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A Day in the Life of Realty Group


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Day in the Life of Realty Group

A Day in the Life of Realty Group
  • CENTURY 21 Realty Group Companies
  • April 10, 2001
  • John Dick Kevin Kirkpatrick

Organizational Structure
  • Realty Group I is a Limited Liability Company
    formed in the state of Indiana
  • Managing members, John Dick Kevin Kirkpatrick,
    each with 50 ownership in RGI, LLC
  • Realty Group I, LLC Owns 100 of the RGI,
    Indianapolis Office
  • Realty Group I, LLC Owns a minimum of 51 of its
    11 Affiliated Offices
  • John Dick is President and CEO of the CENTURY 21
    Realty Group Companies, Realty Group I Division.
  • Kevin Kirkpatrick is President and CEO of CENTURY
    21 Realty Group Companies, Affiliate Division
  • John acts as managing Broker of RGI and Kevin
    assumes the Principal Broker position.

RGI, LLC Organization Chart
Offices listed in order of affiliation.
Realty Group Relocation
  • Maggie Beal, Director of Business Development
  • Five Full Time Relocation Employees
  • Full Time Corporate Business Development
  • Serving 12 Realty Group offices

CENTURY 21 Realty Group Companies Relocation
Division 8200 Haverstick Road Suite
120 Indianapolis, IN 46240
Meet Our Relo Staff
  • A Team
  • 101 current A Team agents.
  • A Team is revised every six months.
  • A Team Qualifications
  • Qualification based on production, closed units,
    and closed outbound referrals.
  • Production counts two points
  • Units count three points
  • Closed outbound referrals count five points
  • Eligibility
  • Agents must be ranked in the top third in their
    individual office to be eligible for the A Team
  • Must have a minimum of ten closed units per
    calendar year
  • Must have a minimum of two years real estate

  • Training
  • General new agent relocation training is held
    during fast track training classes.
  •  A Team training is held every six months.
    This is held in a round table format with staff
    members conducting the training an their area of
  • See training folders.

  • Affinity Relationships
  • HNI, Clarion Health Network
  • American Redball Worldwide Movers 

  • Relocation Services
  • Home Selling
  • Home Buying
  • Mortgage Assistance
  • Area Tour
  • Rental Assistance
  • Group Move Assistance
  • Relocation Package/Relocation CD
  • Household Goods Moving Assistance
  • Spouse Employment Assistance

  • Source of Relocation Business
  • Cendant Mobility 69
  • Other Third Party 11
  • Broker to Broker 16
  • Company Generated 4

  • Procedures
  • Source calls Relocation Coordinator
  • Relocation Coordinator calls customer and
    performs needs analysis and introduces mortgage
    and moving services if appropriate.
  • Relocation Coordinator places referral with an
  • Relocation Coordinator faxes customer
    information, needed instructions and forms to
  • The following day, the Relocation Coordinator
    contacts customer to verify agent contact and
    mentions mortgage service for second time.
  • After initial needs have been met, we set up
    computer system to email agent for monthly
  • Agent is instructed to notify the Relocation
    Coordinator when home is listed, home pends, home
    closes, a problem arises, etc.
  • Computer Programs Referral Pro and Broker Center

Corporate Business Development
    Director of Corporate Business Development
  • Generating new business from local Corporations
  • Newspapers - IBJ
  • Sunday Classified
  • Internet Monster.com
  • Book of Lists
  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • Asks/Listen
  • Phone Calls

Corporate Business Development
  • Speak primarily to Human Resources or Recruiters
    within a qualified corporation
  • All companies qualify unless they are a client of
    another third party company, i.e. Cendant, etc.
  •  Strategy Same as in any sales position
  • Initial contact
  • Qualifying need
  • Getting a face to face appointment
  • Selling the services of Realty Group Companies
  • Asking for the business - close

