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She spent most of her time on the terrace. She leaned over to see the Eiffel Tower ... There once was a man that was tall. One day he visited City Hall. He ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Limericks

  • There once was a guy named Kevin
  • And one day he visited heaven
  • He had a lot of fun
  • But when the day was done
  • He took a trip to the Seven-Eleven.
  • By Ryan B. 3C

  • There once was a cat
  • Who lost his yellow hat
  • And he was very sad
  • Then he was very, very mad
  • And laid on a mat
  • By Zachery 3C

  • There once was a boy with stinky feet
  • He always liked to eat meat
  • He played outside in the cold
  • He was really bold
  • But he was not very neat.
  • By Stephanie 3C

  • There once was a leprechaun named John
  • Who lived with his friend named Sean
  • They carried a four leaf clover
  • Until St. Patricks Day was over.
  • To see a leprechaun, be up at dawn
  • By Marissa 3C

  • There once was a girl from Paris
  • She spent most of her time on the terrace
  • She leaned over to see the Eiffel Tower
  • And noticed a pretty pink flower
  • In the yard of her friend Marris.
  • By Jessica 3C

  • There once was a kitten
  • who lived in a mitten
  • She grew into a cat
  • and moved into a hat
  • and now this Limerick is written!
  • By Samantha 3C

  • On Sunday my mother bakes bread
  • The smell wakes me while sleeping in bed
  • I run down the stairs
  • and sit in my chair
  • In hope that I will soon be fed.
  • By Adam 3C

  • There once was a guy named Jay.
  • He loved taking walks by the bay
  • He had a horse
  • That he rode of course
  • and he kept busy feeding it hay.
  • by Jerrad 3c

  • There once was a tiny leprechaun
  • His name was wee Don
  • Born in a place far away
  • He had a blue jay
  • Together they lived out on the lawn.
  • By Jenna 3C

  • There once was a young boy named Tony
  • Who wanted to have his own pony
  • His parents said, No,
  • We dont have the dough.
  • So all Tony got was baloney.
  • By Gabi 3C

  • There once was a big pig
  • who liked to do a silly jig
  • He was good at chess
  • He liked to rest
  • And he looked funny in a wig.
  • By
  • Mallory 3C

  • There once was a pitcher I knew
  • who always fell when he threw.
  • The reason you see
  • is because he,
  • never tied his shoe.
  • By
  • Troy 3C

  • There once was a man who had mice
  • Who liked to play with dice
  • Til one day he found a cat,
  • He put it in a hat,
  • And it was filled with lice!
  • By Ryan G.

  • There once was a cat from Mars
  • who loved to hide in cars
  • he sings a song
  • and plays ping-pong
  • but never bothers with candy bars
  • By Rachel 3c

  • There once was a man from Japan
  • Who had a big fan
  • but one day it broke
  • And went up in smoke
  • So he traded his car for a van
  • By Bill

  • There once was a leprechaun who was insane
  • He almost fell down the drain
  • while fiddling with a cat
  • that was very, very fat
  • It seemed like he had no brain
  • by Audrey 3C

  • There once was a dog named Misty
  • Who liked to jump up and kiss me
  • She was my best friend
  • True love without end
  • and that will go down in history!
  • By Morgan

  • There once was a boy from our club
  • Who always sat in the tub,
  • He liked being wet,
  • and so did his pet
  • So they really liked to scrub.
  • By Joey

  • There once was a silly old cat
  • Who wore a silly old hat,
  • He went in the rain,
  • The hat went down the drain
  • And that was the end of that!
  • By Kirsten

  • There once was a man that was tall
  • One day he visited City Hall
  • He never came back
  • He said his name was Jack
  • Maybe he went shopping at the mall!
  • By Kevin

  • There once was a cat at the vet
  • Who was somebodys special pet,
  • He cried at the door
  • And went on the floor
  • Now the floor is all wet!
  • By Callie

  • There once was a man from Mars,
  • Who rode every day on a star,
  • He went to the moon
  • And visited Earth every noon
  • Until he was tired of going too far!
  • By Bryan

  • There was a silly man,
  • Who once ate a fan,
  • He screamed OUCH!
  • And sat on his couch,
  • And never could play in his band!
  • By Ryan M.

  • There once was a dog from the sky,
  • Who loved to eat only pie,
  • Then he got very sick,
  • And couldnt fetch a stick
  • And began to feel quite shy!
  • By Rachel

  • There once was a boy named Kevin
  • He just turned seven,
  • But he kept being bad
  • So he received some news that was sad
  • And now he is already eleven!
  • By Ryan M.