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The Business Case for Worksite Wellness The Shifting Paradigm


... on promoting better heart health and recognizing ... at the Maine Heart Center. Service Offerings. Cardiovascular health assessments. Biometric testing ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Business Case for Worksite Wellness The Shifting Paradigm

The Business Case for Worksite Wellness The
Shifting Paradigm
  • Deborah Deatrick, MPH
  • Maine Health
  • Vice President, Community Health
  • Thomas Downing
  • USM Lifeline Center for Wellness Health
  • Executive Director

Health Care Landscape
  • Health care costs pose a serious threat to the
    competitiveness of US business
  • Employee health benefits are the fastest
    growing cost component for US employers
  • The number of employers offering health
    benefits is decreasing 69 provided health
    benefits in 2000, 60 in 2005!
  • In 2003 we spent 15.3 of gross domestic
    product on health care, projected to reach 18.7
    by 2014
  • Health risks and chronic illnesses associated
    with an aging workforce will increase total
    health care costs at an ever accelerating rate.
  • Starbucks spends more on health insurance than
    for coffee!
  • (Multiple Sources)

Health Care Costs Drivers
  • Provider Costs
  • - Hospital, Physicians, Health Care Providers
  • Coverage mandates
  • Cost of technology
  • Pharmacy costs
  • Consumer need and expectation
  • - Benefit design
  • - The health of the population
  • health status and health risks

The Maine Picture
  • 75 of Maine people die from 4 chronic mostly
    preventable diseases
  • ? Heart disease/strokes
  • ? Cancers
  • ? Chronic Lung Disease
  • ? Diabetes
  • 4th highest percentage of deaths in the country
  • (MCDC-2002)

A Lifestyle We Cant Afford
  • Anthem BC/BS MaineHealth supported study
  • Chenoweth Associates economic cost appraisal
    2006 release
  • Maine 2004 data The combined direct indirect
    costs (medical care, workers compensation, cost
    productivity) associated with physical
    inactivity, overweight obesity 2.56 billion
    a year.
  • If costs continue to rise at current rates,
    that figure will reach 3.10 billion by 2009
    a 21 increase in 5 years.
  • Maine residents/per capita 1,998.00

Employee Health Risk Vs Health Cost
We now recognize a direct cause and effect
relationship between these two variables
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Health Risk and Health Costs
  • Summary
  • This data is from the Steelcase Corporation and
    involves approximately 4,000 employees examined
    over a 5-year period. 12 risk factors including
    smoking, inactivity, obesity etc. were included.
    The data is clear in its significance that health
    risks contribute to substantially higher health
    costs. Those employers who do not aggressively
    reduce risk prevalence in their populations will
    pay substantially higher costs for health care
    utilization for their population. This applies
    to all employees regardless of age or gender
  • (University of Michigan Health Management
    Research Center)

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2006 Health Care Cost Survey Towers Perrin HR
  • Low cost companies/lowest premium/employee
  • High cost companies/highest premium/employee

Low Cost Characteristics
  • Active management/vendor relationship
  • pay for performance
  • Employee accountability/consumerism
  • brand vs. generic drugs, cost transparency
  • Financial initiatives to adopt healthy lifestyles
  • Provision of support tools/wellness resources for
    employer to understand manage health risks

Gains for the Organization
Healthier Person
Productive Employee
  • Health Status
  • Life Expectancy
  • Health Care Costs
  • Workers Compensation
  • Workers Disability
  • Absenteeism
  • Turnover
  • Productivity
  • Company Visibility
  • Social Responsibility

Lifestyle Choices
Job Performance
  • Individual attitudes
  • Group attitudes
  • Energy levels
  • Vitality
  • Empowerment

Health Management Programs
1995 D.W. Edington, Scott Publishing 2003
A new One-Stop Shop to Improve Employee Health
Physicians and Hospitals Partnering for
Excellence in Cardiac Care
Vision Statement
  • To improve the health and productivity of the
    Maine workforce by providing coordinated
    evidence-based, high quality health and wellness

Primary Goal
  • Support the shift in employer health strategy to
    a new reality recognition.
  • Employee health is a performance driver.
    Investing in employee health not only controls
    expenses, but also protects, supports and
    enhances your human capital. Optimal employee
    health is fundamental to a healthier bottomline.
  • Partnership for Prevention Leading by Example,

A New Regional Partnership
  • Partners
  • University of Southern Maine Lifeline Center for
    Wellness and Health Promotion
  • Maine Heart Centers Take Charge! Program
  • MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence
  • MaineHealth Learning Resource Centers

University of Southern Maine Lifeline Center
for Wellness and Health Promotion
  • Originated 1976, non-credit/non-profit department
    within USMs Division of University Outreach. An
    extension of USMs public service mission.
  • Multi-dimensional center serving the needs
    health/fitness needs of both internal and
    external constituents. 80 of individual members
    are from the general public. Employing some 50
    part and full time instructors, medical
    personnel, support staff and administrators
  • Institute for Workplace Health Promotion created
    to support the health promotion/wellness needs of
    employers of all shapes and sizes. So. Maine
    Wellness Council component has some 65
    organizational members representing over 75,000
  • BIW management contract in place since 2001. 2006
    2007 Gold Award winner, National Business Group
    on Health. Current management contracts with
    Mercy Hospital and Hannaford Brothers Co. to
    support wellness programming. Management
    oversight of Healthy USM employee wellness model.