Corporate Business Development
  • Educate Companies
  • Assume Nothing
  • One is Better than None It All Adds Up
  • People Like the Word FREE
  • Not Every Corporation is an Eli Lilly
  • People Still Like the Personal Touch
  • Keep it Simple
  • Always Say Thank You

Relocation Goals Improvement Report
Questions and Answers
  • Realty Group Relocation Services
  • Maggie Beal, Director of Business Development

Realty Group I Office
  • Presented By John Dick CENTURY 21 Realty
    Group I
  • 1 CENTURY 21 Office in the World 6 Years
  • 1 Office in Metropolitan Indianapolis Market
    Area in market share
  • Units Closed in 2001 - 2653
  • GCC 2000 Almost 12,000,000 in one office!
  • Full Time Sales Staff of 86 Full Time Sales
    Associates and 29 Clerical, Licensed and/or Agent
  • Average Years Experience 16.2
  • Average Sales Volume 5 Million
  • Average Sales Price - 185,000

CENTURY 21 Realty Group I 3801 East 82nd Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46240
History and Philosophy
  • Founded in 1980 by 8 top agents from the 1
    Independent in Indy
  • Our goal To create and our own company where we
    could sell real estate
  • Kevin and I were in the original group.
  • We were basically a co-op and divided the
    expenses at the end of each month and split the
    costs between each agent/owner.
  • We didnt plan to grow beyond the original owners
    - other agents requested to join the company
  • Agents were attracted by high standards,
    productivity and excellent reputation
  • The goal was to be the Most Professional Group
    in the city. This goal still drives the
    operations of this company
  • The company was designed by top agents to serve
    only top agents
  • Services and systems were designed to serve the
    needs of high producers
  • This basic philosophy is still in place today

High Standards Pay Off!
  • Realty Group has achieved results far beyond
    their original goals and expectations.
  • 1 CENTURY 21 Office in the World for 6 years
  • Consistently 1 real estate office in market
    share in the entire Metropolitan Indianapolis
    market area
  • Maintained high hiring standards for agents
  • Must have at least two years of experience and
    high production before we will interview them
  • Must have maintained high ethical standards
  • Must be full time agents NO PART TIME!
  • We empower our agents to help is the
    determination of which agents we hire.
  • Must not require Hands-on management

Realty Group I Concept
  • How it works - Three basic programs
  • Plan A Full RGI In-House Agent Program
  • Plan B Remote Program
  • Plan C Traditional Commission Split Program

Realty Group I Concept
  • Agent Plans - Breakdown by Percentage
  • Plan A Realty Group I In-House Agent Program
  • Plan B Traditional Split In-house Agent Program
  • Plan C Remote Program 58
  • Note The remote program has allowed Realty Group
    I to grow beyond the physical space in the
  • It has driven additional revenue through the
    front door with only a marginal raise in expenses
  • Our Remote agents are among our top agents
  • Top agents like it because it allows them to stay
    totally focused on their business without the
    distraction of other agents

Our Remote Program
  • This program is one of the largest contributing
    factors to the success and large production
    volume of this office.
  • It appeals to top producers that dont need or
    want daily management
  • It removes the limitations of a physical
  • Our building has desk space for 60 agents
  • We have 86 full time agents and 29 assistants and
    have room for expansion
  • We have offices available for in-office agents
  • We can hire an UNLIMITED NUMBER of remote agents
  • Because of the reduced services we provide to our
    remote agents, our hard desk costs are
    considerably lower for these agents
  • Because they work from home, they serve markets
    close to where they live, not where the office is
  • This allowed us to expand our market area without
    opening physical space
  • The remote program drives more business through
    the front door, increasing our sales volume and
    GCC dramatically.

