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Enter the correct shift (Refer to Entering Exception Time Cheat Sheet for a listing of shifts) ... routing queue so that benefits will be terminated after the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


  • Welcome to Banner HR Status Training

January 2004
Why are you here?
  • To receive the most current, comprehensive
    information about status appointments
  • To be introduced to new methods of communicating
    requests for new positions, changes to
    appointments, special payments, retroactive
    payments, deferred pay, etc.
  • To get answers to your questions!

What are the Status Hires?
Before Epaf Data Entry
  • Obtain source documentation from the department.
  • Refer to the current payroll calendar (HR and
    Payroll Deadlines) to select the correct query
    date. (PTRCALN)
  • Select the correct epaf (Refer to Selecting the
    Right Epaf for the Job Document).
  • Select the correct position/suffix combination.
  • New position Need to contact UNH HR to be set
  • Budgets must be established in NBAPBUD/NWAPBAD
    before the epaf is completed to hire the employee
    into the new position.
  • Suffix Review NBIJLST (entering 07/01/2003 as
    the effective date).

EPAF Data Entry Steps
  • There are 2 steps (approval types) for each type
    of status hire
  • Peaempl Create Step (PEACRE)
  • Defines current hire date, eclass, distribution
    org, leave category code, benefit category, etc.
  • Hire/Job Entry (either STEXJE or OSJBEY
    approval categories)
  • Define salary, FTE, begin dates, etc.

  • Current Hire Date
  • On time hire same as the query date
  • Late hire equal to the ACTUAL first day of
  • PEAEMPL E-Class Defaults from the epaf
    selected, except FY Faculty (refer to the
    ECLS-Position Group-PCLS-Position Category-Acct,
    document for values).
  • Distribution Org Current value or enter new
    value if requested by employee
  • I9 Information Leave blank (updated by UNH HR)
  • Leave Category Code Enter ET if employee is
    reporting time through Kronos or FAMIS or other
    pilot program. All other UNH, enter IN.

Hire Step Exempt Faculty
Hire Step Exempt Faculty Contd
Deferred Pay
  • What is Deferred Pay?
  • Deferred pay is when an employee, for example,
    works the academic year (August May) however
    they would like to be paid throughout the entire
    year (over 12 months instead of 9 months).
  • How do you find out if someone is deferring their
  • Go to NBAJOBS gt Jobs Detail Information screen
  • (The pays number will be greater than the
  • i.e. If their pays 26 and the factor 20
    then their pay will be expensed over 20 pay
    periods, however, they will receive a check for
    26 pay periods.
  • Also under NBAJOBS gt Jobs Detail Information gt
    Options gt Deferred Pay Information
  • This screen will show a deferred pay code (if
    there is a code present there is deferred pay)
  • Where is the deferred pay balance?
  • NBAJOBS gt General information screen.
  • This screen will show the deferred pay
  • Note If a job for an employee with deferred pay
    is terminated, this deferred pay balance will pay
    out in the next paycheck. If it should not be
    paid out immediately, Payroll needs to be
  • How do you set someone up to defer pay?
  • If you have a new employee that needs to be set
    up with deferred pay, you need to have the
    employee fill out a deferred pay form. This form
    should be sent to UNH HR for authorization and
    then forwarded to the payroll office. Payroll
    will code the information into NBAJOBS. (This
    info needs to get to payroll before the first
    check is cut).

Coding Operating Staff Appointments through EPAF
Coding Operating Staff Appointments through EPAF
Entry Contd
Operating Staff Workschedules
  • KRONOS/Famis employees will not have a
    workschedule value in NBAPOSN or be paid via a
    Banner workschedule.
  • All other OS employees must have a workschedule
    code to generate pay.
  • Default to the NBAJOBS record from the position
  • Changes to Workschedules
  • Once the workschedule detail has defaulted to
    NBAJOBS, it is maintained by payroll staff via
    direct update to NBAJOBS.
  • Permanent changes to workschedules in the
    position need to be communicated to UNH HR who
    will update NBAPOSN.
  • Permanent changes made to NBAPOSN will need a new
    epaf entered so that the new workschedule code
    defaults to the NBAJOBS record.
  • Any new workschedule code, or changes to a
    workschedule code detail needs to be communicated
    to UNH payroll. (Via USNH NBAJOBS Workschedule
    Request Form).
  • NTVWKSH Lists the current workschedules
  • NTRWKSH Detailed information about the

