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BUSINESS PLAN January - December 2007 ... Airports are the main component of the air traffic industry that is uniting development of the business and tourism. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


  • January - December 2007

  • Introduction notes
  • Planed global activities
  • Regulative
  • Planed business activities in basic operative
    frames - air traffic at the Airports
  • Planned business in commercial activities at
    Airport Alexander the Great and Airport St.
    Paul the Apostle and General Directorate

  • Planned business activities of other Departments
    at Airport Alexander the Great - Skopje and
    Airport St. Paul the Apostle - Ohrid
  • Planned business activities at PEAS Macedonia
  • Finance plan
  • Revenues
  • Expenses
  • Expected results

Objectives and purpose
  • Air traffic is the one of the most important
    resources of the worldwide economy. Developing as
    industry, technology and service is one of the
    greatest contributions of the modern society.
  • Airports are the main component of the air
    traffic industry that is uniting development of
    the business and tourism.
  • Thereupon with their development, airports are
    increasing economy of the country and they have
    key part in development of the air traffic and
    economy in the region.

Objectives and purpose
  • Existing of the two international airports in
    Macedonia at level of technical and operative
    function are suffice of the current state needs
    and it is a right basic for defining a new phase
    of development and building up of these two
    airports by
  • Long term Project Task and
  • Following instructions and recommendations by the
    Government of the Republic of Macedonia, meaning
    Ministry of Transport and Communications, as well
    as recommendations of technical support for
    transport and management by the Air Euro Safe

Defining Development Concept
  • Model of public enterprise according to the new
    regulation and its transformation in join stock
  • Concept of developing the runway up to III
  • Multiply of traffic operative surfaces,
  • Building up and modernization of the terminal up
    to C category (IATA standards),

Defining Development Concept
  • Facilities for airline companies, rent-a-car,
  • Cargo center with container transport,
  • Floor garage,
  • Hotel,
  • Building up the trade zones etc.

Accomplishment of purposes
  • Studies for economy warrant of the investments
  • Master plan
  • Investment program
  • Study recommending best model for development of
    Airport Alexander the Great and Airport St.
    Paul the Apostle

Global Activities
Mission Statement
  • Primary mission of PEAS Macedonia in year 2007
    will be
  • Providing higher level of quality services at the
  • Fast and dynamic development,
  • Increasing of security, safety and concurrency in
    the region.

Key to success
  • Planed working activities of PEAS Macedonia in
    2007 are based on
  • realized traffic and results from the past 2
    (two) years
  • the real air traffic forecasts and commercial
    activities for year 2007 and takeover of runways
    from CAA are taken in to consideration.

Planned Postulates
  • Increasing the traffic at Airport Alexander the
    Great and Airport St. Paul the Apostle
  • number of operations up to 3,3,
  • number of passengers up to 4,5 and
  • tonnage of cargo shipments up to 8,9
  • Increasing the revenues from made activities
    (aeronautical revenues, commercial revenues, and
    other revenues) up to 11,07

Planned Postulates
  • Transformation of PEAS Macedonia in to join
    stock company under government authority
  • new statute will be prepared
  • territorial issue will be regulated and
  • percentage value of Public Enterprises capital
    will be entered in the PEAS Macedonia register
  • Public enterprise actively participates in
    International tender of creating a consultant
    team for preparing Study with model for
    development of Airports.

Planned Postulates
  • Program that includes all necessary investments
    in Airport Alexander the Great and Airport St.
    Paul the Apostle for 2007-2008.
  • Equipping both airports with new specialized
    vehicles for winter service, handling, rescue and
    fire fighting, security, sanitary services
  • Improving the electrical systems, set power
    units, heating and cooling, telephony, protection
    from birds, purify and water supply, X-Ray as
    well as improving the personnel working and
    self-protection uniforms.
  • Progressions in IT check-in passengers,
    announcing the flights and advancement in
    advertising billboards and lighting system.

Planned Postulates
  • Building up passenger terminal at Airport
    Alexander the Great- Skopje in first two phases
    (five in total)
  • With international tender that will put up the
    handling services in terminal at level C, which
    will be increased up to 1,5 million passengers
  • In addition, existing terminal and outbuilding of
    Administrative - technical building, police,
    companies and customs are included
  • Financial construction will be supplied 40 from
    own resources, and rest of the funds will be
    supplied from bank credits. Construction will be
    in phases with dynamic plan for several years.

