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STC Board Teleconference Notes


Formed team: Lynn Harris (MA), Sue Wood (UK), Ann-Marie Grissino (NC) Drafted mission statement ... academic societies (IEEE PCS, e.g.), and university TC ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: STC Board Teleconference Notes

STC Board Teleconference Notes
  • 21 June 2006

  • Board Beau Cain, Bob Dianetti, Char James-Tanny,
    Cindy Currie, Jeff Staples, Jim Romano, John
    Hedtke, Linda Oestreich, Mark Clifford, Mike
    Murray, Paula Berger, Sherry Michaels, W.C. Wiese
  • Office Interim Executive Director Rob Moran,
    Incoming Executive Director Susan Burton, Peg
    Cottrell, Mary Kabza, Merrick Bechini, Maurice
  • Committee Chairs Member Communication Committee
    Chair Brenda Huettner, Public Relations Committee
    Chair Rich Maggiani

Financial Area Report
Treasurers Report
Treasurer W.C. Wiese
  • Accomplishments
  • Through March, received 92 of income vs. 70 of
  • Have current budget year surplus
  • Notified treasurers of community funding
  • In Progress
  • Awaiting board changes to preliminary budget
    approved in Las Vegas
  • Revising Community Treasurer Guidelines
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Propose change in threshold for business cases
  • Complete budget update for October vote
  • Hold Board call to walk through budget, likely

SIG Funding Pilot
Chair W.C. Wiese
  • Meetings currently in progress
  • Discussing
  • Priorities
  • Online banking solution
  • International expense reimbursement
  • Budget approval for three pilot participants

Executive Director and Office Report
Executive Director Update
Interim Executive Director Rob Moran
  • Making progress on repurposing Webinar materials.
  • Working to fill last two positions for Education.
  • Sublease/tenant relationship began June 1.
  • Conference survey distributed.
  • 30 of attendees have responded
  • 72 said conference was good or excellent

Presidents Report
Presidents Report
President Paula Berger
  • Working through Executive Director transition
  • Announced the Presidents monthly report

Communication Area Report
Communication Area Update
Area Leads Cindy Currie / Jeff Staples
  • Accomplishments
  • Created templates for area/committee charter and
    monthly status update reporting
  • Created Communication Area charter
  • Revised email signature for emails within the
  • Created new email signature for emails to members
  • In Progress
  • Revising Communication Strategy with intent to
    distribute to board for review and feedback by
    June 30 and for approval at July 19 meeting.
  • Gathering new content for Committees and Board
    web pages.
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Design and launch Committees web page with
    committee descriptions and bio/photos of
    committee chairs. (Jul-Aug)
  • Enhance and re-launch Board webpage with
    bios/photos (Jul-Aug)
  • Develop metrics and measures for STC
    Communication (Jul-Sep)

Communication Department
Office Liaison Maurice Martin
  • Accomplishments
  • First two Leadership Day podcasts posted (six
    recorded, one is unusable)
  • 2005-6 budgets for membership communication and
    publications given to appropriate committee
  • In Progress
  • Configuring as a temporary home for
    the HTML version of Tieline
  • Estimating time to prepare copy for the new site
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Launch Web-only column with paid writer
  • Organize focus groups for Intercom

Member Communication Committee
Chair Brenda Huettner
  • Accomplishments
  • Created first draft of charter
  • Began compiling list of potential volunteers
  • In Progress
  • Obtaining input and revising charter
  • Recruiting more volunteers
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Create communication guidelines
  • Establish Fresh Eyes team

Publications Committee
Chair Karen Field Carroll
  • Accomplishments
  • Drafted charter.
  • Interviewed Maurice Martin about Intercom
  • Interviewed George Hayhoe about Technical
  • In Progress
  • Scheduling meeting with Ed and Cecily to talk
    about Tieline
  • Second/final charter draft by 6/29. (Feedback
    from all editors will be incorporated)
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Explore member survey options to determine member
    ideas about pubs
  • Build committee Add up to five members,
    including one from outside US

