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... as reinforcements to the disputed Golan Heights, between the two countries. ... will try to reclaim the Golan Heights through either diplomatic or military means. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lebanon

Lebanon Syria
Syria backs nuclear Iran
  • Headline
  • Syria backs a nuclear Iran
  • Headline DT January 20
  • Event
  • Syria yesterday backed Iran in its nuclear
    confrontation with the West as their leaders met
    in Damascus in a defiant show of solidarity.
  • The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, welcomed
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and said the Iranian leader
    had the right to acquire nuclear technology for
    peaceful purposes. In turn, Mr Ahmadinejad
    asserted his host's right to freedom from foreign
  • Both men face confrontations with the United
    Nations Security Council. The West is pushing for
    the International Atomic Energy Agency to refer
    Teheran to the council over its work on enriching
    uranium, which Europe and America fear is
    intended for use in nuclear weapons.
  • Comment
  • These 2 implacable enemies of Israel meet this
    week and show solidarity. Both nations are on
    President Bushs Axis of Evil. Both nations
    want Israel destroyed and say so publicly. Both
    nations are increasingly isolated in the world.
    Both nations are backed by Russia who has done
    missile deals with both nations in recent
  • However Syria is not mentioned in the list of
    nations that invade Israel with Russia. Why? It
    is possible that something happens to Syria
    before Russia descends. See verse
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 49 24 Damascus is waxed
    feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear
    hath seized on her anguish and sorrows have
    taken her, as a woman in travail. 27 And I will
    kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it
    shall consume the palaces of Benhadad. Damascus
    is still the capital of Syria

Russian missile cruiser docks at Syria
  • Headline
  • Russian missile cruiser Moskva - on a NATO
    exercise - docked at
    Syrian Latakia Debkafile February 21
  • Event
  • A task force led by the Moskva and the Azov
    landing ship became the first Russian naval force
    to pay a call at a Syrian port in decade on Feb.
  • DEBKAfiles military sources report The force
    sailed out of its home port of Sevastopol on the
    Black Sea, on Feb. 5, to join a NATO-led
    anti-terrorist operation in the Mediterranean for
    a combined three-month drill focusing on
    combating the smuggling of weapons of mass
    destruction, illegal weapons trade and
  • NATO leaders had no idea that the Russian naval
    force intended to break away from the exercise
    long enough to put in at a Syrian port a call
    which Syrian president Bashar Assad took as a
    gesture of support from Moscow. The visit
    underlined the Kremlins plan to play a larger
    part in the military affairs of the Middle East,
    largely by making friendly overtures to Americas
    adversaries. President Vladimir Putins
    invitation to discuss arms sales in Moscow with
    an invited Hamas delegation was part of this
  • Comment
  • Syria is the area once ruled by the Seleucids.
    These are the very people mentioned in Daniel 11
    as the king of the north. We read in Daniel 11
    that a king of the north will invade Israel at
    the time of the end. We may have expected this to
    be Syria. But in fact the Bible makes clear it is
    not Syria but Russia. So what we are looking at
    in this event is a future king of the north
    visiting a previous king of the north. Note too
    that this visit was to antagonise America.
    America is a future king of the south!
  • Bible Quote Daniel 11 40 And at the time of the
    end shall the king of the south push at him and
    the king of the north shall come against him like
    a whirlwind

Russia building naval base in Syria
  • Headline
  • Russia may relocate Black Sea Fleet to Syrian
  • Headline United Press June 2
  • Event
  • Russia has started dredging at a Syrian port
    where it maintains a
    logistical supply point with a possible
    eye to turning it into a full-
    fledged naval base, a respected
    Russian business daily said Friday.
  • Tartus, the second most important Syrian port on
    the Mediterranean, could be transformed into a
    base for Black Sea Fleet warships when they are
    redeployed from the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol,
    Kommersant daily said, quoting sources in
    Russia's diplomatic service and the Defence
  • The Defence Ministry source told Kommersant that
    a Russian naval base in the Mediterranean would
    not only help Moscow strengthen its position in
    the Middle East - where it is currently also
    involved in negotiations on the Iranian nuclear
    crisis and the Israel/Palestinian issue - but
    also ensure Syria's security.
  • Comment
  • The original King of the North mentioned in
    Daniel 11 was based heavily around the current
    area of Syria. The future King of the North is
    Russia. But it will also be based in the same
    area. It is therefore thrilling to see events
    develop in this area. Russia is purportedly
    beginning to develop its own naval base in a
    Syrian port!!
  • Why is Russia doing this? Well the Russian
    Defence Ministry has said to strengthen Russias
    presence in the Middle East! This is Russia
    primary aim now by controlling the Middle East
    it becomes a super power again. It will see
    Israel as a thorn in its side in relation to this
    plan. Therefore they will invade.
  • Bible Quote Daniel 11 and the king of the north
    shall come against him like a whirlwind, with
    chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships

Syria / Iran defence treaty
  • Headline
  • New Syria-Iranian defence treaty
  • Headline Debkafile June 22
  • Event
  • New Syria-Iranian defence treaty opens way for
    Iran's Revolutionary Guards
    to deploy on Israels Golan border by summers
  • Iranian defence minister Gen. Mustafa Najjar
    said Syrias security is part
    of Irans security, when he signed a new
    military treaty with his Syrian counterpart, Gen.
    Hassan Turkmani (picture) in Tehran last
  • Iran has offered to deploy Revolutionary Guards
    on the Golan border with
    Israel by the end of summer, because as
    Najjar said at the signing We have a common
    front against Israels threats.
  • DEBKAfiles Tehran sources disclose the Iranians
    seek to attain three objectives by deploying RG
    units to the Golan heights
  • 1. Another direct front line against Israel.
  • 2. A forward position for an Iranian electronic
    warning station to sound a timely alarm of the
    takeoff of American warplanes or missiles from
    the eastern Mediterranean basin on their way to
  • 3. The station can also keep electronic track of
    movements on Israeli air and missile bases,
    covering also Arrow anti-missile missile systems.
  • Comment
  • Israel is being surrounded for judgement. The
    verse below (not specifically talking of Iran)
    speaks of God bringing a nation against Israel.
    He will do so again.
  • Bible Quote Deuteronomy 28 49 The LORD shall
    bring a nation against thee from far, from the
    end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth a
    nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand
    In the final battle ALL nations will be gathered
    to Israel

