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This is a strawberry plant which produces runners(???, ... Growing new plants. People cut the stem off the plant and put it into a pot to produce a new plant. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cloning

Cloning Where Is It Leading Us?
Pre-reading Look at the pictures and discuss
which ones are natural clones and which ones are
Pictures 2 , 4 A natural clone is one that
occurs in nature.
Pictures 1, 3, 5 A man-made clone is one that is
produced through human intervention.(??)
Dolly the sheep
Dolly is a man-made clone and her birth procedure
is explained in the first reading.
She is an exact copy of the sheep that provided
her genetic information. Her lamb
was produced as a natural birth.
A strawberry plant
This is a strawberry plant which produces
runners(???,???) in a natural form of cloning.
The new plants are exact copies of the original
Growing new plants
People cut the stem off the plant and put it into
a pot to produce a new plant.
They are identical in sex and appearance and are
good examples of natural clones. Twins carry the
same genetic(???) information.
Identical dogs
This is the first cloned dog in the world (August
3rd,2005) and was produced by a lab in South
Korea. It is called Snuppy and is an Afghan hound
  • T or F questions
  • Gardeners can make a lot of money by cloning
  • Cloning animals is as complicated as cloning
  • Dolly the sheep was the first successful clone of
    a mammal.
  • Natural clones happen in animals as well as in

Main ideas 1.What is cloning?/definition 2.Two
major uses of cloning in plants and
animals. 3.The birth and death of
Dolly. 4.Controversy brought by Dolly .
  • 1. Dolly the sheep____.
  • looked exactly like the sheep that provides the
  • was the exact copy of the sheep that provides the
  • looked like the sheep that gave birth to it.
  • 2. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of
  • Cloning can be used for medical purpose.
  • Large quantities of food can be produced by
  • Cloning can help keep animals from becoming
  • Famous persons who have passed away can be cloned.

  • 3. What happened to Dolly?
  • She didnt live long.
  • Her illnesses were also appropriate to other
    non-cloned sheep at her age.
  • C. Her difficulty was believed to be the major
    difficulty for all cloned animals.
  • 4. Which is TRUE according to the text?
  • Men will die out because a woman can give birth
    to a baby without a husband.
  • Not all people are in favor of cloning.
  • Dollys appearance raised a storm in every field
    except the religious field.

  • 1.why do you think there is more controversy over
    animal cloning than over plant cloning?
  • 2.Why do you think animal cloning is more
    difficult than plant cloning?
  • 3.why do you think scientists persevere with
    animal cloning when it is so difficult?
  • 4.what is the major problem for the animal clone?

People can use cloning to cure serious diseases
Evil leaders hoped to clone themselves Moral
questions arose.
The procedure is difficult to undertake and not
accurate enough
Cloning could provide medical aid.
The problems arise once a clone is produced
Discussion Should we allow cloning?
Point 1 Cloning may provide scientists with a
better insight to genetic diseases, so people can
have the chance of having children free from the
risk of hereditary (???)diseases. Point 2 Even
if someone decides to produce a clone using
Hitlers genes,the output may not be the Hitler
we are all so familiar with.Brought up in a
gentler environment,the Hitler clone may not turn
out to be Hitler himself. Point 3 Cloning is not
natural. It may raise many ethical(?????)and
moral issues.Would clones be ashumanas
non-cloned humans? Or would they simply be
walking genetic doubles?Would the clone be given
as many rights as a non-cloned human?
  • 1. The bell ______ the end of the period rang,
    _______ our heated discussion.
  • A. indicating interrupting
  • B. indicated interrupting
  • 2.----My sons are not a little restless.
  • ----Oh? Boys ____ be boys.
  • A. should B. can C. may D. will

??,??,?????????????? People will talk. ????????
1. take cuttings 2. growing plants 3. original
egg 4. commercial quantities 5. was rewarded 6.
egg cell 7. nucleus 8. somatic cell
???? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? ??? ??? ???
9. donated cell 10. disturbing news 11. arbitrary
fate 12. raised a storm of objections 13. became
controversial 14. accumulate evidence
?????? ??? ??????? ??????? ???? ????
1 Cloning has always been with us and is here to
stay. ?????????,??????????? 2 It also happens
in animals when twins identical in sex and
appearance are produced from the same original
egg. ????????????,??????????????????????? 3. The
whole scientific world followed the progress of
the first successful clone, Dolly the
sheep. ?????????????????????????? 4. Cloning
scientists were cast down to find that Dollys
illnesses were more appropriate to a much older
animal. ?????????????????????????????????
5. Sadly the same arbitrary fate affected other
species, such cloned mice. ????,?????????????????
?, ????? 6. Dollys appearance raised a storm of
objections and had a great impact on the media
and public imagination. ???????????????,??????????
?????????? 7. It suddenly opened everyones eyes
to the possibility of using cloning to cure
serious illnesses, and even producing human
beings. ???????????,?????????????????,????????????
1.cast down??????????? ???????????? ??????????????
He was much cast down by the failure of the
experiment. Anyone would be cast down by such
2. be appropriate to ????????????? ?????????.
(paddy fields)
Write in a style appropriate to your
subject. Ordinary shoes are not appropriate to
paddy fields.
3 a storm of ????????????? a storm of protest
a storm of applause /cheers
??????? ?????????/???
4 forbid-forbade-forbidden n/-ing sb to
do ?????????????16???? ???????????? ??????????????
The law forbids the sale of cigarettes to people
under the age of 16. The law forbids building on
this land. Most parents forbid their children to
5.raise bring about ???????????????? ?????????????
His absence raised fears about his safety. The
use of animals in scientific tests raises
some difficult ethical questions.
6.have/make a great impact on ???????????????? Th
is book made a great impact on its readers.
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