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Friend Or Food Campaign Against Dog and Cat Eating in China Animals Asia Foundation August, 2008


Dog eating banned under Sun Yat-sen. Mao's 'Great Leap Forward' 1950s ... standard through outreach program by our vet team in Chengdu bear sanctuary; ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Friend Or Food Campaign Against Dog and Cat Eating in China Animals Asia Foundation August, 2008

Friend Or Food? Campaign Against Dog and Cat
Eating in ChinaAnimals Asia FoundationAugust,
History of Dog and Cat Eating
  • Ancient China
  • Dog meat eaten as part of a ritual sacrifice
    feast amongst a handful of tribes.
  • Republican China 1912-1927
  • Dog eating banned under Sun Yat-sen.
  • Maos Great Leap Forward 1950s
  • Dog meat is considered a famine food
  • Deng Xiaopings Reform and Open Door
  • Increased wealth leads to promotion of dog meat
    by traders.
  • 1990s
  • Attempts to industrialise dog farming, dog eating
    increases, but still not daily cuisine.
  • 2000
  • Large-scale industrialisation fails due to
    difficulty with disease control.
  • 2004-Present

Dog Eating in China Today
  • Although dog meat is still not a daily staple,
    dog eating has never been as prevalent in China
    as it is today
  • Two contradictory trends
  • Dog eating is growing disproportionately amongst
    certain sectors of the population - such as
    young, urban professionals.
  • But as more and more people begin to keep dogs as
    pets, dog eating amongst young professionals,
    particularly in large cities such as Beijing,
    Shanghai and even Guangzhou, is actually
  • Both dog and cat meat are thought to have
    warming effect in China, so autumn and winter
    are the seasons for dog and cat eating

  • A dog meat restaurant in Wu Han slaughter
    the dogs by the street. This practice was
    criticized by local newspaper as too blooded and
    too cruel.

A dog meat restaurant in Wu Han slaughter
the dogs by the street. This practice was
criticized by local newspaper as too blooded and
too cruel.
Guizhou cuisine is famous for its dog meat
dishes. And Guizhou Restaurant often include
Dog Meat into its name.
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Dog Eating in China Today
  • Although you can find dog meat in restaurants in
    almost every regions in China, dog eating are
    especially popular in certain areas Guizhou,
    North East, Guangdong, Jiangshu, Zhejiang ect.
    Some local government even through holding dog
    meat festival to attract tourists
  • Compared with dog eating, cat eating area is
    limited within Guangdong areas
  • According to our survey, most people eat dog meat
    for their better taste as well as its benefit to
  • Unconfirmed estimates are as high as 100 millions
    dogs eaten per year

Hutou Dog Meat Festival In Zhejiang Province,
the Hutou Dog Meat Festival in Jin Hua is held
each September since 2000. According to one local
official, the festival has brought in earnings of
4.5-6.5 million yuan (US570,000-US825,000)
since 2000, and the local county has its own
customer service and production team dedicated to
planning the dog meat festival. At the festival,
an Animals Asia investigator found stall after
stall selling cooked dog meat, along with many
cages crowded with live dogs, none of which were
given any food or water.
Dog Farming
  • While it began as cottage industry, there was a
    push to industrialize the dog meat trade
  • Large-scale farms cropped up in a number of
    provinces during the late 1990s
  • The vast majority of these business failed due to
    high overhead costs and an inability to control
    the outbreak of diseases
  • The industry now moved towards a system of
    scattered smallholdings with farmers either
    sending dogs directly to market themselves or
    operating through a network of middlemen who
    gather dogs from the countryside and transport
    them into cities

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Dog Farming in China
  • Purebred stock was being introduced on met dog
    farms, the industry seems to have swung back in
    favor of local mixed breed dogs in recent years
  • National level government documents officially
    encourage the introduction of more purebred dogs
    in addition to higher standards of breeding and
  • A lot of dogs had been the pets stolen from
    family in the live animal market. Dog or cat
    being stolen or poisoned are frequently reported
    during winter period
  • Dog and cat meat industry exist legal grey area
    in China. The legal status of dogs varies from
    province-to province, even from county-to
  • The industry is still controversial, not only
    among general public but also local government
  • Dogs have emotions like people so this is
    a controversial industry
  • An official of Hezhou government, Jiangxi

Growth of Auxiliary Products Industry
  • Market for processed products such as
    vacuum-packed and canned dog meat appears to be
    growing rapidly
  • Fan Kuai Dog Meat Product Co. Ltd is a
    large comprehensive company whose operations
    include dog raising, dog meat production,
    scientific research. Founded in 1994, the company
    produces 300 tons dog meat products every year
    and the products are being exported to Russia,
    Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore.
  • - From the website of Fan Kuai Co. Ltd in Pei
    County, Jianshu Province

Vacuum-packed turtle soup dog meat by Fan Kuai
  • Frozen dog meat also has been spotted in
    supermarkets throughout the country

