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TechnoWireless, SAB Communication


TechnoWireless, SAB Communication – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: TechnoWireless, SAB Communication

TechnoWireless, SAB Communication
  • Mostafa Abou-Gamrah , CEO

Company overview
  • About Our Company
  • This overview explores the business of our 2
    companies TechnoWireless (TW), SAB Communication
    and (SAB Comm.) that are 2 different legal
    entities running operations in the fields of
    Wireless Industry, VAS services and new media
  • The 2 companies owns several brands among them
    are (the first online mobile portal in
    the region), lingo services (specialized in
    offering VAS services) .
  • The 2 companies are majority owned by one
    principal Sh. Salah El Belawi and have offices
    in Cairo, Jeddah and Riyadh. Each company has its
    own team running its operation.

Company vision mission
  • This is what we all see
  • This what we all do
  • operators, Media owners and enterprise clients
    can depend on expanding their business to enter
    the wireless arena.
  • As we run aggressive and promising business in
    the wireless industry in the Middle East with
    Focus on Egyptian Market through TechnoWireless
    and KSA market through SAB Telecom, we also
    relate this to the media world
  • We have a clear vision and philosophy that
    relates these operations to each other as we do
    believe that media and wireless industry are
    bonding together in an enormous way that is
    getting closer and stronger each day.
  • Customers are our first priority
  • Market research analysis with a vision of what
    can be implemented in the region
  • Follow our well designed process in evaluating
    opportunities and project management and
  • Enhance product releases especially the
    technology platforms to cater for more customers
    needs or new technology upgrades
  • Keep on building our know-how and methodology

TechnoWireless /SAB Communication company profile
  • TechnoWireless Confidential

Strategic planning
  • This is what we all see
  • SAB Comm. has Selected Booz-Allen-Hamilton to
    Support Lingo's business planning , financial and
    market studies Booz Allen has provided lingo
    with all the consulting and studies needs to
    Support a strategic plan until year 2010.

Our products services
TechnoWireless Platform
  • TechnoWireless/SAB Comm. platform Architecture

8 E1s EGY 50 E1s KSA
Products services
  • Technology Platforms
  • Samples of our platforms
  • We have a wide range of technology platforms and
    software that have been developed to serve mobile
    industry and VAS offerings
  • Mobile2TV platform
  • Service delivery mobile content management
  • Enterprise messaging solution supporting
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • WAP Push
  • USSD
  • IVR
  • Hub Connectors supporting different protocols
  • Mobile Portal( )
  • MMS Post card
  • Mobile content POS Application
  • eVoucher platform
  • Content Services
  • Sample of our content offered via POS Application
  • The other main specialized offering of
    TechnoWireless is the content services. We are
    specialized in content repurposing services as
    well as providing content to mobile operators,
    service providers and end users.
  • Our content depend on 10 creative development
    and 90 repurposing
  • We have built our own methodology for content
    repurposing that has proven its success in
    implementing all our huge projects that depend on
    repurposing of already exiting content
  • Our created content varies to include but not
    limited to
  • Tones/Full MP3
  • Still Animated wallpapers
  • Themes
  • Java games
  • Applications
  • Video clips
  • Video ring tones

Content Business
  • Our Content Business
  • TechnoWireless is one of the leading and very
    early players in the content filed in the Middle
    East. It has all started with a huge project that
    we implemented in Egypt few years ago with the
    Egyptian Radio Television union to repurpose
    their content to be used on the new channels such
    as SMS, Web and WAP.
  • Over years we have built a solid experience in
    this field and developed the know-How of the
    content creation syndication services.
  • Our content service depend on creativity in
    developing and creating new content from scratch
    which represents 10 to 25 of our content
    business while the content repurposing and
    syndication represents 80 to 75.
  • Content Repurposing
  • Content Repurposing Methodology
  • We have developed our own content repurposing
    methodology that has proven great success when
    deployed on several projects that we have done
    for our customers.
  • Our methodology evolves the following steps
  • Content Study
  • Service Design
  • Implantation
  • The following graph shows the process that we
    follow in our content syndication.

  • TW Mobile2TV
  • System Features
  • Dynamic Services with Schedules and
  • Different Short-Code categories and types
  • Automatic calculations for voting services
  • Easy to use monitor system for all kind of
  • Complete image editor
  • User friendly interface to serve fast operation
    and message modification
  • Adding Balance to users to be able to send
  • Online reports for all services
  • System Client console

Unique content Symbian mobile applications
  • Symbian Applications
  • TechnoWireless has developed Symbian applications
    that are unique and serve the customers need.

Anti - Theft
This application protects mobile devices from
being stolen. If the device is stolen, once
opened again using another SIM card it
automatically sending SMS from that number to
alert that this device is stolen.  
  • The Mask
  • This application helps mobile users to keep the
    secrecy of their contacts and messages from being
    read or seen by one else but the device owner.
  • User simply opens the application, navigate his
    address book and select all the contacts that he
    wants to keep hidden or private. Once clicking
    "ok" button all these contacts and their
    associated SMS or MMS are hidden and protected..
    They can then by checked by mobile owner only via
    a password defined by the device owner himself.

