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Planning Committee Focus Group


Planning Committee Focus Group 8:00 - 17:00, Friday, September 24, 2010 8:00 - 10:00, Saturday, September 25, 2010 ASTRO HQ, Fairfax, VA 11) Plan of Action for the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Planning Committee Focus Group

Planning Committee Focus Group
  • 800 - 1700, Friday, September 24, 2010
  • 800 - 1000, Saturday, September 25, 2010
  • ASTRO HQ, Fairfax, VA

1) Welcome and Introductions
PC Radiation Oncologists PC Medical Physicists PC Vendors TC Representatives
Kevin Albuquerque Charles Able Adam Earwicker (Varian) Walter Bosch (ATC)
Tony Quang Sha Chang Nick Linton (Elekta) Bruce Curran (TC Co-chair)
Akkamma Ravi Colin Field (PC Co-chair) Martin Pellinat (Vision Tree) Rishabh Kapoor (U of Florida)
Prabhakar Tripuraneni (Co-chair) Todd McNutt Jacob Philip (Elekta) Stuart Swerdloff (TC Co-chair, Elekta)
ASTRO Representatives Jatinder Palta (Co-chair) Norman Trapp (Siemens)  
Sidrah Abdul Harold Beunk (Nucletron)  
Barbara Muth Kevin Riddell    
Regrets May Wahab (PC Co-chair), Mika Miettinen
(PC co-chair, Varian), Ramesh Rengen,
Christopher Rose
2) Meeting Goals
  • Quick overview of IHE and IHE-RO
  • Establish directions goals for IHE-RO PC
  • Have brief joint TC and PC meeting
  • Changes to Agenda ?

3a) Overview of IHE
  • Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, formed in
  • Global initiative to facilitate sharing of health
  • from application to application
  • system to system
  • across multiple healthcare enterprises
  • Brings together health information technology
    stakeholders to implement standards for
    communicating patient information efficiently
    throughout and among healthcare enterprises by
    developing a framework of interoperability
  • Because of its proven process of collaboration,
    demonstration and real world implementation of
    interoperable solutions, IHE is in a unique
    position to significantly accelerate the process
    for defining, testing, and implementing
    standards-based interoperability among electronic
    health record systems

(from http//
orporates_2009-12-31.cfm )
IHE Organizational Structure
Anatomic Pathology
Quality, Research Public Health
About IHE-RO
  • 2004 Prabhakar Tripuraneni and Jatinder Palta
    formed IHE-RO at RSNA
  • 2004 Bruce Curran and Stuart Swerdloff
    spear-headed the TC
  • 2006 First IHE-RO Domain Pre-testing
  • 2007 First Connectathon (Aug)
  • 2007 PC became more active
  • 2007 First Public demonstration (Oct)

How Does This All Happen ?
  • ASTRO Significant Support
  • Since 2006, spent well over US 1.0M
  • Test Tools and Administrative support
  • RT Vendors Significant Resources
  • Domain Pre-testing
  • Connectathons
  • Product Development and Documentation
  • End Users
  • Volunteer time and energy
  • Florida grant (Jatinder and May)

  • Other IHE-RO Members
  • AAPM
  • ATC
  • Bogardus Medical Systems
  • Brigham Womens Hospital
  • Cogent Health Solutions Inc.
  • Cross Cancer Institute
  • IBA Particle Therapy
  • Loyala University Medical Centre
  • Radion, Inc
  • SEFM
  • SJS Targeted Solutions
  • Sun Nuclear
  • TSG Integrations
  • University of Florida
  • VisionRT
  • VisionTree Software, Inc
  • IHE-RO Connectathon Vendors
  • Accuray (2009/10)
  • BrainLAB (2007/8/9/10)
  • Candelis (2010)
  • Elekta (2007/8/9/10)
  • GE Healthcare (2009)
  • MIMVista (2008/9)
  • Nucletron (2007/8/9/10)
  • Philips (2007/8/9/10)
  • Siemens (2008/9/10)
  • Third Way Software (2010)
  • Tomotherapy (2007/8/9/10)
  • Varian (2007/8/9/10)
  • Numerous Volunteers

