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Independent Studies


You are an Archaeologist who just discovered an artifact that was invented ... Think like an Archaeologist. Examples of Independent Studies. Think like an Architect ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Independent Studies

Independent Studies
  • Kaleb Thompson
  • Mihoko Chida
  • Peters 4-6 Elementary
  • Garden Grove Unified

Peters 4-6 Elementary
  • Garden Grove Unified School District
  • Title I
  • Ethnically diverse population
  • Large population of English Language learners
  • One of three sites that services Gifted students
  • Self contained GATE

Our Motivation
  • Underachieving students
  • A lack of creativity and passion in the learning
  • Challenging students who exceed standards or are
    ahead of curriculum pacing
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Preparation for Intermediate School

The Big Dilemma
  • How do we prevent our students from mentally
    checking out after the state test?

The Research
  • According to Johnson and Goree, Betts states
  • When compared to learning styles of more average
    students, gifted students like instructional
    strategies that emphasize independence such as
    independent study and discussion.(Johnson and
    Goree, 2005)
  • In defining independent studies, scholars such as
    Reis and Renzuilli emphasize the importance of
    real world investigations in their definitions.
    (Johnson and Goree, 2005)

The Definition of an Independent Study
  • An independent study is a planned research
    process that
  • is self-directed
  • is similar to one used by a practicing
    professional or is authentic to the discipline
  • is facilitated and monitored by the teacher
  • focuses on lifelike problems that go beyond the
    regular class setting
  • (Johnson and Goree, 2005)

GATE Standards
  • The differentiated curriculum facilitates
    development of ethical standards, positive
    self-concepts, sensitivity and responsibility to
    others, and contributions to society.
  • GATE EC M3.1d
  • The core curriculum is compacted for gifted
    students so that learning experiences are
    developmentally appropriate (not redundant) to
    their needs, interests, and abilities.
  • GATE EC C3.1a

GATE Standards
  • The differentiated curriculum utilizes a variety
    of teaching and learning patterns including
    opportunities for independent study.
  • GATE EC C3.2b

Examples of Independent Studies
  • Think like an Archaeologist
  • You are an Archaeologist who just discovered an
    artifact that was invented/innovated and used by
    an ancient civilization (Mesopotamia, Hebrews,
    Egypt, India, China, Greece, or Rome). You must
    prove the significance of the artifact to the
    daily life of the civilization by describing in
    detail how it allowed the civilization to survive
    and/or advance.

Think like an Archaeologist
Examples of Independent Studies
  • Think like an Architect
  • You are an architect who will design a house
    following the local building codes identifying
    the minimum and maximum requirements, as well as
    maintaining a specified budget. You will make
    decisions about special features to include, as
    well as the location and size of each individual
    room. Finally you will draw a scaled blueprint of
    house depicting all the specifics determined
    during the planning process. Once the house
    commission has approved the blueprint, you will
    build a scale model of the house.

Think like an Architect
Think like an Architect
Think like an Architect
Think like an Architect
Examples of Independent Studies
  • Think like a Comic Strip Artist
  • You are a Comic Strip Artist who has been asked
    to create a new strip for national syndication.
    You will create a new cast of characters, and
    develop a storyline that evolves over the course
    of 5-7 days. Each days strip should continue to
    develop a story which will reach a climax and be
    resolved by the end of the series.

Think like a Comic Strip Artist
Think like a Comic Strip Artist
Examples of Independent Studies
  • Think like a Fashion Designer
  • You are a Fashion Designer who is trying to
    initiate a new and exciting fashion trend for a
    specific population. You will identify the
    population (cliental) you are designing for as
    well as the interests of the client. You will
    sketch 5 - 7 outfits that address the desires of
    your clients. Finally, you will fabricate one
    design that most exemplifies your entire
    collection using appropriate tools and materials.

Think like a Fashion Designer
Think like a Fashion Designer
Think like a Fashion Designer
Examples of Independent Studies
  • Think like an Artist
  • You are an Artist who is struggling to find
    inspiration for your next masterpiece. You
    decide to return to your roots by studying the
    classical works of your early peers. In doing
    so, you discover the most remarkable piece of art
    you have ever seen. After analyzing the artwork,
    you are able to create your own masterpiece.

Think like an Artist
Think like an Artist
Think like an Artist
Examples of Independent Studies
  • Think like an Investor
  • You are an Investment Banker who is hired to
    quickly earn money for a group of eager
    entrepreneurs. You must use your knowledge of
    current trends to invest wisely in the stock
    market. You must use your clients money to buy
    and sell stocks on a weekly basis in order to
    greatly increase the initial investments of your

Think like an Investor
Think like an Investor
Examples of Independent Studies
  • Think like a Musician
  • You are an aspiring musician desperately waiting
    to be noticed by a major recording label
    executive. In order to expedite the process, you
    will write a new song that will appeal to a large
    audience, therefore quickly climbing the charts
    achieving number one status. Finally you will
    test your fans reaction when you perform your
    song at an upcoming show.

Classroom Implementation
  • Teacher
  • Determine how students will choose project
  • Explain how a large project is a series of
    smaller tasks
  • Model backwards planning
  • Decide when students will work on projects in
  • Schedule meetings with students to monitor
  • Allow for collaboration between students doing
    the same project
  • Students
  • Students will choose project(s)
  • Break up project into smaller task
  • Use a calendar to schedule personal due dates
  • Decide what materials to bring to class and when
    to bring them
  • Meet with teacher to clarify project and share
  • Collaboration with peers who are doing the same

How to Design a Project
  • Brainstorm Profession (Discipline)
  • Notice student interests
  • Consider standard(s)
  • Consider curricular connections
  • Consider product(s)
  • US Department of Labor
  • For a complete list with job descriptions
    http// (Search by field)
  • For kids http//
    (Search by subject area)
  • Propose a problem related to the profession
  • Align to grade level standards

How to Design a Project