MTP Kit | Buy mtp kit | MTP kit online| Buy Mtp kit Online |Mtp Kit Online fast shipping (1)


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MTP Kit | Buy mtp kit | MTP kit online| Buy Mtp kit Online |Mtp Kit Online fast shipping (1)


Order safe and secure abortion MTP kit Generic Misoprostol and Mifepristone pill online without trustworthy women's health drugs shop. buy mtp kit :- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: MTP Kit | Buy mtp kit | MTP kit online| Buy Mtp kit Online |Mtp Kit Online fast shipping (1)

  • When a woman or her partner is not ready to
    start a new phase of life at some point in time
    and they encounter with an unplanned pregnancy.
    Then, they majorly adopt induced miscarriage,
    pregnancy termination or medical abortion for
    ending and eliminating the undesired pregnancy.
    This is called as self-induced medical abortion
    with the help of pills. Best arrangement of
    abortion pills in one packet to have a safe and
    secure abortion is MTP kit.

What is MTP kit?
  • MTP kit is a pack of total five pills comprising
    of mainly two abortion pills in a manner of one
    Mifepristone pill of 200mg strength and four
    Misoprostol pills of 200mcg strength each.
    Abortion with MTP kit is meant for early
    pregnancy that is not more than 9 weeks or 63
    days of pregnancy.
  • To induce safe and private home abortion with MTP
    kit, a woman is required to consume all the five
    pills in an appropriate schedule.

What is an appropriate way to take MTP kit?
  • On the first day, a woman is required to consume
    one pill of Mifepristone orally by swallowing the
    pill with a glass of water. It is prescribed
    generally on a vacant abdomen.

  • After 2 days of Mifepristone ingestion, a woman
    is needed to ingest four pills of Misoprostol in
    a single dose. These four pills can be consumed
    by two ways either orally or vaginally. Orally
    when you take either place the pills under the
    tongue and let them dissolve or keep the pills
    between cheek and gums to dissolve on their own.
    If you take through vaginal route, place the 4
    pills into the vagina with the help of finger or
    an applicator.

  • On the 14th day, a woman is suggested to go for
    medical examinations and clinical tests for the
    determination of complete abortion.

  • How does MTP kit pills work?
  • Mifepristone when consumed, it can cause nausea
    and vomiting symptoms due to breaking and
    shedding of uterine wall lining after blockage of
    progesterone hormone as it is essential to
    maintain pregnancy. Mifepristone is an
    anti-progesterone drug so that supply of oxygen
    and nutritional supplements will block to the
    fetus and it gets detached and fragment. This
    defines the end of early pregnancy.

  • How does MTP kit pills work?
  • After then consumption of Misoprostol, you will
    notice vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps that
    are commonly noticeable within 4 hours of taking
    Misoprostol. This prostaglandin analog drug leads
    to uterine contraction and widens the cervix for
    the easy removal of fragmented fetus out from the
    female body and this will happen in the form of
    bleeding containing blood clots.

  • What side effects MTP kit can cause?
  • Vaginal bleeding and cramps depend on your
    pregnancy duration. Some other temporary side
    effects that you may notice include nausea,
    vomiting, headache, mood swings, drowsiness or
    back pain.

  • Who should not take MTP kit pills?
  • Women with placed IUD (intrauterine device) are
    not suggested to take MTP kit pills.
  • Young girls of age below than 18 years are not
    permissible for MTP kit intake.

  • Breastfeeding mothers should avoid the intake of
    MTP kit.
  • You are not advised to take MTP kit pills if you
    have any condition of oversensitivity towards any
    of the constituent of MTP kit, a medical ailment
    related with liver, kidney, heart, blood
    pressure, or bleeding.

  • What should you not do while taking MTP kit
  • Do not smoke or take alcoholic beverages.
  • Inhibit the use of MTP kit pills with any other
    medication such as Corticosteroids,
    Dexamethasone, Phenytoin, Rifampin, Erythromycin,
    or Ketoconazole.

  • What are after abortion care tips?
  • Do not indulge in any sexual task until you stop
    the bleeding after abortion or it can cause
    pregnancy and infections.
  • Maintain your diet healthy and nutritious for
    faster recovery.
  • Take proper rest and avoid tasks that demands
    strength like the lifting of heavy objects.

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