Website Committee
Chair Bogo Vatovec
  • Accomplishments
  • Prepared a first draft of the charter
  • Gathered feedback from several involved
  • In Progress
  • Stakeholder agreement on the progress
  • Project plan and estimations
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Get the charter approved and start the project
  • Recruit volunteers

Professional Development Area Report
Professional Development Area
Lead Linda Oestreich
  • Accomplishments
  • Held calls with Research, Competitions, and
    Certificationexchanged emails w/Recognition
  • Sent invites to committee managers to join Yahoo
    group for ProfDev encouraged each committee to
    use this feature for their communications
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Plans, guidelines, and work are all moving
    forward. See individual slides for details.

Competitions Committee
Chair Karen Baranich
  • Accomplishments
  • Recruited new International Technical Art
    Competition Manager
  • Contacted all competition managers and reviewed
    available information for ALL competitions
  • Reviewed PR Competition articles and guidelines

Competitions Committee (continued)
Chair Karen Baranich
  • Accomplishments
  • With ITAC, ITPC, and ITOCC Managers, reviewed and
  • Competition Guidelines
  • Call for Entries
  • Guidelines for Competition Managers
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Chapter participation form (and sent notices to
  • Articles for Intercom
  • Set dates for international competition (with
    managers and office)

Competitions Committee (continued)
Chair Karen Baranich
  • In Progress
  • Developing a detailed time line/responsibilities
    checklist for ITPC, ITOCC, ITAC
  • Identifying places to advertise competitions to
    improve visibilitythen need to place ads
  • Update STC web information
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Hold strategic planning sessions with competition
  • Begin evaluation of ALL chapter competition
    guidelines and begin planning competition changes
  • Provide additional resources to chapters using
    the STC web (sample news releases, certificate
    templates, letters to judges, etc.)
  • Open dialogue to assess feasibility of a student
    competition at the college/graduate level

Professional Recognition Committee
Chair Suzanna Laurent
  • Accomplishments
  • Simon Singh accepted invitation as Honorary
    Fellow for next years conference.
  • In Progress
  • Fellows and Assoc Fellows committees reviewing
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Article explaining Fellows requirements (So, You
    Want to be an STC Fellow?)

Standards Council
Chair Annette Reilly
  • Accomplishments
  • Submitted an article on the value of standards
    for use in Intercom
  • George Hayhoe named co-editor of ISO 26514,
    Standard for Developers and Designers of User
  • Received reports on W3C participation from Joe
    Welinske and Matthew Ellison, forwarded to Board
  • Continued to vote on ISO JTC 1 SC7, IEEE and NISO

Standards Council (continued)
Chair Annette Reilly
  • In Progress
  • Adding comments, preparing CD version of 26514 by
    30 June
  • Preparing STC application for OASIS membership as
    approved by the Board in May
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Complete draft of ISO 24765, Standard Software
    and Systems Engineering Vocabulary.
  • Submit request to continue IEEE Std 1063-2001
    Software User Documentation until it is replaced
    by ISO 24765.
  • Prepare budget request for board approval.
  • Notes
  • ISO JTC 1 SC7 WG2 would like to meet concurrently
    with an STC regional conference in the US in
    October 2007.

Research Grants Committee
Chair Rachel Spilka
  • Accomplishments
  • Recruited Patricia Goubil-Gambrell, a new
    practitioner representative to the Research
    Grants Committee
  • Working to develop new goals for (a) improving
    publicity about research and STC Research Grants
    Committee activity, and (b) ensuring that all
    future grant proposals that the Committee
    recommends to the Board relate to STC's Strategic
  • Send letter to Lynn Cook announcing her 10K
  • Posted two listserv reminders about the June 30
    deadline for the annual 10K award competition
  • Developed and sent Large Grant Proposal
    Requirements and Guidelines to the three research

Research Grants Committee (continued)
Chair Rachel Spilka
  • In Progress
  • Discuss upcoming review of large grant and 10K
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Coordinate grant review process with Committee in
    July / August. Final decisions in August on small
    and large awards.
  • Write Intercom article on the Committee by July
  • Submit "final" draft of revised Guidelines
    document for review.