Supermarket Survey With the help of support
groups around China, Animals Asia was able to
survey 43 supermarkets in eight cities across six
provinces in April 2007. 10 of the 47 markets are
selling dog meat. Most supermarkets found selling
dog meat were local except Carrefour in Nantong,
Jiangsu province. Although no dog meat was found
in supermarkets surveyed in Nanning and Guangxi,
numerous dog meat restaurants were found in these
cities and dog meat is reportedly sold in the
live animal markets during the winter season.
The survey also revealed that the price of
packed cooked dog meat differed from 12.8 RMB per
500kg to 10 RMB per 200kg. Almost all the
supermarkets surveyed reported that sales of dog
meat were poor. This may be related to the warmer
weather in April and it would be beneficial to
survey these supermarkets again during the
The cruelty is horrendous
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Campaign in Chinato end dog and cat eating
Working with local animal welfare groups
and individual animal lovers to Promote change
of attitude towards animal from inside! Forge
constructive solutions with understanding of
Chinese tradition and culture context!
Friend or Food?Our Tactics
Friend or Food?Our Tactics
  • Through creative programs such as Dr. Dog and
    Pro. Paw to escalate the profile of companion
    animal as the best friend and helper of human
    being instead of food or fur
  • Through field investigation and public education
    programs to expose the cruelty behind the
    industry and dispel the myth on health benefit of
    dog and cat eating

Our Campaign in China
  • Key messages
  • Dog and cat are the best friend and helper of
    human being, they should not bee seen as food or
  • Eating dog and cat wont bring any extra benefit
    to your health, instead there is potential threat
    to health
  • Dog and cat cant be farmed or slaughtered
    humanely for food. Eating dog and cat means
    cruelty to these animals
  • Everyone can help to improve the living condition
    of dog and cat .

Dr. Dog China
Animal Helping People Helps Animal!
  • Started by Jill Robinson in Hong Kong in 1991,
    over 300 animal therapy dogs across Asia are
    proving that companion animals are wonderful
    friends and helpers.
  • 2004, Dr Dog was introduced into mainland China
    and started visit in Chengdu in Novemver
  • At present, over 70 Dr. Dogs are visiting elderly
    house, disable kids center, orphanage and school
    in three cities Chengdu, Guangzhou and
  • Over 500 media coverage including programs of
    CCTV, Chinas national TV station

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Professor Paw
  • Inspire school children to love and respect
    animals whilst learning English.
  • Started in Hong Kong in 2006, Pro. Paw has so far
    served more than 3,000 kids in Hong Kong
  • The dogs take on the role as teacher, as they
    inspire school children to love and respect
    ammonals whilst learning English and knowledge
    about dogs and RPO
  • Pro. Paw will be launched in mainland China in
    October this year

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Friend or Food?
Encourage change of attitude towards animals
through public education from inside!
  • FOF Education Campaign
  • Align all forces helping dogs and cats in China
    and build up a platform for broad cooperation
  • Working with over 40 local animal welfare groups
    cross China to spread the love and respect
    towards companion animal through community and
    school education activities
  • Through funding the groups and providing them
    education materials including leaflets, film DVD,
    poster and display boards, to support the groups
    localized education effort

Friend or Food?
  • China Companion Animal Symposium
  • The first and largest gathering of Chinas animal
    welfare and rescue groups and individuals working
    on companion animal
  • Bring expertise and knowledge of animal welfare
    and stray animal rescue to Chinas groups in
    order to improve the overall standard of animal
    welfare in China
  • Align the effort of groups in different areas and
    build up a platform of sharing experience and
    exchanging opinions among the groups
  • Encourage the cooperation among local groups
  • More than 40 groups and 18 vets attended our 2007

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Friend or Food?
  • World Animal Day Celebration
  • Dr. Dog Walk in Harmony and Annual Dog
    Achievement Award
  • Through highlighting the contribution of dog to
    society and exposing the plight of companion
    animal, to increase the public awareness about
    the issues and change peoples attitude.
  • We have successfully held the event for two years
    in Chengdu. Last year more than 100 dogs and 200
    dog owners took part in our event and pledged not
    to eat dog and cat forever
  • More than 30 groups around the country joined the
    celebration in 2007

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Friend or Food?
  • FOF Education Grant RMB 50,000 for the first
  • Through providing financial support to encourage
    local groups take initiative, starting their own
    localized education programs (road show, school

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Friend or Food? - China
  • Guangzhou Stray Cat TNR Program
  • Funding local group to implement the first stray
    cat TNR program in Guangzhou, the capital city of
    cat and dog eating
  • Introducing the effect way of stray cat
    population control in order to eliminate the
    animal abuse related to the problems of stray
  • The pilot program is targeted to neuter 60 stray
    cats (around 70 of total number of stray cat in
    a resident community)
  • Will expand this program to more cities in the
    coming year

The follow-up survey conducted by the group
showed that 96 of residents support the program
and more than half of them thought the
environment have been improved by this program
obviously. And the recognition of this program
among resident is 54.
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Through this program, a lot resident changed
their attitude towards stray cat. An old lady who
didn't like the cat asked the volunteer not to
release the cats back after desexing them. But
after being told that the cats will help control
the rat's number in the area, she changed her
Seeing the cats released back became healthier
and happier, the cat lovers been suspicious about
the program were convinced and provided help in
capturing the stray cats proactively.
Friend or Food? - Others
  • Government lobby
  • Through negotiations with local governments to
    promote policy changes
  • Vet outreach program
  • Help the local vet clinic to improve the
    professional and welfare standard through
    outreach program by our vet team in Chengdu bear

Thank You!