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Research Grants-R03, R21 02/16 06/16 10/16. R33,R21/R33, R34, R36-new. Research Grants (not R01s) 03/16 07/16 11/16. resubmission, renewal, revision ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: GRANTS 101

  • By Seda Galstian and Hilary Elliot

Sources of Funding
  • Federal Government
  • State
  • Private Foundations
  • Industry
  • Email broadcasts announce special opportunities
  • Subscription databases, IRIS, COS can
    be accessed at http//

Internal Deadlines for Submissions
  • Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) needs to have
    the final complete application 7 business days
    before the agency deadline
  • Federal electronic applications should be
    submitted to GCO for preliminary review 7
    business days before the deadline and be ready
    for submission to 2 business days
    before agency deadline

Change in Receipt Dates for NIH
  • As of 01/01/2007 new dates for NIH grant
    submissions will be
  • PPG Center Grants 01/25 05/25 09/25
  • T series (Training) 01/25 05/25 09/25
  • New R01 02/05 06/05 10/05
  • R01-renewal, resubmission, revision 03/05 07/05 11
  • Career Development-K new 02/12 06/12 10/12
  • Career Development-K 03/12 07/12 11/12
  • Research Grants-R03, R21 02/16 06/16 10/16
  • R33,R21/R33, R34, R36-new
  • Research Grants (not R01s) 03/16 07/16 11/16
  • resubmission, renewal, revision
  • The complete list of changed dates can be found

Proposal/Award Name Changes
  • New An application that is being submitted to an
    agency for the first time (has not changed)
  • Resubmission An application that has been
    previously submitted, but was not funded and is
    being resubmitted for new consideration. Formerly
    called Revision by NIH and other agencies
  • Renewal An application requesting additional
    funding for a period subsequent to that provided
    by a current award. Formerly called competing
    continuation by NIH other agencies
  • Continuation A non-competing application for an
    additional funding/budget period within a
    previously approved project period. Formerly
    called progress report
  • Revision An application that proposes a change
    in the Federal Governments financial obligations
    or contingent liability from an existing
    obligation, or any other change in the terms
    conditions of the existing award. Somewhat
    equivalent to NIH other agencies Supplement,
    but also includes other changes

Internal Documents
  • Research Application Routing Form
  • Study Specific Financial Disclosure Form
  • Required documents based on your answers on the
    routing form
  • Equipment survey form
  • Human subjects education form
  • Certificate of Registration for Research Using
    Recombinant DNA or Transgenic Animals
  • ESCRO Notification/Request Form and the hESC
    Research Tracking Form if research involves
    embryonic cells

What to submit to GCO with NEW applications
  • Internal documents
  • Submit a copy of agency guidelines or PA/RFA
    number. For NIH electronic applications we need
    the FON Funding Opportunity Number
  • Submit a complete application with the
    budget(s)-detailed for the first year and for all
    years of the project

  • GCO always needs a detailed budget for the first
    period and projected budget for all years with
    new applications
  • The calendar person months format must be used in
    the budget to NIH
  • The conversion table for the effort reporting is
  • http//

Sample detailed budget page
What to Submit to GCO if WCMC is the
Prime-Federal Non-Federal
  • In addition to the internal documents, agency
    guidelines the complete application should also
  • Detailed budget for the subgrantee for the first
    year and projected budgets for the project
  • Scope of work for the subgrantee
  • Checklist for the subgrantee
  • Federal Non-Federal
  • a) Subgrantee signed face page Letter of intent
    to collaborate
  • b) Biosketches for key personnel
  • c) Subgrantee resources page
  • d) Subgrantee targeted enrollment
  • table and certification of human
  • subjects education for key personnel,
  • if subgrantee is performing
  • human subjects research

What to Submit to GCO if WCMC is the
Subgrantee-Federal and Non-Federal
  • Internal documents
  • RFA/PA or FON or agency guidelines
  • WCMC detailed budget for year one and projected
    budget for the project
  • Scope of Work for WCMC
  • Federal Non-Federal
  • a) WCMC face page (Form PHS 398) Letter of intent
    to collaborate
  • b) Biosketches for key personnel
  • c) WCMC resources page
  • d) WCMC targeted enrollment table
  • Human subjects education form,
  • if applicable
  • e) Checklist

Just In Time Information (JIT)(Submit only per
NIH request)
  • NIH requests Just In Time information if the
    application is in the top 20 of the grants in
    the review cycle. Request for JIT doesnt
    guarantee funding
  • If there is JIT link in Commons that doesnt mean
    that JIT is required.
  • When notified by NIH you have two weeks to submit
  • Other Support for Key Personnel
  • Detailed budgets for K applications
  • IRB IACUC approvals can be obtained later since
    NIH recognizes that it takes time to have
    protocols processed
  • IRB IACUC have to approve the application as
    well as protocol IRB issues 310 form IACUC
    issues the Animal Protocol Approval Verification
    form after the approval

Other Support
  • Other support cannot exceed 100
  • If the PI has other responsibilities (teaching,
    administrative, grant writing, etc) then that
    time and effort are included in the 100 cap
  • Postdoctoral Fellows can devote 100 effort to a
    project. The head of the lab is responsible for
    monitoring their effort distribution. An e-mail
    will be sent to the head of the lab asking to
    certify the 100 effort on the project

Continuations (Formerly Called Progress Report)
  • Internal documents with
  • Updated IACUC and IRB approval dates
  • Detailed budget for the next year for WCMC and
    the subgrantee, if applicable
  • Financial disclosures only if there has been a
  • Providing the date of birth and last four digits
    of Social Security on Key personnel report page
    is optional
  • You can submit hard copy or eSNAP

After the Notice of Grant Award Comes to WCMC
  • Submit to GCO a revised Detailed Budget, if
    needed with a statement indicating if there is a
    change in effort for the PI or any of the key
    personnel compared with the original grant
    application or if awarded budget has been
  • NGA is forwarded from GCO to the PI
  • GCO will forward the paperwork to Grant
    Accounting after checking the completeness
  • All post award inquiries should be addressed to
    the Research Accounting office.
  • GCO office will set up and negotiate the subaward
    agreement if there is a subaward on the grant.
    Department must issue a Purchase Order to pay the
  • If WCMC is the subawardee then we will receive
    the subcontract from the prime institution. The
    contracts should be mailed to GCO for review and

To Transfer a Grant to WCMC
  • The previous institution has to relinquish the
    grant to NIH
  • Submit to GCO the copy of the relinquishing
  • Face page
  • Budget pages (current remaining years)
  • Updated Biographical sketches for the PI and
    existing or any new key personnel
  • Statement indicating whether the overall research
    plans/aims have changed and the impact on the
    research project caused by the transfer
  • Updated Other Support pages
  • Resources page
  • Checklist page
  • Certification of IRB/IACUC approval, if
  • Detailed list of any equipment being transferred
    to WMC
  • http//

To Transfer a Grant From WCMC
  • PI needs to contact GCO office as early as
    possible and consult with the appropriate Sr.
    Grants Specialist
  • NIH must be notified as soon as possible
  • The Department will submit relinquishing
    statement and the list of the equipment purchased
    for the grant to GCO
  • Grant Accounting will submit Final Financial
    report to NIH once all the accounts have been
  • It is PIs responsibility to make sure that all
    his/her the accounts are settled before his/her
    last day at WMC
  • The personnel must be given appropriate notices
  • The IRB and IACUC must be notified
  • http//