Links to more info
  • http//

3b) PC Membership
  • Google docs Roster
  • Governance document
  • http//
  • Join IHE
  • Process is easy, and it is free !
  • Institutional politics may not be as easy
  • Link to on-line application

4) ASTRO IHE-RO and Research Committee
  1. EMR and Registry
  2. CCHIT and IHE-RO
  3. Patient Safety

ASTRO safety initiative named to 25 Most
Influential list
  • ASTRO has been named as one of RT Image's 25 Most
    Influential people, institutions or events that
    shaped radiology in 2010. ASTRO ranked sixth for
    its Target Safely initiative, a six-point patient
    protection plan that will improve safety and
    quality and reduce the chances of medical errors.
    To learn more about Target Safely, visit, or ASTRO Chairman
    Williamss article.

5) Use Cases
  • Process
  • Review
  • old, in development, on hold, new
  • http//

Steps of IHE Process
  • Identify Inter-operability problems (Use Cases)
  • describe how end-users will
  • accomplish a goal by performing a task or a
    series of tasks using systems (or software)
  • includes the responses of the systems (or
    software) to user actions
  • Select Use Cases to develop (process)
  • Specify Integration Profiles, Develop Test Tools
  • Domain Pre-testing
  • Test Integration Profiles at Connectathon
  • Public Demonstration ?
  • Publish Integration Profiles for use in RFPs

Successfully Completed Use Cases
  • Basic RT Treatment Planning (2007)
  • Multimodality Registration (2008)
  • Advanced RT Objects (2009)
  • Treatment Delivery Workflow (2010?)

Use Cases in Development (2010)
  • Treatment Delivery Workflow
  • Public comment (07-Mar-2010)
  • Domain pre-testing (June 2-11, 2010)
  • 2010 connectathon (Sept 20-26, 2010)
  • Dose Compositing
  • Public comment (26-Feb-2010)
  • Domain pre-testing (2011 ?)
  • 2011 connectathon (2011 ?)
  • Enterprise Schedule Integration
  • Japan IHE-RO

Use Cases requiring more support
  • Prescription Automation
  • Needs DICOM WG 7 extension of standards
  • Structure Templates Creation, Export and Import
  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • IHE-ITI XUA (Cross-Enterprise User Assertion
    Attribute Extension)

2010 Use Case Selection
  • http//
  • Flesh out top 3 details for ASTRO AGM
  • Ensure problem is well defined
  • Suggest how things should work
  • Sell TC on necessity to support the Use Case
  • Lets review each Use Case in ranked order
  • Very brief summary by Champion
  • Questions, comments, discussion
  • Currently 15 others Use Cases on the list
  • http//

Radiation Oncology Workflow Exchange
  • Data dictionary needed

Closed Loop Patient Safety
  • Categories
  • Handshaking check of data transfer
  • Feedback loop, plan, deliver, cf plan
  • Imaging closed loop
  • Population of a Registry
  • End to end check - phantom

  • Anonymize specific dicom tags
  • Template for data to send
  • reader to ensure all links are preserved between
    related items

Radiation Oncology Patient Portal
  • Data dictionary required
  • Source RT data Destination secured web browser
  • Interactive record of patient data
  • Updating of followup data
  • 2015 requirement for meaningful use

Deformable Registration
Instance-level Query Retrieve
6) Current Issues
  1. Clinical Release of Connectathon software - what
    are IHE rules? 1 year, special rules for
    IHE-RO? - PC communicate rules to TC - PC/TC
    cross compare passed actors with released
    software, vendors and users check
  2. Use of integration profiles in RFP
  3. Wiki pages
  4. Rishabh volunteered to help with updating of Wiki
  5. Vote using Survey Monkey instead of Doodle
  6. Consensus was that Doodle was adequate

7) Open Forum
  1. Future of IHE-RO
  2. Funding for IHE-RO
  3. IHE-RO initiative should become cost neutral to
  4. PC members were encourage to obtain grants in
    support of IHE-RO activities
  5. Volunteer effort
  6. Election of Co-chairs
  7. Dr. May Wahab will be stepping down as PC Chair,
    and Dr. Ramesh Rengan will be assuming this role
  8. Some thought may need to be given to
    transitioning Mikas and Colins PC co-chair
    roles, and Bruces and Stuarts TC co-chair roles
  9. Other ?

