Top 10 must see cities in India in 2016 -17


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Top 10 must see cities in India in 2016 -17


The common quote "Great things come in little packages" remains constant for Goa since as far as geological range, Goa is the littlest state in India. However, that doesn't prevent it from being the best places to visit in India pulling in more than 2 million Tourists yearly. With its nice-looking beaches, great fish, distinctive nightlife, pleasant houses of worship and water games, it's not hard to make sense of why. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 10 must see cities in India in 2016 -17

Top 10 must see cities in India in 2016 -17
  • Swan Tours

Here is the list of the top 10 Travelling cities
in India that you ought not to miss on your
holiday to India.
Goa- Gods heaven on Earth
  • The common quote "Great things come in little
    packages" remains constant for Goa since as far
    as geological range, Goa is the littlest state in
    India. However, that doesn't prevent it from
    being the best places to visit in India pulling
    in more than 2 million Tourists yearly. With its
    nice-looking beaches, great fish, distinctive
    nightlife, pleasant houses of worship and water
    games, it's not hard to make sense of why.
  • Also, the exciting doesn't stop just there. Goa
    has lots of exercises you can enjoy contingent
    upon your decision and taste. On the off chance
    that you are a bit on the laidback side, then you
    can simply sit away time on famous beaches like
    Anjuna Beach and Baga Beach or visit a portion of
    the great churches.

  • On the off chance that you are searching for your
    dosage of adrenaline, you can enjoy water sports
    like paragliding, windsurfing, plane skiing and
    parcels more. On the off chance that food and
    drink makes your heart with joy, experiment with
    a portion of the lavish fish (our pick Goan fish
    curry!) Discover the grandeur of Goa with Swan
    tours exclusive Goa hotels with discounted price
    with your dream Goa Holiday Memorable holiday
    experience to Whole life and the illustrious
    Fenny (Goan fish curry) available to you.

Kerala- Gods own Country
  • Excluding tourist places in south India would not
    make this list complete. What's more, they don't
    come any superior to anything Kerala. Kerala
    offers an extremely one of a kind travel
    experience it is acclaimed for its wonder
    excellence, astonishing white sand beaches,
    delightful ocean depths, ayurvedic health
    resorts, charming artistic expressions, weird
    celebrations, magical festivals, cultural
    monuments and backwaters.
  • Backwaters which are a chain of tidal ponds are a
    vital piece of Kerala's Tourism Scenario and give
    a truly unwinding background. Connected by a heap
    of manmade and natural canals, they confound half
    of the length of Kerala. The ever prominent
    houseboats explore this maze giving you
    astounding perspectives and a feeling of quiet
    which restores your mind and body.

  • Tours have organized lots of Kerala tour packages
    for all kind of sightseers, Must visit places
    along these backwaters include Kumarakom (flying
    creature asylum), Astamudi Lake (biggest new
    water lake) and Kannur-Valiyaparambu (picturesque

Rajasthan- The Land of Royals
  • The unimportant mention of Rajasthan mesmerizes
    up images and dreams of the Maharajas, Rajputana,
    Brave and valiant Rajput warriors, Breathtaking
    Palaces and Forts alongside illustrious
    neighborliness and wonder. On the off chance that
    there is one place that can transport you into a
    past time, it must be Rajasthan.
  • Decked with landmarks secured ever, Rajasthan is
    home to the absolute most staggering spots you
    can see. Be it Jaipur the capital, the popular
    lakes and castle of Udaipur, the desolate yet
    delightful pastries of Bikaner, the blue tinted
    Jaisalmer or the high slope station Mt Abu,
    Rajasthan's sack of surprises are endless. Joined

  • amazing preservation work, the greater part of
    the landmarks, posts and royal residences of
    Rajasthan still appear like time cases where time
    has stood still and get very close with a tiger.
    Rajasthan Tour Packages is about camels, shading
    and appeal need on each guest's schedule!

Mumbai- The city of Dreams
  • Think Mumbai and you think Glitz, Glamor, Movies,
    Fashion, Finance and obviously Bhel Puri.
    Presumably a standout amongst the most
    cosmopolitan refers to in India, Mumbai is as
    assorted an affair as you can envision. Spotted
    with remarkable old landmarks like Chhatrapati
    Shivaji Terminus, building gems like the awesome
    Taj Mahal Hotel and the acclaimed high rises
    which rule the Mumbai horizon this is a city
    brimming with amazements and a vacationer's
  • For the foodies, Mumbai brags of some astounding
    street food like Pav Bhaji, Bhelpuri, Vada Pao
    and Pani puri. Despite the fact that the
    cleanliness models won't not be top class, the
    essence of the street food makes it worth an
    attempt, in the event that you feel audacious and
    have a solid stomach, head over to Khau Galli
    where you are certain to discover a portion of
    the best street food in Mumbai. Maharashtra
    Travel guide explores every aspect of travel and
    tourism in Maharashtra state of India, Now Get in
    touch with Swan tours and find Maharashtra tours
    packages with Great deals and discounts on
    various vacation packages.

