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Managing Student Behavior


Know that every day can be 'the first day of school' 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C. ... As each son entered, the bag would fall on him. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Managing Student Behavior

  • Managing Student Behavior
  • Judy Brunner
  • Raleigh, West Virginia
  • August 6 7, 2009

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Instructional Targets
  • Understand how to provide clear expectations for
    student behavior, classroom routines and
  • Be able to reduce or eliminate anti-social or
    verbally aggressive student behaviors

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Friends and Neighbors
  • Choose your
  • good friend
  • Identify your
  • neighbors

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Make an Appointment (With People Other than
  • Make two appointments with two new

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Lets Think About It!
  • Write down 3 things you hope to learn from
    todays training.
  • Write down at least 3 reasons you believe this is
    an important topic for educators in todays
    current educational climate.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Management System
  • Larry hates school.
  • Larry would like to get out.
  • Larry can get out.
  • To get out, Larry must (frequently) abuse the
  • Do you know Larry?

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Management System
  • When the system doesnt work, we play the blame

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Who is to blame?
The college professor said Such rawness in a
student is a shame, lack of preparation in high
school is to blame.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Who is to blame?
Said the high school teacher Good heavens!
That boys a fool. The fault of course is with
the middle school.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Who is to blame?
The middle school teacher said From stupidity
may I be spared. They sent him in so unprepared.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Who is to blame?
The elementary teacher huffed Kindergarten
blockheads all. They call that preparation-why,
its worse than none at all.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Who is to blame?
The kindergarten teacher said Such lack of
training never did I see. What kind of woman
must that mother be?
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Who is to blame?
The mother said Poor helpless child. Hes not
to blame. His fathers people were all the same.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Who is to blame?
Said the father at the end of the line I doubt
the rascals even mine.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Managing Student Behavior Its Not Easy
  • Its very easy to forget what you know
    intellectually and merely begin to react
  • It cannot all be punitive. It should be
    proactive and not only reactive.
  • If a student always presses your buttons,
    hide your buttons.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Think in Terms of Ideals
  • Think to yourself and make a list.
  • What are 7 characteristics of an ideal student?
  • What are 7 characteristics of an ideal teacher?
  • When signaled to do so, work with your neighbors
    and draw an ideal.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Talk to Your Neighbors
  • How can you use the information about ideal
    teachers and students to benefit your students
    this school year?
  • Please be specific.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
So What Do Kids Really Want From Us?
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
What do students want?
  • Teachers that are trustworthy
  • Teachers who get to know them
  • Teachers who believe in them
  • Teachers who make learning interesting
  • Teachers who dont embarrass them
  • Teachers who dont scream
  • Teachers who dont give up on them

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
What do students want?
  • Teachers to be nice and smile often
  • Teachers to care about them
  • Teachers to be understanding
  • Teachers to be patient
  • Teachers to be fair and consistent
  • Teachers who like teaching
  • Teachers who help them succeed
  • Teachers that challenge them to do their best

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
What do you think
Why would we spend time today talking about what
students want from teachers and administrators?
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
  • Brain
  • Compatible
  • Classrooms

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Framework for Understanding
  • Be physically and mentally prepared for problems
    in the classroom
  • Tune in to students and make adjustments before
    boredom or disinterest begins
  • Plan lessons that engage and motivate students
    help them understand the relevance
  • Have clear expectations about what is acceptable
    and what is unacceptable

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Framework for Understanding
  • Recognize that sit and get wont work when it
    is the predominate method of instruction
  • Students need to have time to process information
    i.e. wait time
  • Plan ahead and look for potential problems within
    a lesson
  • Use a variety of teaching strategies to keep
    student interest

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Framework for Understanding
  • Hands on lessons reduce the down time for a
    students brain
  • Ineffective teachers discipline their classrooms,
    effective teachers manage their classrooms
  • The most effective way to deal with misbehavior
    is to prevent the misbehavior before it occurs

