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Unleash Your Creativity


Frog, Pillar, Temple, Paper, Polite, Greetings, Food, Drinks, Enjoy, Sound, ... Table, Hungry, Shoes, Magazine, Drugs, Crazy, Smile, Gate, Hollywood, Piano ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash Your Creativity
  • Simon Wong
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • The Best way to learn is to teach.
  • 365 Medication For Teachers
  • Greg Henry Quinn (1995)

Style of this session today
  • Stories telling
  • Exercises to play with
  • Games to interactive
  • Metaphor

Structure of today session
  • There are 2 Breaks 1030 am and 1135 am, each
    maximum 10 minutes
  • 3 sections
  • 1st Introduction
  • 2nd Creativity techniques
  • 3rd Creativity challenge and some ideas of
    enhancing Creativity among us (staff and students)

A Story of How a Sport shop facing keen
  • Three shops sales, Year End Sales, Closing Sales,
    Middle shop ?
  • Theres no such thing as the perfect solution.
    Every solution, no matter how good, creates new
  • It isnt that they cant see the solution. It is
    that they cant see the problem.
  • Grover Cleveland, American President

No Way!!!!!!!!
  • We are trained from young to learn rules, habits,
    avoid mistakes and bad experiences.
  • Age Child Development Theme
  • 1-5 Why
  • 5-12 Why Not
  • Over 12 Because
  • We forget our own Creative genetics
  • Yes Way, Try, Why Not?

Change three things
  • 1. From No Way to Yes Way - Positive Thinking.
  • 2. Afraid to make Mistakes to Courage to Try
  • 3. Feel silly in front of Others - Curiosity to
    Ask Why or Why Not.

Ice Breaking Exercise
  • Every one take one question from a bag.
  • Imagine you are the person, think what will you
    do and present your answer to the class.

Power of Imagination…1
  • 1. Imagine you are the Best Director of Film in
    2001, what type of film you will be direct next
    year? Give the film a name.
  • 2. Imagine you are now 65 years old retired
    person, describe what hobbies you like to play?
  • 3. Imagine you are a Magician in the Reception
    desk, what magic you will play to a hotel guest
    when he / she check in?
  • 4. Imagine, you are the Director of a TV station.
    What programme you would like to produce in
    order to attract audience?
  • 5. Imagine you the Director of Transport in HK,
    how can you reduce traffic jam?
  • 6. Describe five advantages of being a Prisoner?
  • 7. The swimming pool in the hotel is no use for
    summer from Nov - Feb, just brainstorm 5 possible
    uses of the swimming pool here. (profit or
  • 8. If you are the Food Beverage Director of a
    hotel, how can you make the hotel guests visit
    minimum 2 restaurants per stay here?
  • 9. Imagine you are a Fish now, name 3 most
    important things in your opinion.
  • 10. Imagine you are the hotel guests, besides
    watching TV or hotel movie, name 3 other things
    you can enjoy without leaving the guest room.

Continue --- Imagination..2
  • 11. Imagine you are the Final Decision Maker to
    decide who can go the Space to live. Name 5 types
    of persons (occupation) that you think are
  • 12. Imagine you are a Dog now, what do you want
    your master to do for you, name at least 3
  • 13. If you are a fashion designer, what kind of
    dressing you will design for a computer monitor?
  • 14. Name as many as possible the use of used
  • 15. If you are the Director of a TV station,
    think as many creative ideas as possible to
    attract audience to watch daily Late News at
    1145 pm - 1200 midnight.
  • 16. If you have no blackboard or white board in
    class, think of how you can teach without it.
  • 17. If there is no toilet in school, how can you
    arrange the students to solve their neccessities
  • 18. If you create a powerful medicine that can
    make people recite things 100 accurately but
    this ability can only stay for 48 hours in the
    human body, how would you selling marketing
  • 19. Imagine you have the power to hold the world
    still for 30 minutes. What will be the time
    frame (time in 24 hours) and where will be you at
    that time?

Continue --- Imagination..3
  • 20. Imagine your are the opposite sex (Male Vs
    Female), name 3 most important things you care
    when you eat.
  • 21. Imagine you are the artist painter. If there
    is no water colour ink available, what other
    things from your human body can be used as
    painting materials.
  • 22. Imagine you are the bacteria now, describe
    how you can survive better.
  • 23. Imagine you are designer of stationery, what
    type of new writing instrument you will create
    for 21 century.
  • 24. Imagine you are a song writer, create a song
    with do re me fa so melody. Give a name to it
    and sing it out. Explain the name of this song
    for 30 seconds.
  • 25. Imagine you have the power to get 3 yes
    answers from anyone to ask. What are the Three
    (3) questions?
  • 26. Imagine you have the power of telling 3
    persons to do anything in the coming 24 hours.
    Which 3 persons and what are their duties?
  • 27. Imagine you are the smartest criminal in the
    world. How can you cheat a Hotel without being
    caught as a hotel guest? (Highest value you can
  • 28. Describe as many as possible the use of
    Clips in this world.
  • 29. Create and Draw a Logo for your Class that
    everyone remember it.
  • 30. Name 5 other Non-Profit uses of this building
    besides a School here.