Israel raises alert on Syrian border
  • Headline
  • IDF raises alert on Syrian border
  • Headline Jerusalem Post July 5
  • Event
  • The IDF Israeli Defence Force has raised the
    level of alert along the northern border with
    Syria out of fear that President Bashar Assad
    would launch a strike against Israel in response
    to a recent IAF buzz of his palace.
  • Syrian military forces, IDF officers confirmed
    Tuesday, have also gone on high alert, and the
    assumption in the IDF is that Assad would order a
    harsh military response if Israel decided to take
    additional steps against Damascus in relation to
    the kidnapping of Cpl. Gilad Shalit in the Gaza
  • Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday issued a
    veiled threat against Syria, vowing to strike
    "those who sponsor" the terrorists in the Gaza
    Strip who abducted Shalit.
  • On Monday, Defence Minister Amir Peretz issued a
    similar threat, warning that Assad would be held
    personally responsible if Shalit was harmed.
  • Comment
  • In the WWW it has been repeatedly suggested that
    something may happen to Syria before Russia comes
    down. Why? Because Syria is not mentioned as one
    of the nations with Russia that invades Israel.
    It therefore seems likely that Syria is defeated
    beforehand. This makes some sense as Syria the
    ancient king of the north is removed to be
    replaced by a new king of the north Russia.
    We may possibly be watching events that lead to
    this happening.
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 49 24 Damascus is waxed
    feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear
    hath seized on her anguish and sorrows have
    taken her, as a woman in travail.
  • Damascus of course was and still is the capital
    city of Syria

Israeli forces bombard Lebanon
  • Headline
  • Israeli forces bombard Lebanon
  • Headline Daily Telegraph July 7
  • Event
  • Israel imposed a naval blockade on Lebanon,
    bombed its airports and threatened to sever the
    main road to Syria yesterday as fears grew that
    the military confrontation in Gaza and Lebanon
    could develop into a wider regional conflict.
  • Civilians fled on both sides of the
    Israeli-Lebanese border and the Hizbollah militia
    responded to Israel's intense air and artillery
    bombardment with volleys of more than 80 rockets
    into northern Israel. Two rockets were said to
    have fallen as far south as the port city of
    Haifa for the first time. Beirut international
    airport was closed after the runway was bombed
    and two military airports were attacked.
    Thousands of tourists, mostly Gulf Arabs on
    holiday in Lebanon, streamed out of the country
    heading for Damascus. In Israel, residents in the
    north were told to go into bomb shelters or move
    to safer areas. In the space of three weeks,
    Israel is now fighting a war on two fronts Hamas
    in the Gaza Strip and the pro-Iranian Hizbollah
    in Lebanon, provoked by audacious militant
    attacks that succeeded in capturing three Israeli
  • Comment
  • War has been mentioned by both sides now in
    relation to this sudden escalation. It certainly
    looks like the beginning of war. World War I
    began with the assassination of one man. This war
    may have begun by the capture of one man by
  • We watch and wait as the final conflict develops.

  • Bible Quote Isaiah 2 12 For the day of the LORD
    of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud
    and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up
    and he shall be brought low And upon all the
    cedars of Lebanon NB The day of the LORD and

  • Comment
  • Lebanon is a significant area. The nation lies to
    the north of Israel.
    The Bible talks of Lebanon in the last
    days having fire and
    destruction coming it
    so that the doors are opened into Israel.
  • Zechariah 111 Open thy doors, O Lebanon, that
    the fire may devour thy cedars.
  • Isaiah 339 The earth mourneth and languisheth
    Lebanon is ashamed and hewn down Now will I
    rise, saith the LORD now will I be exalted
  • In the last year the WWW has looked at remarkable
    events that have happened in Lebanon which have
    led to this current confrontation. These events
    have created a situation where it is very
    difficult for other nations to stop the
  • In March 2005 we saw the Cedar Revolution where
    people power brought down the Lebanese
    government and forced Syria to withdraw. Israel
    had already withdrawn from Lebanon back in the
    year 2000.
  • The trouble was that Hezbollah remained in the
    vacuum. Hezbollah is a political and military
    organisation of Shia Muslims based in Lebanon.
    They emerged in the 1980s with the financial
    backing of Iran.
  • Iran and Syria back Hezbollah. Which is why this

    conflict could spiral out of
    control at any moment.
  • With Bible in hand and the verses above we could
    these events going to
    happen. On November 21st

    2005 the WWW commented Fire is coming on

    Lebanon it may be a prelude to the
    King of the
    North descending on
  • The doors of Lebanon are being opened fire IS
    - ing Lebanon. The King of
    the North will be let in.

'Biggest evacuation since Dunkirk'
  • Headline
  • 'Biggest evacuation since Dunkirk'
  • Headline Daily Telegraph July 18
  • Event
  • The Royal Navy is preparing for "the biggest
    evacuation since Dunkirk" to rescue British
    nationals and Commonwealth citizens from Lebanon,
    MPs were told yesterday.
  • Comment
  • A picture speaks a 1000 words.

    As I stared at this
    picture the

    verse below suddenly came into

    my mind. Here we have before us

    ships of Tarshish

    going to Cyprus (Chittim) rescuing

    people from Lebanon (where
    city of
    Tyre is!). Could the verse

    below have a latter day fulfilment?

    Could Tyre refer to
    modern Tyre?
    Could the
    ships of Tarshish

    mentioned here be
    modern British

    ships? We know Chittim is
  • The next slide looks in more detail.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 23
  • 1 The burden of Tyre. Howl, ye ships of
    Tarshish for it is laid waste, so that there is
    no house, no entering in
    from the land of Chittim it is
    revealed to them.

