How To Become A Cop - Police Academy Requirements CONTROVERSIAL SECRET - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Become A Cop - Police Academy Requirements CONTROVERSIAL SECRET


This how to become a cop has made for you who wants to be a police officer. You'll get a comprehensive report off all you needs to be a cop. If you dream to become a police officer as your career you should read this presentation. Since this is a secret, this show might be getting banned or deleted. Download this how to be a cop show now and pass all your 9 phases test of police recruitment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Become A Cop - Police Academy Requirements CONTROVERSIAL SECRET

Excelling at the 9 Phases of the Law Enforcement
Hiring Process
9 Phases of the Law Enforcement Hiring Process
With Your Host
Ashley Smith
Breeze Through the 9 Phases of the Law
Enforcement Hiring Process
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Police, you may skip this video and click the
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1 The Application Process
Unlike most jobs, becoming a law enforcement
officer involves far more than completing an
application and interview. Agencies run their
applicants through a comprehensive series of
tests and exams, each designed to narrow the
field of applicants to advance only those who are
most qualified. As with the basic requirements,
each state has a Commission on Peace Officer
Standards and Training (POST) or similar entity
that establishes minimum selection standards for
law enforcement officers. Recognizing that each
state and each agency may differ, below is a
summary of the steps you are likely to see in the
hiring process.
2 Physical Agility Testing
The physical agility test will measure your
abilities through such exercises as sit-ups,
push-ups, running a specified distance within a
specified time, lifting or dragging something
that simulates the size and weight of a person or
common object, and similar tasks that can be
compared to what police officers may be asked to
do during their work day. Some agencies,
particularly state police agencies and many
police departments in California, have retained a
six-foot wall climb as part of the physical
agility test. Although many candidates find this
the most intimidating of the physical
requirements, departments that retain it as part
of the test have shown that candidates who
prepare sufficiently are consistently able to
3 Written Test
An exam that may feature multiple-choice,
true-and-false, and open-ended questions in a
variety of subject areas
4 Personal History Statement
Providing false information, or failure to
provide accurate information, is grounds for not
being hired, or termination if applicant has
already been hired. Very often the information
that people are trying to cover-up would not have
stopped them from getting hired, however their
act of providing false information did.
Termination can occur at anytime after being
hired if false information was provided. It is
always best to be upfront and take your chances.
5 Background Investigation
The background investigation actually begins with
your application, which you may have filled out
months or even more than a year ago. Make sure
your original application was properly and
thoroughly completed. If you have changed
residences, jobs, or any of your listed
references have changed, notify the agency
immediately. Part of the ongoing background
investigation will be to judge your thoroughness
and your ability to follow up without being
6 Detection of Deception Testing (Lie Detector,
Voice Stress Analysis)
Did you know that people actually fail the
detection of deception (lie detector or voice
stress analysis) testing but are being 100
truthful? And with the huge number of
applicants it's not even worth the agencies time
to listen to you explain how you were being
truthful. They just move on to the next applicant.
7 Psychological Examination
Perhaps one of the most important but least
understood aspects of pre-employment screening
for law enforcement and other criminal justice
careers is the psychological exam. Often one of
the last steps in the hiring process for police
officers, the psychological exam can make or
break your chances at a law enforcement
career. Psychological screening is just one more
tool that many police agencies use to ensure they
hire the best candidates for the job. It is part
of a multi-faceted hiring process that can
include a basic abilities test, a thorough
background investigation, a credit check, a
polygraph exam, physical abilities testing and
medical screening.
8 Oral Board Interview
The image you present in your Police Oral Board
Interview is one of the most important elements
to consider in any preparations you
undertake. The most positive image to present is
one that displays character traits that are
universally perceived as positive. Bringing a
powerful combination of accepted positive images
to your interview is a sure way to make a winning
impression that puts you one step closer to your
ultimate goal becoming a police officer.
9 Medical Examination
Generally only those applicants who have been
given a conditional offer of employment will be
subject to the medical exam. This physical exam
will evaluate if you are medically fit to meet
the physical requirements of the job.
Specifically, you should be able to perform the
essential job functions as listed by the
employer. For example, to drive a vehicle, your
vision will be assessed and you should have a low
risk of sudden incapacitation, such as seizure or
heart attack.
?Chest X-ray
?Blood test
?Urine test
?Blood pressure
?Screening tests for illegal drugs
Applicants PROBLEM
Some phases are more in depth and require much
more preparation, but you want to have a strong
showing in EVERY phase. That is how you will get
noticed and move to the front of the line to get
The areas that applicants struggle the most with
are the written test, detection of deception
testing, psychological exam and oral board. And
of course, these areas have the most bearing on
you getting hired.
You need a guide that gives you the insight into
each phase that tells you exactly what law
enforcement agencies are looking for. You also
want a guide that will give you personal advice
on how to make an impression on your prospective
Make sure you have a resource to give you all the
secrets to moving through the hiring process fast
and also preparing you for all the phases!
Pass your law enforcement test. Visit below link
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