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A software development effort has relatively little relation to revenue generation ... Little software development experience ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Intro

ADOBE MAX 2007 Discussion Outline
  • Intro
  • Keynotes/General Sessions
  • Selected Sessions
  • Special Interest
  • Conclusions
  • Questions/Comments

ADOBE MAX 2007 Intro
  • If you werent there, why should you care?
  • Ill try to filter the hype and stress the
  • Some thing(s) being announced are bound to affect
    your work (eventually, at least)
  • Idea generation potential
  • Two (or 4200) heads better than one

ADOBE MAX 2007 Keynote notes (day 1)
  • Adobe Developer Connections   
    - Intronetworks
  • Shantanu Narayen COO    - great experiences
    adapt to the user    - 'less is still more'
    focusing on simple demos Premiere Express web
    app MTV Video Remixer     - movement has
    meaning demos 'glide UI' transition in an Adobe
    Media Player app     - 'create an experience,
    not a UI'       - demos Adobe Tour Tracker live
    bike racer tracking on topo map with video,
    stills and chat    - 'The Internet, Remixed'
  • Kevin Lynch    - Video over 70 web video is
    Flash    - H.264 in new Flash Player--working
    with yahoo on this    - Adobe has tools for all
    aspects of video production and distribution   
    - 'Moviestar new Flash Player supporting HD
    formats up to 1080p 720p demo looks very
    good    - yikes-cool interactive drag-thru video
    demo on   
  • Ben Forta ColdFusion 8    - ex.       - creates custom
    PDFs based on your personal data you enter in a
    form       - demos CF integration with DW and
    DW's Spry framework       - CF ships with
    LiveCycle engine, so you can compile Flex apps
    within it

ADOBE MAX 2007 Keynote notes (day 1)
  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)    -
    desktop-online app creator using web technologies
    (DW, Flash, etc)    - easy online
    scrapbook/photobook app    - DW extension
    available to create AIR apps from DW     - app
    that allows salespeople to add/revise info at thru a simple desktop app
  • Flex 3 (see notes)   
  • AIR contest winners for best AIR apps    -
    Spaz.AIR    - Ora Time Tracker    - Agile
    Agenda       - like smoother, simpler MS
  • eBay AIR app now available others AOL, Disney
    Parks, FedEx, frog design, PayPal, etc.
  • Disney Parks (travel agency) app by frog
    design    - goal help agents easily organize
    and keep track of stuff for client info 'avoid
    the clutter of email'    - easily combine
    various media items for clients' quotes can
    compile into a custom PDF

ADOBE MAX 2007 Keynote notes (day 1)
  • other AIR examples    - email app    - Google
    Analytics realtime site info with on-the-fly PDF
    creation     - drag and drop rich content
    between AIR apps (XML, tables from excel,
    etc.)    - Facebook IM (WaveIM, can
    download)    - music mixing app (digimix)    -
    Nickelodean puzzle app (have to find the pieces
    from the site drag them from the webpage to the
    AIR app)    - 'AOL Top 100 videos' optimized fo
    rmulrticore processors    - Buzzword' AIR app
    built in Flex Builder (just bought by Adobe)
    opens .doc files
  • MTV Adobe AIR Challenge
  •    - Flex-created version of
    their catalog/checkout    - AIR version very
    smooth and easy to use       - can add your own
    notes to the catalog       - use color picker or
    color wheel to instantly show all items that
    match that color
  • FP9 '90 of the world downloaded it within a
  • next Flash Player 'Astro'    - much advanced
    text layout support    - native support for
    perspective transforms        -  demos
    on-the-fly video transforms       - demos live
    x-y-z transforms on three superimposed animated
    movieclips       - demos live twirl filtering,
    blend modes on anim movie clip

ADOBE MAX 2007 Keynote notes (day 2)
  • Enterprise Solutions - the experience behind the
    glass - LiveCycle ES, the back end to a RIA
    front end -    - Flex part of the whole
    ES suite    - create 3D PDFs from CAD drawings
    on the fly as the items get ordered     - in
    this case, Java-based - LiveCycle Designer
    creating RIA with form data    - Guide Builder
    like Flex Builder Design view    - can
    dynamically manage user access to individual
    forms    - Workspace ES Flex-created sub-app of
    LiveCycle    - free version of LC available
  • Scene 7 just aquired by Adobe - leading 'On
    Demand' rich media publishing system - enables
    creation of enhanced web experiences - input
    media elements, output Flash/Flex/PDF/HTML -
    ex., every image dynamically sized and
    rendered by the server from his-res masters
  • designers can take the content for granted and
    concentrate on creating the best experience -
    ex., all customization and
    personalization done live on the server,
    dynamically rendering photorealism    -
    user/customer can upload their own logos etc. to
    incorporate dynamically, with texture - upload
    content, design how it works, receive a URL -
    QVC AIR prototype very cool

ADOBE MAX 2007 Keynote notes (day 2)
  • SHARE beta, file sharing  - 1GB - can choose
    open or limited access (like google notebooks) -
    alternative to emailing large files - keeps
    track of who you've shared each item with -
    Bridge-like interface - can embed resizable
    shared items, in a very cool interface, in your
    web pages - all done in Flex, with Flex APIs  -
    will integrate with Buzzword
  • PACIFICA beta - voice and video conferencing
    service, integrate with videos, photos, etc. -
    VOIP, peer-to-peer technology in the Flash
    Player - Flex components - this is a service
    that lets you can integrate voice and media
    sharing with your existing RIAs
  • CoCoMo - new version of Connect - client UI now
    entirely in Flex - Connect as a service with
    APIs - real time data messaging with real-time
    AV streaming - shows Flex coding example--pretty
    simple - Shared white board

