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Leaders Inspiring a Shared Vision


... create meaning for ... Address delivered by Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, ... existed internally over the meaning and implications of the vision ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Leaders Inspiring a Shared Vision

Leaders Inspiring a Shared Vision
  • I Have a Dream Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Envisioning the Future
  • Enlisting Others in a Vision
  • Charlotte Beers at Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide
  • Video of Charlotte Beers
  • Discussion and Conclusions

I Have a Dream Martin Luther King Jr.
  • How are you feeling as you are listening?
  • How would the audience have felt that day at the
    steps of the Lincoln Memorial?
  • What are the key messages of the speech?
  • Why is the message so powerful?

Envision the Future
  • Without vision, little can happen. All
    enterprises or projects, big or small, begin in
    the minds eye, they begin with imagination and
    with the belief that whats merely an image can
    one day be real.

Envision the Future
  • a vision is an ideal and unique image of the
  • springs from the dissatisfaction with the status
  • leaders want to do something significant
  • accomplish something no one else has achieved
  • visions are about possibilities
  • reflect our important values, our priorities in
  • visions make us unique, they set us apart from

Envision the Future
  • being unique fosters pride
  • visions are images or representations in the mind
  • intuition is the wellspring of vision
  • intuition is the bringing together of knowledge
    and experience to produce new insights
  • reflecting on our past heightens our ability to
    be forward looking
  • the present is the window through which the light
  • visions give focus to human energy
  • leaders role is to convey the vision

Vision Quotations
  • If you dont know where youre going, youll end
    up someplace else. Casey Stengel, Manager, New
    York Yankees

Vision Quotations
  • I find the great thing in this world is not so
    much where we stand, as in what direction we are
    moving….We must sail, and not drift, nor lie at
    anchor. Oliver Wendell Holmes

Vision Quotations
  • The history of mankind might be described by a
    cynic as a series of splendid expeditions toward
    the wrong goal, or no goal at all, led by men who
    had all the gifts of leadership except a sense of
    direction. Sir Richard Livingstone

Vision Quotations
  • A decade from now we would like General Electric
    to be perceived as a unique, high-spirited,
    entrepreneurial enterprise….a company known
    around the world for its unmatched level of
    excellence. We want General Electric to be the
    most profitable highly diversified company on
    earth with world quality leadership in every one
    of its product lines.
    JackWelch, Vision for GE, 1981

Vision Quotations
  • Heavier than air flying machines are
    impossible. Lord Kelvin, British mathematician
    and physicist, President of the British Royal
    Society, 1895
  • A severe depression like that of 1920-21 is
    outside the range of probability. the Harvard
    Economic Society, November, 1929
  • I think there is a world market for about five
    computers. Thomas J. Watson, Chairman of IBM,

Vision Quotations
  • There is no reason for any individual to have a
    computer in their home. Ken Olson, President,
    Digital Equipment, 1977
  • We dont like their sound. Groups of guitars
    are on the way out. Decca Recording Executive,
    turning down the Beatles in 1962
  • No matter what happens, the U.S. Navy is not
    going to be caught napping. Frank Know,
    Secretary of the Navy, December 4, 1941, 3 days
    before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Enlist Others
  • Leaders find the common thread that weaves the
    fabric of human needs into a colourful tapestry.
    They develop a deep understanding of the
    collective yearning they seek out the brewing
    consensus amon those they would lead. They
    listen carefully for quiet whispering in dark
    corners and attend to subtle cues. They get a
    sense of what people want, what they value, what
    they dream about.

Enlist Others
  • Leaders must communicate the vision in a way that
    attracts and excites members of the organization
  • members must understand, accept and commit to the
  • leaders engage members in conversations about
    their lives, hopes and dreams
  • from this emerges a shared sense of destiny
  • when leaders articulate the vision, pride,
    commitment, satisfaction, amd productivity

Enlist Others
  • inspiring a shared vision is the least frequently
    applied of the exemplary leadership practices
  • most people attribute something mystical to the
    process of inspiring a shared vision
  • Discover a Common Purpose
  • identify constituents and discover their
  • by knowing their constituents, leaders can give
    voice to their desires
  • leaders develop a deep understanding of the
    collective yearnings

