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Revelation 10-17


Revelation 10-17 Revelation 10 Appears to be a time-out! John takes a break from the 7th seal and continues in chapter 11. Revelation 10:1, 8 A little book open ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Revelation 10-17

Revelation 10-17
  • Revelation 10
  • Appears to be a time-out! John takes a break
    from the 7th seal and continues in chapter 11.
  • Revelation 101, 8
  • A little book open (DC 7714)
  • Bruce R. McConkie said this was in harmony with
    the custom and tradition of ancient Israel.
  • It signified he was eating the bread of life.

  • Revelation 106
  • That there should be time no longer
  • DC 88110 No more delay!
  • Revelation 11
  • Now back to the 7th seal (Armageddon)
  • A period of universal apostasy
  • Revelation 112
  • Three and a half years, not a perfect time!

  • Revelation 113
  • Two witnesses 2 Nephi 819-20
  • DC 7715
  • Two olive trees and two candlesticks
  • Symbols of the two witnesses meaning, perhaps,
    that as olive trees, they shall provide oil for
    the lamps of those who go forth to meet the
    Bridegroom and that as a lamp stands they shall
    reflect to men the light which comes from Him who
    is the Light of the World. No doubt they will be
    members of the council of the 12 or of the 1st
    presidency (DNTC, 3509).

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  • Suffice it to say, the Jews gather home, and
    rebuild Jerusalem. The nations gather against
    them in battle. Their armies encompass the city,
    and have more or less power over it for three and
    a half years. A couple of Jewish prophets, by
    their mighty miracles, keep them from utterly
    over-coming the Jews until at length they are
    slain, and the city is left in a great measure to
    the mercy of their enemies for three days and a
    half. The two prophets then rise from the dead
    and ascend up into heaven.

  • The Messiah comes, convulses the earth,
    overthrows the army of the Gentiles, delivers the
    Jews, cleanses Jerusalem, cuts off all wickedness
    from the earth, raises the Saints from the dead,
    brings them with him, and commences his reign of
    a thousand years during which time his Spirit
    will be poured out upon flesh men and beasts,
    birds and serpents, will be perfectly harmless,
    and peace and the knowledge and glory of God
    shall cover the earth as the waters cover the
    sea and the kingdom and the greatness of the
    kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to
    the saints of the Most High (P. P. Pratt, A
    Voice of Warning and Instruction to all People,

  • Revelation 121
  • Woman Jesus Christ Church
  • Moon All other churches
  • Twelve Stars 12 apostles
  • Revelation 1212
  • Child Political kingdom of God

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  • This government which embraces all the peoples
    of the earth, both in and out of the Church, is
    also sometimes spoken of as the kingdom of God,
    because the people are subject to the kingdom of
    God which Christ will set up but they have their
    agency and thousands will not be members of the
    Church until they are converted yet at the same
    time they will be subject to the theocratic rule
    (Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 1229).

  • Revelation 123
  • Red dragon Satan
  • Revelation 124
  • Third part of the stars in heaven
  • 1/3 of pre-mortal existence
  • Revelation 125
  • Rod of iron word of God
  • Revelation 126
  • The woman fled into the wilderness
  • the great apostasy

  • Revelation 1212
  • Short time Satans time is limited!
  • Revelation 1213,17
  • Satan targets the faithful! (DC 7629)
  • Revelation 131
  • Beast various kingdoms, civic, or
    ecclesiastical or both.
  • Revelation 132
  • In Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Joseph
    said that the word dragon should be devil
    (Teachings, 293).

  • Revelation 1316-18
  • for it is the number of a man and his number
    is 666.
  • It has not been revealed!
  • Consider that it is not a person, but pride and
    verses testimony! (1 Kings 1014).
  • Were fighting an un-holy trinity.
  • Nephi verses the spacious building
  • Revelation 146
  • Joseph Smith and various angels!

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  • Revelation 15
  • Good wins! God wins!
  • Revelation 16
  • The last 7 plagues!
  • God wins, its true, but you wont unless you
  • God in his mercy shall pour our destructive
    plagues upon the wicked and ungodly in the last
    days. These diseases and calamities shall sweep
    great hosts of men from the face of the earth,
    preparatory to that final Millennial cleansing
    which shall prepare our planet as an abode for
    the righteous (McConkie, DNTC, 3359).

(No Transcript)
  • Lying about sixty miles north of Jerusalem is
    the site of Megiddo, a great mound of hill
    commanding the northern entrance to the broad
    plain called the valley of Esdraelon. The
    mountain or hill or Megiddo (Armageddon in Greek)
    is guarded by the strategic pass that cuts
    through the mountain range separating the coastal
    plains from the inland plains and hill country of

  • Jerusalem will be under siege and great
    suffering will be the lot of her inhabitants.
    Evidently, Armageddon, which is north of
    Jerusalem, will be the site of the great decisive
    battle of this war. During the siege, when the
    nations are gathered and the Lord comes, there
    will be great destruction. The armies will
    become so confused they will fight among
    themselves. There will be a great slaughter.
    Then the Lord comes to the Jews. He shows
    Himself. He calls upon them to come and examine
    His hands and His feet, and they say, What are
    these wounds? And He answers them, These are
    the wounds with which I was wounded in the house
    of my friends. I am Jesus Christ.
  • Then they will accept Him as their Redeemer,
    which they have never been willing to do (Smith,
    Signs of the Times, 171).

  • Revelation 1621 75.6 lbs. Wow!
  • Revelation 17
  • The Church of the Devil
  • The titles church of the devil and great and
    abominable church are used to identify all
    churches or organizations of whatever name or
    nature, whether political, philosophical,
    educational, social, fraternal, civic, or
    religious, which are designed to take men on a
    course that leads away from God and his laws and
    thus from salvation in the kingdom of God
    (McConkie, M.D.,137-38).

  • Our world is now much the same as it was in the
    days of the Nephite prophet who said if it
    were not for the prayers of the righteousye
    would even now be visited with utter destruction
    (Alma 1022).
  • Of course, there are many upright and faithful
    who live all the commandments and whose lives and
    prayers keep the world from destruction.
  • We are living in the last days, and they are
    precarious and frightening. The shadows are
    deepening, and the night creeps in to envelop us
    (Spencer W. Kimball in CR Apr. 1971, 7).