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Part I. Fall in Love with the Word of God: Overall goal


Part I. Fall in Love with the Word of God: Overall goal Enrich spiritual knowledge Arouse desire and interest in the bible Provide some practical means and ways to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Part I. Fall in Love with the Word of God: Overall goal

Part I. Fall in Love with the Word of God
Overall goal
  • Enrich spiritual knowledge
  • Arouse desire and interest in the bible
  • Provide some practical means and ways to explore
    the bible
  • Bring something home and try myself for my
    spiritual growth

????Introduction to the Bible
  • Interesting discovery
  • Bible as a book, the Word of God.
  • Bible as collection of divine inspiration.
  • Bible as covenant, contract, testament.
  • Bible as love letter to mankind.

Interesting discoveries about the Bible ???????
  • Shortest chapter ??????? ? 117
  • Longest chapter ??????? ?119
  • The central chapter ?????? ? 118
  • ?118?????594?,????1188?
  • The central verse ???????? ?1188
  • What is Gods will ??????????????1188????????????
  • ???????????? It is better to trust in the Lord
    than to trust in people.

What is Gods will??????????????
  • ?1188?????????????
  • ????????????
  • It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust
    in people.

???? Bible as Book
  • Engelish word BIBLE comes from Greek word BIBLOS,
    orniginally mean Papyrus in ancient Eggpt. It was
    a kind of paper that much of NT was written. It
    developed to describe books written on the paper,
    Word of God on paper?laterly used definative
    artical specifically meant for the Holy Book of
  • ????BIBLE?????BIBLOS,???????????,?????????,??????

Bible as a Divine Book
  • lt15gt You have known the Holy Scriptures since you
    were a child. These Scriptures are able to make
    you wise. And that wisdom leads to salvation
    through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is
    given by God. And all Scripture is useful for
    teaching and for showing people what is wrong in
    their lives. It is useful for correcting faults
    and teaching the right way to live. Using the
    Scriptures, those who serve God will be prepared
    and will have everything they need to do every
    good work. (II Timothy 315-17)

  • ????????????.??????????????????? 316????
    ?????????? ???????????????????????????????.
    317?? ?????????????????  

Bible as a collection of 66 books !
  • OT (39 books)?? 39?
  • 5 laws of Moses ???(5?)??
  • 12 Books of history ???(12?)??
  • 5 books of wisdom ???(5?)??
  • 17 books of prophets ???(17?)?????????????????
  • NT (27 Books) ??27?
  • 4 Gospels ???1 church early history ???21
    letters ??21?1 prophesy ??????

Gathering of More than 40 authors, over 1600
years, used 60 years time, pointing to theme of
salvation in Christ.
  • ?????????(1500BC)????????(100AD)????1600???,??????
    ?60????? ??40????????????????????,?????????????,?

Original languages of the Bible???????
  • OT Hebrew ???????,
  • NT Greek ??????,
  • ??????????(????????????)?

Bible in world Languages??????????
  • ???600????????8?????,
  • ?1600???30???,
  • ?1981??275?,????????,
  • ?85???1829?,
  • ?????2000??

Bible sold each year??????????
  • 44 million a year
  • 6.8 bible in every American hoursehold
  • 1,250,000 bibles and NT are sold in UK each year
  • Norway
  • China

Historical liabilities ??????
Name works Original time Earlist copy Time Span yrs No.of Copies
Herodotus 488-428 BC 900AD 1300 8
Thucydides c.460-400 BC c. 900 AD 1300 8
Tacitus AD 100 1100 1000 20
Caesars Gallic war 58-50BC AD 900 900 20
NT Bible AD40-100 AD130/ 350 Full 300 5000 Gr. 10000 La 9300 Oth
??10????? more historical evidence than 10
classic literetures
  • If you doult about the historical liabilities of
    the bible you accturally doult about almost all
    the classic literatures.
  • ????????13000???????????,????????????????????????,
  • ???????????????????,???????????????????