Workschedules - NTVWKSH
Workschedules - NTRWKSH
OS Exception Time Entry
  • Operating staff appointments will be set to
    default regular earnings based upon the jobs
    workschedule, any deviations from that
    workschedule must be entered into PHATIME as
    exception entries.
  • i.e. hours worked above normal, hours not worked.
  • In addition, any leave use greater than the
    employees accrued leave balance will need to be
    entered as dock pay. (This does not apply with
    Kronos/FAMIS users they enter positive time
  • If there are no deviations from that employees
    workschedule no exception entries need to be

Entering Exception Time (PHATIME)
  • Extracting Time Records Important to set up
  • Entering Exception Time
  • Once employees have been extracted, select the
    correct employee
  • Enter the appropriate earn code (Clicking on the
    flashlight will show you the full list of earn
    codes for that employees eclass)
  • Enter the correct shift (Refer to Entering
    Exception Time Cheat Sheet for a listing of
  • Enter special rate if applicable
  • Then tab to appropriate day and enter the total
    number of hours for that day
  • You can then enter the next earn code if
    appropriate or save the record if completed
  • Enter comments
  • Save and Submit time for approvals approve time
    if approver

Retroactive Payments
  • If a status employee is being hired
    retroactively, Payroll needs to be notified so
    that retroactive payment may be processed.
  • Complete the USNH Retro Payment Form for Status
  • Located http//
    r_forms.html (Available 2/9/04)
  • These forms must be completed and sent to Payroll
    prior to 9AM on Monday of the payroll processing
    schedule (Please be sure to check the schedule
    for any changes due to holidays, etc.)

Changes/Terminating Status Appts
  • Job changes/Pay increases that need to be made to
    status appointments are processed centrally at
    UNH HR.
  • i.e. time sheet org changes, fte, dist. Org, etc.
  • An e-mail including the persons name, SS (last
    4 digits), position/suffix, what needs to be
    changed with the effective date of the change can
    be sent to
  • Terminating a Status Appointment
  • USTERM approval category
  • Refer to STERM cheat sheet
  • HR is included in the routing queue so that
    benefits will be terminated after the last pay
  • Notify Payroll if the employee is being
    terminated retroactively

Move Epafs
  • What are Move Epafs?
  • Move epafs are a 2 step process where a status
    employee is terminated from one position and
    hired into another position in one epaf.
  • When to use Move Epafs?
  • Promotions, Demotions, and/or transfers
  • Permanent increase in time
  • Permanent decrease in time
  • Reclassifications resulting in a change in
    occupational type (i.e. OS to PAT)
  • Change in contract dates
  • Change in position number
  • Change in work schedule
  • Change in FTEBS, (will require a new position to
    be established)

CYA Positions
  • What are CYA Positions?
  • CYA positions are used to maintain the integrity
    of a status employees base position.
  • When to use CYA Positions?
  • Assuming a temporary upgrade that meets or
    exceeds 6 months.
  • Assuming an interim role that meets or exceeds 6
  • Taking a temporary reduction in percent time that
    meets or exceeds 6 months.
  • Assuming a temporary increase in percent time
    that meets or exceeds 6 months.
  • The CYA position needs to be established before
    the epaf can be processed.

One Time Payments
  • What are One Time/Special Payments?
  • Status employees sometimes receive special
    payments that create an exception to normal pay.
  • Types of One Time/Special Payments
  • Earned time payout
  • Vacation payout
  • SIP payments
  • ARC payouts
  • Bonuses
  • Might also include one-time payments made to an
    employee to compensate when additional dollars
    are due to the employee that hadnt previously
    been paid.

UNH HR Request Forms for Banner HR Processing
  • Forms will be available for BSCs to request
    transaction processing from UNH HR. (target date
    of mid-February)
  • The types of items and their form names are

Request Form Process
Example of Email Notification from use of Request
  • EPAF Processing Questions Call the CIS Help
    Desk at 862-4242 or submit your question via the
    Web at http//
  • Security Questions, HR Requests other than the
    online request forms E-mail UNH HR at
  • Payroll related questions E-mail
  • Banner HR Reference Material
  • http//

  • Questions?