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Elizabethan Drama


Elizabeth's half sister, Mary, was nicknamed Bloody Mary because so many people ... He did leave his wife his 2nd best bed. Friends ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Elizabethan Drama

Elizabethan Drama
  • Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII
    and Anne Boleyn. She reigned as Queen of England
    from 1558-1603. This time period is known as the
    Elizabethan Era or the Golden Age.

Anne Boleyn
  • King Henry VIII had Anne Boleyns head chopped
    off because she could not produce a male heir.
  • This made Elizabeth illegitimate and she lost the
    title of princess.
  • Elizabeth later reconciled with her father he
    was unable to ever produce a healthy male heir,
    and she was reinstated in the line of succession.
    She reigned England for 45 years.

  • Some of Elizabeths nicknames were
  • The Virgin Queen she never married. It is
    thought that she held a wedding ceremony for
    herself to marry England.
  • Gloriana or Good Queen Bess
  • Elizabeths half sister, Mary, was nicknamed
    Bloody Mary because so many people were executed
    while she was queen.

The Signature of a Queen
  • Queen Elizabeths Signature

Westminster Abbey
  • Elizabeth is buried at Westminster Abbey in
  • Among those buried there are
  • Charles Darwin
  • Issac Newton
  • Robert Browning
  • Charles Dickens

The Current Queen Elizabeth II
  • The current Queen of England is Elizabeth II.
  • She is the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada,
    Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan,
    and Ceylon (Sri Lanka 1972).
  • She became Queen in 1952.

Elizabethan Drama
  • This time of Elizabeths reign over England is
    also known as the Renaissance- this means a
    rebirth of classical learning.
  • Elizabeth I encouraged new learning in England.
    The Golden Age was a time of learning and growth.

Elizabethan Drama
  • Before the Renaissance in England, countries had
    fallen into a slump. The citizens were uneducated
    and had lost interest in education and arts.
  • Drama was the main form of literature because
    most people were illiterate, therefore there was
    a demand for theatres.

Elizabethan Drama
  • Before 1576, theatres had not existed.
  • Plays were performed in tavern (bars) innyards to
    entertain the wealthy.
  • In 1576, James Burbage built the first theater in
    London, England, it was called The Theatre.

Elizabethan Drama
  • Drama rapidly developed because of Elizabeth I.
    She loved plays!
  • She was educated and wanted other people to
    better themselves.
  • During the Elizabethan Era, England was called
    Merry England, because there were markets,
    fairs, dancing, drinking, and rioting in the
  • Drama of this time period is known as Elizabethan
    Theatre or Early Modern English Theatre.

Typical Elizabethan Audience
  • Groundlings- a.k.a. Pennystinkers, dirty jokes
    and fighting appealed to them.
  • Middle Class- music appealed to them
  • Royalty- poetry appealed to them
  • An Elizabethan playwright had the task of
    appealing to all audience members.

Weird Fact
  • Boys played all the womens parts because it was
    not acceptable, nor suitable, for a woman to act.
  • Until the reign of Charles II, female roles were
    played by young boys dressed in womens costumes.
  • Yes! Juliet was originally played by a man.

Acting Requirements
  • Good voice
  • Good memory
  • Good dancer
  • Good health
  • Be able to sing
  • Be able to play a musical instrument
  • Good swordsman-very important
  • Elizabethans liked their plays to be gory,
    bloody, noisy, and action packed.

The Playwright
  • Not all playwrights fit the image of a poet or of
    an intellectual
  • Christopher Marlowe was killed in a tavern brawl.
  • Ben Johnson was killed in an acting duel.

The Plague
  • A.k.a. Black Plague, Bubonic Plague, Black Death,
    Great Plague
  • Horrible epidemic that began in Europe in 1592.
  • By 1593, so many had died from it that the
    government would wheel death carts through the
    streets and yell Bring out your dead.

  • All theatres were closed in 1642 due to the
    Puritan movement.
  • The Puritan people did not like young men
    dressing as women, theatres being located near
    taverns, or opposing political views being
    displayed on the stage.

William Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon on
    April 23, 1564.
  • His parents were John and Mary Shakespeare.

