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Life and technology in a Shoe Box


For me it usually occurs spontaneously as I am looking for something amongst the ... Grouse Mountain 1960's. My Dad and his friends skiing in the 60's ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Life and technology in a Shoe Box

Life and technology in a Shoe Box
  • We are all compelled to take a look back at our
    lives once in awhile. For me it usually occurs
    spontaneously as I am looking for something
    amongst the boxes of dishes and garage sale
    inventory filling the crawl spaces of my life.I
    will come across a shoe box full of randomly
    sorted snap shots and sit down in the crawl space
    and reminiscing for hours.
  • Well now, thanks to Dr Steve Patrina, I have a
    reason to pull one of those shoe boxes out of the
    crawl space and put some order to my reminiscing.
  • Lets have a look at Life and Technology from a
    Shoe Box

Life and Technology in a Shoe Box by Michael Riml
My Maker
  • My Dad was a ski boot maker from Austria
  • He came to Canada and made his small fortune with
    early textile technology
  • At the height of his ski boot business in
    North Vancouver he sold some of the finest
    boots internationally
  • Racers from around the world bought the Riml
    Ski Boot

The Riml Ski Boot
  • The technology employed was little more than the
    use of a sewing machine - but the skill was

Grouse Mountain 1960s
  • My Dad and his friends skiing in the 60s
  • Equipment wood, steel, leather, wool and natural
    colours - high tech at the time
  • Hubert Riml is 2nd from the
  • right

Technology Gets Ugly on the Slopes
  • My friend, Geoff and I, on Whistler Mountain in
  • The equipment got better
  • Plastics, Alloys, and Gore-Tex
  • The colours are out of hand

Construction Technology
  • Throughout my twenties much of my income has come
    from working on various construction projects.
  • Quite naturally, I noticed the different methods
    of construction used to erect structures - here
    are a few.

Man Power 1994
  • I was hired to manage the building of a 2500
    square foot house on Eagle Island, West
  • With no bridge - it was cheapest to do things by
  • I hired some of my friends to help with the
  • We hand bombed and poured 1200 55lb bags of
    concrete and mixed them with a simple electric
  • Yes these guys are still my friends - we took our

2x4 Construction
  • After the 1996 earthquake in Kobe Japan I signed
    a one year contract to build houses in Kobe
  • The Japanese preferred the Canadian-style framing
    over their traditional post and beam technique as
    it had been proven to have much more sheer
    strength in order to withstand an earthquake

Golden Temple, Kyoto 1996
  • A traditional post and beam Japanese temple.
  • Gold plated for extra value.

Slapping them together
  • In Kobe we worked 10 hour days and 6 days a week.
  • We framed a house every 8 to 9 days
  • I learned to frame a house in my sleep
  • All tools were pneumatic and electric
  • The Japanese framers took 4 weeks to build the
    same house.

  • The Taj Mahal 1992
  • Built by Shah Jahan in1638 as
  • his wife's final resting place.
  • It took 22 years, by 20,000
  • workers, to complete
  • The Taj is covered completely by pure Makaran
  • If ya dont recognise me, its because I lost
    20lbs in India

Tikkal, Guatemala 1999
  • The largest Aztec city known
  • These amazing stone
  • temples rise out of the
  • rainforest canopy

Haifa Israel 1997 Check out the Old Masonry Work
- This stuff has withstood many a war
  • Claimed by some, as the oldest port in the
  • Haifa was first mentioned in the Talmud and has
    since been claimed by many people. In 1100 the
    Crusaders conquered the city, slaughtering Arabs
    and Jews. The city was destroyed by the Mamluks
    in 1291, captured by the Turks in 1517, and
    fortified by the Bedouin Sheikh Dahir el Amr in
    1750. Jewish settlers from North Africa and
    Germany came to Haifa in the 19th century.

Christmas day inside the Church of the Holy
Sepulture 1996
  • The Church of the holy sepulture was built on the
    spot that Jesus was believed to be crucified
  • Christians didnt make it easy to get inside here
    on this night.

Tragedy at the hands of technology - the old city
hall in Hiroshima Japan 1996
Commercial Salmon Fishing
  • Commercial fishing on the Canadian Pacific in
  • Fishing technology - nets, boats, sonar, radar,
    hydraulics, etc, helped to deplete the salmon
    stocks to endangered levels
  • Closing of fisheries
  • Unemployment for commercial fisherman
  • The salmon are trying to make a come back

  • Summer 1991
  • I was the engineer
  • Drumming the net onboard
  • Going through the net
  • to look for holes
  • and tears with my
  • fellow mate
  • I loved that job - too bad we couldnt manage the

The Hydraulic Drop Stern
  • With a hydraulic lever I could drop the stern of
    the boat to help pull onboard a big catch.
  • There is at least 1000
  • salmon in this catch
  • The hydraulic stern allows us to get back to
    fishing quickly
  • I remember one day we caught 100,000 lbs. of
    sockeye in 3 hrs. the only reason we quit was
    because the boat was full.

