Top 10 reasons to select android os for your mobile app development

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Top 10 reasons to select android os for your mobile app development


Why is android the best mobile operating system? What are the benefits of developing an app in android? Here is the reason to develop apps in Android – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 reasons to select android os for your mobile app development

Top 10 reasons to select android os for your
mobile app development
  • In the mobile world, Android is one of the most
    advanced operating systems. This mobile operating
    system is more and more widespread nowadays to
    the consumers because of its massive eye-catching
  • There are various advantages of using Android
    Phone. In this domain of the internet, mobile
    applications are now taking over at a fast step.
  • Nowadays, mobile apps are budding fastest in
    offering web based solutions. The reality of the
    technological age is that 8 out of 10 devices in
    the market make use of the Android platform.
  • Therefore, it wont be incorrect to say that when
    seeking out the right reasons to opt for Best
    Mobile Apps Development Service then Android app
    development fundamentally involves many
    advantages, beginning with it being the most
    utilized mobile platform, discoverability, high
    reliability of Ad acknowledgment, cost-effective,
    and the list is endless.
  • Android App Development is a common learning
    platform and to toss light on the 10 major
    reasons to opt for Top Android App Development
    Company India USA for app development then the
    following will quite much figure it out all.

Top 10 advantages of choosing android over other
mobile operating system
  • List of advantages of the Android phone over
    other mobile operating systems
  • Multi-tasking
  • If you own an android phone, then you have an
    additional benefit of multitasking. This is
    because it can be used to perform different roles
    all at once.
  • For instance, you can easily browse the Internet
    along with play music on your android phone.
  • Ease of Notification
  • Each novel activity that occurs within your
    android phones such as messages, email and all
    the other activities are shown on your screen
    immediately as notifications.
  • Your phone will every time be notifying hence you
    will never overlook anything that needs your
    attention on your phone.
  • There is an easy access to numerous android apps,
    which are found in the play store
  • This is one of the best pros of Android Phone
    that prefers those who really love playing phone
    games and those who want downloading diverse
    types of phone apps on their devices.
  • This is because they will exactly find the free
    downloads many activities in such android app

  • They are of different models
  • Android is an effective OS that does not confine
    other phones generating companies from utilizing
    it. Due to this, there is a wide range of Android
    phones, therefore, the user has to take a
    decision on which brand he or she should make a
  • The quality of the android phone has become so
    high because of the competition that subsists
    between the Android phone yielding companies.
  • A well-adapted ROM can still be installed
  • If you are not in adoration with the innovative
    screen of your android phone, you can still alter
    it and have the one that thrills you, and you
    really like to have.
  • Phone options are countless
  • Besides it, you can enjoy other multitasking
    options, ease of notification and other related
    advantages you can be profited from various
    other features if you have an Android Smartphone.
  • There are ample of choices to select from where
    iOS, windows phones are restricted to only some
    few companies.
  • For instance, iOS is available only from Apple
    although android has millions of manufacturers
    such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericson etc.

  • All these industrialists have their own flairs
    yet again that are irreplaceable for example
    Motorola provide the phone with Motoblur, Sony
    Ericson with Timescape, and many more. Thus, you
    can choose any brand to choose an eye-catching
    android Smartphone.
  • Bigger screen
  • Of course, the screen of android Smartphone is
    relatively larger than iPhone while you have to
    pay fewer amounts. Thus, if you want to possess a
    larger screen phone with your small savings, this
    is the one to choose.
  • Google Enthusiast
  • If you are a Google enthusiast, Android
    Smartphone is perhaps a good fit for you. The
    reason behind this is the operating system is
    incorporated with Google product and services
    that allow the user coordinate their Google
    account in the device so as to easy access most
    of the Google services such as Gmail, Google
    maps, Google reader, Google docs, and many more.
  • Widget
  • The Android operating system offers plenty of
    widget on the home screen through which you can
    have better access to the settings more rapidly
    and easily. Hence, this is next extra pro of
    having android Smartphone over operating systems.

  • Various Distribution Sales Channel
  • With the help of the Android platform, you arent
    constrained to only the Android Market in spite
    of that you can organize it in several ways.
  • The platform lets you utilize third-party
    marketplace for your distribution and sales
    network by building new application stores or
    instantly placing it on your website.
  • It is your application and the platform allows
    you opt for the best way you and to grasp
    potential customers with your marketing strategy
    in order to change them into end users.
  • Popular Platform
  • Around 85.7 of mobile devices are just based on
    the Android platform building many scopes for app
    developments bright future. The platform is most
    comprehensible and that has made it exceptionally
    popular among the developers.
  • The number of users with Android devices is
    growing, therefore, the developers in the
    business enjoy multiple benefits of full
    downloads of their formation. This has created
    the platform highly widespread.
  • Cost-effective
  • Users who are tired of making using of the common
    base level phone and wish to experience something
    new at a best competitive price range, Android
    Smartphone is all the time the great choice to
    pick when compared with Apple, Blackberry or
    related Smartphone.
  • Android Smartphone is available in wide-ranging
    that will not only hit your bank account
    bottomless method while you can yet obtain a
    well-made device packed with ample of

  • Conclusion
  • With these advantages of Android Phone, you can
    choose android devices over other operating
    systems. There are multiple choices are available
    in Android devices that offer you ample of
    benefits with more striking features that really
    impress you.
  • Android version works faster and easier on every
    smartphone so, if you wish to buy a good
    operating system device, go for Android devices
    that give you many smart featured activities to
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