Lunch (Connectathon, LL)
8) Technical and Planning committee Joint meeting
IHE-RO Co-Chairs Prabhakar Tripuraneni,
MD Jatinder Palta, PhD
  • Planning Committee
  • May Abdel-Wahab, MD, PhD
  • Colin Field, MSc
  • Mika Miettinen
  • Recruit vendors of relevant information systems
    and users with clinical and operational
  • Prioritize coordinate domain activities
  • Identify, gather, review and prioritize
    integration and information inter-operability
    problems (Use Cases)
  • Approve proposals selected by the TC for Profile
  • Develop educational materials for the domain and
  • Technical Committee
  • Bruce Curran, MS, ME
  • Stuart Swerdloff, PhD
  • Recruit vendors of relevant information systems
    and users with technical experience
  • Assess the feasibility and estimated effort for
    PC selected Use Cases
  • Build consensus on the appropriate
    standards-based solutions
  • Develop Integration Profiles for Use Case
  • Maintain Technical Framework for domain
    Integration Profiles, describes solutions to
    inter-operability problems

8) Technical and Planning committee Joint meeting
  • Is more support from PC required at pre-testing
    and at connectathon ? Yes, clinicians with
    practical experience, Wednesday thru Friday.
  • Is PC input needed at TC meeting after ASTRO ?
    No, but questioned will need to be answered soon
    after TC meeting.
  • Can PC help with linac configuration gold
    standard? NEMA MITA working on (Stuart
    Swerdloff). Stuart will let us know.
  • Is a public demonstration needed ? No.
  • What else can PC do to help TC ? Chase small
    companies that should be participating to get

A big Thank You to the Technical Committee for
all their efforts !!
9) Budget Planning
  • Make test tools free. Charge for evaluation.
  • Make per Actor cost for evaluation the same for
    all Actors (categorized as simple or complex)
  • How is re-testing charged ? After failed test,
    charge at 100. For voluntary re-testing, at a
    discounted rate of 50.
  • Retest every year? Ask TC.
  • With new versions of test tools, vendor can
    decide whether they wish to re-test and be
    evaluated. They can use the new version of test
    tools in-house for their own evaluation.

10) Publicity and Promotion
  • Publish success stories from IHE-RO

11) Plan of Action for the future
  • Develop a list of items for the participants to
    mull overnight
  • Should this meeting occur next year ? Yes.
    Preferably on Sunday/Monday to facilitate TC
    attendance ?
  • ASTRO has asked for a single presentation in
    ASTRO booth during ASTRO AGM. Bruce nominated.
    Ramesh Rengen tag team.
  • Create webinar with CME credits for IHE-RO (MD,
    Physics, RTT, CMD). Tony to investigate.
    Interoperability and patient safety.
  • Create annual report showing passed actors with
    product releases. Verified by vendors and users
  • Standardize information on and Rishabh

Use Cases
  • Prioritize new Use Cases with prior tabled Use
  • How do we close the loop from Use Case to
    Integration profile to RFP to Clinical Use ?
    Test tool versions. Poll users, allowing
    reporting of failures. Contact initial
    customers. Mini complaint system ?
  • Take Use cases to ASTRO Corporate Advisory Board
    for support. Jatinder. Prepared after TC has
    vetted. Needed by ltdategt