Enlist Others
  • What are the common aspirations of people?
  • to do something good
  • to do something well
  • to change the way things are
  • to challenge oneself
  • leaders create meaning for people
  • when leaders communicate a shared vision vision,
    they lift the spirits of those who work to
    achieve it

Enlist Others
  • Giving Life to a Vision
  • make manifest the purpose so others can see it,
    hear it, taste it, feel it
  • leaders make full use of the power of language to
    give life to visions
  • they use metaphors, tell stories, offer
  • make the intangible vision tangible and concrete
  • positive and optimistic about the vision
  • leaders are expressive, warm and friendly, and
    demonstrate personal conviction

Leadership Quotations
  • Transforming leadership, while more complex than
    transactional leadership, is more potent. The
    transforming leader recognizes and exploits an
    existing need or demand of a potential follower.
    But beyond that, the transforming leader looks
    for potential motives in the followers, seeks to
    satisfy higher order needs, and engages the full
    person of the follower. The result of
    transforming leadership is a relationship of
    mutual stimulation and elevation that converts
    followers into leaders...
    James MacGregor Burns ,

Leadership Quotations
  • Above all we must realize that each of us makes a
    difference with our life. Each of us impacts the
    world around us every single day. We have a
    choice to use the gift of our life to make the
    world a better place, or not to bother. Jane

Leadership Quotations
  • Weve got a good team now, and were firing on
    all cylinders. and as the strategy becomes
    clearer to more people in the company, it really
    makes things much easier. The organization is
    clear and simple to understand, and very
    accountable. Everything just got simpler.
    Thats become on of my mantras--focus and
    simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex
    you have to work hard to get your thinking clear
    to make it simple. But its worth it in the end
    because once you get there, you can move
    mountains. Steve Jobs

Leadership Quotations
  • Leaders are dealers in hope. Napoleon Bonaparte

Leadership Quotations
  • Death and sorrow will be the companions of our
    journey hardship our garment constancy and
    valour our only shield. We must be united. We
    must be undaunted. We must be invincible. Sir
    Winston Churchill

Leadership Quotations
  • Address delivered by Abraham Lincoln at
    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at the dedication of
    the cemetery
  • Four score and seven years ago our fathers
    brought forth on this continent, a new nation,
    conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the
    proposition that all men are created equal.
  • Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing
    whether that nation, or any nation so conceived
    and dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a
    great battlefield of that war.

Leadership Quotations
  • We have come to dedicate a portion of that field,
    as a final resting place for those who gave their
    lives that that nation might live. It is
    altogether fitting and proper that we should do
    this. But, in a larger sense, we can not
    dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not
    hallow this ground. The brave men, living and
    dead, who struggled here have consecrated it, far
    above our poor power to add or detract. The world
    will little note, nor long remember what we say
    here, but it can never forget what they did here.

Leadership Quotations
  • It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated
    here to the unfinished work which they who fought
    here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is
    rather for us to be here dedicated to the great
    task remaining before us--that from these honored
    dead we take increased devotion to that cause for
    which they gave the last full measure of
    devotion--that we here highly resolve that these
    dead shall not have died in vain--

Leadership Quotations
  • --that this nation, under God, shall have a new
    birth of freedom--and that government of the
    people, by the people, for the people, shall not
    perish from the earth.
    Abraham Lincoln, November 19, 1863

Charlotte Beers
  • Problems facing the leader
  • The leaders traits, knowledge and skills
  • How the leader changed the organization
  • Explain the leaders success or failure
  • Ways to increase the leaders effectiveness
  • Key learning principles

Charlotte Beers
  • The case examines Charlotte Beers actions on
    assuming leadership of Ogilvy Mather Worlwide,
    the sixth largest advertising agency in the
    world, during a period of rapid industry change
    and organizational crisis.

