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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


... to practice with the school dance team but right after words she would but at practice. ... important, during the 1910s a new political agenda advocating ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • Ronnie Everett
  • 11th Grade
  • Mrs. Dowling

Click to view my artistic portfolio
My Introduction
  • Thank you greatly for opening and deciding to
    read my portfolio. It is packed with great works
    of poetry and stories of creativity. A lot of the
    stories and poems, especially the poems, are
    based on a relationship that I was in for over a
    year and this is what came out of it.

View the Table Of Contents
View the Table Of Contents
Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 2
  • Growing Into Myself
  • A letter to my first Love
  • Love Is Stupid
  • The Undeserved
  • The Undeserved (Continued)
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • (Continued)
  • I Write Because…
  • I Stand an I want you to be…
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Dear Ronnie
  • My Home
  • Night
  • A Jump Through the Sky
  • Virginia Tech 32
  • Monologues
  • Just Because Im Black
  • Avoidance
  • Im Nothing
  • Othello
  • Lil T-ime
  • I dont Understand
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 1
  • Wish You Weren't Alive
  • The Makings of Me
  • Your Nothing but a Female Player
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • The Model Model
  • Tired of Makin up
  • Flight 93
  • Flight 93 (continued)
  • Reflections

Wish You Weren't Alive
Lately all its been love But its feeling more
like lust Im finally to the point Were I've had
enough Enough fightin' Enough lyin Enough
hidin Enough denyin You have had enough
cryin And the sad part is I have my own
suggestion One that will end my hurt years from
now Because right now I see us being together
forever Thats a forever of… Fightin, lyin',
hiddin', and Denyn' And I cant take that I WISH
YOU WERENT ALIVE True love never dies But you can
this sounds sick and sadistic But this is were I
am I sit back and watch us All we do is argue
better man.
Your Nothing but a Female Player
You played your games Did your things And you
left me alone So now Im home All alone In
this chair by the phone Waiting For it to ring
And when it rings
I say baby And its not you thats on the line I
dont want to hurt But I can do better I dont
want to leave you But youre treating me like
What ever So play Cause you a player And want
me back Cause you a hater Im not even mad Im
just Over only you.
Your Nothing but a Female Player
Flight 93
Have you ever wondered how it would feel if your
life was in the hands of men who have never met
you but have a burning hate for you? Well I can
tell you, because Ive been through it. On
September 11, 2001 I was on United Airlines
flight 93 on my way home to San Francisco from a
show I had to do in Newark, New Jersey. This is
what many Americans would call the most tragic
day in history but there talking from the outside
looking in. I boarded my flight that morning
running very late. I arrived at 815 am for a
flight that was scheduled to depart at 852 am.
I found my seat I was in row 17 next to an
elderly woman. She later introduced herself as
Hilda Marcin. She was 79 years old and my best
friend for the next 4 to 5 hours (depending on
the length of the flight). I laid my seat back
and began listening to my CD player. I then
drifted into a slumber, not knowing that would be
the last time I would fly. Hilda shook me awake
to ask me if she could borrow my cell phone to
call her family to let them know every thing was
going fine. When she was done she gave me my
phone back and told me how amazing her kids were
and how she could not wait to see them. Our
conversation was interrupted by a sudden rumble
in the cock-pit. Next came a voice over the loud
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Flight 93 (continued)
Uh, this is the captain. Would like you all to
remain seated. There is a bomb on board, and are
going back to the airport, and to have our
demands. Please remain quiet says a
middle-eastern sounding man. I, without thinking,
grabbed my cell phone and called my girlfriend to
let her know what was going on. I had to let her
know that I love her. There was a man on my
left, First Officer LeRoy Homer, and he suggested
that we need to do something and do it quick. So
we got as many passengers as possible without
bringing attention to ourselves. We tried to
devise a plan for us get home safely. There are
at least 30 passengers on the plane, so we can
take any amount of people who are hi-jacking our
plane, and our lives. All we come up with is we
need to get into the cock-pit and take back
control of our lives. We form a single file line
and knew this could either be the one move that
saves or destroys our lives. Charging full speed
the line of united passengers run through first
class and broke through the cock-pit door. There
were four men with box cutters and a look in
there eyes that could kill at first glance. We
struggled to get to the front of the plane with
the end result being what we all feared. The
plane went strait down in the middle of
Pennsylvania. That was the day I took my last
breath at 1006 am. My life had to end because a
group of hateful people wanted to kill any and
every American it could.
Show Time
  • The hardest week of my young
    life had to have been the days before the
    Woodbridge Senior High School talent show. I had
    a very creative and talented group, which
    consisted of April, Latasha, Ashley, Mike,
    Harold, and Myself. We all decided we needed
    alter egos and nicknames so April was Brittney
    Spears, Latasha was Honey, Ashley was White
    Chocolate, Mike was Obang, Harold was Struggle
    and I was Freaky. When we finally started
    choreographing and practicing the routine but
    when we did it there was something missing and
    after two hours of practice we decided we would
    fix it the next day.
  • The next day, every thing
    started to look great so after an hour and a half
    of practice Ashley was practicing one of the
    flips and landed on her foot wrong and rolled her
    ankle. Her ankle had swollen large and fast
    before we even got her show off. The swelling was
  • My foot oh my god I cant feel my
    foot my ankle hurts so bad get it off get it off
    is what White Chocolate as she was on the ground
    in pain.
  • Take your shoe off and chill ima
    go get you some ice cause that joint is swollen
    and its red I said to get her to calm down and
    shut up.
  • Before I even get back Ashley
    decides she can take the pain so she decides to
    get up, even though we suggest she doesnt, and
    begins to practice with us.
  • The following days were amazing.
    We finished the dance and it was amazing we
    really put all our effort in this one. We had a
    plot, flips, splits, quick choreography and lots
    of sexual chemistry. On the day before the show
    we were having one of our last run-through and I
    did one of the splits I heard a crack in my hip
    but nothing hurt so I kept moving and going on
    about my day. I went home, and every thing but my
    hip started hurting more and more, but I paid it
    no attention until the next morning when I woke
    up with a throbbing pain in my left hip. The pain
    was like a car ran into me in my sleep and
    decided to hit me repeatedly while it was at it.
    The day was full of pain, excitement, nerves, and