Recruiting Book
  • The Group I Office Value Package/Recruiting
    Folder contains
  • Background on the company
  • Value package detailing who we are and what we
  • Explanation of commission plans
  • Estimate of expenses
  • Comparison sheet for them to compare our plan to
    their current plan
  • Company Philosophy
  • Testimonials from current agents

Profitability Study RGI Concept vs. Traditional
  • Cost of Sales
  • 84.63 - Group I office
  • 64.78 - Our Traditional Offices

Profitability Study 100 Concept vs.
Traditional Offices
  • Operating Expenses overall are greatly reduced
    in 100 concept
  • Advertising and Promotion Less than ½ in
    100 concept
  • 4.48 - Traditional Office
  • Wages Occupancy are the highest expenses in
    100 concept due the the high demands of top
  • PBT Close to the same in both concepts

Retention Systems
  • Retention Our agents are our customers!
  • We operate our office like the finest hotel by
  • The finest facility available
  • Providing services and tools that enable our
    agents to reach the highest production levels
    within their motivation and capability
  • Maintaining the highest standards to set the
    office apart, create and maintain a reputation
    for excellence and provide an atmosphere that
    supports top agent mentality
  • Going the extra mile to meet our agents needs
  • Making sure our staff understands their role in
    the operation and the need to consistently
    provide services beyond the expectations of our

Supervision and Management
  • Because we hire only top producing agents, our
    agents have very little need or desire for
    supervision, motivation systems or management. We
    provide supervision only when requested or a need
    is indicated.
  • One of our agents, Pat Shinaver, put it in
    perspective she stated, Realty Group I is an
    office for adults
  • We are available to assist agents when the need
    arises. We do not micromanage them.
  • Our agents own their own destiny they like it
    like that!
  • Our office managers job is to keep the
    operations of the office running smoothly
  • John Dicks main functions are to create and
    communicate the vision to enforce policies and
    to recruit and retain.
  • We provide an environment in which top producers
    can thrive under their own supervision.

Sales Meetings
  • We hold sales meetings once a month
  • We do not tour listings
  • We hold the meeting off site
  • We provide local vendors the opportunity to
    sponsor breakfast and allow them to speak for a
    maximum of five minutes
  • Monthly sales and listing leaders are announced
  • CENTURY 21 Mortgage is promoted
  • We have a special speaker with a message that
    directly affects agents business (never a vendor
    selling something).
  • Examples
  • The legal advisor for the board of Realtors
    discussing Risk Management
  • Governmental speakers discussing local issues
  • Head of Business and Commerce Development from
    the state of Indiana
  • Tax Advisors with tax savings advice

RGI Full Time Support Staff
Bookstore and Print Shop
Kelly Wood Tracy Haskett Print
Shop/BookStore/Advertising Staff
  • Realty Group Print Shop
  • Provides design and printing services to agents
  • Creates flyers, newsletters, post cards, etc.
  • Provides color printing services at reduced rates
    to agents
  • Saves agents time allows them to focus on
  • Manages advertising
  • Realty Group Bookstore
  • Provides instant agent access of commonly used
    office supplies and promotional materials
  • Controls loss
  • Keeps accurate record of agents charges
  • Provides added service
  • Not necessarily a profit center

Realty Group I Goals Improvement Report
Questions and Answers
  • Realty Group I Office
  • John Dick, President

Realty Group Companies
  • Presented By Kevin Kirkpatrick, President,
    CENTURY 21 Realty Group Companies
  • 12 offices throughout central Indiana
  • 412 associates
  • Closed 6158 transactions in 2000
  • Closed over 875,000,000 in Sales Volume
  • Grossed more than 23,000,000 in Adjusted Gross
    Closed Commission
  • Ranking 2 in CENTURY 21 system in units closed
    and 4 in AGC in 2001
  • Rank 78 of all real estate companies in the USA

RGC Full Time Support Staff
Vision of Growth Expansion
  • Real estate industry is rapidly changing
  • Real estate companies are becoming larger
  • Small companies arent profitable and brokers are
  • There is a need to expand and grow.
  • Small brokers have to sell houses to make a
    living support the office
  • Small brokers dont have time to recruit and
    train cant grow
  • Through consolidation, costs can be controlled
    and necessary services provided to allow the
    affiliate broker/manager more time and
    flexibility to focus on growth and profitability.
  • Technology is too expensive for the small
    independent broker. It is a concern for all

