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Examples of practice


Examples of practice. Principles to guide us. Slide 1. IFAD SL Workshops ... Examples of practice & principles. Purpose of presentation ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Examples of practice

Examples of practicePrinciples to guide us
IFAD SL Workshops
Slide 1
Examples of practice principles
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Purpose of this presentation
  • Overview of three applications
  • Identification of principles that guide our
  • Review of these principles

Slide 2
Examples of practice principles
Purpose of presentation
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Understand SLAs by looking at three examples of
    interventions that have made use of sustainable
    livelihoods framework and associated principles
  • Identify what the advantages are
  • Identify principles that guide action
  • Review these principles

Slide 3
Examples of practice principles
1st example Drought and water security
IFAD SL Workshops
  • First phase
  • Project started in 1994 following some serious
  • Aim to help poor people to have better access to
    ground water when they need it
  • Interventions followed traditional approaches
    groundwater surveys, groundwater management
    policies and practices, food aid
  • Second phase
  • Started in 1997
  • Same aim, but
  • different analysis and
  • some new interventions

Slide 4
Examples of practice principles
What was different in action?
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Analysis
  • Intervention

Slide 5
Examples of practice principles
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Recognition that different people are vulnerable
    to lack of rainfall in different ways
  • Greater understanding of the relationship between
    water and livelihoods / poverty
  • Realisation that non-water resource factors
    (land, remoteness, society, law, policies) affect
    peoples access to water and food

Slide 6
Examples of practice principles
IFAD SL Workshops
  • To strengthen assets to reduce vulnerability to
  • To protect livelihoods rather than reduce the
    shock of water shortages

Slide 7
Examples of practice principles
Overview of difference in approach between phases
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Focus on people rather than the resource (water)
  • Problem-led rather than discipline-led
  • Consideration of many aspects of context
  • View beyond the emergency

Slide 8
Examples of practice principles
How did the change in approach between the phases
IFAD SL Workshops
  • More disciplines involved
  • Better inter-disciplinary working
  • Partnership with a range of government and civil
    society agencies at different levels (lots of
    learning and sharing)
  • Institutional accountability for impact

Slide 9
Examples of practice principles
What are the principles apparent in this better
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Building local-central linkages
  • Listening and responding to poor people
  • Thinking of the bigger picture (holistic
  • Embrace change, need flexibility
  • Working together partnership
  • Think for the future - sustainability

Slide 10
Examples of practice principles
2nd example livestock services
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Project began in early 1990s
  • Aim to reduce poverty by providing livestock
    technology and modern knowledge to poor people
    with little land.
  • Institutions, policies, good government and
    relationships were all thought to be supportive
    big mistake!
  • Modern knowledge and technology were all
    considered to be appropriate another big

Slide 11
Examples of practice principles
What happened?
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Despite project efforts, the poor were not
  • The sustainable livelihoods framework prompted
    and supported the project staff to
  • get a better understanding of poverty processes
  • identify areas that needed further analysis
  • negotiate and bring about a change in project
    focus and attitude

Slide 12
Examples of practice principles
What did the project do next?
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Examined institutions (functions and
    relationships) and their connections to poor
  • Examined policies in the livestock sector and
    assessed their suitability to reducing poverty
  • Challenged long-held operating assumptions about
    who the government was serving
  • Create evidence of the benefits of change
    (policies and actions inspired by reality)
    through participating with the poor
  • Give time for change nurture it!

Slide 13
Examples of practice principles
And so the project became?
IFAD SL Workshops
  • An institutional reform project of the
    governments livestock services department
  • A source of evidence for policy-makers
  • A learning generation and communication machine
    for pro-poor change
  • A channel for poor people to influence power

Slide 14
Examples of practice principles
Some of the results are?
IFAD SL Workshops
  • A government livestock service that is
  • More aware and responsive to poor people and
    supporting their aspirations
  • Working with (rather than ignoring / competing /
    undermining) the private sector livestock
  • More decentralised (a model of good governance
    for other departments)
  • Founded on policies and institutions that are
    derived from an understanding of their impact on
    poor people

Slide 15
Examples of practice principles
What are the principles apparent in this better
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Building local-central linkages
  • Listening and responding to poor people
  • Thinking of the bigger picture (holistic
  • Embrace change, recognise dynamism
  • Working together partnership
  • Think for the future - sustainability

Slide 16
Examples of practice principles
3 example Upland Agricultural Development
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Initially, not specifically a sustainable
    livelihoods project
  • Initiated to address specific features of the
    vulnerability context - erosion food security
  • Based on findings of long-term, field-based
  • Initial sectoral focus food production land

Slide 17
Examples of practice principles
How the project started
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Pre-project phase
  • Overall objectives identified
  • Donor identified
  • Diagnostic studies
  • Field validation of technologies
  • Identification of leading farmers
  • Early implementation
  • Training of staff in participatory approaches
  • Community-level diagnosis
  • Local-level plans of action
  • Annual review and analysis involving all

Slide 18
Examples of practice principles
so what happened?
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Upland farming technologies adapted and adopted
  • Demand for intervention on diverse sectors
  • Expanding partnerships with other sectors
    (health, education, local service providers)
  • Influence on local national policy, planning
    and governance

Slide 19
Examples of practice principles
What was different about the project?
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Careful initial analysis incorporating long
    experience in the area
  • Clear understanding of factors affecting
  • Attention to process participatory approaches,
    feedback mechanisms, active engagement of local
    institutions and processes
  • Open project design to accommodate learning
    from feedback mechanisms

Slide 20
Examples of practice principles
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Building a network of local partnerships
  • Sustainable livelihoods framework provided
    different partners with a common language for
    understanding issues
  • Project worked with partners at different levels
    - local, regional and national - to influence
    the institutional political environment

Slide 21
Examples of practice principles
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Diagnosis and intervention not sequential
  • initial sectoral diagnosis
  • in-depth understanding of livelihoods generated
    as the project developed.
  • Significant resources devoted to
  • particpatory diagnosis work
  • establishment of feedback mechanisms
  • Limited entry points addressing clear, priority
  • Continual analysis and learning feeding into
    adaptive planning to adjust project focus.

Slide 22
Examples of practice principles
.more lessons.
IFAD SL Workshops
  • SL implies open-ended, flexible interventions -
    these require different institutional capacities
    and different types of management.
  • Flexibility and focus on sustainability from
    using SL approach increased ability to deal with
  • Decentralisation important for creating effective
    linkages between institutions, communities and
    civil society.
  • Politics is a part of life and must be engaged.
  • Capacity in governance built in at all levels -
    an integral part of the sustainable livelihoods

Slide 23
Examples of practice principles
..and finally.
IFAD SL Workshops
  • SLA not a panacea
  • its very inclusive, can provide a framework for
    the use of many other methods, techniques and
    tools, but does not provide all the answers
  • can help to understand poverty and vulnerability
    and encourage more responsive, adaptive and
    flexible (i.e. better) interventions but the
    analysis feeding into it needs to be rigourous
  • needs to be made context specific (for example by
    modifying the various elements in the livelihoods

Slide 24
Examples of practice principles
Warning rocky road!
IFAD SL Workshops
  • Government partners may not be ready to think and
    work across disciplines (holistic), or across
    departments (partnership)
  • International development agencies may not be
    willing to close the gap between their interest
    area and the needs of the poor (eg response to
    famine and other emergencies and more general
    development activities). (people-centred)
  • Multi-level, inter-disciplinary responses to
    complex contexts may be more expensive, need more
    time, and be more difficult to manage. (linkages,
    partnerships, holistic)

Slide 25
Examples of practice principles
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