Day21 - How To Use Social Media For Business To Generate Leads Like Clockwork - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Day21 - How To Use Social Media For Business To Generate Leads Like Clockwork


Do you want to know how the leaders and top gurus use social media for business success? I'm talking about generating leads 24/7 like clockwork. Well today, you're in luck, I go over some of the tactics that I paid well over $50,000 to learn myself. For more advice on how to use social media for business success, visit my blog at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Day21 - How To Use Social Media For Business To Generate Leads Like Clockwork

My challenge -Day21
  • How To Use Social Media For Business
    To Generate Leads Like Clockwork

  • Todays topic is social media marketing for your
    business. We covered this topic a couple of weeks
    ago, but I want to dive deeper into the tactics
    and fundamentals.

  • Mainly, its about how you can get results. A
    lot of businesses and companies just assume that
    they need to be active on social media like
    everyone else. Although it is somewhat true, you
    always want to be strategic have some type of
    goal in mind.

  • It also applies to people in network marketing.
    You have to treat it like it is your own
    business. If it wasnt for some of the great
    mentors Ive had, I wouldnt be able to formulate
    how to put together these concepts.
  • Ultimately, we always start with 0 fans, or
    friends, and not really quite sure what to do.

  • For network marketing purposes, if you want to
    get results, its all about developing your
  • The number one thing to remember is that with
    any type of marketing you implement needs to be
    congruent across the board. People have to feel
    like they are getting to know you.

  • Thats why I like to make these posts. Its a
    great way or outlet to connect with my fans who
    might be struggling through obstacles Ive
    already gone through. If I can make your learning
    curve a bit shorter, then Im happy to do so.

  • If you try to develop relationships to connect
    with people, let them know what youre all about.
    If they enter your email funnel and become a
    lead, why not let them connect with you in your
    social media channels?

  • If youre trying to generate leads, stay
    consistent just like with email marketing,
    blogging, offline marketing, or recruiting. You
    have to be consistent every single day. Post
    something if you dont know what to post,
    everyone loves quotes. Just post some
    inspirational things that can make someones day
    a little easier.

  • Eventually youll develop a following. People
    are going to be interested in what you do and
    talk about. Making videos are a great way to do

  • I challenge you to put together some type of
    game plan where you can start to take action
    every day. Do something so that people can really
    connect with you on a deeper level. Answer
    questions or have a discussion.

  • Thats what social media is great for. Its all
    about developing conversation and allowing it to
    reach more than just yourself and one other
    person. It can reach millions of people

  • Thats one of the great ways I was able to build
    my business. I realised there was definitely
    going to be a trend with social media. It just
    keeps growing every day there are even more
    channels being opened up.

  • For example, I have a client that is using a
    website called Spice Works that deals with IT
    professionals. I had no idea what that was. Its
    a great way to connect with people in a specific
    niche or audience.

  • As you want to scale your business, you
    basically want to look for certain
    characteristics. If youre looking on Facebook
    for people to connect with, look for people that
    I like to call PHD.

  • I didnt come up with the term myself its from
    a book I read recently called Success is a
    choice by Rick Pitino. It stands for Poor
    Hungry with Desire. In this case poor means that
    theyre looking for something beyond themselves
    or a transition, not that theyre broke.

  • So when you do marketing on Facebook and other
    channels, look for people that have the thirst
    for knowledge. Perhaps they read inspirational
    books or are constantly working on themselves.

  • This is another reason why I like marketing
    online. When you talk to people offline youre
    never really sure if they are within your
    targeted audience.
  • Online, you can find those people just by having
    a conversation. A good example is if you go on You can find people based on
    hash tags, categories or discussions.

  • If you have ever taken a class on speech, like
    toast masters, they always have these things
    called table topic discussions. I look at twitter
    as a great way to have those discussions with
    people because you can refine and test your
    messaging to see how well it reaches a larger
    audience of people.

  • Another thing to keep in mind is as you start to
    have these conversations, you want to think about
    how you can grow your audience.
  • That way, you can find more people that could be
    potential leads or customers for you. The way to
    do it is just to follow people that have
    influence. Connect with people every day.

  • I dont want you to think its going to be a
    onetime thing. You cant just make one tweet and
    expect thousands of dollars to fall from the sky.
    You have to think about it in terms of how you
    can eventually develop a cult following that will
    open your emails, read your blog and interact
    with you on an everyday basis.

  • Eventually, youll start to generate leads like
    crazy, and youll have massive success. People
    will want to connect with you. Youll go to
    events where people are connecting with you and
    feel like they have known you all of their life.

  • You can eventually build that for yourself. It
    doesnt really take much effort its just about
    being consistent.
  • If you can blog every day for 90 days, you will
    have success. Its the same thing with social
    media the more you do it, the more you can
    impact people.

  • Heres an example from when I was consulting at
    Google. We started off with 0 followers. I worked
    on finding key advocates that could help grow our
    audience over time. Within about 10 months, we
    grew that audience from 0 to over half a million
    followers and growing.

  • The thing is, it didnt happen overnight. When I
    went through that process, I had doubts myself. I
    didnt think I could do it. But, I challenged
    myself to continue to learn and develop my

  • Look at it as if youre pushing a boulder up a
    hill. Obviously, pushing it up isnt going to be
    easy or fun. Eventually youll get to the top,
    and youll be able to roll it down.
  • The same thing applies in your network market
    business. Do it consistently for long enough, and
    youll get some results at the end of the day.

  • Let me know about some of the experiences youve
    had in social media, whether youre having some
    challenges, problems or success. I want to be
    able to hear them and see how I can help.