Show Time (continued)
  • After I limped to the bus stop the
    morning of the talent show and I got to school
    and met with my group, we were so nervous and yet
    so excited. The end of the school day came and
    April couldnt practice right away because she
    had to practice with the school dance team but
    right after words she would but at practice. Well
    while at her other practice she twisted her knee
    on one of the rolls they had to do. So basically,
    we were a pretty beat up team of dancers, but we
    had to make do wit out accumulation of awesome
  • We rested as much as we could
    because the show was that night and we were in
    pains that we didnt even know were possible.
    Luckily, White Chocolate and Britney Spears legs
    were feeling better buy show time
  • By the time we went on stage, I had
    took six painkillers and was still in pain but as
    they say, the show must go on, and it did. We
    executed every move with great precision accuracy
    and timing. We ended up winning best over all
    even with all the injuries. That was all we
    needed to do in order to let us know it was all
    worth it and when we were on that stage accepting
    our award, we knew it was all worth it the pain
    and injuries.
  • That following Monday I went to the
    doctor and got me x-rays and they showed I had
    cracked my pelvis wing and would have to be on
    crutches for the next 6 weeks. The crutches were
    the icing on the cake with my newfound celebrity
    from winning the show and now the sympathy I was
    receiving was amazing.

1) the most challenging of these writings would
have to be my stories. I had a hard time with the
character sketch The Model Model and Show
Time. I basically overcame it by just writing
what came into my head. 2) I would have to say
that I am most proud of is Wish You Werent
Alive. This one is my favorite because that is a
real unique concept of love but its how I feel
about my situation. 3) I decided not to include
my conflict story because I wrote it over and
over but it still came out horrible. 4) I WISH
YOU WERENT ALIVE- self explanatory In this
chair by the phone- My girlfriend said this to me
all the time I just switched it around
and reversed the roles. That was the day I
took my last breath at 1006 am. - Its just so
weird to me I like it 5) I would clearly be
able to tell they are a very weird frustrated
young soul going thru pubertys ups and downs. 6)
I would feel most comfortable expanding my
stories into further writing because my poems I
like to keep them short unless there one of my
songs which I dont mind having a little bit more.
Growing into Myself
I was born a child Never born a baby I am now a
man Because my momma raised me She enstilled in
me The traits I need to suceed I taught myself
the rest I was my own trainee I was born changing
my own diapers And mixing my own milk
I grew up And noy I change my own clothes And pay
my own bills I dance I sing I know I can do
anything Cause ive never been a baby Ive allways
been me A king of my own stuff A man bore to be
tough I am me
A letter to my first Love
  • The first day I saw you my body began to do
    crazy things. Every move you made struck a new
    cord of my excitement. You quickly became my
    first love. At first I would only see you at a
    party or a show but that quickly changed. Now I
    see you as soon as I wake up. I feel you as I
    sleep. My family loves you and encourages me to
    be with you. I just wanted you to know I love you
    and I wouldnt be the man that I am without you,
    and that promise I made you about keeping my body
    inshape is still going to happen. I cant wait
    untill I graduate and we move to New Tork
    andbegin making money together and making love
    all over the world. So my first love Dance I love
  • Love Stingy

Love Is Stupid