The Bards Signature
  • Shakespeare attended Stratford Grammar School, an
    all-boy school.
  • He attended year round from 7 am to 7 pm daily.
  • His formal schooling ended when he was 14 yrs.

  • He married Anne Hathaway. He was 18 she was 26.
  • They had 3 children.
  • Susannah, and twins Hamnet and Judith.
  • Hamnet was the only son and he died at 11 yrs old.

Next Move
  • After his sons death, he moved to London to act.
  • When he finally began to act the Plague closed
    the theaters.
  • He then began to write.

Lords Chamberlains Men
  • In 1594, he formed an acting company with Richard
    and Cuthbert Burbage called the Lord
    Chamberlains Men.
  • Acting companies had patrons who supported them.
  • Their patron was Lord Hudson, who held an
    important position for Lord Chamberlain. It was
    the best company!

The Globe
  • In 1599, Shakespeare and the Burbage brothers
    built The Globe, the greatest theatre in London.

Facts about the Globe
  • It was built on the Thames River. (Pronounced
  • It was octagonal (8 sided).
  • It was open air.
  • It accommodated 2,000.
  • Its emblem was Atlas with the world on his

More Globe Facts
  • Costs to get into see a performance at the globe
  • 1 pence- to stand in the pit (groundlings)
  • 2 pence- to sit in the upper balconies
  • 3 pence- to sit in the best galleries
  • 4 pence- to have a cushion
  • The rich could sit on Stage.

3 Levels of the Globe
  • The Heavens- upper balcony for musicians and
    sound effects
  • Stage
  • Hell- area under the stage- used for storage (
    A trap door led to this area.)

The Globe Today
Shakespeare Plays
  • Shakespeare wrote 37 plays. These are the three
    types of plays
  • Comedies Ex. Taming of the Shrew, Comedy of
  • Histories Ex. Henry VIII, Henry IV
  • Tragedies Ex. Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar,
    Hamlet, Macbeth

  • Shakespeare is also famous for his sonnets ( 14
    line poems ).
  • His sonnets were a collection of 154 poems that
    dealt with such themes as love, beauty, and
  • The prologue of Romeo and Juliet is a sonnet.

Queens Death
  • Queen Elizabeth died in 1603.
  • James I succeeded her.
  • He took Lord Chamberlains Men and renamed them
    to the Kings Men.

  • In 1613, the Globe burned down when a cannon
    backfired and caught the roof on fire.
  • No one was hurt except for a guy whose pants
    caught on fire!
  • It was rebuilt the next year.

Shakespeares Loops
  • Shakespeare made his money by his ownership in
  • He owned 1/10 of the Globe and a portion of
    Blackfriars Theatre.
  • He did not own his plays. They were owned by the
    theatre company.

  • In 1611, Shakespeare retired to Stratford with
    his family.
  • They lived in the 2nd largest house in Stratford.

  • Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616.
  • It is said that a truly great man is born and
    dies on the same day.
  • Shakespeares gravestone reads the following
  • Good friend for Jesus sake forbear,To dig the
    dust enclosed here!Blest be the man that spares
    these stones,And curst be he that moves my
  • These are thought to be the last words he ever

  • Shakespeare is buried in Stratford in Holy
    Trinity Church.

A Heir to the Name
  • He always wanted a male heir, but did not have
  • He left everything to his favorite daughter,
  • He did leave his wife his 2nd best bed.

  • His friends put together his first published
    edition of complete works, entitled First Folio.

More Cool Facts
  • Shakespeares first job in the theatre was
    holding horses at the stage door.
  • Nothing is known of Shakespeare between the ages
    of 18 and 25. These are known as the Lost Years.
  • The theatre competed for its audience with public
    executions. People loved to attend a good

Will the real William Shakespeare please stand up?
  • Many claim that Shakespeare did not actually
    write the plays or even exist.
  • These claims have never been able to be proved.
  • Here are their arguments
  • His education was limited, so he couldnt have
    had such an excellent command of English.
  • Shakespeare did not travel the world, so he could
    not have been able to write plays that depicted
    Egypt, Italy.
  • He knew little of foreign languages, so how could
    he have written passages that contained Latin and
  • His plays depict the lives of Queens and Kings.
    How could he have known what this life was like?

How to Speak Shakespeare
  • Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
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