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Brain Compatible Ways to Prevent Discipline
  • Make positive contact with each student within 5
    minutes of the beginning of class.
  • Make regular positive contact with parents.
  • Allow students to have input into classroom rules
    and assignments.
  • Provide for individual time, group time, class
    discussions, and affirmation.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Brain Compatible Ways to Prevent Discipline
  • Make the classroom interesting with bulletin
    boards that are colorful and relevant.
  • Respond quickly to student concerns and
  • Incorporate movement into the daily schedule of
    the class.
  • Include everyone in discussions and routines.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Brain Compatible Ways to Prevent Discipline
  • Have students write personal and academic goals.
    Refer to these goals regularly.
  • When possible, give students a choice in lessons.
  • Have lunch with individual students.
  • Appropriately use dead time for a stretch break
    or a purposeful discussion.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Brain Compatible Ways to Prevent Discipline
  • Have students write a monthly letter to the
    teacher. As the teacher, write a response.
  • Have students role play appropriate responses and
  • Manage group leaders so they set the right tone
    for the group.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Brain Compatible Ways to Prevent Discipline
  • Recognize when it is time for the class to take a
    break. Have students stand, breathe deeply,
    stretch, stand on toes, etc.
  • Understand that building a relationship with
    students related to extracurricular activities
    can enhance the classroom environment.
  • Post schedules to reduce confusion.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Take Ten
Talk to your friend and discuss how you can make
your classroom more brain compatible related to
discipline? Be specific and prepared to share
your ideas with others.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
What Effective Teachers Do!
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Effective Teachers
  • Know what they are doing every day
  • Know and teach classroom procedures
  • Know their professional responsibilities
  • Know that every day can be the first day of

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
A Well Managed Classroom
  • Characteristics
  • High level of student involvement with work
  • Relatively little wasted time, confusion, or
  • Work oriented but relaxed and pleasant climate

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
A Well Managed Classroom
  • Effective Teachers
  • Constantly ask - Are they learning what I want
    them to learn? Can they demonstrate or explain
    what they have learned?
  • Make sure assignments are based on objectives.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
A Well Managed Classroom
  • Effective Teachers
  • Dress professionally
  • Understand they are role models
  • Are able to say No and mean it
  • Start class immediately

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
A Well Managed Classroom
  • Effective Teachers
  • Meet and greet students at the door
  • Use a seating chart
  • Teach responsibility by making students
    responsible for daily tasks
  • Know how to bring class to attention
  • Know how to praise and encourage

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
A Well Managed Classroom
  • Effective Teachers
  • Introduce rules, procedures, and routines from
    day one and continue to teach them throughout the
    school year……especially at the beginning of 4th

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
A Well Managed Classroom
  • Procedures for the following
  • Beginning class
  • Ending class
  • Collecting papers
  • Returning papers
  • Sharpening pencils
  • Leaving the room for personal reasons
  • Obtaining, maintaining and using school
  • Entering the room when late

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
A Well Managed Classroom
  • Procedures for the following
  • Getting student attention after group work or
  • Responding to visitors in the room
  • Responding to intercom announcements
  • Forming groups within the class
  • Getting the teachers attention during
    discussion, seatwork, or group work

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Take Ten
Talk to your first appointment and describe
routines or procedures that could be used within
your classroom. How would you teach these
routines and procedures?
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
What Effective Teachers Do!
  • They treat all students courteously and refuse to
    tolerate students mistreatment of each other.
  • They establish a classroom code of conduct.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Suggestions for a Classroom Code of Conduct
  • We will not embarrass others
  • We will try to help students who are having
    difficult understanding the content
  • We will invite students who are easily left out
    of activities to work together
  • We will remember that our primary purpose at
    school is to learn and improve academically

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
What Effective Teachers Do!
  • They feel good about teaching in general, about
    their particular students, about themselves, and
    they are enthusiastic about their students
  • They surround themselves with positive people.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
After Explaining Procedures and Expectations,
Allow for Student Movement
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Head Em UP! Move Em Out!
  • Remember how you feel after sitting in
    professional development for the day!

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Head Em UP! Move Em Out!
  • If students must read aloud, require them to
  • As content is discussed, have students stand when
    they agree and sit if they disagree
  • Have students make appointments for discussion
  • Use role play when possible
  • Give stretch breaks during class
  • Use cooperative learning activities but
    remember its not just group work

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Improving Your Withitness
  • Avoid concentrating only with those students that
    are most interested
  • Circulate through the room calling on a variety
    of students and checking on progress
  • Maintain visual surveillance
  • During direct instruction try to establish eye
    contact with each student once every two minutes

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Improving Your Withitness
  • Rather than having students bring paper and
    pencil to the teachers desk, students should
    raise hands. The teacher should go to students
    desk to provide assistance.
  • When a visitor enters the room give a signal to
    students that they should continue working.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
With your second appointment, discuss how you
rate as an effective teacher. What do you do
well? How could you improve?
Take Ten
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Room Arrangement
  • Arrange desks so that all students face the
    teacher and students can be easily monitored
  • Allow for room to move between aisles
  • Plan for student belongings