Bible as the Covenant, Contract between God and
  • God wants a relationship with man he created in
    his own image. (TESTAMENT) ??(OT)???(NT)??????

???????????Bible is the promise of God to his
children ????????,?????????????????,??????
Bible as the foundation of Christian Belief
throughout the church history???????????
  • Martin Luther 16?????????????????????
  • Roman Catholic church ???(????

Modern Evangelical belief of the Bible???????
  • LAUSANNE COVENANT????,???1974?,?????150???,???20??
  • the divine inspiration????????,???????????????,?
    ????????(truthfulness and authority),?????????????
    ,?????????????(without error in all that it
    affirms),???????????????(the only infallible rule
    of faith and practice)?
  • Bible is for all men and women, the Holy Spirit
    speaks today through the bible in all cultures

Bible is the only infallible rule of faith and
Bible is Gods love letter to man??????????
  • Joh 316/17 For God so loved the world that
    he gave his one and only Son, that whoever
    believes in him shall not perish but have eternal
    life. For God did not send his Son into the world
    to condemn the world, but to save the world
    through him.

  • ??????????????????????????????????? ??
  • ?316/17

Jesus said the Bible is a Life Giving
  • You diligently study the Scriptures because you
    think that by them you possess eternal life.
    These are the Scriptures that testify about me,
    yet you refuse to come to me to have life. Joh
  • ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????

2. Bible tells Gods 5 love Factors to his
Children ????????????
  • He gives birth to us and needs our Intimate
  • He desire to know and understand us
  • He is always Faithful and focus on us
  • He paid the hightest price to search for us
  • He enjoys being with us and bless us forever

We are born of the Spirit ????????
  • Joh 35/6 Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth,
    no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is
    born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth
    to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.
  • ? 35/6 ????????????,???????????,????

1. He Gives Life and needs Intimate
Relationship ??????,??????????
Jesus is the bread of life
  • John 6 35 Then Jesus said, I am the bread
    that gives life. No one who comes to me will ever
    be hungry. No one who believes in me will ever be
    thirsty. lt36gt I told you before that you have
    seen me, and still you dont believe.

I Peter 2 1-3 ??2?1-3
  • So then, stop doing anything to hurt others.
    Dont lie anymore, and stop trying to fool
    people. Dont be jealous or say bad things about
    others. Like newborn babies hungry for milk, you
    should want the pure teaching that feeds your
    spirit. With it you can grow up and be saved. You
    have already tasted the goodness of the Lord.

He feeds us
He Enjoys our growth
He needs intimate relationship with us
(2) He desires to know and understand us
  • Martin Luther, the reformer of 16th century
    said The Bible alive, it speaks to me it has
    feet, runs after me it has hands, it lays hold
    on me.
  • ????????????,??????????,????????,??????

He speaks to us
He understands us
3. He is Faithful and focus on us ?????????
4. He is willing to pay hightest price to help us
5. He enjoys being with us and bless us forever
3. The bible and mordern life of people
  • Modern Rationality and Liberty,the commen truth
    and value.
  • Postmodern No commen truth and value, all depend
    on interpretation
  • Paradigm shift(1962, old one is no long relevant
    to the new situation)
  • World construction(everyone lives in my own
  • Secularization-Narcissism ??????-capitalism-consum

Word of God Provide Daily Needs of Life of
People ?????????
  • Need of relationship with God
  • Need of goal for life
  • Need of power to deal with difficulties
  • Need of wisdom to handle relationships
  • Need of resources to build up characters, Values
    and attitudies.

