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Thanksgiving. 3rd Grade. SS Unit. By: Alison McCartan. Table of Contents. Connecting the Standards ... This lesson takes all the third grade content standards ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Thanksgiving

  • 3rd Grade
  • SS Unit
  • By Alison McCartan

Table of Contents
  • Connecting the Standards
  • History
  • History Activities
  • People in Societies
  • People in Societies Activities
  • Geography
  • Geography Activities
  • Economics
  • Economic Activities
  • Government
  • Government Activities
  • Citizenship Rights Responsibilities
  • Citizenship Rights Responsibilities Activities
  • Social Study Skills Methods
  • Social Study Skills Method Activities
  • Online Resources (student centered)
  • Online Resources (teacher)
  • Intervention
  • Reflection

How to Connect the Standards
  • This lesson takes all the third grade content
    standards and applies them with the various
    lessons involved. The unit is on Thanksgiving
    which can be applies in history, geography and
    many more.

  • Students use materials drawn from the diversity
    of human experience to analyze and interpret
    significant events, patterns and themes in the
    history of Ohio, the United States and the world.

History Activities
  • 1. Discuss what the meaning of Thanksgiving is
    and where it came from.
  • 2. Draw what Thanksgiving, pilgrims and
    traditions mean to you.
  • 3. Describe Thanksgiving, pilgrims and traditions
    using 5 adjectives
  • 4. Use a time line to understand the time period
    that Thanksgiving began
  • 5. In a small group, compare the daily life of
    today to the time Thanksgiving began. What are
    the changes?
  • 6. Read a book to relate the lives of people from
    diverse backgrounds. How did the Pilgrims
    contribute to the heritage of the United States?

People in Societies
  • Students use knowledge of perspectives, practices
    and products of cultural, ethnic and social
    groups to analyze the impact of their commonality
    and diversity within local, national, regional
    and global settings.

People in Societies Activities
  • Read book on what the pilgrims used as tools
    compared to today's equipment.
  • Discuss the result of the decision the Pilgrims
    made to have a Thanksgiving.
  • How have people shaped our culture?
  • Using the internet look up the types of food used
    in the first Thanksgiving.
  • Write two paragraphs explaining the cultural
    practices of the Pilgrims.

  • Students use knowledge of geographic locations,
    patterns and processes to show the
    interrelationship between the physical
    environment and human activity.

Geography Activities
  • Discuss and research where pilgrims use to live
    and where they come from.
  • Learn the names and locations of pilgrims.
  • Create a map with the given worksheet, Blocks and
    Lots Map- 4 pages
  • Use given map to show and explain where the
    Pilgrims lived compared to where we do. (cardinal
    direction, grid system)
  • Use the 3 aerial maps to give a presentation to
    the class on the type of land where the Pilgrims

  • Students use economic reasoning skills and
    knowledge of major economic concepts, issues and
    systems in order to make informed choices as
    producers, consumers, savers, investors, workers
    and citizens in an interdependent world.

Economics Activities
  • How were things paid for back then? (internet)
  • Do lesson on How we affect the earth
  • Read the book River Ran Wild
  • Ask follow up questions - What happened to the
    Nashua River? What were the causes of the
    pollution? What effect did these events have on
    the river? How did the river change throughout
  • Work as a whole class to determine the different
    types of bodies of water and land forms.

  • Students use knowledge of the purposes,
    structures and processes of political systems at
    the local, state, national and international
    levels to understand that people create systems
    of government as structures of power and
    authority to provide order, maintain stability
    and promote the general welfare.

Government Activities
  • Investigate using the internet and given books if
    the Pilgrims had a government system.
  • Use SMARTboard with whole class to show their
  • Ask questions and have them write out one
    paragraph each, how did their form of government
    affect their life?
  • Read book on American Communities in History
  • What type of community was around for the first

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • Students use knowledge of the rights and
    responsibilities of citizenship in order to
    examine and evaluate civic ideals and to
    participate in community life and the American
    democratic system.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Cont.
  • Make a constitution for your classroom as a
  • Take a virtual tour of the world to investigate
    the variety of communities.
  • Have students begin to construct a book on the
    community they live in.
  • Using the internet, have students learn the
    levels of the American government.
  • Have class discussion on how what they do affects
    the environment.

Social Studies Skills and Methods
  • Students collect, organize, evaluate and
    synthesize information from multiple sources to
    draw logical conclusions. Communicate this
    information using appropriate terminology in
    oral, written or multimedia form.

Social Studies Skills and Methods Activities
  • Students will develop an oral presentation on how
    the environments and communities change over
  • Review and study the people that emerge into
    societies through the years.
  • Use maps to analyze the physical features of
  • Use prediction practices to see how our
    activities influence area.
  • Begin lesson plan on maps and globes.

Online Resources (student)
  • Should You Really Celebrate Thanksgiving?
  • Fun craft ideas
  • Yahoo! Pictures- Thanksgiving

Online Resources (teacher)
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//

  • Review CUM records before Unit
  • Children with tracking problems need to have one
    on one instruction on all websites.
  • Use manipulative for symbols on all maps

  • The students had fun learning about the first
    Thanksgiving and where it originated from. I
    would have liked to had more craft projects to
    show that each child was actively engaged.
    Towards the end of this project the students
    suggested acting out a play for their grade
    level. We are still working on it and will be
    having it for our parents in two weeks.