Continue --- Imagination..4
  • 31. Imagine you are the Chairman of Durian Fruit
    Association. Describe how you would increase the
    sales volume of this fruit consumption in HK.
  • 32. Imagine you are the air-conditioner, describe
    how you would be more welcome in winter.
  • 33 Imagine you are in the moon now, what things
    (name 3) you would like to do now.
  • 34. Imagine you are a ball pen, imagine how would
    you like to make your master always bring you out
    in office or play.
  • 35. Think now you are 5 years old, what kind of
    toys you like most. Describe it to us.
  • 36. Imagine you have the power to get 3 No
    answers from anyone to ask. What are the Three
    (3) questions?
  • 37. Imagine you are aged 70, describe what kind
    of travel tour package you like most.
  • 38. Imagine you are lost in the jungle now, name
    3 materials in the forest that you can make a
  • 39. Imagine you are lost in the ocean, floating
    for survival. Describe as many as possible the
    ways to make reflection to sky hoping someone
    can see you from the plane.
  • 40. Tell a joke to your partner next to you and
    make sure he or she can laugh for 5 seconds.
  • 41. Create a mobile phone number and metaphor to
    any meanings to make sure your partner sitting
    next to you remember after class.

Continue --- Imagination..5
  • 42. Imagine your are deaf now, create 1 body /
    hand signal by yourself which means I am very
    hungry and please give me hotdog.
  • 43. Imagine you are dumb, create 1 body language
    which means Where is my green school bag, it is
    the present from my mother.
  • 44. Imagine you are the famous doctor inventing a
    medicine that can control headache, create a
    NAME for it for patent application.
  • 45. Imagine you are designer of stationery, what
    type of new writing paper you will create for 21
  • 46. Imagine you are eye glass designers and
    makers, describe what kind of product you would
    develop to keep customer wearing eye glass
    instead of contact lens.
  • 47. Imagine you the fashion designer. You have a
    contract asking you to design a clothing for the
    laptop computer. Draw your design and explain to
  • 48. Take out 3 things you dont like to sell in
    7-11. But add in 3 new products, what are they?
  • 49. Imagine you are the photo frame designer.
    Describe a new photo frame product that everyone
    can bring along besides the necklace concept.
  • 50. Describe as many as possible the use of
    straw in this world.
  • 51 If you make a tunnel to pass through the
    earth, the tunnel should start from which city
    and end at which city. Tell us why and
    convincing us to follow your suggestion.

Whats Creativity?
  • Words to describe Creativity
  • originality, innovative, inventiveness,
    ground-breaking, authorship,etc
  • 2 Dimensions of Creativity
  • Novel
  • Appropriateness - Qualities of Fit
  • - Utility
  • - Value

Divergent Vs Convergent Thinking
  • Divergent thinking is the intellectual ability to
    think of many original, diverse and elaborate
  • Convergent thinking is the intellectual ability
    to logically evaluate, critique and choose the
    best ideas from a selection of ideas

Remote Associates Test - Mednick 1962
  • 1. Surprise Line Birthday ______
  • 2. Lunch Car Gift ______
  • 3. Stick Tennis Marker ______
  • 4. Blue Cottage Cloth ______
  • 5. Ocean Mother Tree ______
  • 6. Sheep Fat Chance ______
  • 7. Bee Fight Sleep ______
  • 8. School Chorus Motion ______

Exercise to define Creativity
  • Hear a Sound, and write down as many things as

Concept of Fluency, Flexibility and Originality
  • Fluency Quantity of ideas emerged
  • Flexibility Categories of ideas
  • Originality Statistical unique and rare
  • Count Number of Fluency, Flexibility and

Top 4 questions asked in Walt Disney Theme Park
  • 1. Where is the Toilet?
  • 2. Where am I now?
  • 3. When is the 8 oclock Firework Show?
  • 4. Where is my Car? (after playing 10 hours,
    holding tons of souvenir and 2 kids, at 1100 pm)
  • Answer Creatively and Solve the Problem.

Problem Solving Model
  • Define the Problem
  • Create Alternatives
  • Select the Best Alternative (consider all
    restraints resources)
  • Implement it (Plan, Do, Act, Check)
  • Monitoring it, Continuous Review
  • Feedback
  • Which Step is the MOST Important?
  • Story of New York Apartment Lift

Method of Elimination
  • Human minds can deduce things. Human minds can
    connect things
  • One way of doing this is by Elimination
  • Challenge Number game. 1-100, Ask only maximum 7
    questions (respondent on say Yes or No) you
    will discover the answer
  • Guessing Animal Cards

Break 10 minutes
BrainWriting Batelle Institute in Frankfurt,
  • Cluster List of Ideas
  • - each person write their ideas on a paper and
    pass on to other
  • - No judgment
  • - Each idea stimulate others
  • - Exercise in 4 groups
  • How to make students SMILE more at school.

