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Leadership is a compromise between knowledge, experience, and sincerity. My definition of leadership


Leadership is a compromise between knowledge, experience, ... Amber Hammonds ... heard, and are able to encourage an individual to their fullest potential while ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Leadership is a compromise between knowledge, experience, and sincerity. My definition of leadership

  • Leadership is a compromise between knowledge,
    experience, and sincerity. My definition of
    leadership is standing up for what is right,
    admitting when you are wrong, and being able to
    listen to others.
  • -Megan E. Gokey

  • I define leadership as being able to overcome
    adversity through any means possible.
  • - Maggie Luttrell

  • Being cadre for my company at VMI taught me a lot
    about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
    Especially being the only female on cadre, I had
    to learn what it took to lead alongside men and
    how to earn their respect as a leader.
  • -Cadet Elizabeth C. Dobbins

  • I am looking forward to networking with women who
    posses wonderful leadership skills.
  • -Amanda F. Moore

  • The knowledge that I gain at NCCWSL, I hope to
    apply it to my education, and find ways to help
    my fellow college students learn about
  • -Ana Cecilia Valenzuela

  • I love the idea of bringing women together for a
    common cause and purpose. I was attracted to
    attend because I felt it would be a great
    opportunity to engage in dialog with women from
    different walks of life.
  • -Jordan Casteel

  • I am excited and eager to meet women from around
    the country who are passionate about the things
    they love and are devoted to making the world a
    better place. I look forward to building lasting
    relationships and hearing each womans story.
  • -Jordan Trubiano

  • Leadership is understanding when a person should
    lead and follow, and attempt to include everyone
    when making decisions. A good leader will ensure
    that no one feels excluded or force a group
    towards making irrational decisions.
  • -Shaunia Banks

  • As an SGA President, Ive had to discuss many
    controversial topics and the situations can
    become intense. This experience has taught me to
    be honest, while respecting everyones
    individually. I have realized that everyone has
    a unique process of gaining knowledge.
  • -Meg Beyer

  • Currently, I am involved with my student body
    government and I am learning new leadership
    techniques. The new leadership techniques I have
    acquired, have helped me meet diverse individuals
    and has provided me with the opportunity to
    incorporate diversity into my life.
  • -Michelle Montemayor

  • I helped my campus establish a LGBTQA Resource
    Center. Everybody worked together to decide which
    approach should be taken and how to gain support.
    We all learned the best way to work together was
    to create a plan and listen to others
  • -Susan Harz

  • Recently I joined a committee on my college
    campus, to help plan a Take Back the Night Event.
    This committee taught me how to understand
    others ideas and work towards a positive
    outcome. Now, I understand the importance of team
    work and nothing can be accomplished on your own.
  • - Elizabeth M. Corr

  • Working with others has helped me to learn more
    about leadership strategies and strengthen my
    community ties.
  • - Kate Peck

  • The issues facing college campuses today are
    unique and the way students are addressing those
    issues are both thoughtful and innovative.
    Learning how to become a leader in college will
    help to me become a stronger person.
  • -Ann Terrell

  • I took a leadership role was when I became a
    single mother at the age of 19now my son is
    graduating high school and I am pursuing my
    bachelors degreeif you have the determination
    and drive you will succeed at whatever life
    throws at you.
  • - Laquita Humphrey

  • I think that leadership is a quality that
    everyone has within themselves. Great leaders are
    both honest and understand current situations.
    These qualities grant leaders the ability to help
    others achieve their goals.
  • -Ayesha Salar

  • The conferences focus on womens involvement in
    contemporary leadership issues attracted me to
    attend. Women learning how to thrive, lead, and
    learn is essential to individual and social
  • - Azra Crnogorcevic

  • My definition of leadership is someone who is
    able to influence a group of people in a positive
    way in order to accomplish a goal. This person
    must be able to do this without fear or
  • - Hannah M. Certis

  • When I was Vice President of the Salt Lake
    Community College at the Jordan Campus, I helped
    to serve the students. Through this experience I
    learned how to communicate with a diverse
    community, how to motivate them, but most
    importantly I became aware of what I needed to do
    to be an effective leader.
  • -Jessalyn Abt

