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Restructuring Sustaining the Change


Alaina loves her new doll; she named her Alexis. Alaina is in first grade. Alaina. ... Inspire Alaina to love learning and do her best ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Restructuring Sustaining the Change

Restructuring Sustaining the Change
  • Sam Redding
  • Center on Innovation Improvement

  • Success is not final, failure is not fatal it is
    the courage to continue that counts.
  • - Winston Churchill

Statewide System of Support
  • While restructuring is primarily the
    responsibility of the district,
  • focused on a single school,
  • the success of the restructured school will
    depend upon
  • the strength of the system within which it
  • and which ultimately affects each students

State Education Agency
  • The SEAs role is to
  • Provide information
  • Set standards (credentialing, learning, etc.)
  • Distribute resources
  • Monitor compliance
  • Assist with district and school improvement
  • Intervene to correct deficiencies

SEAs Functions, Processes, and Levels of Support
Focus of the SEAs System of Support
Points of Influence
Metrics to Determine Need
  • The Statewide System of Support needs metrics to
  • Assess the status of each level of the system
  • Analyze the gap between a standard and the status
    of each level of the system
  • Align gaps with remedies
  • Provide services to close gaps
  • Monitor effectiveness of services
  • Monitor results of interventions

Targeting Support to Need for each level in the
Other Considerations In Targeting Support to Need
  • Resources available to System of Support
  • Most efficacious delivery mode
  • Most efficacious partner in System of Support
  • Likelihood of making impact
  • Immediacy of impact
  • Sustainability of impact

Sustaining Change in the Restructured School
  • Depends upon the strength of the entire system
  • Must be built into the plan
  • Requires multiple levels of monitoring
  • Requires leadership with a systems orientation
  • Must engage teachers and parents in structured
  • Must anticipate changes in leadership

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Monitoring Progress What Data?
  • Student learning data
  • Documents aligning standards, curriculum,
    instruction, assessment
  • Periodic assessments of student learning
  • Operational data
  • Program descriptions, evaluations, schedules
  • Classroom observations
  • Proceedings and work products of teams
  • Personnel evaluations
  • Perceptions data from surveys of teachers,
    students, parents

Embedding Improvement Processes
  • Sustaining change requires
  • A systems view of operations
  • Teams with clear responsibilities and time to
    complete work
  • Procedures, schedules, benchmarks
  • Regular reporting of student learning data and
    operational data
  • Monitoring of progress
  • Quick response to indications of difficulty
  • Quick support to build specific capabilities

Looking for Alaina
This is Alaina
Alaina . . .
  • Has brown hair and brown eyes
  • A big brother, big sister,
  • and little brother
  • A dog named Junebug
  • And a kitty named Abby
  • Alaina loves her new doll she named her Alexis
  • Alaina is in first grade

Alaina . . .
  • Is my granddaughter
  • She calls me Papa Sam

  • Alaina has a system of her own.
  • Where is Alaina in her system?

Looking for Alaina From the Top Down
Finding Alaina
Metrics for Monitoring Success
  • In the Restructuring School, what would we look
    for at each level of Alainas system?
  • What metrics would we apply?
  • What data would we track?
  • What matters most?

Alainas Parents
  • Alainas parents role is to
  • Love her and talk with her every day
  • Read to her and listen to her read
  • Teach her to be kind and to behave in school
  • Aspire for her to succeed
  • Expect her to do her best
  • Build her habit of studying at home
  • Stay in touch with her teacher
  • Know her friends and their parents

Alainas Teacher
  • Alainas teachers role is to
  • Know Alaina well and care about her
  • Know the subjects well and how to teach them
  • Meticulously plan every detail of every day
  • Set and reinforce clear expectations for students
  • Know what Alaina already knows and what she needs
    to learn
  • Adapt instruction for Alaina and for each student
  • Inspire Alaina to love learning and do her best
  • Stay in touch with Alainas parents and support
    them in their role

Alainas Teachers Team
  • Alainas teachers teams role is to
  • Add flesh to the bones of the aligned curriculum
  • Develop and share instructional plans,
    strategies, and activities
  • Monitor the progress of their students
  • Adapt their plans, strategies in response to
  • Mentor new teachers
  • Observe each others teaching and make
  • Contribute to each others professional growth

Alainas Principal
  • Alainas principals role is to
  • See that Alaina has the best teachers possible
  • Hiring good teachers
  • Clearly communicating and reinforcing
    expectations for teachers
  • Monitoring teachers performance
  • Evaluating teacher performance, especially
    through classroom observations and student
  • Providing teachers with opportunities for growth
    aligned with their evaluated performance
  • Removing inadequate teachers
  • Monitor student and school progress and make
  • Coordinate the work of teams
  • Manage the business of the schools operation
  • Set the tone of attitude toward students and
    their families

Alainas Districts Support for Her School
  • The role of Alainas districts support to her
    school is to
  • Provide a rich, aligned, articulated curriculum
  • Provide periodic assessment with timely and
    meaningful reporting to teachers
  • Maintain regular two-way communication with
    Alainas principal
  • Monitor the schools operations and performance
  • Provide mentoring and professional development
    for the principal aligned with the principals
  • Provide professional development for teachers
    aligned with their collective and individual needs

Alainas Districts Superintendent
  • Alainas superintendents role is to
  • See that Alainas school has the best principal
    possible by
  • Hiring good principals
  • Clearly communicating and reinforcing
    expectations for principals
  • Monitoring principals performance
  • Evaluating principals performance, especially
    through school operations and student achievement
  • Providing principals with opportunities for
    growth aligned with their evaluated performance
  • Removing inadequate principals
  • Organize and monitor the delivery of district
    support for Alainas school
  • Serve as channel of informed communication among
    district constituencies
  • Manage the business of the district

Alainas Districts Board
  • Alainas district boards role is to
  • Establish policies with Alaina in mind
  • Negotiate contracts with Alaina in mind
  • Provide the resources necessary for Alainas
  • Provide the best superintendent possible by
  • Hiring a good superintendent
  • Clearly communicating and reinforcing
    expectations for the superintendent
  • Monitoring the superintendents performance
  • Evaluating the superintendents performance,
    especially in district operations and student
  • Providing the superintendent with opportunities
    for growth aligned with their evaluated
  • Removing inadequate superintendents

Changing and Sustaining
  • What are the obstacles to change in a school?
  • Why do positive changes sometimes not sustain
  • How do we sustain positive change?