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(4) a resolution, when the. problem or conflict is solved. Characters ... They can be funny they. can also give a ton of. homework? Daily Fix-It ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Frindle

  • Fifth grade language arts teacher, Mrs.
  • Granger, is known around the school as
  • a tough teacher. On the first day of class,
  • a student named Nick tries to trick Mrs.
  • Granger into not giving the students
  • homework. Unfortunately, not only does
  • Nick get homework but he receives an extra
  • assignment for his behavior in the classroom.

  • The plot is the pattern of events in a story.
  • A plot includes
  • (1) a problem or conflict,
  • (2) rising action, as the conflict builds,
  • (3) a climax, when the problem or conflict    is
    faced, and
  • (4) a resolution, when the    problem or
    conflict is solved.

  • Characters are people or animals in a story.
  • Characters show you what theyre like by what
    they say and do and how they treat each other.

Prior Knowledge
  • Good readers use what they already know to help
    them follow a story. Before you read, look at the
    title, illustrations, and author. Have youread
    stories by this author before? Remember that you
    will read about characters, a problem, and how
    that problem is resolved.

Words to Know
  • acquainted made aware informed
  • assignment something assigned, especially a piece
    of work to be done
  • essential absolutely necessary very important

Words to Know
  • expanded made larger increased in size
  • guaranteed something that made certain that
    something would happen as a result

Words to Know
  • procedures methods of doing things
  • reputation what people think and say the
    character of someone or something is
  • worshipped paid great honor and reverence to

Guided Reading Questions
  • Use context clues to determine the meaning of
    monopoly on p. 25, paragraph 2, sentence 3.
  • What kind of teacher is Mrs. Granger?
  • What do you learn about Mrs. Granger from the
    simile Mrs. Granger seemed like a giant"?

Guided Reading Questions
  • What happened to the students that Mrs. Granger
    caught chewing gum?
  • Nick receives a letter from school before school
    starts. Has this ever happened to you? How did
    this make you feel?
  • How does Mrs. Allen's reaction to Mrs. Granger's
    letter compare to Nick's reaction?

Guided Reading Questions
  • What does the author tell you about Nick on p.
    29, and how does it help you predict how Nick and
    Mrs. Granger will get along?
  • Have students use their knowledge of the suffix
    -ment to figure out the meaning of assignment on
    p. 31,paragraph 3.

Guided Reading Questions
  • Why did the author tell us about Nick's success
    with delaying questions?
  • Reread the last paragraph on p. 31. What do you
    think Nick will do next?

Guided Reading Questions
  • Use what you know about Mrs. Granger's character
    to tell whether Nick's question will prevent her
    from giving a homework assignment. Explain your
  • The characters in this story learned to overcome
    their problems with each other. Does this remind
    you of an experience you've had with someone you
    did not get along with at first?

Daily Fix-It
  • Do you no how to use thedictionary.
  • We use Webster's Schooldictionary in are class.

Daily Fix-It
  • some teacher's areamazing characters.
  • They can be funny they can also give a ton of

Daily Fix-It
  • Yesterday I gived my report on tooths.
  • Gum with sugar are badder for teeth than
    sugarless gum.

Daily Fix-It
  • Mr. williams showed us how to solve the problim.
  • Reglar practice will help your math skills?

Daily Fix-It
  • Bill love mayonnaise, but iprefer mustard.
  • The best meal at the Cafeteria is, pizza.

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