Terror in Tyre
  • Headline
  • Terror in Tyre
  • Article Daily Telegraph July 22
  • Event
  • The scale of Lebanon's agony was marked in black
    numbers daubed on
    a hospital wall in the southern city of Tyre
    yesterday counting from 1 up to 74, each one
    representing a civilian killed by Israel's
    assault. The numbers were painted by nurses at
    the Tyre General Hospital as they tried to make
    sense of the hellish confusion inside a
    refrigerated meat lorry pressed into service as a
    makeshift mortuary. For the first 10 days of
    Israeli attacks, the dead of Tyre and its
    district had been stockpiled here as air strikes
    made it too dangerous for them to be given a
    normal burial. But with more bodies arriving all
    the time, the hospital authorities decided to
    make space by emptying the lorry.
  • Comment
  • The city of Tyre is a stronghold for Hizbollah
    hence the ferocious attacks on the city by
    Israel. Could the references to Tyre in the
    scriptures be linked to the current situation? It
    is more likely than you may first think. The
    verse below, in an obvious latter day reference,
    remarkably links the Philistines (Palestinians)
    and the inhabitants of Tyre (Hizbollah!) as
    people who want to destroy Israel!! So the
    burden of Tyre mentioned in Isaiah 231 may also
    refer to modern Tyre.
  • Therefore the ships of Tarshish may indeed howl
    (wail) from their position at Chittim (Cyprus)
    for things they may soon witness in Tyre. The end
    is very near.
  • Bible Quote Psalm 83 4 They have said, Come, and
    let us cut them off from being a nation that the
    name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.
    For they have consulted together with one
    consent they are confederate against thee 7
    Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek the Philistines
    with the inhabitants of Tyre

Lebanese soldiers lay out coffins in a mass grave
in Tyre
Syrian army - highest state of alert
  • Headline
  • Syrian army - highest state of alert
  • Headline Haaretz July 25
  • Event
  • Syria has been preparing for war with Israel.
  • Israeli intelligence sources said the regime of
    Syrian President Bashar Assad has placed the
    military on alert. The sources said Syrian
    infantry commandos, armored units and
    anti-aircraft batteries have been ordered to
    launch preparations for an Israeli strike.
  • "Neither Syria nor Israel is interested in a
    military clash but the situation is explosive and
    the events may potentially be incorrectly
    interpreted," Israeli military intelligence chief
    Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin told the Knesset Foreign
    Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday. "This
    could entangle Syria up in a battle against us."
  • Last week, Syrian President Bashar Assad placed
    his military on alert for an Israeli strike.
  • Comment
  • The Daily Telegraph reported this week that the
    Syrian regime is preparing for an erosive
    confrontation with the West after judging that
    it cannot turn its back on Hizbollah. Foreign
    ministry advisers in Damascus have said that it
    is preparing for a long conflict that could
    involve a regional war.
  • It seems likely that at some point Syria will get
    drawn in. But it also seems likely that Syria
    will fail. This ancient King of the north must be
    replaced with the future king of the north
    (Russia). The verse below WILL come to pass.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 17 1 The burden of
    Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from
    being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
    look at v12 13 of this chapter!

Israelis edge closer to war with Syria
  • Headline
  • Israelis edge closer to war with Syria
  • Headline Sunday Telegraph July 30
  • Event
  • Israel and Syria appeared to be edging closer to
    direct military confrontation last night after
    tit-for-tat attacks around the Lebanese border
    and the revelation that a new type of long-range
    missile fired into Israel by Hezbollah was built
    in Syria.
  • Tension between the two countries over the war in
    Lebanon was growing as both Tel Aviv and Damascus
    readied their forces for the possibility of a
    direct clash. Israeli intelligence reported that
    Syrian forces had been put onto their highest
    state of alert, while Israel has called up 15,000
    reservists who many believe will be despatched as
    reinforcements to the disputed Golan Heights,
    between the two countries.
  • Comment
  • Debkafile reports this week that Iran has
    supplied Hezbollah with a battery of 16 upgraded
    missiles with a range of 350-400km. According to
    military sources, the Iranian missile battery is
    still in Syria stored at an airbase. Israeli
    sources do not rule out the possibility of Syria
    allowing Hizbollah to shoot the new upgraded
    missiles from Syrian-Lebanese border, so that the
    launcher can be pulled back into Syria the moment
    it is fired and whipped out of reach of the
    Israeli air force.
  • We have no way of knowing if these reports are
    true. The fog of war is upon us. However, if the
    Israeli military believe it to be true then we
    can see how Syria might be dragged into this
    conflict. The Bible says it will be.
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 49 24 Damascus is waxed
    feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear
    hath seized on her anguish and sorrows have
    taken her, as a woman in travail.

French diplomacy
  • Headline
  • France takes lead in diplomatic race for
  • Article Daily Telegraph August 3
  • Event
  • France is emerging as a lead player in attempts
    to solve the Lebanon
    crisis, offering its services as an honest
    broker in place of America and Britain.
  • Paris believes it is better placed to deliver
    peace than Washington and London which it feels
    are mistrusted in the region for prosecuting the
    war in Iraq and offering strong support to Israel
    in the ongoing crisis.
  • This view has been given encouragement by the
    deputy secretary general of the United Nations,
    Mark Malloch Brown. "This cannot be perceived as
    a US-UK deal with Israel," he said, urging Tony
    Blair to take a back seat in diplomatic efforts.
  • Comment
  • What has been little reported this week is a
    pact made between France and Iran!!
  • French foreign minister Philllippe Douste-Blazy
    and his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki
    struck a deal at their meeting in Beirut Monday,
    July 31. They agreed that the disarming of
    Hizbollah was an internal Lebanese affair. France
    is also ready to form the bulk of any
    multinational force in Lebanon.
  • France is fully exploiting the Lebanese impasse
    created by Israels failure so far to achieve the
    upper hand in 3 weeks of fighting Hizbollah.
    Frances deal with Iran takes us to the 2nd great
    rift with America in 3 years. The first being
    over Iraq.
  • The stage is being set for Europe (excluding UK)
    to be actively involved on Israels border. God
    is bringing all nations together to war.
  • Bible Quote Joel 3 2 I will also gather all
    nations, and will bring them down into the valley
    of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there
    for my people and for my heritage Israel
    the gathering has begun!