Certification Evaluation Task Force
Chairs Jon Baker and Dan Wise
  • Accomplishments
  • Jon produced a charter document.
  • In Progress
  • Market analysis. Is there a market for this
  • Task Force members need to be identified and
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • If a market for certification is identified and
    defined, develop a business plan.

Marketing Area Report
Marketing Area Update
Lead Mark Clifford
  • Accomplishments
  • First meeting to start committees and set out
  • First committee reports received
  • In Progress
  • Marketing Charter planned for end August
  • Defining budgetary requirements
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Marketing Plan formal presentation October
  • Meeting with Mary Kabza Susan Burton

Organizational Partnerships Committee
Chair Andrea Ames
  • Accomplishments
  • Established new WUD committee heads (Bailie/
    Ryckborst) with mandate
  • In Progress
  • Discussions with ASI, LISA, APMP, etc
  • LISA agreement to be signed
  • Business model template (with Jim Romano)
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Finalize committee members

Sponsorship Committee
Chair Sally Spahn/TBA
  • Accomplishments
  • Spoke with every corporate vendor at the Las
    Vegas convention
  • In Progress
  • Beginning research on possible corporate sponsors
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Work with committee on charter and strategic plan

Chair Suzanna Laurent
  • Accomplishments
  • Submitted Membership Application and paid INTECOM
  • UPDATE INTECOM voted unanimously to accept STCs
    application to rejoin
  • Registered for INTECOM AGM meeting
  • In Progress
  • Attend INTECOM AGM in Guernsey June 22-23, 2006
  • Hold initial concall with Ames, Clifford, Berger
    to discuss issues
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Report back to BoD on INTECOM AGM meeting
  • Participate in INTECOM work group(s)

Public Relations Committee
Chair Rich Maggiani
  • Accomplishments
  • Committee members on board
  • In Progress
  • Defining our PR audience
  • First conference call with committee
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Write goals and objective
  • (Re)evaluating STC brand
  • Branding/positioning exercise for London board

Communities Affairs Area Report
Communities Affairs Area Update
Chair Sherry Michaels
  • Accomplishments
  • Have had multiple conversations with all
    committee managers.
  • In Progress
  • Community Calendar update. Office needs calendar
    benchmarks from board.
  • Report on roles and responsibilities in CAC.
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Keep re-chartering effort and bylaws update
  • Get Community Guidelines and Community QuickStart

Community Recognition Committee
Chair Tom Barnett
  • Accomplishments
  • Recruited committee members for CAA overhaul.
  • Web page created to distribute documents and
  • In Progress
  • Evaluating CAA criteria with respect to the
    strategic plan.
  • Building a log of discussion items.
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Complete the overhaul of the criteria.
  • Specs for a Web form to Merrick, Web form by Sept.

LCR Update
Chair De Murr
  • Accomplishments
  • New Process Manager Dawnell Claessen
  • Assisted 3 communities (First Coast, Aloha, and
  • With Beth Tanners assistance, met with Region 3
    leaders at conference.
  • Started phone calls to current/incoming leaders.
  • In Progress
  • Fill open management positions in People and
    Process and develop LCR Org Chart. Still have the
    following open management positions
  • Manager for People
  • Manager for Student Communities
  • Two curriculum developers for Training Modules
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Develop and publish LCR business plan for 2006-07.