Planned Postulates
  • During year 2007 announcement of international
    tender for project and realization of Airport
    Terminal (I phase, refresh of existing building)
    is planned.
  • Enterprises basic activities (non aeronautical
  • will be appointed to increase marketing level of
    present and development of the new effect
    following the example of modern airports in the
    region and abroad.

Planned Postulates
  • Improving the general efficiency, as a measure of
    total success in the enterprises economy.
  • Will be separate program index towards to
    rational usage of disposable resources and peak
    of usage effects.
  • Outsourcing politics in part of catering,
    parking, VIP and CIP, Free Shop, security,
    exchange office and sanitary.
  • Improving operating and organization efficiency
    using the experience of already approved projects
    in this area.

  • Currently with Airport Alexander the Great and
    Airport St. Paul the Apostle is managing Public
    Enterprise for Airport Services
  • PEAS Macedonia- Skopje is an enterprise
    established by Government of Republic of
    Macedonia with 100 government ownership.

  • Basic activity of this Public enterprise (PE) is
    handling aircrafts, passengers, baggage, goods
    and mail operating on both airports Alexander
    the Great and St. Paul the Apostle.
  • Besides basic activities, Public enterprise is
    performing additional commercial activities that
    are usually performing at the airports
  • managing free shops, catering restaurants,
    leasing business and advertising premises,
    parking areas, VIP and CIP salons, exchange
    offices etc.

  • Board of Directors are managing Enterprise,
    authorized by the Government of the Republic of
    Macedonia, under leadership of Director elected
    by the same Board of Directors, according to made
    changes in the Law on Public Enterprises.
  • In the process is transformation of the Public
    enterprise in Join Stock Company with government
    ownership, and when this procedure is finished
    enterprise will be functioning according to
    Company Law.

Domestic Legislative
  • Aviation Law Law on Public Enterprise Law on
    Public Procurement Customs Law, Collective
    agreement and Law on labor relations and Company
  • Regulations and Rulebooks
  • Regulations on safety and security of the
  • Rulebooks on airports and other regulations.

International Legislation
  • International rules and recommendation in the
    area of air traffic that address civil aviation
  • ICAO
  • IATA and
  • Required Standard agreements on loan services

International Legislation
  • Following implications will proceed in the
    Assembly with ratification of Common European
    Aviation Area Agreement
  • Liberalization process, increasing flight
    frequency of the regular airline carrier and
    opportunity of attracting new airline carriers.
  • Corrections will be in the part of Agreements
    clause between Government of Republic of
    Macedonia and MAT- Macedonian Airlines. When
    regulation come into force, above-mentioned
    Agreement must be discontinued or must be put in
    order with law and regulation of the Europe
    Union, according to Protocol. Influence of law
    cost carrier
  • Aim of PEAS Macedonia in 2007 year will be
    attracting law cost carriers, which will help
    increase revenues from the primary operations


Aeronautical Services
  • PEAS Macedonia is planning
  • 14.100 operations during 2007 year
  • which is growth of 3,3 comparing to year 2006
  • 612.060 passengers will be transported
  • which is growth of 4,5 comparing to passenger
    traffic from previous year
  • 2.570 tonnes cargo and mail will be also
  • that will be growth of 8,9 comparing to year

Traffic forecast
Forecast Factors
  • Traffic statistics data of Airport Alexander the
  • Growth of traffic in percent compared with
    2004/2005 and first 10 month of 2006
  • General information of traffic growth - in the
    world, Europe and in the region (from ACI
  • Methodology forecast of development feasibility
    study for Alexander the Great from Scot Wilson,

Forecast Factors
  • According to real economy growth of domestic
    Market, traveling requests with air traffic
    transportation are increased.
  • Progress in carriers services, increasing number
    of carriers, or expending present frequencies.
  • Variable growth of traveling requests due to
    liberalization of administrative regulations
    (alleviation during visa procedures, open sky,

Traffic Departement Alexander The Great-
Traffic Departement Alexander The Great-
  • Handling of 5.510 aircrafts in commercial
  • Handling of 990 aircrafts in noncommercial
    aviation (general and military aviation).
  • Handling of 274.500 incoming passengers.
  • Handling of 283.500 outgoing passengers.
  • Handling of 4.200 transit passengers.
  • Handling of 2.700 transfer passengers.
  • Handling and processing of 8.000 tonnes baggage
    in arrival and departure.