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Room Arrangement
  • Have a consistent place for listing the days and
    weeks assignments
  • Post a large example of heading for student work

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Teacher Caused Student Misbehavior
  • Group punishment
  • Loud talking
  • Nagging
  • Negative touch control

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Teacher Caused Student Misbehavior
  • Overreacting
  • Physical punishment
  • Premature judgment
  • Threats and ultimatums
  • Writing as a punishment

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Try to Avoid
  • Emphasizing the negative
  • Not requiring students to raise hands and follow
  • Beginning an activity prior to having student
  • Sitting while teaching
  • Using the same teaching strategy each day

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Try to Avoid
  • Inefficiently using instructional tools
  • Relying too much on teacher talk
  • Interacting with only half the class
  • Collecting and returning student papers before
    assigning students something to do
  • Interrupting while students are on task

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Try to Avoid
  • Using Shhh as the primary way of quieting
  • Talking over student noise
  • Permitting inattention during a media
  • Verbally reprimanding from across the room
  • Not intervening quickly enough

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Simple Corrections
  • Gentle verbal reprimand
  • Proximity
  • Keep record of behavior
  • Assign time owed
  • Time out at students desk
  • Time out at other location
  • Fill out behavior improvement form

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Super Teaching Eric Jensen The Brain Store
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
An Ounce of Prevention……
  • Limit the amount of time on any one activity
  • Use background music
  • Have students generate reasons for learning
    Whats in it for me?
  • The fewer the rules, the better
  • When in teams, use individual and group

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
An Ounce of Prevention……
  • Seek and respond to student suggestions
  • Provide for structured talking
  • Have attractive bulletin boards that are changed
  • Use non-verbal signals to correct students that
    are talkers
  • Say, What questions do you have about my

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
An Ounce of Prevention……
  • Have lunch with small groups of students
  • Role play discipline situations
  • Be consistent
  • When appropriate, apologize
  • Recognize when its time to take a break
  • Manage group leaders

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
An Ounce of Prevention……
  • Make sure your classroom routine is predictable
  • Post schedules
  • Include everyone. No one should be allowed to
    sleep or respond with I dont know.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Take Ten
Review the information from Eric Jensen. Circle
the suggestions you believe are relevant for your
classroom. Be specific and prepared to share
your choices and reasons for them.
Talk to your friend.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
  • If It Starts
  • to Get Ugly

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
The Samurais Sons
  • Once there was a samurai who, in his old age,
    decided to divide his estate among his three
    sons. To determine which son deserved the
    largest inheritance, he tested their skill with
    the sword. He hung a bag of rice inside a barn
    door and summoned them one by one. As each son
    entered, the bag would fall on him. The son with
    the best response would win the bulk of the

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
The Samurais Sons
  • As the first son entered, the bag fell and struck
    him on the head. Shocked and hurt, he
    nevertheless managed to react. He drew his sword
    and cut the bag in half before it hit the ground.
    Not bad, thought the father.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
The Samurais Sons
  • When the second son entered, he sensed the bag
    even before it struck him, and he sliced it in
    midair. Even better, thought the old man.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
The Samurais Sons
  • When the third son was summoned, he hesitated
    upon arriving at the barn. Sensing that
    something was amiss, he didnt enter and never
    drew his sword.
  • This son won the bulk of the estate.
  • What does this story have to do with managing

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Power Struggles Dont You Just Hate When That
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
What Precipitates a Power Struggle?
  • Time constraints
  • Fatigue
  • Innate desire to win
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Lack of student or staff training

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Power Struggles What Works?
  • Speak the second to the last word
  • Model the values you want to see
  • Do not use sarcasm
  • Listen, agree, acknowledge, defer
  • Be complimentary

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Working with Angry Individuals
  • Respond professionally
  • When consequences are necessary, be business-like
    with your demeanor
  • Make sure consequences make sense
  • Remember they will eventually return to your

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
When Students Return to Your Classroom
  • Be friendly
  • Offer the first smile
  • Offer the first kind words
  • Offer the first friendly gesture

