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Reallife cults


Charles Manson Family. Manson actually convinced some of his followers to murder several innocent ... Charles Manson Members of His Family. Good website! http: ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Reallife cults

Real-life cults
Warren Jeffs
  • El Dorado compound in Colorado
  • 14 log homes
  • 4 large buildings
  • Large stone temple
  • FLDS religious group, 10,000 members of
    polygamous sect
  • They are self-sufficient!
  • Why?
  • Jailed 8/26/06
  • Crime- arrangement of marriages between men and
    underage girls

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Warren Jeffs on Marriage
  • Preached that men need at least 3 wives in order
    to get to Heaven
  • Marriages are arranged by Warren only
  • Women are to be obedient to men
  • Jeffs sends young men from the cult away
  • Too much competition between them and the older
    men for wives!
  • Older men are urged to take a child bride before
    the girls become attracted to men their age

Warren Jeffs on
  • Wives are expected to apply for welfare as if
    they are single
  • What is welfare?
  • Who is being hurt by this action?
  • Entire paychecks are expected to go to Warren
  • Kids are home-schooled.
  • Why?
  • Those who disagreed were sent away and lost all
    communication with their families

Branch Davidians
  • Leader- David Koresh.
  • Believed he was a prophet
  • All of his followers were forced to rely on him-
    for everything! What effect does this have?
  • Davids followers lived within a compound in
    Waco, Texas. They were self-sufficient. What
    other cult was self-sufficient?

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Davids beliefs
  • He was a prophet, sent from God
  • When the world ended, which it would soon, only
    the BDs would ascend to Heaven
  • In order to get into Heaven, the followers of
    David must be obedient and do what he says

Church Practices
  • Polygamy- but only for David!
  • The more wives he hadthe better!
  • Marriages were broken up
  • Young daughters were chosen to be married
  • Highly communal, disciplined life
  • Large arsenal of weapons and ammunition
  • To protect themselves at the end of the world

The end of the world
  • FBI agents were staking out the compound
  • They raided the compound on Feb 28, 1993, killing
    6 BDs and 4 agents
  • The siege continued for 51 more days and ended in
    a huge fire
  • 82 members died, including David Koresh
  • Including children of all ages

Some pictures
Heavens Gate
  • Led by Marshall Applegate
  • Secretive, UFO based cult

Heavens Gate beliefs
  • Hale-Bop, a very large comet, was a sign
  • Shed their bodies and join a space craft that
    would take them to a higher place
  • March, 1997
  • 39 members committed suicide
  • Happened in shifts so they could help each other
    drink the lethal combination of drugs.

Peoples Temple
  • Jim Jones, leader
  • 3,000 members
  • Believed Jim Jones was the Messiah
  • He ordered his followers to commit suicide
  • They drank a cyanide laced kool-aid drink and
    died together
  • 900 members died. 300 of them were children

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Order of the Solar Temple
  • Lead by Luc Jouret and Joseph Di Mambro
  • Members believed that death was a form of
    transit and that they were going to live on
    another star.
  • A baby and his parents (former members), who were
    at their home in Quebec, were stabbed to death as
    the cult reportedly believed the three month old
    boy was the Anti-Christ
  • His followers were killed when they burned
    themselves alive in house fires.

Some Pictures
  • Joseph Di Mambro

Charles Manson Family
  • Manson actually convinced some of his followers
    to murder several innocent people as part of his
    master plan to spark a race war between the white
    race and the black race.
  • He believed each side would kill the other and
    his family would be the only survivors.
  • Members of his family, acting on his orders, were
    responsible for the brutal murder of actress
    Sharon Tate and several other people.

Some Pictures
  • Charles Manson Members of His Family

Good website!
  • http//