How to Teach Your Kid’s Healthier Eating Habits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Teach Your Kid’s Healthier Eating Habits


How healthy are your children’s eating habits? Gently influence the way your children eat by setting an example and involving them in your family’s eating habits. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Teach Your Kid’s Healthier Eating Habits

How to Teach Your Kids Healthier Eating Habits
Guide Your Familys Eating Choices
Dictating your childrens eating habits can be
hard, which is why you should gently guide your
familys choices instead.
Quick weight loss diets are good for short-term
weight loss, but the key to healthy living is
long term meals planning.
Try to fill your house with a wide variety of
healthy foods instead of processed snacks and
high fat foods.
Encourage Children to Eat Slowly
During meals, encourage your children to eat
slowly. Besides preventing choking, this will
make them feel fuller while eating a smaller
amount of food.
Before offering a second helping, ask your child
to wait a few minutes.
This will help your child learn to realize when
they are full and will help with overeating.
Eat Together as Family
Eating together will help you monitor your
childrens eating habits.
Also, make mealtimes pleasant and fun. If
children are anxious because of stressful
conversations they may try to eat quickly in
order to leave the table faster.
Pleasant conversation will also help your
children eat more slowly. You can take time to
discuss health living and eating habits as well.
Eating together will also shows your willingness
eat healthy foods.
Involve Your Children in Food and Meal Planning
Your diet may include vitamins for weight loss,
but any supplements you take will be enhanced by
healthy foods.
Show your child how dedicated you are to healthy
cooking by including them in meal planning and
buying groceries.
This way, you children can pick out their
favorite healthy foods and the planning
encourages them to actively participate in meals
and will also help them achieve lifelong eating
Plan Snacks
Snacks are often the most unhealthy meals of the
day because they are unplanned.
By having quick healthy foods on hand, your
children can still eat healthy and cut mid-meal
Let you children pick out their own healthy
snacks so that they will want to eat the snack
you provide.
Drink More Water
Drinking plenty of water is key when using fat
burning supplements, and it also helps with
weight loss on any type of diet.
Instead of sugary or carbonated drinks, encourage
your children to drink water between meals
Allow your children to pick out a water bottle
that they can decorate with their names. It will
inspire them to use their water bottles more
Balance Outside Meals
Making sure your children eat healthily outside
of the house can also be difficult.
Start by making your childrens lunches or
allowing them to make their own instead of buying
lunch as school.
When you go out as a family, choose restaurants
with healthy choices. Once in a while you can
treat the family to something more indulgent, but
try to encourage salads and soups as much as
possible over fattier burgers and heavy pasta.
Pay Attention to Ingredients and Portion Sizes
The food you cook now may be perfectly healthy
and balanced, but the portion sizes may be too
Until your children learn to take healthy-sized
portions at mealtimes, dish up their plates
yourself and ask them to wait for seconds.
Also, look at the ingredients youre using. If
youre making rice dishes, use brown rice or
substitute with quinoa. Use low sodium products
and always use fresh ingredients if you can.
Live Healthy
Besides meals, try to incorporate more active
pastimes instead of sitting in front of the
computer or TV.
Start biking or walking as a family, especially
after mealtimes. This will help with digestion
and will help you spend more time as a family.
Encourage your children to start hobbies that
make them move around. This can be sports, dance,
or anything that helps them get up and moving.