Our Brands
  • is a huge web portal
  • Offers mobile services and content.
  • Running in The Egyptian Market as well as in KSA
    Jordan (under development)
  • main Services
  • SMS / MMS chatting
  • Peer to peer
  • Gawezna
  • Classmates
  • Web mobile
  • Saving SMSs
  • Saving MMSs
  • Phone book
  • Send free SMS
  • Content downloads
  • Logos picture messages
  • Tones (monotones, polyphonic and true tones)
  • Java games

Our Brands
  • is our main direct interface with
    normal end users and consumers.
  • We use it as our test pad for our new content and
    services that we launch
  • Also is our online experience that we
    refer our customers to in order to have a look on
    our content as well as our technology
  • Through we have successfully launched
    entertaining VAS services that generated high
    traffic and remarkable success in the market such
  • MMS Festival
  • SMS based competitions
  • We also have our magazine which a
    printed nice exiting booklet that shows our
    content as well as interesting editorial stuff
    for the users to reach them not only via web but
    every where they might be

NOZIA Music and singing Festival
NOZIA Musical Festival
Unique content Offerings
  • Exclusive Islamic Content
  • TechnoWireless has acquired the rights of some
    unique Islamic content to offer it exclusively to
    the market such as
  • Amr Khlaed
  • Sheikh Sharawy
  • Al Karadawy
  • Flash-light content
  • TechnoWireless has successfully developed some
    flash games and applications for mobile
    supporting devices such as
  • Flash cards gamed
  • Horoscope Application

Content drm solutions
  • Content DRM Solution
  • TechnoWireless being one of the leader companies
    working in content filed is securing its content
    management system platform with Microsoft DRM
  • Microsoft Media Digital Rights Management (DRM)
    is a proven platform to protect and securely
    deliver content for playback on computers,
    portable devices, and network devices. It offers
    increased flexibility to support a wide range of
    business models that provide consumers even
    greater access to protected audio and video

eVoucher Platform (OTF)
  • On the fly eVoucher platform is aimed at
    providing pre-paid payment alternative with
    multi-access channels support
  • Web Interface
  • Mobile Access
  • SMS/MMS based
  • IVR
  • WAP interface
  • POS
  • Self Service Kiosks/ATM

Successful projects
Successful projects
  • All over the years we have managed to achieve our
    targets by providing our products and services to
    a number of prestigious clients in the region by
    implementing successful projects. Following are
    examples of our successful projects
  • Iqraa TV Mobile2
  • Ein TV Mobile2TV
  • AL Jazeera Mobile
  • Cilantro Cafés content
  • Phono POS
  • Jawal Ittihad Club

Successful projects
  • All over the years we have managed to achieve our
    targets by providing our products and services to
    a number of prestigious clients in the region by
    implementing successful projects. Following are
    examples of our successful projects
  • Akhbar Misr Subscription Service
  • Content on IVR - KSA
  • Mobile Portal
  • Alarabya Mobile
  • Arriyadi website
  • MobiCom VAS Portal

Successful projects
  • All over the years we have managed to achieve our
    targets by providing our products and services to
    a number of prestigious clients in the region by
    implementing successful projects. Following are
    examples of our successful projects
  • Lingo Retail Services
  • World Cup Service
  • MENA Mobile Subscription Service
  • Nile News Subscription
  • MobiNil Life
  • MobiSchools

Successful projects
  • All over the years we have managed to achieve our
    targets by providing our products and services to
    a number of prestigious clients in the region by
    implementing successful projects. Following are
    examples of our successful projects
  • Big Brother
  • Phono POS
  • MMS Festival
  • MMS Post Card
  • Vodafone Live
  • Cheetos campaign website

The market
  • Market overview
  • Attractiveness of intl regional consumer
  • An aggressive rapidly growing market where new
    technology trends are emerging almost every day
    increasing business opportunities and market
  • Our target market is the Middle East and African
    market with focus on promising countries such as
    KSA, Egypt, Kuwait, North African countries and
  • According to latest statistics the total number
    of mobile subscribers in Gulf countries has
    reached 44,379,215 subscribers. Our two huge
    target markets which are KSA and Egypt have
    currently around 20 million subscribers for each.
  • KSA SMS market is witnessing a dramatic increase
    in using SMS services as its total revenue has
    reached 60 million Saudi Riyals per month in the
    last quarter of 2006. .
  • In Egypt, also SMS market is booming and growing
    rapidly. According to latest statistics, Egyptian
    mobile subscribers have sent 200 million SMS as
    greetings in the event of the new year of 2007.
  • Subscription based services, consumer generated
    content, unique payment mechanisms and the
    promising 3G are the killer services and
    applications in the coming few years.
  • Following is a chart that shows for example the
    attractiveness of International and regional
    consumer services.
  • Operators service providers outsource their VAS
    services to 3rd parties

The market
  • Regional market expectations by 2010

The market
  • Average spending per mobile subscriber in ME

OUR clients
  • Mobile Operators
  • Vodafone Egypt
  • MobiNil
  • STC
  • Mobily
  • Du
  • Fastlink
  • Batelco
  • Sabafone
  • Qatar Call
  • Media Owners
  • AL Jazeera TV
  • Egyptian Radio Television Union
  • ART
  • MBC
  • Nile News
  • MENA
  • Mazzika TV
  • Dream TV
  • Marah TV
  • Enterprise Service providers
  • Wadi Degla Sporting Club
  • Global Brands
  • Ittihad Club
  • Diners Club
  • Phono
  • Telcomedia
  • Swatch