  • It seems like all I do in Class
  • is think about the Past
  • The past fights
  • The past laughs
  • The past late night
  • And the past we had
  • We haven't been perfect 4 each other but I'm
    happy that were thru
  • Wait if I'm so happy why am I writing about you
  • Wait no I'm happy I no I am
  • I jus hope I never see you with another man
  • I'm kind of exited that were not together and
    happy that all the pictures we took came out ugly
  • But I'm kind of mad that I'm still not your buddy
    but love is stupid me and you are stupid and us
    was stupid
  • So stupid I wasted almost a year smiling and
    laughing and holding your hand
  • Love is stupid and I'm happy were thru I'm so
    damn happy I refuse to talk about you
  • Never mind I will never talk about you
  • Love is stupid and I'm… that were thru

The Undeserved
  • Look for the sign that says love avenue and turn
    right there and thats were you will see me on
    the corner waiting for you in my soaking wife
    beater and wet jeans R.J says on the phone to
    his girlfriend waiting for her to arrive. For the
    last three nights he would sneak out and wait in
    the rain for her to arrive wishing he had on more
    clothes on trying to look sexy. His long hair was
    dripping wet but if you saw his face you would
    think it was his birthday and he was about to
    unwrap his favorite present. He waited and waited
    until his phone rang and no one spoke he just her
    himself breathing. Regina plays too much he
    thought in his head as he giggled and waited for
    her to arrive.
  • When arrival never comes many begin to worry
    when worrying does nothing but slow down the
    hurry he found himself saying out loud
    remembering that his grandfather would always say
    that to teach him to be more patient. After an
    hour of waiting and a whole bunch of four letter
    words he decides he should sneak back in the
    house. He begins to walk towards his house and
    here her car comes. He turns around smiling
    standing on the sidewalk waiting for her car to
    slow down, but it never does. He watches her
    drive right past with another male in the car.
    With his heart crushed and eyes blind with rage
    he throws a rock through her window and hit her
    in the head. R.J watched his girlfriends car
    slide on the slick wet pavement and swerve back
    and forth until she finally looses control of the
    wheel causing her whole car to flip over and
    roll three times and land upside down which
    crushed his heart. Regina was in the car but was
    thrown out one hundred and seventy five feet from
    the car causing her to die on impact. Her dad had
    only minor cuts and bruises.

The Undeserved (Continued)
  • R.J. and his short legs began to travel at record
    speeds but it was to late her dad was already to
    her aid and when he saw his face he chased him
    for almost fifteen minutes with tears of
    anger, pain, frustration and disturbance running
    down his cheek and sliding off his face.
  • Doug calm down, Im so sorry, I didnt mean to
    hurt her, I love her, I swore I would never do
    anything to hurt her, and I did R.J says as he
    runs out of energy.
  • You did this on purpose and I hate you, I hate
    you, I hate you Doug shouts with anger and pain
  • R.J pulls out his 9 millimeter, gun, to get Doug
    to back away from him Doug continues to shoot and
    before R.J. can tell him to stop a bullet is
    fired. With the love of his life and her father
    both dead due to mistakes he had made, he battles
    himself over whether he should be living or it he
    should end his life right then.
  • He looks at Regina and looks at the hole in back
    back of Dougs head and realizes he deserves to
    live. BANG! However he doesnt want to he wants
    to be with Regina.