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Lets See What Youve Learned!
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Exercise Instructions
Read the exercise carefully. You are provided
with an event that could occur at any time in
your school or classroom. You have been provided
with some factual information. Make assumptions
at your own risk. The exercise is divided into
three parts.
CONSIDERATIONS These will be all of the factors
that you must consider as you begin to problem
solve the event. Examples include, but are not
limited to, time of day, weather conditions,
number of students, etc.
OPTIONS The list of options should be as
complete as possible. Include those that you may
not think are as good as others. What may seem
like a bad idea initially, may ultimately be your
best choice.
ACTIONS List the action(s) you would take in
chronological order. Your actions should be
taken from your options. Remember, your actions
should be consistent and appropriate for your
school and/or classroom setting.
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Threat of Violence Exercise
It is after school and you are in your classroom
conducting a conference with the parents of Sean
Perkins. As you are reviewing Seans grades his
father becomes visibly agitated and states that
This is a bunch of crap. He accuses you of
not being fair and further states Im not going
to put up with this school or you. He pushes
himself away from the table and stands up. It is
your observation that Mr. Perkins has been
drinking or is on some type of medication due to
the slurring of his speech.
You Also Know
  •       Mr. Perkins has worn sunglasses throughout
    the conference
  •     Mrs. Perkins is beginning to beg her
    husband to calm down but he is not
  • compliant

What are your considerations, options, and
ultimate actions?
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Threat of Violence Exercise
  • You are returning to class from lunch when you
    see Tad Sawyer and Billy Duncan in the hallway
    having an angry verbal exchange. While
    instructing your class to take their seats you
    observe Tad and Billy begin to shove each other.
    As you start toward the boys you observe Billy
    reach inside his backpack, remove a pair of
    scissors and raise them in a threatening manner.

You Also Know
  •     Billy is an emotionally disturbed child that
    takes Prozac
  •     Billys medication was recently adjusted
    due to physical aggression and his
  • behavior is quickly escalating

What are your considerations, options, and
ultimate actions?
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
  • You dont have to like the students or
    parents….you just have to act as though you do.

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Lets Make a Plan!
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Getting Started
  • Review the power point.
  • What slides do you want to use?
  • What activities do you want to use?
  • How might you use the tabletop exercises?
  • Write your Action Plan.

Part Two
? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Instructional Targets
  • Understand how to use Modules 1 and 2 of the
  • Safe Schools Classroom Series to
    facilitate training
  • related to managing student behavior

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Managing Student Behavior
  • Training modules include
  • Providing Teachers the Tools for Safe Classrooms
  • School House Bullies Preventive Strategies for
    Professional Educators

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Training DVDs
  • DVD
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Discussion Questions
  • Tabletop Exercises

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Module 1
  • Providing Teachers
  • Tools for Safe Classrooms

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Module 1 - Training DVD
  • 47 minute training module divided into 2 parts
  • (View in one or two settings)
  • Part One Legal responsibility, scope of
    employment, and responding to classroom
  • Part Two Managing aggressive/violent behavior

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Introduction Purpose, Content, and Key Concepts
  • How to Use the Guide

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Chapter One
  • Part One Part Two
  • Activating Background Knowledge
  • View DVD
  • Questions for Review

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Chapter Two
  • 3 Sample Elementary Tabletop Exercises
  • 3 Sample Secondary Tabletop Exercises
  • Chapter Three
  • Action Plan Prototype

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Appendix
  • Tabletop Exercises Worksheet
  • Plan of Action Template
  • Classroom Safety Checklist

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Module 2
  • School House Bullies
  • Preventive Strategies for Professional Educators

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Module 2 - Training DVD
  • 90 minute training module divided into 3 parts
  • Part One Types of bullying, definitions,
    characteristics, etc.
  • Part Two Elementary, middle, and high school
    student vignettes
  • Part Three Prevention strategies

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Introduction Purpose, Content, and Key Concepts
  • How to Use the Guide

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Chapter One
  • Activating Background Knowledge
  • Questions for Review
  • Parts One, Two, and Three of DVD

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Chapter Two
  • Tabletop Exercises for Students Staff
  • Instructions for Staff
  • Instructions for Students

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Chapter Three
  • Use of surveys student, staff, and parent
  • Plan of Action
  • Sample Action Plan
  • Sample Workshop Agenda

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Facilitators Guide
  • Resources
  • Surveys
  • Action Plan Template
  • Bullying Prevention Tabletop Exercises
  • Staff
  • Student

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.
Complete Action Plan
Talk to Your Friend
  • What do you want to remember about todays
  • What are your concerns?
  • What are your questions?

? 2009 EDU-SAFE L.L.C.

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