How To Get Nice Cleavage With Breast Augmentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Get Nice Cleavage With Breast Augmentation


Nice looking cleavage with your breast augmentation surgery explained by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Jerome Edelstein. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Get Nice Cleavage With Breast Augmentation

Nice Cleavage
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In clothing cleavage
In bathing suit cleavage
Women want to have nicer cleavage after breast
augmentation surgery
Nobody asks for Tory Spellings cleavage
Tori Spelling was left with odd cleavage after
getting breast augmentation in her twenties. The
former 90210 star had always denied having the
procedure, but finally admitted to surgery in
Photo courtesy of Daily Mail
Sub-Pectoral Implant Implant placed under muscle.
Cleavage depends on your own anatomy
The chest muscle comes across and inserts into
the chest bone.
The cleavage is tighter if you have muscles that
insert close together.
If the muscles insert wider apart your cleavage
is going to be wider.
The implants are placed as close together as
possible to enhance cleavage.
However, the muscles cant be stripped right of
the bone just to offer you perfect cleavage,
because you need it to move your arm.
Respect the nipple-areolar complex
The nipple-areolar complex is a specialized
region of the mammary gland. It is a major
anatomic landmark of the breast, serves to drain
and express breast milk during lactation, and
contains specialized cells for this function.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Mordcai Blau, M.D., P.C
Cleavage depends on your anatomy before surgery.
Post-operative cleavage will always be determined
by the natural distance that exists between the
inner edges of your breasts and the distance
between your nipples. Although the implants can
be placed closer together a small amount, they
must still be centered more or less beneath the
nipples. Placing them elsewhere will lead to an
unnatural appearance (e.g. nipple on side of
breast). This means that patients will have
cleavage similar to their natural state even
after their augmentation results become visible.
Patient with widely spaced breasts
The surgeon will try to enhance your cleavage
line with customized implant placement and
technique. However, the location of your
nipple/areola and overall shape of your breasts
will not be affected.
Placing the implant over the muscle
More flexibility because you dont have to deal
with the muscle.
It generally respects the nipple-areolar complex.
Major concern If the implants are placed too
close together there is the risk of Symmastia to
Symmastia is usually a result of over-dissection
of the tissues in the cleavage area. Symmastia
is commonly referred to as "breadloafing,
"kissing implants", or "uniboob". 
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