Agra-City of Taj
  • A city that has three of the UNESCO World
    Heritage Sites is difficult to keep out of this
    rundown. Situated at the banks of Yamuna River,
    Agra is around 200 kms far from New Delhi. From
    its initial references in the Mahabharata to
    being the capital of the Mughal Empire, Arga is a
    city that sparkles with case of many-sided Mughal
    Architecture wherever you look.
  • The Taj Mahal presumably is best portrayed by
    Rabindranath Tagore as "a tear on the cheek of
    time everlasting". Drawing in a huge number of
    sightseers in a day the Taj Mahal was worked by
    the Mughal head Shah Jahan for his beloved wife
    Mumtaz Mahal. Worked in 23 years with the
    assistance of more than 20000 laborers, it is so
    splendidly planned and built that it appears to
    be comparative from all its four sides.

  • The Quantic engravings on its four passages are
    cut in such unobtrusive increment in size that
    may seem, by all accounts, to be of the same size
    start to finish. Skilled workers from Italy and
    Persia were contracted by Shah Jahan to outline
    his tribute of affection to his significant
    other. must Travelling Same Day Agra Tour By Car.
    These and numerous more reasons make this
    landmark a most significant achievement in Mughal

Darjeeling- Visitors Paradise
  • This list wouldn't be finished without including
    this tourist destination. Beginning from its
    modest beginnings as a bunch of towns, this was
    the primary hill station built up by the British.
    Situated in the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling
    is popular for its characteristic excellence, tea
    creation, trekking and remarkable perspectives of
    Kanchenjunga (3rdhighest crest in India) Planning
    to take a Darjeeling Tour? Check out Swan tours
    to know more about Darjeeling tourism, tourist
    places and best Darjeeling tour Packages

Kodaikanal-Princess of Hill Stations
  • However another amazing Travel place in South
    India makes it to our list. For it's difficult to
    claim name, Kodaikanal is a standout amongst the
    most serene and prevalent hill stations arranged
    on the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu, around 120 kms
    far from Madurai. Initially served as an asylum
    for the British Bureaucrats to escape from the
    hot fields, it has now bloomed into a prominent
    summer retreat.
  • In Tamil dialect Kodaikanal name signifies "The
    Gift of the Forest". Kodaikanal has numerous
    spots of interest. Wherever you go, you are
    embraced with captivating waterfalls and grand
    magnificence which once in a while appear to be
    straight out of a fantasy. enjoy a sightseeing
    tour of Bangalore. Visit Bull Temple and view the
    monolithic deity, which draws devotees from all
    over the Bangalore Ooty Kodaikanal Packages with
    Swan tours.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • This travelers destination won't not be one
    everyones list off the beaten track. However,
    that doesnt implies it ought to be missed. The
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a gathering of
    islands which lie in the Bay of Bengal. The
    Andaman is isolated toward the north while
    Nicobar isolated towards the south. Both the
    islands have been isolated from Thailand and
    Burma by the Andaman Sea. In spite of the fact
    that these islands are one of the remote spots on
    the planet, their magnificence makes them an
    unquestionable requirement Travel destination.

Ladakh - The Moon land
  • A nearby second to Kashmir, there presumably is
    no other spot on the planet entirely like this
    travel goal. Set high up in the Himalaya's at
    3,000 m (9,800 ft), Ladakh is a level in the
    Indus Valley between the Karakoram mountain range
    in the north and the fundamental Great Himalayas
    toward the south. Its height ranges from 9000 to
    25000 feet.
  • If you are an ardent nature lover, come for a
    holiday of seven days amid the awe-inspiring
    beauty of Leh and Ladakh. Revel in the charm of
    Charming Hill, panoramic vistas of the
    snow-capped Himalayan Ranges, serene monasteries,
    panoramic Pangong Lake and the viridescent Nubra
    Valley, book your customised trip for Leh Ladakh
    Tour Packages and explore the wonderful
    experience of Leh Ladakh kargil. For More
    information, call 8287 000 333

Kashmir- The Paradise on Earth
  • Unfortunately, Present day with the
    Srinagar-Jammu national highway ongoing to remain
    closed during the day in view of the objections
    and curfew, the Srinagar International Airport is
    faced with a huge rush.  AS THE unrest, and
    resulting curfew, goes on in the outcome of
    Hizbul commander Burhan Wanis death, thousands
    of travelers have left Kashmir over the last few
    days, and there appears little chance of business
    reviving in the immediate future, Kashmir unrest
    Tourism hit, 90 per cent visitors leave.
  • All things considered, Kashmir has something for
    everyone peopled. So be it Adventure fanatics,
    most profound sense of being or simply vacation
    revelers, Kashmir tour packages is certain to
    fulfill everyone peopled. So don't hold up and
    visit this astounding holiday destination or
    possibly put it on your bucket list.

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