History of RGC
  • In 1998, RGC created the Strategic Growth plan
    and put people in place to focus on its
  • In April, 1999, Realty Group Companies had two
    offices in Northern Indianapolis
  • Realty Group I
  • Realty Group II (Now Realty Group-McCoun)
  • In two short years, Realty Group Companies has
    grown to 12 offices throughout central Indiana
  • Our goal is to be the 1 real estate company in
    market share in every market we serve.

  • CENTURY 21 Realty Group Companies
  • Multi-Office Expansion, 1998-2005
  • Created October 12, 1998
  • In October 1998, we created a strategic plan for
    growth and expansion
  • We review the plan regularly to measure
    progress. We are pleased with the results to
    date. We are on target and making giant strides
    towards reaching the goals set forth
  • We understand that it is a process of continuous
  • It is understood by our entire management staff
    that the focus must be on the EXECUTION of the
    strategic plan . Not on RESULTS.
  • As plan is executed, results are measured so
    adjustments can be made
  • INNOVATION allows for the ability to adapt and
  • EXCELLENCE is a result of proper execution

RGC Offices Throughout Central Indiana
  • We only want one large office in each major
    market Profitability is lost when we are
    burdened with too much bricks and mortar.

We do not believe in placing a lot of offices in
a single market area
Realty Group Companies
  • Realty Group I
  • Realty Group-Axiom/Avon
  • Realty Group-Axiom/Danville
  • Realty Group-Elsbury Wilson
  • Realty Group I/Lafayette
  • Realty Group-McCoun/Castleton
  • Realty Group-McCoun/Fishers
  • Realty Group-Muncie
  • Realty Group-Ruch,Hicks
  • Realty Group-Sabbagh Pickens
  • Realty Group-Siebert
  • Realty Group-Wood, Ross Sharp

12 Offices Serving Central Indiana

RGC Operations
  • Presented By
  • Marge Patterson
  • Vice President, Affiliated Services
  • CENTURY 21 Realty Group Companies

Mergers Acquisitions
  • We analyze the needs of each potential
    affiliation and the opportunity the affiliation
    offers to all parties to determine the type of
    affiliation that fits the individual needs
  • We have used three basic types of affiliation
  • Total Buyout We analyze the value of the
    potential acquisition and arrange terms that fit
    the needs of the parties
  • Merger We merge two existing offices in the
    same market area when profitability dictates. In
    this scenario, we determine the value of the
    offices and negotiate terms that fit the needs of
    the market and the parties
  • Joint Venture Partnerships The joint venture
    partnership allows us to partner with an existing
    office by forming a new entity that merges the
    assets of RGC and the new affiliate partner.
  • We constantly scan for opportunities to merge
    other offices into our existing affiliated
    offices providing them growth through mergers.
  • We have no desire to have more than one office in
    any market area!
  • Physical offices are expensive and create loss of

Summary of RGC Offices(Listed Alphabetically)
RGC Consolidated Goals
  • The consolidated goals of Realty Group Companies
    is to
  • Increase Realty Group Companies Market We Serve
  • To become 1 in every market we share
  • Consistently increase Production in all
  • Increase Profitability by reducing costs and
    adding new revenue streams
  • Enable all Affiliated Offices to build companies
    of value
  • Strong and active book of business
  • Systems that make the company marketable
  • Provide profitable exit plan for all owners
  • To use the POWER of the combined group to create
    opportunities that would not be possible as
    individual offices.