Hezbollah unleashes rocket storm
  • Headline
  • Hezbollah unleashes rocket storm
  • Headline The Times August 4
  • Event
  • EIGHT Israeli civilians and three soldiers were
    killed yesterday as
    Hezbollah exacted its heaviest toll on
    the Jewish state since
    the conflict began 24 days ago.
    Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader,
    went on television last night to hail his
    fighters success. He said that they were
    inflicting maximum casualties on Israeli troops
    and called their resistance a miracle, adding
    that they were fighting until the last breath
    and last bullet. He offered to stop firing
    rockets at Israel if it stopped attacking
    Lebanon, but pledged to hit Tel Aviv if Israel
    attacked central Beirut. Mark Regev, the Israeli
    Foreign Ministry spokesman, said last night that
    Nasrallah wanted breathing space to rearm,
    regroup and once again be in a position of
    strength. Hezbollah fired more than 230 Katyusha
    rockets at Israel yesterday, including about 130
    in a single hour, despite claims by Ehud Olmert,
    the Israeli Prime Minister, that his bombing
    campaign had severely weakened the Shia
    guerrillas. Israel also stepped up its offensive.
    Some 10,000 troops fought their way into southern
    Lebanon, carving out a security zone that it
    said it would hold until an international force
    took over.
  • Comment
  • Israel is in trouble. Things are not going as
    planned. They have not halted the missiles that
    are raining down upon them. Israel should not
    have given up the land promised to THEM by God.
    The land is not theirs to negotiate with. It is
    Gods. He punished them once before for not
    trusting they could live in the land. See chapter
    below. We long for the time when they finally
    realise the folly of their ways.
  • Bible Quote Numbers 14 11 How long will this
    people provoke me?

UN Lebanon resolution
  • Headline
  • UN Lebanon resolution
  • Headline BBC Online August 12
  • Event
  • The US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, said
    the deal should "open a path to lasting peace
    between Lebanon and Israel".
  • UK Prime Minister Tony Blair welcomed the
    resolution, but stressed that fighting should
    stop immediately following its adoption.
  • French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy
    called the adoption of the resolution "a historic
    turning point".
  • Comment
  • The tortuous negotiations that have continued for
    weeks have finally produced a UN resolution that
    no one is really happy with. Though there is talk
    of a path to peace being opened and a historic
    turning point, there is every likelihood that
    the violence will continue. In fact even as I
    write Israel is pushing further into Lebanon.
  • Perhaps we see a fulfilment of the verse below.
    For the nations are saying peace and safety.
    See verse below. In fact the resolution itself
    mentions peace and security. Safety can also be
    translated security.
  • The resolution calls for a full cessation of
    hostilities. Israel has said it will comply but
    if attacked it will retaliate. Hezbollah has said
    nothing so far. If Iran wants them to continue
    they will continue.
  • Iran is nearing a crunch point with its nuclear
    negotiations so in fact may well want the
    destruction to continue. We may be near sudden
    destruction. We watch and wait.
  • Bible Quote 1 Thessalonians 5 3 For when they
    shall say, Peace and safety then sudden
    destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a
    woman with child

Lebanon crisis could trigger recession
  • Headline
  • Lebanon crisis could trigger deep recession
  • Headline The Telegraph August 8
  • Event
  • The price of crude soared to an all-time high of
    78.54 a barrel in London after BP closed its
    Prudhoe Bay oil field in Alaska due to pipeline
    corrosion, cutting world supplies by 400,000
    barrels a day.
  • The spike came amid warnings by Standard Poor's
    that crude could reach 250 if the Middle East
    crisis escalates, tipping the global economy into
    a deep recession.
  • The rating agency said the chief danger is a move
    by Iran to close the Straits of Hormuz - source
    of one fifth of the world's oil needs.
  • Iran has threatened to block the shipping lanes
    if attacked by the West over its nuclear
    programme, or if Israel strikes at Syrian targets
    to halt the flow of weapons to Hizbollah in
  • Comment
  • The economy of the world is in a very precarious
    state. It is totally dependent on energy. Energy
    comes predominantly from oil.
  • When the final conflict occurs in the Middle East
    the economy of the world will come crashing down
    almost over night.
  • Men and women in the world put all their trust in
    mammon and the love of money. Their faith and
    reliance is on things that are rusting and
    corrupting. They have heaped treasure together
    for the last days. Let us not do this. Let us lay
    up for ourselves treasures in heaven that will
    not come to end when the economies of the world
    collapses. Where will our pensions, investments,
    properties, shares be then?
  • Bible Quote James 5 1 Go to now, ye rich men,
    weep and howl for your miseries that shall come
    upon you. 3 Ye have heaped treasure together for
    the last days.

Syria Iran claim victory
  • Headline
  • Syria and Iran claim victory over West
  • Headline Daily Telegraph August 16
  • Event
  • The leaders of Syria and Iran claimed victory
    over Israel yesterday, hailing Hizbollah's
    "glorious battle" in Lebanon as a crushing blow
    to America's plans for the Middle East. President
    Bashar Assad of Syria and his Iranian
    counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - the key
    sponsors of Hizbollah - said that Israel's
    acceptance of a ceasefire without achieving its
    stated war aims amounted to a defeat for the
    Jewish state, America and Britain.
  • Mr Assad told hundreds of supporters in the
    Syrian capital, Damascus, that Hizbollah's
    fighters had taught the Israelis a lesson." We
    tell them that after tasting humiliation in the
    latest battles, your weapons are not going to
    protect you - not your planes or missiles, or
    even your nuclear bombs." The future generations
    in the Arab world will find a way to defeat
  • Mr Assad said that American policy in the region
    had been destroyed.
  • Comment
  • It certainly didnt look like a victory for Syria
    and Iran, but the very fact that Hezbollah
    survived a 34 day onslaught by Israel made them
    (in Syria and Irans eyes) victorious. In
    previous wars Israel has always definitely come
    out on top. This time she has not. Israel is
    suddenly feeling more vulnerable than at any time
    since 1948.
  • Israel in their unbelief will be judged.
    Destruction is coming even a return to Egypt!
  • Bible Quote Deuteronomy 28 63 ..the LORD will
    rejoice over you to destroy you, and to bring you
    to nought and ye shall be plucked from off the
    land whither thou goest to possess it. 68 And
    the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with

