole, used to monitor
the blood pressure in the heel. This digital
shoe alerts the diabetic patients, when there is
too much weight on feet, which can help in the
elimination of foot ulcers. mhealth has enormous
potential and is growing rapidly along with
changing technology. Various international
organization and global experts are researching
continuously to foster the best use of current
promising technology to improve the global
24 September 2018
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Haystack Informatics
Leveraging Behavioral Analysis to Secure Health
Systems against Infringements
Ithe data in this industry is very
nformation Security in healthcare
e?ciency, time-driven activity-based- costing
(TD-ABC), and performance improvement. About
the Company Haystack Informatics is a privately
held company, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.
It is driven by the mission to safeguard and
optimize healthcare. Rooted in the values of
Integrity, Passion, and Ownership, Haystacks
vision is to be the partner of which healthcare
institutions think about ?rst whenever they need
to protect against insider threat or turn their
operational data into actionable insight. From
the CEOs Desk The Co-founder CEO of Haystack
Informatics, Adrian Talapan, is a tech
entrepreneur. Previous to the establishment of
Haystack, he co-founded HouseFix, a marketplace
for homeowners and home improvement contractors
(TechCrunch Disrupt ?nalist), and Clarix, a
clinical trials logistics and management
platform for the pharmaceutical research and
development industry. Talking about the industry
and the company, he asserts, Healthcare is a
complicated business, which only got more
complicated with the introduction of massive
Electronic Health Record systems. Running on
thin margins, healthcare professionals are
currently in the delicate position to deliver
the best care they can, while operating in an
increasingly information-rich environment that
puts signi?cant strain on their capacity to do
so. We believe safeguarding and optimizing
healthcare are essential initiatives for the
next 3-5 years, which is why we set o? to help
health leaders on this path. Tech-Powered
Services Haystack currently o?ers two services,
both delivered as Software-as-a- Service (SaaS)
Haystack Monitoring and Haystack
Intelligence. Haystack Monitoring This is a
next- generation insider threat monitoring
platform, which uses behavioral
is a major issue as the nature of
sensitive. As a recent Verizon report
concluded1, 58 of security incidents are caused
by insiders. In fact, the authors of the report
found the healthcare industry as the only
industry in which internal actors are the
biggest threat to the organization. These
incidents include unintentional errors and
malicious actions, as well as the abuse of
access privileges. They involve the loss of
unencrypted devices, snooping on patients
information, hacking, and malware attacks.
Inside threats are hard to identify and harder
to control. With the assistance of a trusted
security partner, this task can be made e?ective
and easy. Haystack Informatics, Inc., a
behavior analytics company, is one such ?rm that
helps the healthcare providers to protect their
data and operations from various threats. The
company was born at The Childrens Hospital of
Philadelphia (CHOP) as a next-generation
platform to advance patient privacy monitoring.
Since then, it has grown its o?ering to
capitalize on its deep understanding of employee
behavior in regards to the use of Electronic
Health Records (EHRs), and the rami?cations of
this behavior in the areas of operational
We help safeguard and optimize healthcare
26 September 2018
The10MOST Trusted Healthcare IT Security Solution
Providers 2018
science to assist healthcare professionals with
the detection, investigation, and reporting of
patient privacy violations, as well as with drug
misdirection and other employee behavior
deviations. It focuses on understanding employee
behavior and patient interactions in the context
of delivering care. Combined with intuitive
visualizations and end-to-end reporting
functionality, this solution allows privacy
experts to focus on the most critical
threats. Haystack Intelligence It o?ers
healthcare leaders the ability to understand the
operational performance of their domain. This
solution delivers an objective diagnosis and
determination of the root causes of operational
e?ciencies and ine?ciencies as they arise in the
areas of EHR Work?ow Optimization, Operational
Improvements, Service Cost Management, and
Patient Experience. I make performance
improvement a breeze. I reveal exactly where you
should implement the smallest change to get the
biggest bene?t at the lowest cost. Objectively
track the ROI of your improvement changes
today.- Haystack Intelligence Distinguishing
Characteristics The company encourages employee
diversity and empowerment. It believes that
di?erent points of views and personal initiative
generally lead to stronger outcomes and this
makes the work environment more exciting.