Operative Department
  • Summer schedule flights S07 and winter schedule
    flights W07/08, as well as weekly schedule
    flights are preparing in annual working plan.
  • Operative pursuing and recording of traffic will
    be weekly done.
  • Annual report for realized traffic in year 2007
    will be prepared until end of January 2007 and it
    will be print like almanac.

Operative Department
  • Monthly reports of realized traffic at Airport
    Alexander the Great and PEAS Macedonia will
    be prepared till middle of next month and it will
    be proceed to
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications,
    Institution Statistics of Republic of Macedonia,
    ACI (Airport Council International), ICAO
    (International Civil Aviation Organization) and

Protocol Service
  • Working flow in Protocol service usually depends
    on magnitude of international politics and
    economy activity in our country.
  • Due to new resolutions for foreign economic
    investments in our country, meaning more domestic
    and foreign business travels in year 2007, are

Protocol Service
  • Improving and developing of working procedures,
    as well as interior and technological equipping
    of VIP and CIP salons is planning during 2007.
  • According to international experiences and needed
    trends of CIP passengers, these salons
    technologically will be equipped and following
    procurement will be done
  • new VIP vehicle
  • new furnishing in CIP (Audio system, TV,
    internet, Free shop)
  • CIP change of PP pricelist, CIP club card, etc.

Training Center
  • According to CAA, ICAO and IATA program, annual
    plan for year 2007 includes education of
    personnel, meaning professional training of
    employees in Traffic Department at Airport
    Alexander the Great.
  • Own Training Centre that will expand activities
    in the other departments and services is planned
    to be opened.

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Reconstruction and modernization of Cargo center
  • Providing separate warehouse for handling and
    processing of special cargo (provide handling and
    processing conditions for special cargo and
    storage in appropriate facilities. Radioactive
    materials with low radiation, dangerous goods,
    live animals, valuable and frozen cargo etc.
    according to IATA standards).

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Reconstruction and modernization of Cargo center
  • Providing separate room for storage of domestic
  • Connecting Cargo center warehouses.
  • Dislocating of existing facilities of Cargo
    center, while renovating, and temporary locating
    of new modules.

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Reconstruction and modernization of Cargo center
  • Building up new working premises in Cargo center
    for Cargo Department purposes, Customs purposes,
    shipping representatives, delivery express etc.
  • Reparation of present import and export hangars
  • Preparation for handling and processing of ULD

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Modernization of facilities in the Cargo center
  • Providing new software solution for running of
    Cargo Center and installation of scan system for
    shipments and AWB (bar code)
  • Supplying new computer equipment
  • Computer register of accepted and storage
    shipments and pursuing of delivered shipments
    provided by PEAS Macedonia web site

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Presentation and affirmation abroad of Cargo
    center services
  • Presentation of new Cargo center services
  • Presentation of new price politics
  • Preparing strategy for attracting new domestic
    and foreign shipping and transport firms
  • Participation of Cargo center in the affirmation
    part, providing services and branding of delivery
  • Providing special conditions for possible
    cooperation with Free economy zone

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Activities in Cargo center related to human
  • Professional edification of Cargo center
    employees with
  • providing professional literature and forming
    small library regarding to cargo traffic, as well
  • professional training of employees with course
    attendance, helping them to get an appropriate
    certification and opportunities for knowledge

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Activities in Cargo center related to human
  • Organizing attendance of seminars and getting
    advices helping them to bring closer EU and IATA
  • Visiting International airports and their cargo
    centers so further cooperation will be more
    successful, getting new experiences and
    opportunity for implementing them in practice

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Activities in Cargo center related to human
  • Define and increase employees responsibility,
    motivation and stimulation, or appropriate
    sanctioning is necessary in Cargo center through
    implementing procedures related to Traffic
    department, meaning handling service, so
    cooperation between them will be successful.
  • Implementation of new, simplified procedures
    provided with new Customs Law of Republic of
    Macedonia, Europe Union and IATA
  • Supplying new Personnel Protective Equipment

Cargo Center at Airport Alexander The Great -
  • Activities related to Veterinary Directorate
    cooperation, regarding to Phytosanitary and
    Veterinary Border Control
  • Building of phytosanitary and veterinary station
    financed by EU.
  • One part of the activities will be in year 2008,
    according to realization of Investment program.
  • With realization of the planned activities Cargo
    center is expecting to be closer to EU
    regulations, international conventions and IATA.