Israel mounts fresh Lebanon raid
  • Headline
  • Israel mounts fresh Lebanon raid
  • Headline BBC Online August 19
  • Event
  • Israel carried out an overnight raid inside
    Lebanon aimed at disrupting an arms transfer, the
    Israeli army says.
  • One soldier died and two were injured in the
    Bekaa Valley operation, it said. Lebanese sources
    earlier told Reuters agency that three militants
    also died.
  • It is the first major incident between the two
    sides since the ceasefire came into effect.
  • The incident came hours after UN chief Kofi Annan
    warned of a "fragile" situation on the ground.
    Meanwhile, 50 French troops arrived in the
    Lebanese port of Naqoura, the first soldiers to
    bolster the UN force.
  • Comment
  • It is not all over in Lebanon. The uneasy peace
    continues but it is a tinderbox ready to ignite
    again. There are many verses in the Bible that
    talk of Lebanon at the time of the end. Isaiah
    339/10 speaks of Lebanon being hewn down and
    then the Lord rising up and being exalted.
    Zechariah 111 speaks of fire coming on Lebanon
    and its doors being opened. Joel 32 speaking of
    the time when ALL nations are gathered by God to
    Israel to the valley of Jehoshaphat mentions in
    the next verse about the coasts of Palestine
    (Gaza Strip) and Tyre and Sidon both major
    ports in Lebanon! God says that he will reward
    them with how they have rewarded Him. i.e.
    with destruction. Destruction is coming on
    Lebanon and the city of Tyre. Tyre (a stronghold
    of Hezbollah who want to destroy Israel) will
    come to an end.
  • Bible Quote Ezekiel 26 2 ..because that Tyre hath
    said against Jerusalem, Aha, she is broken that
    was the gates of the people.. 3 Therefore thus
    saith the Lord GOD Behold, I am against thee, O
    Tyre, and will cause many nations to come up
    against thee

Europe promises 7000 troops
  • Headline
  • Europe promises 7,000 troops to hold Lebanon line

  • Article Daily Telegraph August 26
  • Event
  • European governments yesterday promised to send
    nearly 7,000 troops to Lebanon, with a first wave
    of up to 4,000 men to arrive within a week. That
    was enough to provide the "backbone" of a
    "strong, credible and robust" peacekeeping force,
    the United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan
  • Mr Annan confirmed that he had asked France to
    lead the force until February 2007. On Thursday
    President Jacques Chirac promised a contribution
    of 2,000 men in total.
  • Italy, which has said it will provide up to 3,000
    troops, the largest single contribution, would
    send a general to head a command "cell" based at
    the UN headquarters in New York, Mr Annan said.
    Italian troops are likely to head for Lebanon as
    early as Tuesday. A promise of 1,200 men came
    from Spain, while Poland, Belgium and Finland
    were among those pledging hundreds each.
  • Comment
  • Europe is moving towards the northern border of
    Israel! This week France finally accepted to send
    troops and lead the UN force to Lebanon. Israel
    initially viewed the international force in
    Lebanon as a force that would disarm Hezbollah.
    The European governments contributing contingents
    to this force have their own ideas and
    interests. They have said explicitly they will
    NOT disarm them. It may even end up as a
    protector and shield for them! We can surely see
    how this volatile situation could escalate at any
    time. Europe could quickly become involved in the
  • Bible Quote Revelation 19 19 And I saw the
    beast, and the kings of the earth, and their
    armies, gathered together to make war against him
    that sat on the horse, and against his army.
    Beast Europe him that sat on the horse
    Jesus his army the saints

Tehran and Syria fan war tensions
  • Headline
  • Tehran and Syria fan war tensions
  • Headline DEBKAfile August 24
  • Event
  • DEBKAfile reports Tehran and Syria jointly fan
    war tensions to undermine Americas Security
    Council positions on Irans nuclear program and
    the Lebanese ceasefire
  • Our Washington and Jerusalem sources report
    intelligence predictions of an impending revival
    of the Lebanon war and its spread to the Golan.
    Tehran and Syria are turning up the heat to
    obstruct Western moves to curb Irans advance on
    a nuclear weapon and nullify the embargo on arms
    for Hizballah.
  • A senior Iranian spokesman announced Wednesday
    night, Aug. 23 that his government was on the
    brink of a dramatic nuclear development.
  • Comment
  • If the report above is true, the Lebanon war
    could reignite shortly. As pressure intensifies
    on Iran over its nuclear programme so it might
    divert attention to Lebanon again. Syria is
    making an increasing number of hostile statements
    as well. Syria's president said this week that
    the deployment of international troops along the
    Syria-Lebanon border would be a "hostile" act.
    Israels Intelligence Chief said this week that
    he believes that Syria will try to reclaim the
    Golan Heights through either diplomatic or
    military means. He also added that Iran was using
    Syria as a giant weapons cache for Hezbollah. The
    war is not over. The whole of the Middle East is
    in flux. Israel is in political turmoil and the
    enemies of Israel are circling. They sense they
    have the upper hand. Israel under pressure may
    take pre-emptive action against Syria.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 17 1 The burden of
    Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from
    being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
  • Damascus Syria v4 tells us that
    Israel will wax lean when Syria is destroyed

Russia denies Hezbollah arms link
  • Headline
  • Russia denies Hezbollah arms link
  • Headlines BBC online August 25
  • Event
  • The Russian Defence Minister, Sergei Ivanov, has
    denied Israeli claims
    that Hezbollah has modern Russian weapons.
  • Israel says that Russian anti-tank weapons
    delivered to the Syrian army have been passed on
    to Hezbollah.
  • Mr Ivanov said this was complete nonsense, adding
    that the weapons being used by Hezbollah were not
    up to date.
  • The minister's comments during a visit to
    Russia's far east were in response to Israeli
    allegations that Hezbollah had used Russian
    state-of-the-art Kornet anti-tank system in the
    recent fighting in Lebanon.
  • Last week Israeli officials said they had
    provided Moscow with proof that Hezbollah had
    been supplied with Russian weapons delivered to
    the Syrian Army.
  • Comment
  • It is not surprising that Russian weapons are
    being used against Israel. After all Russia has
    been arming Israels enemies for years. What is
    surprising is how modern the weapons are that
    Hezbollah has been using. Israel lost over 100
    soldiers in the war over Lebanon mostly due to
    tanks that were destroyed. Israel was taken aback
    by the weapons Hezbollah possessed. It had no
    idea how sophisticated their weapons were.
  • Russia may well deny Israels claim but we know
    Russia will be involved in the final war against
    Israel the arming of Israels enemies is part
    of this.
  • Bible Quote Ezekiel 38 2 Son of man, set thy
    face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief
    prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against
    him, 3 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD Behold,
    I am against thee, O Gog, Gog Russia

