HPE6-A29 Reliable Test Questions VCE - HPE6-A29 Reliable Exam VCE


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HPE6-A29 Reliable Test Questions VCE - HPE6-A29 Reliable Exam VCE


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: HPE6-A29 Reliable Test Questions VCE - HPE6-A29 Reliable Exam VCE

HP HPE6-A29 Aruba Certified Mobility Professional
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some demo question answer of HPE6-A29
Question NO 1, With CPSec disabled, which tunnel
protocol is used between APs and Controllers in
an Aruba environment? A. Basic IP B. GRE C.
IPinIP D. Mobile IP E. IPSec Answer B
Question NO 2, As illustrated in the above
diagram and screen capture, a wireless hacker
injects messages into your network to detach a
client from your Aruba AP.
What action should you take to identify and
prevent the Intruder from connecting to your
system? A. enable Detect disconnect Station
Attack B. enable Spoofed Deauth Blacklist C. take
no action as there is no protection against this
form of attack D. take no action as the Aruba
system ignores this attack because it is against
the client Answer A,B
Question NO 3, When configuring ports in the
Controller wizard, which of the following are NOT
configuration options? (Choose two) A.
Inter-VLAN routing B. Speed C. Trusted D. LACP E.
Trunk Answer A,D
Question NO 4, Which of the following functions
can be configured in the Controller WIP wizard?
(Choose three.) A. Configure APs as Air
Monitors B. Configure rules for AP
classification. C. Configure preset levels for
intrusion detection D. Blacklisting Rules for
clients E. Identify encryption method used in
your network. Answer B,C,E
Question NO 5, If a Remote AP (RAP) is
attempting to contact a controller that is behind
a NAT device what protocol must be allowed
through the NAT/Firewall? A. PAPI B. NATT C.
IPSec D. SSH E. GRE Answer B
Question NO 6, You want to locate a wireless
device on the controller GUI. You go to the
Clients list from the Monitoring tab and click
the Locate button but the controller is unable to
locate the client. Which could be the possible
reasons for the error? A. No floor plan
exists B. Only 2 APs can hear the client C. The
client is not a valid client D. No client was
selected Answer A,B,D
Question NO 7, What is the function of Band
Steering? A. Balancing clients across APs on
different channels within the same band B.
Encourages clients, 5GHz capable, to connect on
the 5GHz spectrum C. Coordinate access to the
same channel across multiple APs D. Enables
selection of 20 vs. 40 MHz mode of operation per
band E. Enables acceptable coverage index on both
the "b/g" and "a" spectrums Answer B
Question NO 8, A university has 2 departments.
Department 1 has its own mobility domain with one
controller. Department 2 has multiple controllers
configured in a second domain. The university is
planning on offering a new application and needs
users to be able to roam between both mobility
domains. What is the best way to accomplish
this? A. The 2 existing domains should be left
as they are. A 3rd mobility domain should then be
created and all 3 controllers need to be added to
it B. Merge the controllers into the same
mobility domain C. The IP subnets of all
controllers need to be configured to match D.
This cannot be accomplished E. Create a new
domain between a department 1 controller and one
of the department 2 controllers Answer B
Question NO 9, (group8) show ap arm history
ap-name AP1 Interface wifi0 ARM
History ----------- Time of Change Old Channel
New Channel Old Power New Power
Reason -------------- ----------- -----------
--------- --------- ------ 2015-1-28 075853
157 149 21 21 I 2015-1-28 075206 149 157 21
21 M 2015-1-28 071659 157 149 21 21
I Interface wifi1 ARM History ----------- Time
of Change Old Channel New Channel Old Power New
Power Reason -------------- -----------
----------- --------- --------- ------ 2015-1-28
085253 6 1 21 21 I Referring to the output
above. What can you conclude about AP1? A. This
device is scanning channels. B. This device is
unstable because the channel assignment
changed. C. The device changed channels
recently. D. The device changed channels and
power levels recently. E. The device is
transmitting at maximum power levels. Answer C
Question NO 10, A customer has a remote AP
deployment, where each remote AP has an IPSEC VPN
tunnel with L2TP to the controller. 1 of the
remote APs is stuck in the user table and hasnt
yet transitioned to the AP active table in the
controller. The customer suspects that the AP is
not setting up its VPN connection successfully.
Which of the following commands might be useful
in troubleshooting this? (Choose three.) A.
Logging level debugging security process
localdb B. Logging level debugging security
process l2tp C. Logging level debugging security
process dot1x D. Logging level debugging security
process crypto E. Logging level debugging
security process vpn Answer A,B,D
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