I Stand an I want you to be…
  • I stand before you today
  • To express how I feel
  • Dont want to hold you up
  • Just want to tell you the deal
  • Since day one
  • A friend is what you called me
  • Then why do I answer Hello (with my deep voice)
    when you call
  • We joke and play almost everyday
  • But why I remember the first day
  • We yell and fight like brother and sister
  • But yet you get mad because I kissed her
  • You tell every one were just friends
  • But you already picked out the name of our kids
  • You only cry when your heart is broken
  • You always cry when my love for you is unspoken
  • Were always wearing matching clothes
  • Not my decision, but like i it when you take

Weve seen every movie the theater shows But in a
scary movie you dont let my arm go You havent
had a boyfriend since the accident When I
accidentally kissed you back in 2002 When
February comes your on my mind Because you should
be my valentine But I dont want to cross the
line Cause our friendship is way to fine But a
love like this is hard to find And I dont want
to be left behind I want you to be… I want you to
be … I want you as mine
  • Girl we've been cool for so long
  • why would just throw that away
  • You're making a mistakes Thinking that we could
    be together
  • But I don't like at you that way
  • I'm sorry You've got a man and a family
  • And if I was you I wouldn't throw that away
  • I'm the type of guy to Break your happy home
  • I really thought we could be friends
  • But it seems that
  • I gotta go
  • Gotta go away cause me and you cant get on
  • On this lover tip
  • Cause I dont want the friendship gone

  • I write because…
  • It makes me happy
  • I write because…
  • It makes me smile
  • I write because…
  • Its my outlet to the world
  • I write because…
  • I write because I have anger
  • I write to hide my feelings from strangers
  • I write because this is what I love to do
  • I like dancing but this expresses me to
  • I write because…
  • Some words dont come out your mouth right
  • I write because…
  • I dont need to hold things in through the night
  • Writing is and expression
  • A ladder to let you climb out your depression
  • A new fix to get you over your obsession
  • A way to get your blue ribbon and not always be

Because my pen is my sword and my journal is my
shield I dont know how to stop for to
long Sometimes I yield Let me frustrations pass
by me but then Im right on their heals Passing
and overcoming them every time Love Hate Anger Fat
e Joy Pain Friends Ends I write Because… It lets
Ronnie Karee Everett J.r. Be Ronnie Karee
Everett J.r.
I Write Because…
Harlem Renaissance
  • The Harlem Renaissance emerged in the middle of
    social and intellectual turmoil in the life,
    school, and community in the early 20th century.
    Several factors laid the groundwork for the
    movement that I still use today.
  • When I was almost 18 years of age a black middle
    class had developed by the turn of the century
    which led to increased education and employment
    opportunities following the stupid Civil War.
    During an occurrence known as the Great
    Migration, hundreds of thousands of black
    Americans my friends family and those unknown to
    me moved from an economically depressed rural
    South to industrial cities of the North to take
    advantage of the employment opportunities created
    by World War I. As more and more educated and
    socially conscious blacks settled in New Yorks
    neighborhood of Harlem, it developed into the
    political and cultural center of black America.
    Equally important, during the 1910s a new
    political agenda advocating racial equality arose
    in the African American community, particularly
    in its growing middle class. But lets talk about
    how I became the successful jazz and blues singer
    today known as Ronnie Stingy Everett.
  • Boy if you dont wake up. This is the third day
    you let that alarm of yours yell and yell until I
    cant take it any more. Im tired of all the
    noise and Im tired of catering to a man of your
    age. If you can't get yourself up you need your
    own place. Thats what my mom said to me the
    last day I was living in her house and by the way
    she wakes me up you can tell why it was my last
  • See my mom was kind of mad that I have been up
    all night lately with my love and even though we
    were in my room and tried to be quiet she could
    always hear us. We were unspeakable and when my
    mom caught us the first time she wanted me out
    then because she knew it was soon to be a habit.
    So lately every night I would wake up and play
    with my love. Her name is Andrea and shes my
  • On the day of my 1st show I and my love, Andrea,
    found ourselves at this club that wasnt for our
    style of happy go lucky music. All the performers
    before us were into the blues. This is around the
    time the literature and music got big. African
    American literature and arts had begun a steady
    development just before the turn of the century.
    Jazz and blues music moved with black populations
    from the South and Midwest into the bars and
    cabarets of Harlem.
  • Now I tell you this story so that you can know a
    story about true love and losing the love of your
  • One day after doing an amazing show Andrea and I
    found our self on our way back to our new place.
    As I entered my building I noticed a new floor
    mat across the hall and that may be weird to you
    but that home had been vacant for the past year.
    I would often sneak in there using a credit card
    just to practice and get the concert hall
    feeling. But this floor mat had some beautiful
    flowers and just the right amount of pink to let
    me know there was hope. I went in the house
    dropped Andrea off and freshened up. That was the
    day I walked right into hell.