Italian task force sets sail for Lebanon
  • Headline
  • Italian task force sets sail for Lebanon
  • Headlines Washington Post August 29
  • Event
  • A five-ship Italian fleet set off for Lebanon on
    Tuesday carrying more than 800 soldiers bound for
    U.N. peacekeeping duties.
  • The task force, led by Italy's only aircraft
    carrier the Giuseppe Garibaldi, assembled some 20
    miles off the southern port of Brindisi for a
    brief sendoff ceremony.
  • Premier Romano Prodi and Defense Minister Arturo
    Parisi arrived by helicopter to salute the
    troops. "We will follow you with trepidation
    because it is a delicate mission of huge historic
    significance," Prodi told the soldiers. "But we
    will also follow you with pride and trust,
    knowing that although you carry arms, you're
    going to Lebanon exclusively to bring peace."
  • Marines and engineering corps specialists are
    included in the vanguard of a 2,500-strong
    contingent Italy is contributing to the expanded
    UNIFIL force. It is the largest national
    contingent so far committed to the force, which
    is to help the Lebanese army maintain a fragile
    cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah militants
  • Comment
  • We can surely see a future scenario (that may not
    be too distant!) of Europe becoming embroiled in
    a war with Israel over Lebanon. If the conflict
    starts again (which many say it will within the
    coming months) European troops will be caught in
    the crossfire. Europe then, instead of just being
    on the sidelines, would be totally involved. God
    has gathered them to the very border of Israel.
    The time of war is near
  • Bible Quote Joel 3 1 For, behold, in those
    days, and in that time, when I shall bring again
    the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem,2 I will
    also gather all nations, and will bring them down
    into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead
    with them

Naval Babel around Lebanon
  • Headline
  • Lebanese Security Is the Pretext for the Naval
    Babel around
    Lebanons Shores DEBKAfile September 6
  • Event
  • The extraordinary buildup of European naval and
    military strength in and around Lebanons shores
    is way out of proportion for the task the
    European contingents of expanded UNIFIL have
    undertaken to create a buffer between Israel and
  • Close investigation by DEBKAfiles military and
    intelligence sources discloses that Lebanese
    security and peacemaking is not the object of
    the exercise. It is linked to the general
    anticipation of a military clash between the
    United States and Israel, on one side, and Iran
    and possibly Syria on the other, some time from
    now until November
  • This expectation has brought together the
    greatest sea and air armada Europe has ever
    assembled at any point on earth since World War
    II two carriers with 75 fighter-bombers, spy
    planes and helicopters on their decks 15
    warships of various types 7 French, 5 Italian,
    2-3 Green, 3-5 German, and five American
    thousands of Marines French, Italian and
    German, as well as 1,800 US Marines.
  • Comment
  • Europe is modern Babel. A gathering of nations of
    different languages under a false religion.
    Europe says it is Babel itself. Europe gathers a
    huge military force right next to Israel in
    anticipation of conflict in the area. The
    gathering of the nations to Israel is surely
    underway. How long before Babel/Babylon makes war
    on Israel?
  • Bible Quote Genesis 11 9 Therefore is the name
    of it called Babel because the LORD did there
    confound the language of all the earth and from
    thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the
    face of all the earth.

Europes role in the Middle East
  • Headline
  • Europe now has a chance to play more than a
    marginal role
    in the Middle East- The Economist August 31st
  • Event
  • Its Europe's moment in the Arab-Israeli arena,
    says Martin Indyk, a former American ambassador
    to Israel and head of the Saban Centre, a
    Washington DC think-tank. If true, that may mean
    a big change in one of the world's most dangerous
  • Europeans have been marginal in the Middle East
    for years. Too pro-Palestinian to be trusted by
    Israel, they have not had much power or influence
    over the Arabs either.
  • However, Europeans are sending 7,000 soldiers to
    the United Nations' peacekeeping force in
    Lebanon. This, as it happens, is the number of
    British soldiers in Iraqnot a negligible force.
    Two or ten years ago, it would have been hard to
    imagine Europeans taking such a role. Something
    has clearly changed. Two things, in fact.
  • America's scope for action in the region is
    limited, partly by choice and partly by the
    fall-out from the occupation of Iraq. That puts
    Europe into the unfamiliar position of being the
    one who hasn't messed up recent
  • Comment
  • We quoted Martin Indyk (former US ambassador to
    Israel) last week when he spoke of the growing
    links with Sunni Arab leaders and Israel. This
    week he comments on Europes new involvement in
    the Middle East and the weakening of Americas
    position. The Lebanon war has brought this about.
    The political plates in the region have shifted
    dramatically in the last few weeks. The European
    beast is emerging from slumber and will
    eventually make war against Christ and the
    saints. As the next slide shows the literal
    tectonic plates of the region are moving as
  • Bible Quote Revelation 17 8 The beast that thou
    sawest was, and is not and shall ascend out of
    the bottomless pit, and go into perdition
    beast Europe

Tony Blairs visit to Lebanon
  • Headline
  • Blair faces hatred on Beirut streets and snub
    from key
    politician - Headline Daily Telegraph September
  • Event
  • Tony Blair faced street protests and a diplomatic
    snub in Beirut yesterday as he became the first
    serving British prime minister to visit Lebanon.
    Flying into the city's international airport so
    recently put out of action by Israeli bombs, Mr
    Blair was branded "the biggest criminal and
    lackey of the US" by angry demonstrators.
  • The Prime Minister, who flew in from Tel Aviv on
    the final leg of his three-day Middle East peace
    mission, outraged Arab opinion during the recent
    conflict between Israel and the Islamic militants
    of Hizbollah by failing to call for an immediate
    ceasefire. Heavily-armed troops lined the streets
    as the convoy carrying Mr Blair and the Lebanese
    premier, Fouad Siniora, swept towards the city
    centre. Armoured cars, razor wire and troops
    formed a tight security cordon around the
    Lebanese government buildings in which Mr Blair
    Mr Siniora held their press conference.
  • Comment
  • As the current King of the South moved into the
    territory of the King of the North the difference
    in welcome was plain for all to see. Instead of
    friendship and praise, there was anger, hatred
    and snubs. Hamas also snubbed Mr Blair when they
    rejected his conditions for any future talks
    with the militant group. The following day came
    the attack on the US embassy in Syria. Military
    analysts believe it was carried out by a mixed
    Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese assault team. The
    US is of course one of the young lions of
    Britain mentioned as well in Ezekiel 38. The
    hatred in this area of both English speaking
    nations is very great at this time.
  • Bible Quote Daniel 11 40 And at the time of the
    end shall the king of the south push at him and
    the king of the north shall come against him like
    a whirlwind,