Maine Heart CenterPartnering for Excellence in
Cardiac Care
  • A nonprofit organization, part of the Maine
    Health family, with hospitals and physicians
    throughout Southern and Central Maine dedicated
    to delivering the same high-quality cardiac care
    no matter where in the network the care is
  • Over 100 physicians and 6 hospitals participate
    in the network
  • Medical services include open heart surgery,
    cardiac catheterization and angioplasty
  • Community-based activities include lectures on
    promoting better heart health and recognizing the
    signs of a heart attack and the development and
    implementation of Take Charge! a cardiovascular
    risk screening program for employers and
    communities. Over 1500 Take Charge screenings
    have been done since late 2005.

  • The Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI) brings
    together a highly skilled clinical and
    educational team to provide best in class, state
    of the art tobacco treatment services
  • Telephonic tobacco treatment services to over
    50,000 Maine residents through the Maine Tobacco
    HelpLine, achieving over 25 quitting after six
    months (national benchmark).
  • Training for over 2,000 healthcare professionals
    to effectively assess and treat tobacco
  • Treatment services for over 1,500 individual and
    group face to face sessions.
  • Consultation and TA for employer and non-profit

MaineHealth Learning Resource Centers
  • More than 100 classes/programs offered annually
    to thousands of participants
  • Virtual and on-site access to quality health
    information and educational resources to maximize
    the health and well-being of employees and
  • Assist employees/families in developing
    strategies to
  • Make better, more informed health care choices
  • Develop self-management skills to manage chronic
  • Identify at-risk health behaviors to manage
    personal wellness.
  • Menu of programs and services that can be
    tailored to fit individual needs.

  • Single marketing delivery system
  • Systems/best practice approach
  • Regional excellence expertise
  • Collaborative partnership
  • Data driven/outcome oriented
  • Commitment to sustainable change
  • Geographic Reach

What differentiates HealthWoRx?
  • Face-to-face offerings
  • Real-time assistance
  • Track record of partners
  • Proven leadership
  • Coordinated menu of services and programs
  • Tailored to your employers specific needs
  • Local providers
  • 50 years of H.P wellness services

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Behavior modification
  • Policy/culture

Sample Client Listing
  • Bath Iron Works
  • University of Southern Maine
  • Hannaford Brothers
  • Nichols Portland
  • Verrill Dana
  • Barber Foods
  • Emery Waterhouse
  • Maine Turnpike Authority
  • Senior Spectrum
  • Portland Newspapers
  • Prime Tanning
  • Bowdoin College
  • Fairchild
  • Maine Credit Union League
  • Maine Medical Center
  • Maine Center for Disease Control/ DHHS
  • Downeast Energy Building Supply
  • Martins Point Healthcare
  • Mid Coast Hospital

USM Lifeline Center for Wellness and Health
Service Offerings
Institute For Workplace Health Promotion
  • Workplace Wellness Solutions
  • Biometric screenings/health risk appraisals
  • Consulting/project management
  • Fitness stretching classes
  • CPR/First Aid courses
  • Physical fitness evaluation
  • Corporate fitness memberships
  • Health care claims assessment/analysis
  • Qualitative/quantitative research evaluation

USM Lifeline Center for Wellness and Health
  • Southern Maine Wellness Council
  • Networking
  • Resource development/access
  • Continuing education
  • 60 organizations representing 75,000 employees

Take Charge! at the Maine Heart Center
  • Service Offerings
  • Cardiovascular health assessments
  • Biometric testing
  • blood pressure
  • total cholesterol
  • blood glucose
  • One-on-one health counseling
  • Primary care physician follow-up
  • Employer aggregate reports

MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence
  • Service Offerings
  • Training and education
  • Geared toward employees, management, or
    executives to develop strategies and skills
    that effectively address tobacco use.
  • Tobacco treatment
  • Onsite or individual group counseling.
  • Workplace solutions
  • Assessment and consultation including but not
    limited to tobacco policy, environmental policy,
    and treatment benefit design.

MaineHealth Learning Resource Centers
  • Service Offerings
  • Living Well self management program
  • Lunch n Learns (prevention, health, wellness and
    disease management)
  • Multi-session health education programs
  • Assistance with support groups
  • Bulletin boards
  • Educational materials
  • Community resources referrals
  • Special events (health fairs, health days)
  • Technical assistance (email, newsletters)
  • Health Coaching

Contact Information
  • Thomas Downing
  • HealthWoRx Account Manager
  • Phone (207) 780-4879
  • Fax (207) 780-5880
  • email

A new One-Stop Shop to Improve Employee Health
Physicians and Hospitals Partnering for
Excellence in Cardiac Care
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