  • By attending NCCWSL, I hope to gain insight on
    how to motivate and empower individuals. I also
    want to show these same individuals how to have
    self-esteem, believe that anything is possible,
    and inspire myself and others on how to be more
    prominent leaders on their campus and within
    their communities.
  • - April Sullivan

  • becoming a strong woman leader is appealing for
    the simple fact that in my future career as a
    nurse I want to be able to set a high standard
    and challenge my peers to be all that they can
  • - Alice M. Grove

  • My definition of leadership would be a person who
    is kind. You can still have people respect you
    and what your doing if you are kind.
  • - Alex Woodruff

  • There is a constant struggle to do better and
    establish respect and honor for a leader in her
    followers heart. I want to attend NCCWSL so I
    can become a better leader.
  • - Preetinder Kaur

  • With so many attendees at NCCWSL, I will be able
    to meet with a diverse group of women, coming
    from a variety of backgrounds. I will be able to
    learn about others leadership skills, which will
    help me to enhance my own.
  • -Rebecca Griffin

  • I hope that NCCWSL teaches me how to become more
    confident in my ability to lead and how to
    recognize my strengths.
  • -Kaje Housman

  • One of the aspects of NCCWSL that interest me
    most is the variety of workshops available for
    us. Theres so much to learn from!
  • -Leyda E. Melendez

  • I hope to learn how to become 100 financial
    independent and how to find solutions for all the
    challenges that I face in campus and in my life.
  • - Mihaela Caldarescu

  • Leadership is growth from experience learning
    from ones mistakes, failing, asking questions,
    and raising the bar
  • -Traci Snyder

  • Aside from gaining new friendships, I hope to
    gain a greater knowledge of the power that women
    have in the world today and learn how to make
    such differences in my own life.
  • -Jennifer Gray

  • Leadership is a role for those who have or
    develop skills for unchartered territory and are
    guided by their minds eye vision, which is the
    map they utilize for the goals of the team.
  • - Diane R. Fuselier-Thompson

  • I hope to gain a better understanding of how as a
    woman, who is interested in a career in politics,
    I can empower myself and not feel intimidated
    when entering the real world.
  • -Giuliana Kunkel

  • Good leadership is a part of someone's character.
    It's not defined as a title but the role you
    take everyday. There are two types of roles, the
    leader and the follower. There will be times
    when you need to be both.
  • -Christine Hernandez

  • I am excited to meet women from all over the
    country, from different colleges, and who have a
    variety of different ideas.  Attending this
    conference will broaden my horizons and enrich my
    leadership qualities as I learn and grow with my
  • - Lauren Mize

  • I look forward to expanding my knowledge on the
    dos and donts of post graduation and for my
    future career.
  • -Dana Mininson

  • Being a member of student orientation staff
    taught me that every leader does not have to be
    someone that is super outgoing and loud, but a
    leader has to be someone that can make a group of
    people comfortable and someone the group can
    relate to while reaching the goal that had been
  • - Cynthia N. Shepard

  • My definition of leadership is being a good
    listener, having character, and most importantly,
    being unique. Leadership is all about being a
    good role model.
  • - Julie Malerba

  • Accepting the position as principle experimenter
    in my psychology lab taught me a great deal about
    myself and others. Not only did I learn about the
    talents of the other students but I learned about
    my own talents. Being a leader shed light on my
    strengths and weaknesses.
  • - Ashley Gilfillian

  • At NCCWSL, I want to become more aware of the
    issues facing women in various realms of society
    today because only after you become aware can you
  • - Kriti Mishra

  • Leaders come from all walks of life and varying
    positions I believe that leaders have to have
    passion and a desire to implement change, inspire
    others, and to guide.
  • - Megan Deaton

  • The opportunity to learn more about leadership
    techniques and improve the skills I have, and the
    chance to have discussions with other student
    leaders and experienced speakers attracted me to
    this conference.
  • - Amber Hammonds

  • I am thrilled about the idea of being around
    peers and mentors with similar interests and
    ambitions. I always feel that Im learning the
    most from the women leaders at my university and
    Im excited to meet more role models.
  • -Hunter R. Hollis