Natural Need ?????
??????? Story of Lost son
Natural need of relationship with God????????????
  • Jesus Story About Two Sons (Luke 1511-32)
  • lt11gt Then Jesus said, There was a man who had
    two sons. lt12gt The younger son said to his
    father, Give me now the part of your property
    that I am supposed to receive someday. So the
    father divided his wealth between his two sons.
  • lt13gt A few days later the younger son gathered
    up all that he had and left. He traveled far away
    to another country, and there he wasted his money
    living like a fool. lt14gt After he spent
    everything he had, there was a terrible famine
    throughout the country. He was hungry and needed
    money. lt15gt So he went and got a job with one of
    the people who lived there. The man sent him into
    the fields to feed pigs. lt16gt He was so hungry
    that he wanted to eat the food that the pigs were
    eating. But no one gave him anything.

Need of Goal for Life ???????
Acts 2022-24
  • But now I must obey the Spirit and go to
    Jerusalem. I dont know what will happen to me
    there. lt23gt I know only that in every city the
    Holy Spirit tells me that troubles and even jail
    wait for me. lt24gt I dont care about my own life.
    The most important thing is that I finish my
    work. I want to finish the work that the Lord
    Jesus gave me to doto tell people the Good News
    about Gods grace.

??????????Life for Jesus
  • ?2023??????????????????????????

Need of power to deal with difficulties??????????
  • ?1713-17????????.??????????????????????
    1716????????????????? 1717??????????.????????

John 1713-17????????
  • I am coming to you now. But I pray these things
    while I am still in the world. I say all this so
    that these followers can have the true happiness
    that I have. I want them to be completely happy.
    lt14gt I have given them your teaching. And the
    world has hated them, because they dont belong
    to the world, just as I dont belong to the
    world. I am not asking you to take them out of
    the world. But I am asking that you keep them
    safe from the Evil One. They dont belong to the
    world, just as I dont belong to the world. Make
    them ready for your service through your truth.
    Your teaching is truth.

Need of wisdom to handle relationships??????????
Competition ?????
Need of Good Characters, Values and attitudies.
  • ? 419/23 ????,????,????????????,????????,???????
    ? ????????,???????? ??????,?????,????????????????,

????? Use your brain to think
?????? Correct use of the brain Proverbs 419-23
  • lt19gt But the path of the wicked is like a dark
    night. They trip and fall over what they cannot
    see. lt20gt My son, pay attention to what I say.
    Listen closely to my words. lt21gt Dont let them
    out of your sight. Never stop thinking about
    them. lt22gt These words are the secret of life and
    health to all who discover them. lt23gt Above all,
    be careful what you think because your thoughts
    control your life.

????Value about Money Luke 1215-21
  • lt15gt Then Jesus said to them, Be careful and
    guard against all kinds of greed. People do not
    get life from the many things they own.lt16gt Then
    Jesus used this story There was a rich man who
    had some land. His land grew a very good crop of
    food. lt17gt He thought to himself, What will I
    do? I have no place to keep all my crops. lt18gt
    Then he said, I know what I will do. I will
    tear down my barns and build bigger barns! I will
    put all my wheat and good things together in my
    new barns. lt19gt Then I can say to myself, I have
    many good things stored. I have saved enough for
    many years. Rest, eat, drink, and enjoy life!
    lt20gt But God said to that man, Foolish man!
    Tonight you will die. So what about the things
    you prepared for yourself? Who will get those
    things now? lt21gt This is how it will be for
    anyone who saves things only for himself. To God
    that person is not rich.

  • ??????????????????????.???????????????
    1216???????????????????. 1217???????????????????
    ????? 1218????????.??????????????.???????????????
    ? 1219??????????????????????????????.????????????
    ? 1220????????????????????.???????????
    1221???????? ??????????????