More Fishing in Thailand 1992
  • I spent most of my money in those days travelling
  • This is a Thai Gill Net in the Gulf of Siam
  • They too are misusing
  • technology - too
  • many boats, too
  • big of nets, and
  • not enough fish

  • We all have to get around somehow and inevitably
    some type of technology is employed in
    transporting us humans around
  • Lets have a look at some of the modes that I have
    moved in or on

Yes thats a Bus
  • In Calcutta the technology used for public
    transit is more or less the same … Its just
    packaged a little differently

Me Local Bus
  • The 6 Downtown gets me out of the Vancouver's
    West End and back again.
  • A more environmentally and ecologically friendly
    electric system than the diesel powered machine

Kick the Tires and check the Trunk
  • 1991 Northern Thailand - Enroute to the Golden

The Dragon Boat Race
  • A traditional Chinese war boat is now a sport -
    old technology past use - old technology new use.
  • This is an international meet in Osaka, Japan
  • Our construction company entered -were on the

German engineering?
  • 72 VW Camper - Home, Mexican coast lines,
    Gratefull Dead shows, and 1000 kilometers with
    out a clutch or a throttle pedal

Going Back in Time
  • When I arrived in Calcutta India in 1991 I was 21
    years old and on my own. There where few
    westerners there as a result of the escalating
    gulf war. Electric power was pretty much
    nonexistent after 800pm. The traffic on the
    streets made me feel like I had taken a huge step
    back in time. This was more than the culture
    shock that I was looking for.

Pedal Power
  • A bicycle rickshaw in India
  • Economical and environmentally friendly

More high tech traffic in India, 1991.
  • Inside a three wheel taxi ( TUKTUK) in Bangkok -
    Hey, they are economical on gas and take up
    little room on the roads.

Fueling Up
  • The attendant fills the glass container
  • You pay him to drain it
  • Cash only

Food We all love eating, but often we forget
where the food we are eating comes from.
A Chicken Feast
  • Food is delivered to us with varying degrees of
  • My friends and I at the dinner table in Japan

The Indian Butcher
  • No beef here.
  • As I was taking a picture of this outdoor chicken
    shop, the owner went to get his son and a live
    chicken for me to take a picture of - he was very
    excited about the camera.
  • I had no idea what was coming.
  • I ended up buying this chicken and giving it away
    a couple of blocks down the road - to this day I
    feel terribly responsible for that chickens

Chicken in Canada
  • We are too far removed from the process that puts
    a bird on the supper table - farming technologies
    in the west are largely inhumane.
  • Free range chicken and eggs should be law
  • ( A typical meat department in North America)

  • No pesticides, no sprays, no shopping carts
  • Organic veggies on the streets of NewDelhi

Fresh Fruit in Thailand
  • Mmm, Pineapple
  • No cans
  • No check out stand
  • No tax for a snack
  • This is truly one of the best things in Thailand
  • Fresh pineapple on ice.

Vending Food
  • Only in Japan
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • French fries
  • Noodles
  • Mmm, YUK
  • I tried the burger - sick

KoSamui 1991
  • Getting a coconut the old fashion way
  • Thats me up the tree.

Convenience comes from Technology
  • We often take the conveniences of home for
  • Like
  • taking a bath,
  • doing our laundry, and
  • listening to a CD

Varanasi - India 1991
  • A very holy place where Hindus come to cremate
    the dead on ghats on the banks of the Ganges
  • They bathe here and some, drink this water

Laundry in Varanasi
  • I am not sure how they cleaned my laundry in such
    dirty water - but they would make Maytag proud.

Making Music
  • The old Hindu playing the Sitar hand makes
    instruments for clients around the world
  • I spent a few nights in this gentleman's shop
    listening to him play and watching him build

  • The sports we play are often equipped by the
    processes of technology

Football requires the technology of plastics
manufacturing to equip players with protective
Bows and Arrows
  • Some call it archery
  • It has been noted in the media lately that
    increasingly more children are over weight.
  • I say, get away from the high tech toys -
    computer games, and get something active going
    for the youth
  • Thats me in the red and
  • blue up front.

  • This is me paragliding in Northern Israel
  • The Sea of Galilee is behind those hills

Enough Monkeying Around
Good Night