Russian engineers sent to Lebanon
  • Headline
  • Russian Engineers Dispatched to Lebanon
  • Headline Associated Press September 11
  • Event
  • President Vladimir Putin on Monday gave final
    orders for a battalion of Russian engineers and
    explosives experts to travel to Lebanon to help
    repair the damage inflicted by Israel's campaign
    to uproot Hezbollah guerrillas.
  • In comments shown on state-run television, Putin
    instructed aides to prepare the necessary
    paperwork for Russia's upper house of parliament
    to authorize the deployment, which will be
    separate from the U.N. peacekeeping mission.
  • Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said an advance
    team would travel to Lebanon this week and the
    full group could be in place by month's end. It
    was unclear how many members the team would
    contain but Ivanov said they would include
    experts at disarming unexploded ordnance, as well
    as engineers to evaluate the damage inflicted on
    Lebanese roads and bridges. He said the team will
    work outside of the area where U.N.-authorized
    peacekeepers are operating.
  • Comment
  • So now Russia has decided to enter Lebanon!! We
    now have France, Italy and Spain with 1000s of
    troops arriving. Russia is sending engineers
    and explosives experts as well. Israels
    enemies are arriving on its northern border. The
    gathering of the nations continues. Notice that
    the Russians say they they will work outside
    the UN area. They will be separate. In other
    words the UN will not be able to tell Russia what
    it can and cannot do when it is there. The verse
    below is speaking of Russia.
  • Bible Quote Ezekiel 38 4 And I God will turn
    thee Russia back, and put hooks into thy jaws,
    and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army,
    horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all
    sorts of armour, even a great company with
    bucklers and shields,

German warships set sail for Lebanon
  • Headline
  • 8 German Warships Set Sail for Lebanon
  • Headline Daily Telegraph September 12
  • Event
  • Germany began its biggest naval operation since
    World War II on Thursday
    as eight warships set sail for the eastern
    Mediterranean to help the
    U.N. keep the peace in Lebanon.
  • The first of the ships, the frigate Karlsruhe,
    pulled away from the dock at the North Sea port
    at Wilhelmshaven and moved smoothly across the
    calm harbour after a farewell ceremony.
  • The German force of two frigates, two support
    vessels and four fast patrol boats, along with
    three ships from Denmark, are to arrive off the
    Lebanese coast in 10 to 14 days.
  • Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung said the force
    would make a contribution to peace by supporting
    the U.N.-brokered cease-fire that ended Israel's
    month long war with Hezbollah guerrillas.
  • Comment to read more of Germanys influence in
    Europe - note the bit on
    the Middle Ages!
  • More warships on the way to the Eastern
    Mediterranean! It must be getting a crowded
    place. There are French, Italian, Spanish,
    British, American and now German warships there!
    There are 4 different chains of command in
    operation. The concern is that if trouble
    breaks out there will be total confusion with so
    many warships so close together. Interesting that
    Germany is now getting involved. We know Europe
    will invade Israel. Germany, (home of the
    Holocaust) became the seat of power for Europe
    after Otto I dreamt of the domination of Europe
    in 936AD. He also established a strong German
    influence over the papacy! See website above for
  • Bible Quote Revelation 17 11 And the beast that
    was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of
    the seven, and goeth into perdition. Beast

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UNIFIL confronts Israeli troops
  • Headline
  • UNIFIL confronts Israeli troops
  • Headline United Press September 28
  • Event
  • U.N. peacekeeping forces in south Lebanon
    intervened for the first
    time Thursday with Israeli
    forces who arrested journalists in violation of
    Resolution 1701. Israel has not completed its
    total withdrawal behind the Blue Line dividing
    the two countries, and Lebanon complains the
    Israeli forces continuously commit violations
    since the offensive with the Shiite Hezbollah
    organization ended in line with Security Council
    Resolution 1701.
  • Members of UNIFIL's French battalion almost
    clashed with Israeli troops who arrested a French
    journalist and a Lebanese photographer at an
    improvised checkpoint in the border area of
    Marwaheen in the western sector of south Lebanon.
  • A UNIFIL officer told United Press International
    that a French force was rushed to the location of
    the checkpoint and a heated argument erupted
    between French and Israeli officers, which lasted
    an hour before the Israeli troops released the
    two journalists. It was the first time that such
    friction occurs between Israeli troops and UNIFIL
    forces, international forces which deployed in
    recent weeks to increase the number of the
    original peacekeepers in the area.
  • Comment
  • Israel has not been headline news for the last
    few weeks - but behind the scenes we have noted
    the huge military build up in the area, with many
    nations sending troops and warships to the area.
    The report above shows how the tensions exist in
    Lebanon. Heated arguments can lead to fighting.
    Fighting can lead to war. The situation is
    precarious. Many military commentators expect
    further conflict in the area soon.
  • Bible Quote Zechariah 142 For I will gather all
    nations against Jerusalem to battle

Assad War with Israel a possibility
  • Headline
  • Assad War with Israel a possibility
  • Headline JPOST September 21
  • Event
  • Syrian President Bashar Assad said Thursday that
    the possibility of
    a new war in the Middle East
    could not be ruled out.
  • Assad said he believed Israel could decide to
    attack Syria, because it was "looking for a way
    out of the crisis it is in through a new
    military operation."
  • Israel might attack Syria under the pretence that
    the country was aiding Iran, Assad said.
  • In this case, "Syria will resist, stand strong
    and never give in," Assad told Lebanon's As-Safir
    newspaper on Thursday.
  • Since the end of the war between Israel and
    Lebanon, there has been increased discussion in
    political circles over the relationship between
    Israel and Syria.
  • Prime Minister Ehud Olmert rejected the notion of
    peace talks with Syria.
  • Syria is the "single most aggressive member of
    the axis of evil," Olmert said, ruling out a
    resumption of negotiations with Damascus at this
  • Comment
  • So we have Israel in secret talks with Saudi
    Arabia but talks ruled out with Syria. Syria is
    in some political difficulty following the war in
    Lebanon. It is isolated. Iran was not happy with
    some of the comments Syria has made. Israel is
    angry over Syrias support of Hezbollah.
    President Assad sees a new war between Syria and
    Israel as a possibility. He maybe right. Looking
    at the Bible passages relating to Syria
    (Damascus) in the last days there does appear to
    be great destruction wrought on it. The Bible is
    not clear it is Israel that brings the
    destruction but it seems likely.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 17 1 The burden of
    Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from
    being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
    Damascus capital of Syria

