Order MTP Kit For Safe Termination Of Early Pregnancy

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Order MTP Kit For Safe Termination Of Early Pregnancy


MTP Kit is one of the best and most wanted abortion pills for safe and easy termination of early gestation of less than 49 days at home without disclosing it to family and friends. Buy MTP Kit online in USA from our web store - Best247Chemist - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Order MTP Kit For Safe Termination Of Early Pregnancy

Stop Chasing Your Dreams As Of Unwelcomed
Conception Use MTP KIT
What Is Abortion ?
  • Abortion is a common process nowadays, opted by
    many women across the world to terminate their
    unwanted pregnancy. We have to believe that
    every pregnancy that happens is not planned or
    required some might happen accidently as of
    contraceptive failures and women cannot continue
    with it if she is not ready for that or she
    already has baby and do not want more. At that
    point, she can execute medical abortion by using
    MTP KIT and no can blame her for anything.

How MTP Kit Is Useful ?
  • MTP KIT encloses of Mifepristone and Misoprostol
    as main drug, which works on the unwanted
    pregnancy and helps the women to terminate it
    without any surgical operation. It is known as
    safest, cheap and secretive method of performing
    abortion at home. It gives the women freedom to
    choose what is right for her and no one can force
    her to give birth to a child if she is not ready
    to have it and not happy with her pregnancy. Even
    doctor cannot force her to continue with
    pregnancy and now she can execute her abortion by
    knowing her pregnancy duration with medication.

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Working Process Of MTP Kit -
  • The drugs can conclude the safe abortion of 9
    weeks pregnancy hence women can use medical
    method if her pregnancy falls under 9 weeks.
  • The drug Mifepristone has action of blocking the
    working of progesterone and shedding down the
    walls of uterus so that baby gets softer for
    removal. It also hinders the supply of oxygen and
    other nutrients and ends the growth of fetus.
    Misoprostol intake further makes the uterus
    contract and allows the dead fetus to come out as
    of vaginal bleeding. Order Abortion Kit Online In

Dosing Regimen Of MTP Kit -
  • MTP KIT has small pack of 5 dosages that
    surrounds one of Mifepristone 200mg and 4
    measurement of Misoprostol 200mcg. The
    consumption of mifepristone dosage on day one
    particular with empty stomach chased by
    consumption of Misoprostol tablets vaginally as
    single dose may cause 98 abortion. On day 14th,
    doctor consultation is required for abortion
    verification. However, some safety measure should
    be followed to have positive abortion.

Precautions While Using MTP Kit -
  • Dont use the medicine in case you are allergic
    to any component (Mifepristone and Misoprostol)
    or any other similar medicines and after abortion
    take healthy and nutritious food for fast
  • Ahead of using this medicine remove your
    IUD-Intra Uterine Device in case you are using
    and refrain, using the kit if your pregnancy is
    more than 63 days.
  • Consult the doctor in case you are suffering from
    any kind of disorder like cardiac disorder,
    severe liver and kidney disorder, a blood
    disorder, blood pressure etc.
  • The patient should not consume alcohol or any
    other sedative products along with the medicine
    as these may enhance the side effects and avoid
    doing heavy tasks like driving or operating any

Side Effects Of MTP Kit -
  • Some common unwanted effects may likely to occur
    like a headache, nausea, biliousness, headache,
    menstrual constricting, vaginal bleeding, blurred
    vision, stomach cramping, constipation, and
    vaginal discomfort, dizziness and drowsiness,
    mood swings, muscle and stomach cramps.

From Where To Buy MTP Kit Online ?
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    consultation online from our store at low rates.
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