"Not Just Size, But Substance ... Not Just
Power, But New Possibilities!"
RGC Services Systems
  • Services provided by Realty Group Companies to
    our affiliated offices include
  • Training systems
  • Recruiting system
  • Management systems
  • Office management
  • Agent management
  • Company Events
  • Marketing Branding
  • Technology
  • Mortgage and any Future Ancillary Businesses or
    Income Streams
  • Relocation services are provided by the Realty
    Group Relocation Division

Training System Calendar
  • Fast Track Training
  • 2 week basic training course - Provided every
    other month
  • Prospecting
  • Listing Presentation
  • Working with Buyers
  • Working with Sellers
  • Personal Promotion/Advertising
  • Financing
  • Transaction Management
  • Real Estate Technology Systems
  • Business Planning and Time Management
  • Technology Training
  • Resource Center
  • Outlook E-mail/Business Management
  • Microsoft Office- Basic Word/Excel/Power Point
  • Basic Windows/Internet Explorer
  • Pre-Licensing/Fast Track/Create 21 - Young
    Professional Web-based Training Track (Currently
    designing system)

  • Full Time Recruiter Rob Johnson
  • Qualifications
  • Retired Air Force Recruiter
  • Divisional Recruiting Manager
  • Business Degree specializing in Human Resources
  • Six years Real Estate Sales Experience
  • Recruiting Presentation
  • Marketing
  • Newspapers
  • Employment Guide
  • Internet Monster.com
  • Doesnt Believe in Career Nights
  • Job Fairs
  • Results!
  • Hired Recruiter in November 1999
  • Built recruiting system
  • Year 2000 Hired 69 new and experienced agents
    into Realty Group offices
  • YTD 2001 Hired 17 agents
  • Works closely with each office manager to help
    them fulfill their recruiting goals
  • Recruits to each office according to their
    individual benefit package
  • Have retained 62 all agents hired
  • Recruited agents average first sale in less than
    60 days

Management Systems
  • Monthly Affiliate Broker Meetings
  • Charting
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal monitoring
  • Monthly production charts for each office
  • Profitability Studies
  • Agent Management Systems
  • Annual Business Planning Sessions
  • Quarterly Production/Goal Review
  • Annual Agent Surveys
  • Motivation Prospecting Challenge

Production Charting
  • Goal Setting
  • Each broker/manager submits their production
    goals annually
  • Affiliate division charts the goals and compare
    them monthly to actual production and monitor
    goal achievement
  • Monthly charting
  • Measures
  • AAOS
  • Listings Taken
  • Sides Opened
  • Sides Closed
  • GCC
  • Compare
  • Goal vs. Actual
  • PPP
  • of change current year vs. last year
  • Watch for anomalies
  • Predict Trends

YTD 2001, all RGC offices, except one has
experienced increases over YTD 2000 in both
sides closed and GCC. Five offices have shown in
excess of 50 increase and two offices have
generated more than a 150 increase.
In the office that showed a decrease, the
broker/partner (a 10M top producer),
went on vacation January February with zero
With the new agents and management
systems, even in the owner absence, the office
production stayed almost stable.
  • Realty Group Companies Annual Business Conference
  • Children Safety and Health Festival, Sponsored by
  • Realty Group Companies Golf and Tennis Classic
  • Realty Group Companies Economic Conference
  • Realty Group Companies Annual Broker Conference
  • Realty Group Companies Chicago Christmas Shopping
    Bus Trip

Annual Broker Conference
  • Every year starts with the Annual Broker
  • Provides a forum to create the company vision and
    set goals for the following year.
  • Three day retreat at an Indiana resort.
  • We take one afternoon to play otherwise, we
    work HARD!
  • We review strengths and weaknesses
  • Survey all agents and analyze the results
  • Complete profitability study
  • Scan for opportunities
  • Assess threats
  • We work as a team to set the stage
    for the
    upcoming year!

