Coping with Disaster: Planning for Pandemic Bob Mauskapf, MPA Colonel, USMC ret Director, Emergency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Coping with Disaster: Planning for Pandemic Bob Mauskapf, MPA Colonel, USMC ret Director, Emergency


In Virginia, pandemic flu impact estimates include: 2,700 to 6,300 deaths ... Unique Features of Pandemic Flu. Multiple areas affected at the same time ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Coping with Disaster: Planning for Pandemic Bob Mauskapf, MPA Colonel, USMC ret Director, Emergency

Coping with Disaster Planning for Pandemic
Bob Mauskapf, MPA Colonel, USMC (ret) Director,
Emergency Operations, Planning Logistics
Hospitalized Casualties in Past Events
Alice and planning
  • Alice
  • Which way should I go?
  • Cat
  • That depends on where you are going.
  • Alice
  • I dont know where Im going!
  • Cat
  • Then it doesnt matter which way you go.

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H5N1 Asian Epizootic Avian flu
  • Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)
  • Dec 2003 to present
  • Poultry outbreaks in numerous countries in Asia,
    Indonesia, Europe, Middle East and Africa
    millions of birds culled
  • 385 human cases in 14 countries (as of July 1,
    2008) 243 deaths (63 mortality)
  • Historically unprecedented
  • Geographical scope
  • Economic consequences

In Virginia, pandemic flu impact estimates
  • 2,700 to 6,300 deaths
  • 12,000 to 28,500 hospitalizations
  • 575,000 to 1.35 million outpatient visits
  • 1.08 million to 2.52 million people becoming sick

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Unique Features of Pandemic Flu
  • Multiple areas affected at the same time
  • More difficult to shift resources
  • Could go on for months in a community, with 2-3
    different waves over 18-24 mo
  • Healthcare workers will be affected
  • Preventive and therapeutic agents delayed and in
    short supply
  • New vaccine must be made for the pandemic virus
  • Widespread illness would impact essential services

Issue Antivirals
  • Federal stockpile of antivirals growing
  • States have option to stockpile antivirals at
    discounted federal contract price
  • Virginia has purchased full allotted amount
    distribution plan in development (treatment)
  • Goal antivirals to treat 25 of VA population
  • Increasing supply and production capacity
    discussion of increased prophylaxis use

Issue Community Containment
  • Limiting community spread social distancing
  • School closures
  • Recommendations about telecommuting
  • Snow days
  • Isolation/quarantine mainly voluntary
  • Discouraging/banning large gatherings
  • New recommendations based on severity of
    pandemic, on a scale of 1-5

Pandemic Influenza Planning
  • Include involvement of
  • DOD Installations
  • Schools/Colleges and Universities
  • First responders fire, EMS/Public safety, Law
  • Business community/Private sector
  • Media
  • Assisted living and other social services
  • Volunteer, non-profit groups/Faith community
  • Coordinated planning of federal, state, local
    governments and agencies

Pandemic Influenza Planning Health
  • Risk communications
  • Community containment
  • Antiviral distribution plan
  • Mass vaccination
  • Medical surge, healthcare coalitions
  • Surveillance and investigation
  • Laboratory services
  • Fatality management
  • Altered standards of care due to resource

Pandemic Influenza Planning Non-Health
  • Command and Control
  • Community containment measures
  • Economic impact
  • School closure
  • Isolation
  • Voluntary quarantine
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Government entities
  • Critical infrastructure economy, trade, business
  • Agriculture, water and food chain safety
  • Human resource issues, policies (public and

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  • Aug 06 Tabletop Ex (TTX)
  • Statewide FluEx, Oct 06
  • Cabinet TTX, Sep 07
  • Mid Atlantic Region NGA TTX, Nov 07
  • CDC ( 5 states) Functional Exercise Sep 08
  • FluEx 08, Nov 18-19 08

  • Discuss expectations with staff early
  • Communications will be key
  • Need reliable, credible sources of information
  • Need coordinated communication channels
  • Rely on both internal/external channels
  • Monitor state of transportation systems
  • High exposure staff will probably need
  • Security, Healthcare Providers
  • May need to consider relief for regulatory

PanFlu-Specific Recommendations
  • Initiate Activities Early
  • Purchase and stockpile critical equipment and
    supplies ahead of time
  • Equip key staff with needed laptops and remote
    access capabilities
  • Prior to a widespread outbreak
  • Determine and schedule conference calls
  • Local/Company coordination
  • Corporate coordination
  • Customer coordination
  • Key supplier coordination
  • Pre-establish communications channels
  • Identify local functions that need coordination
  • Coordinate vertically and horizontally.

Management Education
  • Detailed presentations to all appropriate levels
    of management
  • What they should expect and plan for in a
  • What they should be doing for their employees in
    advance of a pandemic
  • Promoting infection control procedures
  • Promoting annual influenza vaccination
  • Have needed supplies on hand
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Surface sanitizer
  • Anti-viral tissues
  • Masks

Management Education
  • What they should do if they suspect an employee
    is ill and at work
  • Screening by management?
  • What questions are management to ask?
  • What will management tell employees based on
  • What management do once the employee is sent
  • What will they tell others in the department?

Management Education
  • What will be the health information source in a
  • Common gathering area management
  • Cafeteria
  • Lounges
  • Fitness Centers
  • Etc.

Employee Education
  • What medium will be used?
  • Meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Video display terminals
  • Posters have them ready in advance
  • What information will you give out?
  • Infection control techniques
  • Get seasonal flu immunization
  • Have needed supplies
  • What resources will your organization provide to
    ill employees?

Employee Education
  • Employee personal/home planning
  • CDC Pandemic Flu site
  • Inform employees where they can get reliable
    information during a pandemic
  • Signage
  • Infection control techniques
  • Symptoms of the flu
  • Stay home if ill
  • Area closed
  • Where to get information

More PanFlu Recommendations
  • Verify work-at-home capabilities
  • Exercise regularly
  • Consider provisioning multiple access methods for
    critical staff (broadband, DSL, air cards, etc.)
  • Prepare for psychological aspects
  • Prepare for labor shortage
  • Develop pools of available staff
  • Refresh/train pools regularly or at trigger point
  • Remain flexible/adaptable

Vendor Discussions Management
  • What do you expect of them?
  • What is their plan for a pandemic?
  • Working with critical vendors
  • Housekeeping
  • Food services
  • Non-critical vendor relationships
  • Employer of choice programs

Miscellaneous Issues
  • How do you know which employee is absent due to
    illness, due to caring for the ill, etc.?
  • What is your HR policy of employee absences in a
  • Is your attendance system up to the challenge?

Miscellaneous Issues
  • Screening of employees prior to coming into the
  • What cross function support do you have?
  • How will you handle employees calling into work
    with questions?
  • What questions will they ask?

Miscellaneous Issues
  • Prepare ready-to-go communications that can be
    updated easily for each Stage/Phase of a pandemic
  • For management
  • For employees
  • For vendors
  • For the public
  • Develop relationships with health resources

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