Haystack is a customer centric organization and
its special relationship with CHOP keeps it
abreast of the latest challenges and
opportunities in healthcare. In turn, these
allow it to remain best aligned with industry
needs. Haystack works alongside its customers in
four steps Ingest simple data retrieval from
EHR Identify exploring the data to ?nd
snooping risks and best practices and
opportunities Improve make changes to improve
the provider behavior and Measure quantify and
monitor the impact of any changes. There are
several data sources that track the on-going
processes within the health system and each of
it creates a unique viewpoint into what is
happening. Haystack Monitoring is analyzing the
entire universe of risk and Haystack
Intelligence combines them all to provide
insight about performance bottlenecks and
Haystack Monitoring, showing an anomalous access
(red link) and the context around it"
Haystack Intelligence, showing how an encounter
type is performed across various sites, with
associated cost di?erences
Certainty about a Bright Future Haystack is aware
that the healthcare industry will continue to
experience signi?cant challenges in the years to
come. It foresees that a data-based approach,
inspired from lean manufacturing techniques, can
help healthcare leaders adapt to changing
circumstances. The company believes it is well-
positioned to assist health systems navigate
through these upcoming challenges, given its
focus on safeguarding and optimizing
healthcare. 1https//
ew-report-puts- healthcare-cybersecurity-back-unde
September 2018 27
Dr. Steven Pelech Founder, President, Chief
Scienti?c Of?cer
28 September 2018
Tbase-pairs in a single human genome can now be
determined for less than 1000. Complete genomes
he costs of sequencing the order of nucleotide
bases in the DNA strands found in chromosomes have
plummeted by a million-fold over the last 25
years. The entire sequence of 2.9 billion
of hundreds of thousands of people are expected
to be sequenced over the next decade.
While the acquisition of such genomic knowledge
was originally forecasted to herald better
diagnostics and therapeutic treatments, the
actual deliverables for improved health care have
been disappointing. Excluding cancer, it has
become apparent that only about 10 of the cases
of the most common diseases that a?ict our
population have a genetic basis that can be
ascribed to hereditary mutations in the DNA
sequences of speci?c genes. Over 100 million
single nucleotide variants appear to exist in the
human population, and perfectly healthy people
appear to commonly harbour about 100 or so
serious disease-associated mutations without any
apparent manifestations of these particular
diseases. Studies, with over 50,000 genetically
identical twins, have shown no increased risks
for the 24 most common diseases amongst the twins
than for a twin with the general population.
About the Author
Dr. Steven Pelech is the Founder, President, and
Chief Scienti?c Of?cer of Kinexus Bioinformatics
Corporation, and concurrently a full professor in
the Department of Medicine at the University of
British Columbia. He was formerly the founder and
president of Kinetek Pharmaceuticals. He has
authored more than 230 scienti?c papers and
created the SigNET on-line Knowledge-bank.
Seasoned with over twenty-?ve years of
experience in the areas of science, business, and
administration, he has contributed leadership,
vision, and strategic planning to Kinexus.
September 2018 29
Over 95 of the known 21,300 genes carried in the
human genome serve as the blue-prints for the
construction of all of the cellular proteins,
known as the proteome. These proteins function
like molecular robots to regulate and carry out
all of the biochemical reactions needed to keep
cells alive. Their programming for speci?c tasks
is partly hardwired into the structures of these
proteins as dictated by their gene sequences.
But, they are also tightly controlled by
reversible modi?cations after they are initially
manufactured, which are added on by regulatory
proteins that operate within cellular
intelligence systems. While gene sequences can
provide some clues as to the potential functions
and interactions of proteins with each other and
other molecules, this information is extremely
limited. Even now, we do not have a real sense of
what over a third of these diverse proteins do,
and less than 20 of these proteins have received
any real serious attention in research labs. The
disconnect between genetic information and the
actual occurrence of disease is due to the high
impact of environmental factors such as diet,
life style and exposure to agents in the
environment that can a?ect the proteome.