I King 177-16 Widow and Elijah????????
  • There was no rain, so after a while the stream
    became dry. ...
  • So Elijah went to Zarephath. ... Elijah said to
    her, Would you bring me a small cup water to
    drink? As she was going to get the water,
    Elijah said, Bring me a piece of bread too,
    please. The woman answered, I promise you,
    before the Lord your God, that I have nothing but
    a handful of flour in a jar and a little bit of
    olive oil in a jug. I came here to gather a few
    pieces of wood for a fire to cook our last meal.
    My son and I will eat it and then die from
    hunger. Elijah said to the woman, Dont worry.
    Go home and cook your food as you said. But first
    make a small piece of bread from the flour that
    you have and bring it to me, and then cook some
    for yourself and your son. The Lord, the God of
    Israel, says, That jar of flour will never be
    empty and the jug will always have oil in it.
    This will continue until the day the Lord sends
    rain to the land. So the woman went home and
    did what Elijah told her to do. And Elijah, the
    woman, and her son had enough food for a long
    time.The jar of flour and the jug of oil were
    never empty. This happened just as the Lord said
    through Elijah.

  • ??177-16??????????????????????
    ???????????????????? ?????????????
    ?????? ????????? ?????????????????????????????????
    ????? ???????????.????????????????????????????????

End of Part I Growth to Maturity
  • The spiritual breath is prayer and having
    conversation with God ???????????????
  • The spiritual food is the bible ???????????
  • The spiritual family is the church ?????????
  • The spiritual relationship is in the gathering of
    Christian fellowships ????????????????
  • The spiritual excises is to put word of God in
    practice ????????????????
  • The work of the spiritual body is to serve God in
    the church and in the work. ????????????????,????,

Part III. Explore Bible Study Methods?????????
  • Too old and too boring?
  • Too difficult and too professional to study?
  • Too longly and too meaningless to study?

Bible is the portrait of Lord Jesus
  • Gospels are the figure itself,
  • OT is the background,
  • Epistles (letters) as the dress and
    accoutrements, explaining and describing it.
    (Bishop of Rechester)
  • Martin Luther Scripture is the manger or cradle
    in which the infant Jesus lies. Dont let us
    inspect the cradle and forget to worship the
    baby. (Alpha p.76)

Jesus is the centre of the Bible??????????
6 WH Qestions Mt.1422-33
  • When it happened? ??????????????
  • Where it happened? ???????
  • Who are involved? ??????????
  • What was happened? ???????????
  • Why it happened? ??????????????
  • How it came to the end? ????????????????

  • lt24gt By this time the boat was already a long way
    from shore. Since the wind was blowing against
    it, the boat was having trouble because of the
    waves. lt25gt Between three and six oclock in the
    morning, Jesus followers were still in the boat.
    Jesus came to them. He was walking on the water.
    lt26gt When they saw him walking on the water, it
    scared them. Its a ghost! they said, screaming
    in fear.lt27gt But Jesus quickly spoke to them. He
    said, Dont worry! Its me! Dont be afraid.
    lt28gt Peter said, Lord, if that is really you,
    tell me to come to you on the water. lt29gt Jesus
    said, Come, Peter. Then Peter left the boat and
    walked on the water to Jesus. lt30gt But while
    Peter was walking on the water, he saw the wind
    and the waves. He was afraid and began sinking
    into the water. He shouted, Lord, save me! lt31gt
    Then Jesus caught Peter with his hand. He said,
    Your faith is small. Why did you doubt? lt32gt
    After Peter and Jesus were in the boat, the wind
    stopped. lt33gt Then the followers in the boat
    worshiped Jesus and said, You really are the Son
    of God.

  • 141424????????????????? 1425????????????????????
    ? 1426??????????????????????.?????????
    1427?????????????.??????? 1428??????????????????
    ??????? 1429??????????????????????????????.
    1431??????????????????????????? 1432???????????
    1433????????????? ??????

Applications in life today ????
  • Storm happens unexpectedly, but do not be afriad,
    Jesus is with us,Do we trust Gods presence?
  • How long Peters faith lasted?Why he was overcomed
    by fear? ???????????
  • Do we cry out to Jesus and expect him to save
    us,or we trust too much our own?
  • How to improve our faith in handling of crises in
    life? ???????????