  • My hope is that my experience at NCCWSL inspires
    me to pave my own path of service. Slowly but
    surely we pave our paths, and hopefully this
    conference will, if nothing else, strengthen my
    resolve and provide me with new inspiration.
  • - Felicia Ward

  • Ive been to a few leadership conferences, but I
    was excited to hear about a conference
    specifically for women leaders. After taking a
    Womens Studies class, my perspective of the
    world has changed--seeing everyday life through
    the gender lens has led me to respect and
    appreciate women, in whatever role they choose.
  • - Sara Jo Taylor

  • I don't have a definition for leadership but I
    live by the saying, Leadership is not just a
    position, it is action. It is truly a way of
  • - Allison Schraub

  • The most important things for an effective leader
    have are, the ability to make decisions, good
    listening skills, compassion, respect for others,
    and an appreciation for team building.
  • - Alisha Jones

  • One of the many reasons I wanted to pursue a
    graduate degree is to become a professor in
    polymer engineering to help foster young girls
    with their interest in the sciences. I am
    passionate about providing a positive female role
    model to the future generations because there
    just are not many women in engineering, and even
    fewer in academia.
  • - Amy Blake

  • To me a leader is one that is willing to step up
    and take a chance, listen to others even when
    they dont ask to be heard, and are able to
    encourage an individual to their fullest
    potential while supporting them during the hard
  • -Marisalynn Koepke

  • I hope to meet some fantastic women who are
    interested in working for change in education,
    just as I am.
  • -Sarah Sewak

  • I want to feel empowered so I can take action in
    my community and learn new ways to reach out to
    the students that I will be teaching in the
  • -Tiffani Cooper

  • I am excited by the Conferences brilliant
    speakers, workshops, and wonderful opportunities
    that await me, from being in the presence of
    dynamic, intelligent, and successful women.
  • - Ashley Katon-Donegal

  • My definition of a leader is someone that not
    only leads but follows as well. If one cannot
    take direction from others then that person
    should not expect others to take direction from
  • - Whitley Ann Mayo

  • As for learning something about myself, I've
    realized as a leader that things may not turn out
    as you may plan, but the end result is always
    worth your hard work and dedication.
  • -Kimberly Jacoby

  • I realized first hand from being a leader that
    when people in the community hear about the
    misfortunes of others, they are more than willing
    to step up and lend a helping hand.
  • -Kelsey Hutchison

  • To me, leadership is not only serving as a role
    model to others. It is also finding the best
    solution to an issue. A leaders role in
    facilitating change and finding ways to improve
    individual lives.
  • -Rachel Wilson

  • To me a leader is anyone who makes a difference
    in someone else's life or influences others for
    the better.
  • -Nicole Crosby

  • I hope to learn about womens unique leadership
    style and how it can be used dynamically in many
  • - Julia Keighley

  • The most interesting thing about the NCCSWL
    conference is the Unity in Diversity. There are
    going to be hundreds of females from various
    backgrounds, and cultures, all striving to
    achieve a common goal of women equality.
  • - Priyanka Kapoor

  • I started a peer education group on campus to
    educate people about violence against women and
    sexual assault. I learned so much from that
    position. I have a lot of respect for people who
    can take on an issue and start something that is
    sustainable after they leave.
  • -Zaia Thombre

  • I hope to gain knowledge on how to thrive through
    the leadership experience as a woman, how to
    overcome barriers in leadership development as
    well as how to be a leader and an ambassador in a
    diverse community.
  • - Elizabeth N. Mumia

  • One key lesson I continue to learn and appreciate
    from leadership roles I fulfill, that is to
    realize to approach everything wholeheartedlyPass
    ion is fuel the success!
  • -Sabrina D. Stewart

  • I hope to learn and enhance how to be the best
    me I can be in all areas of my life leadership
    skills, education, work environment, and the
  • - Nancy Lespinasse

  • This past semester I had the wonderful
    opportunity of being a resident assistant here at
    the University of WyomingI was able to learn
    about the importance of developing positive
    relationships with others, maintaining boundaries
    and how to effectively communicate.
  • - Chelsea Hampton
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