ADOBE MAX 2007 Keynote notes (day 2)
  • Thermo beta - to allow designers to create RIAs
    (Flex apps) and make a smoother workflow with
    developers - imports layered .psd file, gets
    converted to MXML retains text and font
    information - 'convert artwork to' text box,
    button,scrollbar, etc. - full Flex Builder
    Editor within it - 'convert artwork to list'
    command to quickly work up some dummy data for
    testing - timeline to adjust transitions/rollover
    s etc. visually - auto lorem ipsum generation
    for dummy text/data - AE-pickwick-like way to
    bind controls to what they control - it's all
    Flex, and designers can do what they want and
    then hand it off to a developer
  • Experience Design (Adobe calls this XD) - Adobe
    announcement Inspire site (alpha
    version) - ex. how Adobe Media Player was
  • Video of the biggest Flash device an InteliSea
    yacht all onboard controls and monitors done in
  • Technology Roadmap - moviestar beta on labs -
    Scene7 now - 2008 AMP, AIR 1.0, Flex Builder 3,
    FMS 3

ADOBE MAX 2007 Keynote notes (day 3)
  • Visual Communicator from the Serious Magic
    purchase last year
  • - video production tool     - chroma key    -
    teleprompter    - live streaming through Flash
    Media Server    - switches between up to 3
  • Flash Home for Mobile - demos good UI on a
    Razr (Verizon), done in Flash - power of Flash,
    access to data, access to the device
  • Photoshop Express (online consumer version of
    PS) - built in Flex - online image manipulation
    using Flash Player - very cool, iPhoto-like -
    easy-to-use history-type palette - slideshows,
    embeds, etc

ADOBE MAX 2007 Keynote notes (day 3)
  • Flash - new stage rendering core built on Player
    10 - can see live video at authoring time -
    better WYSIWYG on stage, less need to preview -
    easier timeline use - tweening bezier
    adjustment no more keyframes - 3D-style bones
    in shapes and movie clips - inverse
  • PDF - javascript and Flash combined within a
    PDF - dynamic content with reliable  - live
    interactive collaboration - can sync to others'
    views (zoom, page, etc.) of the document 
  • Flex applications, Flex Builder on Linux - alpha
  • Flash on C/C - C/C AS3 SWF

ADOBE MAX 2007 Selected Sessions
  • AJAX for Web Designers presentation new Adobe
    Developer Connection is an example
  • Spry is a set of .js files with the tools to use
  •    - lower entry barrier
  • - makes code more clear
  • Pixel Perfect Precision presentation
  • Understanding how FW (or PS) creates clean
    gradients allows you to create sharper, less
    sloppy effects  - zoom in to show individual
    pixels, turn on grid set to 1x1
  •     - make sure your rounded corners are created
    with the corners on even pixels    - look at the
    path points, make sure they're snapped to the 1x1
  • Creating Flash Screencasts in Captivate 3
  • unlike Flash, Captivate has a good timeline
  • if you record narration while doing the demo,
    make sure to leave a clean pause between
    slide changes
  • Case Study ESRI Geospatial Application Using
    Flex presentation
  • used ESRI ArcWeb and Flex to build a web-based
    admin app to help the city of Minneapolis reroute
    traffic after the bridge collapsein 24 hours

ADOBE MAX 2007 Selected Sessions
  • Creating Interactive Video with After Effects and
    Flash recording and files
  • Experience Online Video like Never Before with 
    Adobe Flash, AIR and H.264
  • - article on
  • Intro to Actionscript 3 presentation (swf) demo
  • - much faster performance
  • - more like other languages
  • - more complex to learn but easier once you do
  • XML 101
  • - XML is for the clean separation of data,
    metadata, and presentation - easy to read by
    both humans and machines - a language for
    writing other languages - made to be extended -
    used for everything, everywhere, all the
    time--not always a good thing
  • Flash Player Detection and Embedding An Open
    Source Solution
  • - Eolas / MS lawsuit (caused Click to Activate
    messages) resolved
  • - best methods (UFO, Swfobject, Adobe) merging
    into one

ADOBE MAX 2007 Selected Sessions
  • Advanced CSS, Practices and Theories
  • - Presenter Joseph Lowery
  • author of all the CSS Bible series books, CSS
    Hacks and Filters
  • worked with Eric Meyer to release CSS Sculptor

  • - reset declarations see, search
    for 'reset
  •  - using the universal selector       
    margin0 padding0   
  • is too general, includes form elements which
    can be awkward - recommended minimal reset
  •        html, body, div, span, applet, object,
    iframe, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p          
    margin 0 padding 0 border 0       
  • - LVHA  - for keyboard users, add afocus. So,
    it's now    - LVHFA (mneumonic Luther Vandross
    Hits Fabulous Arpeggios)

ADOBE MAX 2007 Special Interest
Birds of a Feather Meet the Team Sessions
  • Meet the Development Team Flash Video
  • Meet the Development Team Director 11
  • Meet the Development Team Dreamweaver

ADOBE MAX 2007 Impressions/Conclusions/Big
  • AIR is the current Big Thing
  • The web, your way
  • Mobile technology still being stressed
  • Adobe / Apple tenseness (under the surface)
  • Less overt ColdFusion promotion, but the How to
    Promote CF BOAF session a hot topic on the UGM

ADOBE MAX 2007 Questions/Comments
  • My notes