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the boys shopping


These sections are divided using the Picador edition (2006). Section 1 extends from the beginning of the novel to the end of page 24. The road opens with the man, one of the novel's two central, unnamed protagonists, awakening at night to check on his sleeping son. Even in sleep, the man and the boy wear facemasks. The man has been dreaming about wandering in a flowstone cave, led by his son, "Like pilgrims in a fable swallowed up and lost among the inward parts of some granitic beast". In the dream, the man and his son arrive at a "black and ancient lake" across from a blind creature 3. The creature is translucent, and its innards are vaguely visible. The creature turns away from the man and the boy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: the boys shopping

the boys shopping
  • These sections are divided using the Picador
    edition (2006). Section 1 extends from the
    beginning of the novel to the end of page 24.
  • The road opens with the man, one of the novel's
    two central, unnamed protagonists, awakening at
    night to check on his sleeping son. Even in
    sleep, the man and the boy wear facemasks. The
    man has been dreaming about wandering in a
    flowstone cave, led by his son, "Like pilgrims in
    a fable swallowed up and lost among the inward
    parts of some granitic beast". In the dream, the
    man and his son arrive at a "black and ancient
    lake" across from a blind creature 3. The
    creature is translucent, and its innards are
    vaguely visible. The creature turns away from the
    man and the boy.
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