Italy to sell missiles to Lebanon
  • Headline
  • Italy to sell Lebanon sophisticated ground-to-air
  • Headline Debkafile October 17
  • Event
  • Israeli aircraft are monitoring illegal Hizballah
    movements and arms
    smuggling in the absence of any Lebanese army
    and UNIFIL
    preventive action to implement UN Resolution
  • According to DEBKAfiles Rome sources, prime
    minister Romano Prodi has instructed his defense
    ministry to negotiate with the Fouad Siniora
    government the quick sale of an Aster 15 battery,
    the only Western surface-to-air missile with an
    active guidance system capable of last-minute
    corrections of targeting at the moment of
    interception. As a joint Franco-Italian product,
    the sale also needed - and obtained - approval
    from French president Jacques Chirac.
  • Comment
  • Europe is becoming increasingly involved in
    Lebanon. The BBC reported yesterday that the
    commander of UN peacekeepers in Lebanon (Unifil)
    has suggested the use of force to stop continuing
    Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace. He
    admitted that France has already deployed
    anti-aircraft missiles to Lebanon to protect its
    own forces. As the report above says more
    sophisticated weaponry has now been approved with
    Italy and France agreeing to sell missiles to
    Lebanon which would help them to bring down
    Israeli planes! We can see how the war in Lebanon
    has opened the door for Europe to enter. The
    escalation to war continues.
  • Bible Quote Zechariah 11 1 Open thy doors, O
    Lebanon, that the fire may devour thy cedars.
    Jeremiah 22 23 O inhabitant of
    Lebanon, , how gracious shalt thou be when pangs
    come upon thee, the pain as of a woman in travail!

Israel Syria heighten alert for war
  • Headline
  • Israel, Syria heighten alert for possible war
  • Headline Worldnetdaily October 26
  • Event
  • Israel has visibly beefed up its military
    presence here in the Golan Heights while
    neighbouring Syria reportedly has placed its army
    on high alert and has warned it is preparing for
    a possible war with the Jewish state.
  • The Israeli Defence Forces yesterday carried out
    the second in a series of scheduled military
    exercises in the Golan. IDF chief of staff Dan
    Halutz earlier this week made a surprise visit to
    the mountainous territory, which the army here
    said was intended to test the operational
    readiness and capabilities of local divisions.
  • Since the end of Israel's war against Hezbollah
    in Lebanon in August, Syrian President Bashar
    Assad has given a series of interviews in which
    he warned of possible confrontations with Israel.
    He has stated several times he views Hezbollah's
    "victory" over Israel as proof military tactics
    bring results.
  • In recent weeks, Assad said the Syrian army was
    preparing for war, claiming he was worried Israel
    would attack his country first.
  • Comment
  • It does appear that Israel and Syria are
    preparing for confrontation and war. During the
    Lebanon war, Syria sent coded messages to Israel
    saying it did NOT want war with Israel. Since the
    end of open hostilities in Lebanon, Syria has
    changed its mind. It believes that with Israel on
    the back foot and weakened it could in fact
    reclaim the Golan Heights by force. Though Syria
    (ancient king of the north) will be defeated, it
    will open the door for Russia (modern day king of
    the north) to invade.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 17 1 Behold, Damascus is taken
    away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous
    heap. Damascus is the capital of Syria.

US issues Lebanon plot warning
  • Headline
  • US issues Lebanon 'plot' warning
  • Headline BBC online November 1
  • Event
  • The United States has said there is "mounting
    evidence" that Syria
    , Iran and Hezbollah are
    planning to topple the Lebanese government.
  • The White House said Syria hoped to stop the
    formation of an international tribunal to try
    suspects in the killing of former Lebanese PM
    Rafik Hariri.
  • Spokesman Tony Snow said any attempt to
    destabilise the Lebanese government would violate
    UN resolutions. Syria's ambassador to the US
    rejected the allegations as "ridiculous".
  • The BBC News website's world affairs
    correspondent Paul Reynolds says the White House
    statement appears to result from the tense
    situation in Lebanon.
  • Comment
  • The aftermath of the war in Lebanon continues.
    The USA believes that Syria and Hezbollah are
    trying to destabilise the current Lebanese
    government with the aid and backing of Iran.
    Syria has said that the USA is trying to cause a
    fallout with Syria. The weapons smuggling
    (according to Israel) continues unabated and in
    fact the Hezbollah leader in Lebanon says they
    now have up to 30,000 missiles / rockets!
  • Isaiah 17 is about the burden of Damascus. It
    speaks of Syria becoming like a ruinous heap and
    also Israel at the same time waxing lean. It
    speaks of nations like the seas roaring and the
    judgement of God coming upon them. We wait and
    watch for the time when these things happen. For
    we know they will.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 17 9 In that day shall his
    strong cities be as a forsaken bough, and an
    uppermost branch, which they left because of the
    children of Israel and there shall be desolation.

Israeli warplanes buzz Beirut
  • Headline
  • Israeli warplanes buzz Beirut
  • Headline Daily Telegraph November 1
  • Event
  • The Lebanese army fired anti-aircraft artillery
    at Israeli warplanes as they flew towards Beirut
    yesterday, in Israel's most flagrant violation of
    the United Nations resolution that brought an end
    to this summer's 34-day war with Hizbollah.
  • Eight Israeli air force jets crossed into
    Lebanese airspace early yesterday, swooping to
    low altitudes over the capital's Shia-dominated
    southern suburbs that were devastated by the
    conflict. Although the jets did not open fire,
    they flew over the area's crater-lined streets
    six times in half an hour, bringing stunned
    residents on to rooftops to watch.
  • Israeli jets were also reported to have made
    sonic booms over Lebanon's southern port city of
  • Comment
  • Just to prove it is not just America that is
    concerned about the situation in Lebanon, Israel
    warplanes buzzed the capital city Beirut this
  • This is done to show strength, and also prove
    they still have air superiority and could use it
    at any time if they wished. There is further
    destruction coming to Lebanon. The Russian and
    European armies have been gathered there but this
    fragile situation will not hold. Isaiah 33 speaks
    of Lebanon being hewn down and the earth mourning
    and languishing. At this very time the Lord will
    arise and be exalted.
  • One thing is certain Russia and the northern
    host will come through Lebanon into Israel. The
    destruction of Lebanon may come before this
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 17 9 The earth mourneth and
    languisheth Lebanon is ashamed and hewn down
    Sharon is like a wilderness and Bashan and
    Carmel shake off thei
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