Povocation Techniques by Edward de Bono
  • Think Something Impossible and Never think
  • E.g. Think as many as possible that things a
    Restaurant must have.
  • Use Povocation to think how to run a restaurant
    without it.

Random Words by Edward de Bono
  • Assign 60 random words and use a clock to locate
    the word.
  • After finding a word, use it to describe a case
    or problem.
  • E.g. Traffic Light (case) link with random words

Random Words example
  • Frog, Pillar, Temple, Paper, Polite, Greetings,
    Food, Drinks, Enjoy, Sound, Punishment, Sadness,
    Happy, Colourful, Distance, Star, Sky,
    Examination, People, Rubber, Computer, Pencil,
    Court, Counselling, Hotel, Accommodation, TV,
    Movie, CD, Tape, Exercise, Map, Shirt, Cabinet,
    Drawer, Reward, Ship, Ocean, Sunflower, Feeling,
    Tie, Dress, Beautiful, Ugly, Vomit, Tea,
    Building, Chair, Student, Professor, Table,
    Hungry, Shoes, Magazine, Drugs, Crazy, Smile,
    Gate, Hollywood, Piano
  • e.g. Peninsula Academy - Customer Satisfaction,
    More Business, Surprise Dinner at Felix Restaurant

Metaphor Association by Michael Michalko
  • Describe your problem or case into
  • Human-ize
  • Animal-ize
  • Subject-ize
  • Feeling-ize
  • e.g. the work of academic field - Zoo and case of
    each staff
  • e.g. Shooting Bricks

(No Transcript)
Exercise using Affinity Process to identify the
critical steps
  • Guest complaints on Poor Service
  • Possible reasons - Poor staff attitude
  • - Not enough training
  • - Poor products
  • - Guests are picky
  • - Too many workload
  • - Staff has no interest and motivation

Hotel Guest complain poor customer service !
Affinity Process to identify which should be
handled first
e.g. 7-11 system
4.4. Generate Alternatives - Backward Reasoning
  • Think backward logically in finding ways to solve
  • Game on 10 coins 2 players, each can pick up 1
    or 2 coins, the one who pick up the 10th coin
  • 1st 10th

Exercise- Backward Thinking
  • By December, 2001, there will be a computerized
    school library here.
  • Identify the critical path and yardsticks for
    each month.

Break 10 minutes
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Game Rubbish Bag
  • 4 teams , each team is distributed with a bag
    containing 10 items. Team must utilize the
    existing resources to develop a GAME out from
    these resources. Need clear procedures.
  • Neglect each item deducts 10 marks. Add other
    outside item, each deducts 10 marks.
  • Criteria for wining
  • 1. Playfulness (30 marks)
  • 2. Practical / Feasibility (30 marks)
  • 3. Creativity (40 marks)

Organizational Creativity
  • Story of 3M company famous in Creative products.
  • One Policy and Mission
  • 20 of the staff time is free. No question asked
    by superior. Staff are free to do whatever they
  • Story about the transparency development of OHP

Enhancing Creative Momentum
  • 1. Stimulate our 5 senses
  • Sight (bright colour, graphics, mind map,
    props)me to stimulate creative ideas
  • Hearing (background music, different tone of
  • Touch (different materials, sand, sough, smooth,
    soft clay)
  • Taste (food, drinks, taste experience)
  • Smell (aroma, scented, go outside the classroom,
    smell the nature)

Creative Momentum ……2
  • 2.Start a Journal / Creative Files for recordings
    all ideas
  • 3. Take pictures on learning events and display
    them on notice board
  • 4. Start a Creativity group where members meet to
    Share their success stories
  • 5. Reward People who Try
  • 6. Incubate and Nurture a Creative Culture by
    setting up policies in school to promote
  • 7. Form a Creative Library with books, web
    sites and resources

Tips for Creativity - 4 Cs
  • Challenge - accept challenge and willing to
    challenge old thinking. (story of bacteria at
    stomach theory)
  • Change - courage to change. (if you dont ask,
    you never get YES)
  • Choices - produce more Alternatives to do
    things.(story of an experiment, 1st group tell
    them creative, 2nd group tell him uncreative, 1st
    group produce more alternatives.)
  • Continuous Improvement - Kaizen in Japanese - Not
    satisfy present situation. (Story of ABS system
    in car invented by Japanese engineer trainee)

Story of Cheung Mo Gai in Tai Chi
  • Cheung Mo Gai learn from Cheung Sam Fung.
  • Show him the first time, he remember 50
  • Show him the second time, he forget everything.

Tourist, Farmer and Station
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