  • I walked across the hall anxious to see
    what beauty laid behind the door. I took a deep
    breath and knocked three times. After the longest
    30 seconds of my life I hear a raspy voice. Who
    is it? And what exactly is it that you want you
    see I just moved in and I dont have much
  • I kindly said maam all I wanted to do was meet
    a neighbor and introduce myself. I then hear the
    door unlatch and judging by her voice I'm
    expecting a pretty nice size women with probably
    more than enough flaws. When me eyes saw the
    beauty that opened the door all I could do was
    wonder why am I so lucky. She invited me in and
    we talked for hours. We love music she was a
    dancer and she has 4 brothers which fascinated
    me. When I looked up at the clock and saw that it
    was almost 5 in the mourning I jumped up and
    realized I had to get home. As I departed I asked
    her for her name.
  • Andrea she said. From then on I knew I had two
    loves and one had to go. I started doing less and
    less shows and spending more and more time with
    Andrea. I started not even having time to warm up
    before a show because Andrea couldnt find the
    right shoes to go with her dress. Then I found
    myself forgetting about music because her beauty
    was so much more than physical she connected with
    me in a way vie only felt once before. Andrea
    started calling my trombone just that a trombone
    so did I. I even found myself running late for
    one of Andreas two thousand dances shows a week
    that I left my trombone on the train,
  • Baby when you are going to give up this whole
    music thing. You dont show it any interest and
    your last few shows you havent even warmed up.
    You should just find something else that
    interests you like dance said Andrea and that
    was the last time I let her disrespect my craft.
  • Baby you should really stop doing these shows in
    old beat up houses that have theater plastered on
    them. When I first met you werent nearly this
    big and your splits actually went all the way
    down. And what is it with you and these ballet
    shows when you dont study ballet and it shows.
    Once those words left my mouth I knew I had to
    leave I had said the wrong thing.
  • Thats a way to end a relationship. I drifted
    from place to place and wrote apology letter
    after apology letter but she has yet to have read
    one Im to scared to mail it off. Im writing
    this story so when I die someone can read this
    and find her and let her know how stupid I am.
  • Andrea Praickson
  • 56 tienemae Place
  • Harlem New York 10027