Annual Goal Chart
Profitability Study
  • Developed a common size budget
  • Implemented common account codes
  • Organized accounting into like categories for
    all offices
  • Collected year end IO data from each office
  • Analyzed and compared data to look for anomalies
    and ways to improve profitability in every
  • Constantly search for ways to consolidate
    services and expenses, making all offices more
  • Graphs help us look at data objectively

Profitability Study
Profitability Study
Focus 2001 - Broker Conference Summary
Annual Business Conference
  • Realty Group Business Meeting Held annually in
  • Review prior year statistics
  • Communicate Vision and Goals for current year
  • Honor only top agents/managers
  • 1 agent in each office
  • Centurions
  • Honor agents for special service
  • Best use of technology in real estate business
  • Community Service
  • Best business development plan
  • Rookie of the year
  • Top Overall Producer
  • 92 Agent Attendance
  • 392 Attendees

Business Conference Vendor Fair
  • 2001 Business Conference budget exceeded 31,000
  • Primarily underwritten by our marketing partners
    through participation in our vendor fair
  • 45 Vendors participated
  • Every vendor had lots of traffic and several have
    already ask to participate again next year

Childrens Health Safety Day
  • First Annual Realty Group Companies
    Childrens Health and Safety Day
  • Community Service Event
  • Held in the parking lots of every Realty Group
    Office throughout central Indiana on July 14th
  • Television, radio, and print marketing for the
    entire statewide event
  • Planning committees of agents and staff from each
  • Fire Dept and Police Dept participation
  • Agents invite all past and current clients
    direct mail marketing

Realty Group Golf Classic
  • Held Annually at an area golf course
  • Funded by registration fees and marketing
  • A huge success
  • Provides opportunity for Realty Group agents to
    get to know each other better
  • Everyone plays dont have to be a good golfer
  • Dinner, door prizes and tourney awards in the
    evening is open to all agents, golfers and
  • In 2001, we are also adding a tennis tourney
  • In 2000, we had 152 golfers with a shot gun start
  • We believe fun is important for team building!

Jim Patterson
Chris Pickett
  • Our technology department consists of two full
    time employees
  • Jim Patterson, Chief Information Officer/Network
  • Microsoft and Novell certified
  • Built and maintains our Local Wide Area
    Networks, Internet Servers, Network based and
    Web-based Outlook E-mail Service, and provides
    Telecom interface and support
  • He acts as a consultant for all hardware and
    software systems and supports our offices and
  • Chris supports in-office systems and assists
    agents with technology concerns
  • Chris Pickett, Technician and Web Programmer
  • Chris writes in most Internet languages,
    including html, java, C, PHP, Perl, Visual
    Basic, and more
  • He designed, programmed and maintains our
    Resource Center(Intranet)
  • Our Office is serviced by
  • Three T1-Pris providing high speed Internet
    access, a Local Area Network delivering programs
    to all in-house computers and a Wide Area Network
    connecting 82nd St to the Relo Office.
  • All offices in Group I building are wired to
    allow agents connectivity.
  • Phone system - Lucent Definity Switch in 2000,
    updating our phone system and adding state of the
    art VM with DID lines and messaging paths
  • We are encouraging all of our offices to add High
    speed Internet access
  • Only 30 of our agents have their own Internet
    sites we are working for 100 Agent
    participation in the Realtor.com program

RGC Resource Center
RGC Resource Center
  • Company Newsletter
  • Company Calendar
  • Training Center
  • Technology Center
  • Internet Tools
  • Tax Pro-ration Tool
  • Shopping Mall
  • Relocation Center
  • Company Directories
  • Links to major sites
  • Legal forms
  • Web based Intranet
  • All real estate forms
  • Tab to box format
  • All RGC boards
  • Marketing materials
  • Seller Tools
  • Buyer Tools
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Personal Promo Tools
  • Maps Plats
  • Mortgage Rates
  • Mortgage Calculators

Realty Group Companies Goals Improvement Report
Questions and Answers
  • Realty Group Companies
  • Kevin Kirkpatrick, President
  • Marge Patterson, Vice President
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