Community Business Model Task Force Update
Chair Mike Murray
  • Accomplishments
  • Identifying task force members
  • In Progress
  • Forming and organizing Task Force
  • Planning for first meeting
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Identify minimum requirements
  • Conduct meeting face-to-face or virtual
  • Have first draft ready for October Board Meeting

Virtual Communities
Chair Judith Herr
  • Accomplishments
  • Created SIG Leaders discussion list
    continuously voice lessons learned, requests for
    advice, etc.
  • Identified five priorities for SIGs to address
  • In Progress
  • Update of SIG information on STC web site
  • Development of suggested guidelines for
    discussion list
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • FAQs, checklists for new SIG managers
    reimbursements, interface with office, etc.
  • Packet on planning online SIG topic-related

Region Reports
Region 1
Director Cindy Currie
  • Communities are actively involved in leadership
    transition and end-of-year events.
  • Communities have been notified that sponsorship
    will move from Director to LCR completely by May
    07, with Director progressively transitioning
    out of sponsorship role starting now.
  • Communities continue to solicit Director visits
    and some have expressed disappointment that
    visits will be quite limited in 2006-07.
  • Newsletter editors continue to want Director
    articles (or something similar!) for newsletters
    in 2006-07.

Regions 2 and 3
Director LCR
  • Identified concerns for the regions
  • Identified a strategy to support R2 R3 should
    LCR need help
  • Triage flow for support is in place
  • Communication strategy is in place
  • Observe and be ready when needed

Region 5
Director Sherry Michaels
  • Have updated distribution of presidents and
  • Setting about contacting all incomings
  • Disseminating Communications Committee reports
  • Region 5 conference November 2nd 4th

Region 6
Director Jim Romano
  • Nothing to report.

Region 7
Director John Hedtke
  • Chapters in good to excellent shape
  • Mak Pandit (Global Membership co-chair) actively
    helping form Korea and China chapters
  • Forming Korean Chapter (100 Korean TCers meeting
    regularly now)
  • Chapter development plan being assembled for
    Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, and Shenzhen.
  • E-mailing and accessing other communication

Region 8
Director Beau Cain
  • Facilitated formation of Korea chapter
  • Offered links to online education to Korean
    conference delegates
  • Advised Berkeley chapter presidents development
    of chapter by-laws
  • Advised Aloha chapter website manager Frank
    Tagader on reconstruction of chapter website
  • Published article, Two Down, One to Go on R8
  • Collaborated with Community Affairs Committee
    about relevance to LRC, Board, and communities
  • Liaised effort to partner STC education events
    with San José State University Professional
    Development Center Advanced Technical Writing and
    Tools Certificate program

Education Area Report
Conference Advisory Committee
Chair Saul Carliner
  • Accomplishments
  • 2006 Program planning schedule complete.
  • In Progress
  • Completing the Call for Proposals.
  • Completing the re-design of the conference.
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • 2007 conference Call for Proposals (to be
    released July 5), recruit invited speakers and
    certificate programs, active marketing of Call
    for Proposals, arrange for local events, set
  • 2008 conference set schedule, choose track
    managers, begin work on conferences-within-a-confe
    rence and certificates
  • Conference Advisory Committee complete
    invitations to committee members, set policies on
    invited speakers, certificate programs (with
    Training committee), establish pricing guidelines
    (if needed)

Training Committee
Chair John Garison
  • Accomplishments
  • Formed team Lynn Harris (MA), Sue Wood (UK),
    Ann-Marie Grissino (NC)
  • Drafted mission statement
  • Shared goals, directions, New STC document with
  • In Progress
  • Brainstorming new and improved training courses
  • Will be discussing ideas approaches for
    new/improved training courses
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Online meetings (Netmeeting, conference calls) to
    talk about ideas, approaches, and to make

Academic Liaison Update
Chair Hillary Hart
  • Accomplishments
  • Wrote white paper with ideas for Academic Liaison
  • Contacted Scott DeLoach (Scholarships), Betsy
    Smith (Fraternities).
  • In Progress
  • Discussion with key leaders to gather information
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Clarify goals for year.
  • Outreach to Academic Community (Tommy Barker),
    other academic societies (IEEE PCS, e.g.), and
    university TC programs.
  • Find managers for Secondary Outreach and Student
  • Decide, with Board, if Student Support position
    is necessary.

Governance Area Report
Governance Area
  • Nominating Committee
  • No report.
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Start reworking bylaws after arrival of Executive
    Director Susan Burton
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Focus group convened in London (Cindy). More
    meetings planned.
  • Organizational meeting planned.