Dear Ronnie
Dear Ronnie Well when you wrote this you were
only 17 years old and in the 11th grade. When you
open this you should be 18. In a year you have so
much that you would like to accomplish. Of coarse
you want to be paid for dancing. I would love to
be in a dance troupe and doing well. I would love
to be in a dance troupe and doing well. I would
like more self esteem when it comes to my dancing
because that seems to be my downfall. I want my
and my baby working in her career in law. I want
to be living with my baby and working a full time
dance job. I want to continue writing so I can
start a career in music. I would like to also
enroll in voice classes and vocal lessons.
I sit on the stage on the hardwood floor. I spin
and move around as much as I want without fear of
bumping anyone because this space has no limit.
The more I look I see curtians red and sattin.
When I look up I see lights they are beautiful
and many colors. When I look to my left and my
right I see space unlimited and darkness. When I
turn my attention infront of me I see seats. Many
seats, comfortable seats, empty seats, seats that
are soon to be full because every seat will be
occupied. Not only will they be occupied but they
will have thousands of screaming audience members
,fans if you will. When I begin dance I become in
my quiet place my personal sanctuary would have
to be an arena holding my very own personal
concert. The chairs holding my fans will no
longer be occupied. The lights shining down on my
playground will no longer be needed.
When night fekk the stars alluminated the dark
skies and made the view of the dark blue ocean
sparkle as a constant speed. The waves made my
eyes grow heavy with nothing but the anticipation
of my bed. I layed my head down aon my soft white
pillow to have dreams of lands far away. When the
mourning arises I rusch to the window to see the
view that willingly put me into a slumber. I
opend my window anticipating a view like no other
and of coarse thats what I received. There was a
mixture of sancd and grass which had the allusion
that the sand had sprouted weeds. There was still
the water which was a beautiful color because its
now the color of my skin.
Virginia Tech 32
Life is never promised But death is He bought the
ammo to change lives And he did He entered the
school with blood on his mind the,y could have
lived He didnt waste any time to end lives Then
took his All we sit around and say is What
if? What if he had friends What if security was
tighter What if the body count was higher Tears
will flow 32 times the people they know
17 year old male has been with his girlfriend for
3 years but has cheated and got caught he looks
in her eyes and says
Thou shalt not run these streets every night of
the week looking for some groupie love.  That's
the commandment I left out I haven't stole or
killed any one, but when I look in your eyes I
see death.  Not he or she who is among you in sin
shell cast stones so I can't give you a valid
reason to why she was the one that made me
break.  It doesn't matter that you and you
cheerleading is taking most of your time but damn
I can't be that weak to where one month without
you has pushed me away...  If you never want me
back I have nothing to say but I love you and I
hope you can at least forgive your sister
You say you love me I love you too I got your
eyes But he's watching you He's my boy But he
wants your heart So I cant stand The time that
were apart Cause I know He's coming for your
heart You say your friends. O.K. Ill be
back Cause this game I cant play
Just Because Im Black
Just because I'm black Just because
I'm black Dont think ill take your purse
Dont think Im on the corner hustling and
thats what I call work I go to school
then work my four to close selling clothes Just
because Im Black Doesnt mean I cant
be president Doesnt mean Im bound to
be locked down Doesnt mean Im the next
leading male role on COPS Just because Im Black
Gives me every right to try harder
Gives me every right to get smarter Just
because in blackplease dont try and label me
When you called my phone I didnt pick up Cause I
wasnt alone And you blew my phone up You called
my friends Had them call me And made yourself
seem pressed Cause I was still busy I was so busy
forgetting bout our lives And even more busy
trying to gather back my time I was callin you
when we first broke up But now im movin on and
the roles have doubled up
Im Nothing
Emotions come and go but this love wont go i wont
let it leave cause soon as you leave me im not
gone be me cause life without you is
IMPOSSIBLE i cant eat or sleep when I dont
sleep I dont drink when I dont drink i just
think, but what I lost hoping that I either get
you back or I die cause I cant live my life
without my Dignity Respect Energy and thats
what you give me
Lil Time
Body type The type im loving Attitude One from
Brooklyn Head game right Cause you speak your
mind And people keep saying true love is blind
Im not the mushy type More like the real type I
look in your eyes In there I see my future
wife I can be your Superman If you give me I
lil time
A Jump Through the Sky
Weightless And Senseless Praying In
repentance Hoping my chute will deploy Or ill be
one dead boy A roller coaster times 12 Feels like
if I hit the ground Ill go straight through to
hell My sanity is leaving My heart wont stop
beating My falls almost As the ground gets
closer The clouds that were below Are now above I
have pictures running through my mind Of every
one I love
I dont Understand
I dont Understand Why my being myself Is a bad
thing Why school I a place I go and hate to
be Why I'm a stereotype and I'm breaking all
limits set before me But most of all Why a father
is still a man if he is not there Why churches
can reject you and say the lord is there Why
mother are afraid of every tomorrow Why theirs
hate What I understand the most is Why all fall
short of the glory Why secret is never kept Why
sinner like to change the story Why Jesus wept