  • Develop Data Dictionary. PC role? Provided data
    needed to support user cases. Todd and Walter
  • Develop Standard Testing facility (or resource
    centre) for all vendors (outside scope of
    IHE-RO). Jatinder to ask ASTRO Executive
  • Develop scope of facility
  • FDA implications
  • Create ASTRO IHE-RO Task force to provide
    recommendations to RO community. Evidence based
    info needed. Interoperability Errors
  • Publications subcommittee
  • Publish success stories
  • Continue to obtain funding in support of TC.
  • Correct Nucletron representative on PC. Colin,
  • Every issue of ASTRO news to have IHE-RO content.
  • Document Budget cycle for each IHE-RO vendor.
  • Use PLUNC as IHE-RO test platform ?
  • Update PC and TC membership roster in consistent
    manner. Sidrah

(No Transcript)
Planning Committee Focus Group
  • 800 - 1000am, Saturday, September 25, 2010
  • ASTRO HQ, Fairfax, VA

Finalize the plan of action for the future
  1. Identify tasks and create timelines
  2. Identify outstanding unresolved Issues
  3. Set deliverables for ASTRO meeting

Closed Loop Patient Safety
  • Other patient safety use cases
  • Compare what was treated with what was planned
    (dynalog, gantry, etc). MU currently checked.
  • Handshaking check of data transfer from OIS to
    treatment workstation
  • 3 MITA propositions
  • Feedback loop, plan, deliver, cf plan
  • Imaging closed loop
  • Population of a Registry
  • End to end check - phantom
  • Focus on one aspect
  • Working group consisting of
  • Kevin, May, Stephen, Nick, Akkamma, Adam
  • When 15-Oct fully fleshed out poll posted on
    18-Oct, voting completed 28-Oct

Prioritize new Use Cases with prior tabled Use
  • TC provides status on tabled Use Cases
  • Information distributed to PC
  • Rank vote on 3 new and 3 tabled Use Cases
  • Results for ASTRO AGM
  • When
  • 10-Oct info received from TC
  • 15-Oct info distributed to PC
  • 18-Oct poll posted
  • 28-Oct voting completed

Create annual report showing passed actors with
product releases
  • Verified by vendors and users
  • ask users for confirmation
  • Survey tool for test
  • Who
  • Colin to ask Bruce for passed actors and software
    versions from previous connectathons
  • Colin, Jacob to create table
  • When draft table to be shown at ASTRO AGM

How do we close the loop from Use Case to
Integration profile to RFP to Clinical Use ?
  • Add Test tool version number
  • Poll users, allowing reporting of failures.
  • Contact initial customers to validate clinical
  • Establish Mini complaint system for tracking
  • Aside End to end scripting test to verify RT
  • Who?
  • When? Table to AGM after matrix is available

Publicity and Promotions Success Stories
  • Wait for use case / software version matrix, talk
    to vendors to get users to approach
  • Set timelines for ASTROnews publications and AAPM
    newsletter, PRO

Create webinar with CME credits for IHE-RO (MD,
Physics, RTT, CMD
  • Interoperability and patient safety
  • Who
  • Tony to investigate/create (Lynn Brown ASTRO)
  • With assistance from Publications and Promotions
  • Everyone to bombard Tony with facts. Dick Fraass
  • 1 hour presentation ?
  • When update at ASTRO AGM

Create a ASTRO IHE-RO Task force to provide
recommendations to RO community
  • Evidence based info needed
  • Errors resulting from interoperability
  • Cost of not having interoperability
  • Who ? Akkamma, Kevin, Jacob, Charles
  • When ? Table (tie to webinar)

Develop Standard Testing facility (or resource
centre) for all vendors
  • Develop scope of facility
  • FDA implications
  • Jatinder to ask ASTRO Executive
  • Who? Jatinder, Adam, Nick, Tony, Todd, Sha,
  • When? Create a separate working group outside of

2) ASTRO PC TC Meetings
  • PC
  • 700-1000am, Tues, 02-Nov-2010
  • Where TBD
  • TC
  • Potentially noon-100pm, Tues, 02-Nov-2010 in
    room used for NEMA meeting 730am-noon
  • Where TBD

  • 3) Meeting Wrap Up

Comments, Questions