Membership Area Report
Membership Area Update
Lead Jim Romano
  • Accomplishments
  • Office has hired Director of Membership
    Marketing, Mary Kabza
  • One-day planning session at STC office with Jim
    Romano, Paula Berger, Mary Kabza, Merrick
    Bechini, and Incoming Executive Director Susan
  • In Progress
  • Delineation of roles, responsibilities and goals
    for Growth, Global, and Corporate Value Program
  • Ramping up for roll-out of Three-year Growth
    Strategy (already approved by the Board)
  • Search for lead/volunteer for Corporate Value
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Launch Three-year Growth Strategy
  • Launch global STC web page/site
  • Have CVP lead/volunteer identified and brought on

Membership Growth Committee
Chair Beth Tanner
  • Accomplishments
  • Hiring Mary Kabza, Director of Membership/Marketin
  • In Progress
  • New Director of Membership/Marketing Orientation
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Jointly create/update our plan
  • Identify key growth segments and champions for

Global Membership Committee
Chairs Kit Brown and Mak Pandit
  • Accomplishments
  • Organizational/planning meeting held
  • Held meeting with international vendors and conf.
  • In Progress
  • Discussing formation of China and Korea chapters
  • Started designing content for Global STC web
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Monitor progress on China and Korea chapters
  • Prepare content for STC Global web site
  • Make a list of issues that affect global
  • Discuss membership promotion with chapters
    outside USA
  • Listen to the ideas and concerns from worldwide

Secretarys Report Administration and Operations
Area Report
Secretarys Update
Secretary Char James-Tanny
  • Accomplishments
  • Created a new Contact List in Excel.
  • Sent files to Shaf for upload to the STC site and
    RSS feed.
  • Created a new Start Here section for private
    board info.
  • Presented update on org chart, New World,
    reports, etc. to Boston Community meeting.
  • Sent slide template to committee chairs.
  • Updated board meeting presentation template.
  • Attend Finance Committee meetings

Secretarys Update (continued)
Secretary Char James-Tanny
  • In Progress
  • Explore using thumb drives for board meetings.
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Start working on Web-based Communication System.
  • Add new Executive Director to Yahoo groups.

Administration and Operations Committee
Chair Char James-Tanny
  • Accomplishments
  • Addressed a number of administrative/operational
    issues related to Board of Directors Yahoo site.
  • In Progress
  • Organize Files section of Yahoo group.
  • Start drafting New Board Member Orientation
  • Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  • Set Committee Meeting schedule.

Calendar and Action Items
Calendar Items
  • Schedule of teleconference meetings
  • 19 July 2006 (slides due 17 July)
  • 16 August 2006 (slides due 14 August)
  • 20 September 2006 (slides due 19 September)
  • 15 November 2006 (slides due 13 November)
  • Next face-to-face Board Meeting
  • 12-13 October 2006 in London

Action Items
  • Finance Change business cases to require
    approval over 4000 instead of 500. Needs
    discussion. If this isn't changed, then the board
    needs to present a business cases for OASIS
  • All areas and committees need to submit budget
    information by 31 July 2006. Remember to include
    both estimated income and expenses. We will
    schedule a call in August to review the entire
  • Communications Discuss charters for areas and
    committees. Many folks aren't sure what to
    include in a charter or even how to write one. We
    need to decide if we are going to require
    charters for each area and committee.
  • Communications Discuss staff email signatures.
    Please include Mary in the discussion. (Was there
    also an action item to review Intercom
  • Marketing PR would like to run a positioning
    exercise at London meeting.
  • Communities The board needs to have more
    discussion on the LCR, talking about strategies
    and timelines. There is concern over covering
    Regions 2 and 3 at the same time that sponsors
    are phasing out their support.
  • Communities Paula will post a report on the
    Korean chapter to the board listserv.
  • Education More discussion is needed on the
    conference in conjunction with training and