Traffic DepartmentSt. Paul the Apostle - Ohrid
Traffic Department at AirportSt. Paul the
Apostle - Ohrid
  • Handling and processing of 480 aircraft in the
    commercial aviation
  • Handling and processing of 70 aircraft in the
    general aviation
  • 23.300 incoming passengers in terminal
  • 27.500 outgoing passengers in terminal
  • Handling of 3.200 transit passengers
  • Handling of 1.100 tonnes baggage
  • Handling of 20 tonnes of Cargo Mail.

Cargo Center - Ohrid
  • Increasing commercial revenues according to
    services taken activities
  • Aims of taken measures that will increase
    revenues should be group of small and medium
    stage companies that gravitate towards Airport
    St. Paul the Apostle.
  • Acquisition and presentation of transport
    conditions for export and import goods
  • Marketing contact with potential clients via
    e-mail, TV reports, flyers
  • Maximum utilization of present infrastructure -
    storage facilities, transport vehicle.

Planned Business Activities From Commercial
Other Services
Non Aeronautical Services
  • Non Aeronautical Services will be direct towards
    promoting of present and developing of new
    contents following the example of modern airports
    in the region and abroad.
  • In the Scot Wilson (2004 year) Study it is point
    out that revenues from the non aeronautical
    services, nominal and per passenger, are not
    appropriate developed.

Non Aeronautical Services
  • However, increasing level of 20 at free shops,
    store, advertising and parking is planning with
    expanding of traffic capacity and infrastructure.
  • Changes of these revenues can be making in
    outsourcing catering, parking, free shop and
    other, so stimulating part will be successful fee.

Commercial and marketing department in PEAS
  • Enlarging list of client using advertising
    facilities so present capacity of business
    premises will be maximum utilized
  • At the same time Airports will be supplied with
    all necessary materials, spare parts, inventory
    and goods for further selling, on time, in the
    most economical and quality way. Furthermore,
    this sector will be realizing resolutions from
    the Committee on Public Procurement, related to
    procurement, prices, agreed goods quantity and

Commercial and marketing department in PEAS
  • Attracting airline companies which are not
    operating at Airport Alexander the Great in
    Skopje and Airport St. Paul the Apostle in
  • Opportunities of usage shipping advantages,
    capability of catering service, specific
    accommodations (VIP, CIP and business salon) at
    Airport Alexander the Great in Skopje will be
    promote in public.

Commercial and marketing department in PEAS
  • Catering Service - Airport Alexander the Great
    - Skopje
  • Improving will be according to HASAP standards
  • larger offer of airline companies and other
  • outsourcing and other.
  • Catering Service - Airport St. Paul the Apostle
    - Ohrid
  • Larger revenues from catering meals and beverages
    and other catering services, after constructing a
    buffet out of airport building, buffet in the
    exiting terminal business salon.

Safety and Security Department
  • Safety and Security department with
  • Fire Fighting and Rescue,
  • Anti diversion Protection,
  • Security Protection and
  • Medical services have to provide fire fighting
    and rescue security of air traffic devices and
    installations at Airport Alexander the Great
    in Skopje, as well as operative - technical
    security, anti diversion protection and medical

Safety and Security Department
  • In Anti diversion Protection part, whole
    certification according to Basic and Refreshment
    training is planning.
  • Equipping and modernization of anti diversion
    protection devices are also included in the plan.
  • In the Training center, better education and
    training in all security segments is taking into
    consideration, so for that purpose special
    personnel will be create and will be train.
  • Attention will be at quality of security
    services, cooperation with authorities according
    to their warranties in aviation security.

Maintaining Department
  • In 2007, Airport Alexander the Great within
    electrical, machine-constructing maintaining,
    parking, winter service, sanitary and
    horticulture services will prevent current and
    investment maintaining the existing facilities
    and equipment.
  • During 2007 in departments frame, activities for
    regular and secure traffic operations in winter
    conditions will be taking. In addition, radio
    links and telephone network at the airport
    constantly will be maintaining.

Maintaining Department
  • Planned activities
  • Renovation of parking fleet through operative
  • construction of new wastewater treatment plant,
  • resolving sanitary problem with water,
  • procurement of necessary airport equipment, and

PEAS Macedonia Directorate
  • Planned Business Activities

Finance Department
  • During 2007, finance department will finish begun
    processes with implementation of international
    accounting standards.
  • After Grant Thorthon estate is estimate, Finance
    department will proceed according to decision
    conclusions from the ongoing audit.
  • Issue of special engage will be rationalization
    of the constant cost structure. Costs according
    to places and organs will be review and compared
    to experiences of the similar regional and other

Finance Department
  • Although general finance situation will be
    determinate from the realized aeronautical and
    other services, finance politic will be creating
    according to finance principle and rules of
    financing. From the business aspect enterprise
    and its positive financial status, based on
    keeping the term structure of resources and
    liquidation sources, improving the capital
    structure and financing the development from own
    finance potential strategy, tactic of finance
    managing will be developed.