Charlotte Beers
  • Case Objectives The case examines leadership and
    managing organizational change. Specifically it
    focuses on
  • the complex process of formulating a vision or
    new direction
  • the need for communication to align employees to
    the new direction
  • the need to align structures and systems to the
    new direction

Charlotte Beers
  • Problems facing the leader
  • Ogilvy Mather is in a leadership vacuum,
    desperate for someone to provide a new vision for
    the futuure
  • Situation confronting the leader
  • Industry challenges
  • shift in expenditure away from mass media to
    targeted marketing channels
  • declining media expenditures
  • many firms inefficient in their internal

Charlotte Beers
  • globalization fosters growth opportunities for
    those agencies which have developed international
  • as clients expand internationally, they expect
    great coordination across regions
  • Personal challenges
  • fourth executive in 4 years
  • first outsider
  • first woman
  • no experience with international or multiple
  • needs to build credibility quickly as key

Charlotte Beers
  • Challenges at Ogilvy and Mather
  • success bred a strong arrogant culture
  • managers internally focussed
  • stifling initiative and innovation
  • slow to adapt to changing environment
  • in a leadership vacuum, unfilled since founder
    David Ogilvys retirement in 1975
  • Kotter distinguishes between leadership, which
    creates new direction and change, and management,
    which produces order and efficiency
  • Ogilvy and Mather is lacking in both

Charlotte Beers
  • Charlotte Beers traits, knowledge, and skills
  • research analyst for Mars Company
  • account executive for J. Walter Thompson 1969
  • rose to senior VP of Client Services
  • COO of Tatham-Laird Kudner 1979
  • CEO 1982 and Chair of the Board 1986
  • first woman Chairman of American Association of
    Advertising Agencies 1987
  • once evaluated as fearless by a superior
  • proud, persuasive and forward looking

Charlotte Beers
  • five steps characterize successful turnarounds,
    John Gabarro, the Dynamics of Change
  • move quickly to diagnose problems
  • take initial corrective actions that deal with
    obvious problems, even before diagnosis or
    strategy is complete
  • creating a sense of urgemcy which highlights
    problems and communicates urgency throughout the
  • articulating a vision and shared purpose which
    mobilizes action
  • create visible successes early in a turnaround

Charlotte Beers
  • Beers spends her first 6 months talking with
    dozens of clients
  • diagnosis of flagging confidence, lack of
    direction, removed from clients
  • creates sense of urgency by communicating client
    feedback directly and bluntly speaks incessantly
    of change fires executive who resists her
  • articulates both a vision and strategy early

Charlotte Beers
  • 1993 strategy (Chewton Glen) addresses immediate
    concerns of winning back lost clients, producing
    higher quality work, and tighter control of
    financial resources
  • major client wins from Jaguar and American
    Express were important, early and visible
  • Development of the Brand Stewardship Vision To
    be the agency most valued by those who value

Charlotte Beers
  • according Jon Kotter, effective visions have 3
  • clear and specific enough to provide guidance,
    yet vague enough to remain relevant when
    conditions change
  • desirable in that it meets the needs of key
  • feasible in that a reasonable strategy exists for
    getting there

Charlotte Beers
  • considerable confusion existed internally over
    the meaning and implications of the vision
  • the Brand Stewardship strategy resonates with
  • case concludes as the implementation of the
    strategy is being shaped
  • vision needs to be communicated and company
    strategies and practices made consistent with the
  • Beers alternates between participative and
    directive leadership in guiding the development
    of the vision

Charlotte Beers
  • Vision Implementation
  • Communicating the vision
  • once direction is established, the critical
    leadership challenge is sharing the vision and
    gaining alignment
  • Beers and her team must make the vision real and
    motivating for employees
  • by the end of 1993, conferences, handbooks, and
    training programs have been prepared

Charlotte Beers
  • Aligning structures and systems
  • congruence is needed between strategy and the
    formal organization, including staffing,
    reporting relationships and compensation systems
  • structure of reporting relationships between WCS
    and local offices is ambiguous
  • Beers want to continue to cultivate the tension
    between local and centre
  • flexible approach is not working lack of
    financial controls and conflict over how to split
    fees and allocate costs

Charlotte Beers (B)
  • subsequent events
  • IBM account is won
  • Worldwide Brand Director hired for the new IBM
  • executive compensation is linked more closely to
    performance and in support of WCS
  • a COO is hired to focus on administration and
  • video of Charlotte Beers
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