Proteomes are immensely complex and dynamic. For
example, blood plasma may contain as many as
40,000 di?erent protein products, and their
individual concentrations can range over a
trillion-fold. Consequently, tracking proteins
o?ers much better insights into the occurrence
of diseases than genetic pro?ling, and
importantly the opportunity for more rational
therapeutic intervention. While about 21,300
genes encode proteins in the human genome, the
actual number of distinct protein entities in the
proteome may actually exceed several million,
largely due to the range and degree of added
modi?cations and other processing. More than 50
types of modi?cations have been documented in
proteins, with phosphorylation as the
predominant reversible regulatory mechanism. Over
85 of the proteome is known to be
phosphorylatable at over 250,000 sites, but the
actual number of phosphosites appears to be
closer to a million. The occurrence of these and
other modi?cations in proteins represent a rich
source of biomarkers that may correlate better
with the development of pathologies. Most sites
of known protein modi?cation were originally
revealed by mass spectrometry (MS). However,
apart from being very expensive, MS requires
milligram amount of biological sample material
and is ?nicky for reliable detection of desired
target proteins. For example, out of some 3000
phosphosites in proteins that have been well
documented to be functionally important in the
scienti?c literature, about 22 have not been
reported in any MS studies, whereas another 16
were documented in only one of thousands of MS
analyses that had been performed. Antibodies
have been well proven to be reliable and e?ective
probes for the detection and quanti?cation of
speci?c proteins for their present and
modi?cation states. Over a million di?erent
antibodies against diverse proteins are
presently commercially available. Furthermore,
the printing of antibodies as individual
microdots on microscope slide- sized chips with
densities exceeding 5000 spots per chip has paved
the way for biomarker discovery that is easily
translatable into the development of routine
diagnostic tests. Biomarker antibodies can
readily be re-deployed into other tried and true
platforms such as immunoblotting, ELISA, and
immunohistochemistry. Problems with sample
preparation, high background issues, and low
sensitivity of detection initially hampered the
wide- spread adoption of antibody microarrays.
However, recent breakthroughs on all of these
fronts have poised antibody microarrays to
become the most versatile, reproducible, and
cost-e?ective tools in the foreseeable future for
biomarker discovery, using as little as 25
microgram amounts of protein samples from crude,
unfractionated lysates from cells, tissues, and
bio ?uids. High content antibody microarrays can
identify the most appropriate and robust panel of
biomarkers. When used to probe lysate
microarrays printed instead with hundreds of
patient specimen samples on each slide, these
biomarker antibodies can provide accurate,
comprehensive and economical diagnoses for
diseases and for the monitoring of the
e?ectiveness of therapeutic treatments.
30 September 2018
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Devouring Cyber Theft with Modernism Amendment
he development of technology
Preying Tactics It integrates all devices
independently and irrespective of their
operating system, and centralizes them under an
online panel that serves as a remote control
room. From there, the administrator can operate
Preys functionality, triggered by Preys
installed agent to monitor a mobile device
?eets position, organize into labeled groups,
and passively monitor devices utilizing its
Control Zones geofencing tool to detect
movement, if the devices leave a designated area
such as a hospital lab, building, or
campus. In case of theft or loss of a device,
the administrator will be ready to react to the
event and secure the data located on a lost
device remotely, locking it down and eventually
retrieving it. As for the asset itself, Preys
tracking, or
MISSING mode will generate reports with
pictures, location, nearby Wi-Fi networks,
hardware changes, and a wealth of actionable
data that empowers police to take immediate
action to retrieve the mobile device. Overpowerin
g the Cyber Security Space Prey provides a
thorough solution with a steadfast focus upon
anti-theft and data loss prevention. Health and
educational organizations interact with
extremely sensitive data regularly and require a
solution that, aside from general management,
ensures that there is a barrier against all the
worst cases. This is why Prey focuses on
protecting the data, locking it, or eliminating
it if necessary. The company makes it easy to
retrieve a misplaced device, or stolen devices.
It initiates proper device recovery and
identi?cation of the perpetrator through
comprehensive evidence reports. The
organizations initial success has created a
strong base of trust. Prey Software, being a
part of an industry that deals with extremely
sensitive issues, focuses on transparency and
open development that has proven to give its
users the peace of mind they need.
is leading to more and more
devices to be connected to the
internet data is becoming the new oil
for both the developed and developing nations.
However, this has given rise to the threat of
data breach, loss, and misuse, which have become
an alarming issue in todays scenario. This is
especially true for medical data, which is
increasingly stored on mobile and connected
devices, becoming vulnerable to theft or
misplacement. Even with the industr
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