Finance Department
  • Professional analyzes of financial state and
    structure, according to international standards
    and rules conception of financial strategy and
    financial politics, is in process, and it will be
    present in front of the managing structures of
    the enterprise.
  • Financial department will be working on
    methodology of rewarding the employees, according
    to invested labor, so flat or variable part will
    be pay off and that will be a way to stimulate
    each employee.

Finance Department
  • Separately will be treated and deliberated basic
    economical principles
  • Productivity issue as a measure for progress
    (showed qualitatively and quantitatively) related
    to put effort in the given time period
  • Economical issue as a measure of put effort
    related to complete investments in given period
  • Profitability issue as a measure for maximizing
    the long term profit compared to engaged capital.

Department for Legal,Personnel and Mutual work
  • Participation in Public enterprise transformation
    into join stock company with government
  • According to regulation modifications and other
    general acts, new statute is preparing
  • Business procedures with adequate working
    strategy for human recourses
  • Analyze of current company running define of
    methods and procedures that should be example for
    developing of overall organizational and
    operative enterprise managing.

Department for Legal,Personnel and Mutual work
  • Manager contract for the managing teams will be
    prepared withal transformation in Joint Stock
  • New Rulebook for organization systema-tization
    of the Public Enterprise will pass
  • Besides authorization given by General Manager of
    PEAS for representing the enterprise at courts,
    department will take over and resolve all legal
    actions and will cooperate with lawyers offices.

IT, Planning Supervision Department
  • Necessary personnel equipping
  • Processing WEB sites of the enterprise,
    presentation of information, interaction with
    customer users related to services, provided by
    the enterprise.
  • Forming local program team, obligate to reply to
    all variety applicative solutions
  • Hardware upgrading of the information system and
    computer network, as well as improving mobile and
    wireless connection.
  • Professional training of IT personnel through
    attendance of seminars and courses

IT, Planning Supervision Department
  • Improving IT knowledge of personnel, through
    organizing courses together with enterprises
    training center
  • Applicable solutions in financial management
  • Applicable solutions as air traffic application
    together with passengers system information or
    cargo center application, will be processed by
    programmer team

IT, Planning Supervision Department
  • According to point out needs will focus on five
    main tasks
  • Building and reconstruction phase of Airport
    Alexander the Great
  • Building and reconstruction phase of Cargo center
    at Alexander the Great in Skopje
  • Participate in Investments at Airport Alexander
    the Great and Airport St. Apostle Paul
  • Taking part in solving and proving the estate
    owner of terrain and facilities
  • Providing construction and other license related
    to designing and constructing of facilities

Financial Plan
Revenues 2006 2007 Plan Percentage
Air Traffic Revenues 635.438.756 678.997.240 6,85
Commercial Revenues 142.999.525 185.577.600 29,77
OPERATIVE REVENUES 778.438.281 864.574.840 11,07
Structure ofPlanned Operating Revenues
Aeronautical revenues
Non-aeronautical revenues
Runway maintenance revenue
From this revenues, participation of Airports
isAirport Alexander the Great with
93,04,Airport St. Paul the Apostle with
Expences 2006 2007 Plan Percentage
Employee Expenses 383.561.486 381.070.000 -0,65
Material Expenses 105.003.066 121.785.000 15,98
Non Material Expenses 58.287.668 100.090.000 72,00
Depreciation 141.541.425 155.600.000 9,93
Financial Expenses 4.100.616 4.735.000 15,47
Total Operating Expenses 692.494.261 763.280.000 10,22
Structure ofPlanned Operating Expences
Employee expences
Financial expences
Material expences
Non-Material expences
Expected Results
  • According to all forecast plans in year 2007 PEAS
    Macedonia is expecting to achieve positive
    financial result of 101,29 million denars or 1,65
    million euros.
  • Profit will be reinvesting for Investment program
    purposes, using the tax changes that will
    positively influence on PEAS Macedonia
    reinvestment benefit.

Thank You For Your Attention