Swedish method ???
  • Background information ????
  • Reading the text together ????
  • Personal study by 5 marks ????? for questions,
    things about God, things about man, things i
    experienced, and inspirations and advices.
  • Discuss 5 marks together but must focus on
    implications in life ???????????,?????????????????
  • Conclusions by the group leader ????

Case study ?543-48
  • lt43gt You have heard that it was said, Love your
    neighbor, and hate your enemy. lt44gt But I tell
    you, love your enemies. Pray for those who treat
    you badly. lt45gt If you do this, you will be
    children who are truly like your Father in
    heaven. He lets the sun rise for all people,
    whether they are good or bad. He sends rain to
    those who do right and to those who do wrong.
    lt46gt If you love only those who love you, why
    should you get a reward for that? Even the tax
    collectors do that. lt47gt And if you are nice only
    to your friends, you are no better than anyone
    else. Even the people who dont know God are nice
    to their friends. lt48gt What I am saying is that
    you must be perfect, just as your Father in
    heaven is perfect.

  • 543??????????????????????? 544???????????????.??
    ???????? 545??????????????.??????????????????????
    ?????? 546???????????.??????.????????????

Results and applications ?????
  • ? Questions
  • ? things about God
  • ?things about man
  • ? things i experienced
  • ? inspirations and advices

You can try ????????
  • Do not be afriad of ????
  • Take it seriously ????
  • Take initiatives and start from small ????
  • Work together with others ?????
  • Ask touph questions ???????
  • Pay your price ???
  • Enjoy fruits ????

Part IV Exchange of personal stories of
reading the bible
  • My story
  • Your stories
  • His-tory
  • Our story fall in love with the Bible

My story ????
  • My childhood reading of gospel of Mathew
  • Bible in Cultural revolution in China 1966-1976
  • How my mother loved the bible

Your Story ?????
  • Your first meeting with the bible
  • What can you remeber from the bible?
  • What are your effective way of reading?
  • What makes you find no desire to read the bible?

His-story ?/????
  • The story of St. Augstin
  • The Story of a leading Shakespearean actor David
    Suchet From somewhere I got this desire to read
    the Bible again. Thats the most important part
    of my convesion.
  • The story of Brother Yuan Zhiming fall in love
    with Jesus by reading Gospel.

Jesus Story A treasure hunter
  • Mt. 1344-46 Gods kingdom is like a treasure
    hidden in a field. One day a man found the
    treasure. He hid it again and was so happy that
    he went and sold everything he owned and bought
    the field.
  • lt45gt Also, Gods kingdom is like a merchant
    looking for fine pearls. One day he found a very
    fine pearl. He went and sold everything he had to
    buy it.

  • ????1344-46??????????.???????????.?????????????
    ?????? ??????????????.????????????????????????????

Our story in East Camp 2008
  • We have found a land with treasure
  • We have decided to invest in it.
  • We Gather all the resources to buy it.
  • We share our joy with my loved ones.

D. L. Moody said19th preacher
  • The Bible was not given to increase our
    knowledge. It was given to change our lives.

The End What Can I Bring Home?
  • Jeremiah15 16 Your message came to me, and I
    ate your words.Your message made me very happy. I
    was happy to be called by your name.Your name is
    Lord All-Powerful.
  • ?1516???????????????????????.??????????????

Mt. 4.1-4 It is not just bread that keeps people
  • Then the Spirit led Jesus into the desert. He was
    taken there to be tempted by the devil. Jesus
    ate nothing for 40 days and nights. After this,
    he was very hungry. The devil came to tempt him
    and said, If you are the Son of God, tell these
    rocks to become bread. Jesus answered him, The
    Scriptures say, It is not just bread that keeps
    people alive. Their lives depend on what God
  • (Deuteronomy 83)

  • ?41-4???????????????????? 42??????????????
    43???????????????? ??????????????????
    44???????????????????????????? ????????????